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Jimmy John’s Menu Prices

Are you Planning to eat Sandwich in Jimmy Johns Restaurant? Then, first, check out Jimmy John’s Menu Prices before going to the restaurant. Because sometimes you may get disappointed with the cost of items you choose. So, it’s better to know Jimmy Johns Prices earlier. Once have a look at below listed Jimmy John’s Menu.

Jimmy John’s Menu

Jimmy Johns is a Sandwich Restaurant, but it does not offer hot or oven-baked sandwiches. Also, you will not get any cheese based varieties from Jimmy Johns Menu. It has more than 2,800 locations in all states. By this, we can say that it is one of the fastest-growing Sandwich franchise.

Jimmy John's Menu Prices

Jimmy Johns offers their Sandwichs in only 8 inches long, it does not offer in multiple sizes. With this, it is difficult to compare Jimmy John’s prices with those of its competitors. The most popular item of Jimmy Johns is “Vito Sandwich” that comes for only $5.50 along with hot peppers.

One of the best concepts of Jimmy John’s Restaurant is 99% of the sandwiches are priced under $10. Most of the restaurants will offer other items such as Breakfast, Salads, and Drinks. But Jimmy Johns will go with some sides such as cookies, chips, and pickles.

Jimmy John’s Menu With Prices

The Complete Jimmy John’s Menu is here. The menu comprises of a wide variety of sandwiches. Also, the menu includes several sides (cookies, potato chips, & pickles).

Jimmy John’s Sub’s Menu

Jimmy Johns Sub Menu includes 3 different types of sandwiches, i.e, 8″ Sub Sandwiches (with a variety of ingredients, cucumbers, tomatoes, and mayo), Giant Club Sandwiches, and also called as J. J. Gargantuan (This is a huge sandwich with more than 12 ingredients) and Plain Slims (sub sandwiches without any vegetables or sauce).

Some of Jimmy John’s popular Sandwiches are mentioned below.

  • J.J B.L.T
  • Big John
  • Pepe
  • The Veggie
  • Turkey Tom
  • Totally Tuna

Jimmy John’s Gluten Free Menu

Jimmy John’s focus is on sandwiches. So, one would automatically think that Jimmy John’s Restaurant Menu could not be gluten-free. However, they offer a gluten-free option on their menu. The JJ Unwich is a sandwich wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. