Black Bear Diner Menu Prices

It’s well known for its family dining concept with large spaces in their diners, offering a variety of items. Every diner welcomes you with a black bear carving of about 3mts by artist Ray Schulz with additional murals by each restaurant. They are maintaining the style- Home-cooked feel in recipes, and the service offered. They serve classic foods-in the “old fashioned” way, which reminds one of our favorite grandma recipes, making you feel like at home. 

Black Bear Diner : Visit For Homemade And Old Fashioned Food

black bear diner menu prices image
Black Bear Diner menu prices image

Two hungry guys, Bruce Dean and Bob Manley dreamt of a hotel that could serve real, authentic, and homemade food. With the little available amount, they managed to start one restaurant named- Black Bear Diner in Mount Shasta, California, in 1995. It has now grown up to be a chain of about 139diners in 14 states of the USA. Recognized as “disruptor” in the family dining market, Black Bear Diner was ranked #242 on its next 300 Franchises to watch list in 2017.

Black Bear Diner is famous for many things. The foremost thing is its main decoration of the signature bear statue at every restaurant. And the next thing is its menu that includes traditional American price reminiscent of homemade comfort and tasty food for breakfast, lunch, dinner along with snacks and desserts. The most popular BIGFOOT Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs, the biggest of burgers- Bob’s Big Bear Burger, the kid’s menu, and above all, it’s fresh. The bread is freshly baked like at home and served with joy.

The Black Bear Diner offers a variety of instant baked bread, salads, soups, beverages, and desserts. It is well known for the “BIGFOOT Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs,” it serves breakfast all through the day. The menu includes multiple variants for lunch and dinner too. The prices range from $4.99 to $17.99

Black Bear Diner Menu and Prices

Here is the Black Bear Diner price list for various categories like breakfast, lunch, kids menu, desserts, beverages, etc. and their specials. 

Black Bear Diner Breakfast Menu

All-day!! The diner serves breakfast all day. There are many items available from the boiled-egg to the Chicken Fried Steak. The prices range from $8.99 to $17.99. The breakfast items include 

  • Egg Combos: Chicken Fried Steak, Patty Sausage, Portuguese Linguica Sausage, Chicken Apple Sausage, Link Sausage, New York Steak, Sirloin Steak, Hickory Smoked Ham, Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon, Corned Beef Hash, etc. 
  • Omelets and Scrambled: Southern Scramble, Shasta Scramble, and California Omelette.
  • Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast: Bear’s Choice, Cinnamon Roll French toast, Thick-Cut French Toast.
Breakfast (Served All Day!)
Black Bear Diner Breakfast All Day MenuPrices
Chicken Apple Sausage$9.99
Corned Beef Hash$9.99
Chicken Fried Steak$9.99
New York Steak & Eggs (10oz.)$13.99
Two-Egg Combo$7.69
Patty Sausage$9.29
Hickory Smoked Ham$9.99
Thick-Cut Smoked Bacon$8.99
Link Sausage$8.99
Portuguese Linguica Sausage$9.99
Hungry Bear Breakfast
BIGFOOT Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs$12.99
The GRIZZ!$12.99
Breakfast Extras
Toast or English Muffin$2.39
Hot Oatmeal$5.49
Fruit Bowl$4.99
Biscuits & Gravy$4.99
Sausage Links$4.49
Housemade Bear Claw$5.99
Patty Sausage$4.49
Housemade Bear Claw$5.99
Thick-Cut Bacon$4.49
Joe’s Hobo Omelette$10.69
Bruce’s Meat Lovers Omelette$10.69
Vegetarian Omelette$10.49
Denver Omelette$10.49
California Omelette$10.49
Chorizo Scramble$9.49
Breakfast Burrito$9.99
Shasta Scramble$9.49
Southern Scramble$9.49
Fiesta Scramble$9.49
Fit & Focused Scrambles (Under 500)
  • Veggie Hash
  • Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble
  • Avocado Toast
Acapulco Scramble$9.79
Chicken Apple Sausage Scramble$9.79
Farmer’s Scramble$9.79
Little Less Breakfast
The Mini Volcano$7.99
Ham & Cheese Omelette$7.99
1 Egg & 2 Slices of Bacon$7.49
1 Biscuit & Country Gravy with 2 slices of bacon$6.99
Griddle Vittles

Black Bear Diner menu prices of Griddle Vittles are listed below.

Sweet Cream Waffle$7.99
Cinnamon Roll French Toast$8.59
Sweet Cream Waffle with fruit and whipped cream$10.49
Sweet Cream Pancakes (Two)$6.99
Thick-Cut French Toast$7.99
Sweet Cream Pancakes (Three)$7.69
The Volcano$9.69
Black Bear Benedicts
California Bacon$10.99
Mushroom Spinach (New!)$10.49
Huevos Rancheros (New!)$10.99

Black Bear Diner Lunch Menu

The lunch menu includes Bob’s big sized bear burger, and the burgers are served with your selection of sides like potato salad, French Coleslaw, French fries, green salad, a cup of soup, etc. Bob’s big bear burger is the biggest, and the price is $12.99. Here is the list of lunch menu:

Little Less Lunch
Chili (Cup)$5.99
½ Sandwich and Bowl of Soup$7.99
Tuna Chef Salad$8.99
Patty Melt$8.99
Grilled Cheese$6.99
Chili (Bowl)$6.99
Tuna Melt$7.99
Small Club Sandwich$7.99
Soup of the Day (Cup)$3.99
Soup of the Day (Bowl)$4.99

California Burger, Bacon & Cheddar Burger, Western BBQ Burger, Parmesan Sourdough Cheeseburger, Beyond Burger, Parmesan Sourdough Cheeseburger.

Bob’s Big Bear Burger$11.99
Chicken Caesar Sandwich$10.99
Chicago Burger$9.99
Western BBQ Burger$10.49
California Burger$9.99
Tex-Mex Turkey Burger$9.99
Bacon and Cheddar Burger$10.49
Old Fashioned Basket Combos

Classic Burger, Classic American Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Strips.

Classic American Cheeseburger$8.29
Bacon Cheeseburger$8.99
Chicken Strips$8.99
Classic Burger$7.99

Turkey Club, Turkey Pesto, Chicken Avocado Club, Gobbler, Reuben, Open-Faced Hot Turkey, and Tri-Tip Dip. The prices for the above items vary from $8.99 to $12.99.

Tri-Tip Dip$10.49
Chicken Avocado Club$10.49
Tri-Tip Dip Deluxe$10.49
Double Bacon B.L.A.S.T.$9.99
Hot Turkey Sandwich$9.99
Turkey Club Sandwich$9.99
The Blazin’ Bear$10.99
The Gobbler$10.49
Salad Menu

The available salad items include Bacon Cheeseburger Salad, Crispy Chicken Cobb Salad, Cashew Chicken Caesar Salad, and Taco Salad. The Black Bear Diner menu prices of these salads vary from $12.79 to $12.99.

Asian Chicken Cabbage Salad$10.49
Taco Salad$10.49
Bacon Cheeseburger Salad$10.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$10.99
Sweet Garden Harvest Salad$9.99
Fit & Focused
  • Lettuce-Wrapped Burger
  • Tuna Chef Salad
Lunch On The Run
  • Soup & Salad Combo

Black Bear Diner Dinner Menu

Choose the one that just suits you: a classic complete dinner, a Diner Deal, a Little Less dinner, a Carving Station dinner, a Fri & Sat Special, or a Breakfast for a Dinner entree. The dinner menu prices vary from $14.49 to $16.99

  • Full course dinner- BIGFOOT Chicken Fried Steak, Home-style Fried Chicken, Wild Alaska Pesto Salmon, House-made Meatloaf, Slow-Cooked Pot Roast, Rib Eye Steak, New York Steak
  • Friday and Saturday Black Bear Diner Specials- Friday – All-You-Can-Eat Fish Fry, Friday/Saturday – Prime Rib
  • Little Less-low calories: Bear Paw Chicken Fried Steak, House-made Meatloaf, Slow-Cooked Pot Roast, Santa Maria Tri-Tip, Sirloin Steak.
  • Breakfast For Dinner Menu:  New York Steak & Eggs, Smoked Beef Brisket & Eggs, Chicken & Waffle & Eggs, Smoked Beef Brisket Benedict, Pork Chops & Eggs, Chopped Steak & Eggs.
Dinner Deals
Mikey’s Chicken Pot Pie$10.99
Hot Turkey Plate$11.99
Fish & Chips$10.99
Add soup or salad$2.99
Chicken & Waffle (New!)$10.99
Pecan-Crusted Trout$11.99
Deep-Fried Shrimp$10.99
Little Less Dinner
Top Sirloin (8oz.)$13.99
Housemade Meatloaf$11.99
Pork Cutlet & Cinnamon Apples$11.99
BBQ Pork Ribs$12.99
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$11.99
Bear Paw Chicken Fried Steak$11.99
Dinner Extras
Dinner Salad$4.49
French Fries$3.99
Vegetable of the Day$3.99
Onion Rings$5.99
Corn Bread Muffin$0.99
Baked Potato$3.99
Italian Green Beans$3.99
Classic Comfort Food
Housemade Meatloaf$13.99
Fried Chicken$14.99
Chicken Parmesan$14.99
BIGFOOT Chicken Fried Steak$14.99
Slow-Cooked Pot Roast$13.99
Pork Cutlets & Cinnamon Apples$13.99
Dijon-Crusted Salmon$14.99
Steaks & Ribs
Tri-Tip Combos (6oz.)$17.99
Roadhouse Tri-Tip Platter (10oz.)$17.99
BBQ Pork Ribs$16.29
Spaghetti and Meatballs$11.99
Rib Eye Steak (10oz.)$17.99
New York Steak (10oz.)$16.29
Carving Station Dinners
  • Santa Maria Tri-Tip
  • Smoked Beef Brisket
  • Roasted Turkey

Sides (Lunch & Dinner)

The side menu is available at any time, and it includes French Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Onion Rings, Dinner Salad, and Seasonal Vegetables. The prices range from $1.69 to $6.99

  • French Fries (790 cals.)
  • Sweet Potato Fries (720 cals.)
  • Onion Rings (1580 cals.)
  • Dinner Salad (60-360 cals.)
  • Seasonal Vegetables (110 cals.)
  • Cornbread Muffin (270 cals.)

Beverages (Lunch & Dinner)

The beverages menu includes Java City Coffee, Cold Brew, Creamy Vanilla Cold Brew, Assorted Juices, Fresh O.J., Squeezed Fresh Daily, Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Pepsi Soft Drinks, Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate, 2% Milk. The prices vary from $1.89 to $3.99.

2% Milk (Small)$2.49
Iced Tea$2.59
Pepsi Soft Drinks$2.59
2% Milk (Large)$2.99
Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice (16oz.)$4.99
Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice (10oz.)$3.49
Arnold Palmer$2.79
Assorted Juices$2.79
Java City Coffee$2.49
Hot Chocolate$2.59
Hot Tea$2.59


The popular items of this restaurant are Turkey club, Bob’s Big Bear Burger, The Grizz, Chicken Strips Basket, Bear’s Choice, Bacon Cheeseburger Basket, Joe’s Hobo Omelette, Biscuits & Gravy, The Volcano, etc. The special menu price ranges from $5.00 to $12.78.

Black Bear Diner Desserts

There are many mouth-watering desserts available here that include triple chocolate Brownie Sundae, Cinnamon Apple Cream Pie, Olga’s Bread Pudding, Frozen Treats, Apple Crumb Cobbler, Grandma’s Famous Cobbler, Banana cream pie, etc. which has price range from $4.99 to $6.99. 

Grandma’s Famous Cobbler (A la mode)$5.99
Apple Crumb Cobbler$4.99
Banana Cream Pie$5.99
Chocolate Cream Pie$5.99
Cinnamon Apple Cream Pie$5.99
Coconut Cream Pie$5.99
Hot Fudge Sundae$4.99
Olga’s Bread Pudding$5.99
Triple Chocolate Brownie Sundae$5.99
Grandma’s Famous Cobbler$4.99
Sugar Bear’s Lava Cake$5.99
Olga’s Bread Pudding (A la mode)$6.99
Apple Crumb Cobbler (A la mode)$5.99

Black Bear Diner Kids Menu

The kids’ menu includes drinks like milk, chocolate milk, apple juice, lemonade, soft drink which has a price range from $1.89 to $3.01.

Fresh Squeezed O.J.$1.99
Apple, Cranberry, or Lemonade$1.69
Soft Drink$1.39
Chocolate Milk$1.69

Black Bear Diner Catering Menu

Generally, Black Bear Diner restaurants do not accept any catering service, but they take bulk orders. 

Black Bear Diner Menu Nutrition

Everything related to Black Bear Diner nutrition facts is mentioned clearly in, besides every item, the calories are given. Let us have a look at Black Bear Diner calories of some of the dishes. 

  • The Grizz: 1480 cals.
  • Chicken Fried Steak: 750 cals.
  • Southern Scramble: 1160 cals
  • Denver Omelette: 460 cals.
  • Vegetarian omelet: 400 cals.
  • Breakfast Bear’s Choice: 630-1510 cals.
  • Avocado Toast: 680 cals. 
  • Country Red Potatoes: 330 cals.

Black Bear Diner vegan menu options are less in the restaurant. 

Black Bear Diner Gluten Free Menu

  • Specialty Bear Burgers:

 All specialty burgers are built with golden brioche gluten-free buns. The diner takes care to ensure that only gluten-free stuff is used in cooking. 

  • Super Salads: Gluten-free stuff is used here.

Black Bear Diner Allergen Menu

Utmost care is taken to maintain an allergen-free atmosphere, though it is difficult to maintain an allergen-free kitchen. The diner chefs always endeavor towards creating more options for allergen sensitivities. You can check the Black Bear Diner allergy menu info in the nutrition document itself.

Black Bear Diner Contact Details

Headquarters address:

Black Bear Diner
1880 Shasta Street
Redding, California 96001
(530) 243-BEAR (2327)

Contact number:   833-203-4993



Black Bear Diner Near Me

The store locator facility in helps you to locate the nearest branch available. You may enter the city name, state name, or the zip code to search for the same.

Black Bear Diner Hours

The opening and closing time of Black Bear Diner is from 6 am to 10 pm. You may check with the respective branch managers as some stores have specific timings.

Black Bear Diner Reviews

The origin, spread, and affection by the community speak for it. It has been growing ever since it started to expand just because of the authenticity and service. The dining experience of this restaurant will differ based on the location. Still, you will find out many common aspects in almost all the Black Bear Diner restaurants with the wonderful dining experience.

The staff here are very friendly, polite, and have a lot of patience even if you take a little more time to decide the order. This restaurant has an extensive menu with tasty and fresh homemade ingredients. Good place for gathering with friends, family, and kids can enjoy the entrance bear statues.


Does Black Bear Diner serve breakfast all day?

Yes, the restaurant serves breakfast the whole day.

Does Black Bear Diner serve alcohol?

Few stores of a Black Bear Diner serve alcohol. 

Where is Black Bear Diner?

The first Black Bear Diner restaurant was opened in Mount Shasta, California.

Who owns Black Bear Diner?

Bruce Dean and Bob Manley own the Black Bear Diner restaurant.

Where is the nearest Black Bear Diner?

There are many locations of the Black Bear Diner, so giving your zip code or street name, you can find out the nearest Black Bear Diner.

What time does Black Bear Diner open?

Black Bear Diner opens at 6 Am. Some branches open at 7 am, and 8 am.

What time does Black Bear Diner close?

While most branches of Black Bear Diner are open up to 10 pm, some are closed by 9 pm.

What are the prices at Black Bear Diner?

The Black Bear Diner prices are reasonably less. A soup is around $3.00 and lunch for $10.00.

How much are dinners at Black Bear Diner?

It dinners at Black Bear Diner price varies from $7.99 to $14.99

How much would it cost for five people to go to a Black Bear Diner in Tuscon?

For a simple breakfast, it’d cost around $70.00 for five people to go to a Black Bear Diner in Tuscon.

What is good at Black Bear Diner?

Everything is good at Black Bear Diner! Especially the BIGFOOT Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs.

Does Black Bear Diner have a senior discount?

Not exactly! But third party companies offer coupons for senior citizens and ex-military personnel for their promotions at Black Bear Diner.

Does Black Bear Diner serve dinner all day?

Most dinner items at Black Bear Diner are served after 4 pm.

Black Bear Diner Friday fish fry how much?

Black Bear Diner Friday fish fry price is around $11.99.


“We’re nothing fancy,” Davis said. ”We’re just a great place to eat.” Rightly said, it is a great place to hang out and has a feeling like at home, place your customized orders according to your tastes, and have a great day out there. The above-given Black Bear Diner menu prices are as per up-to-date information. But the prices may vary anytime at any location. Stay in touch to know more updates.

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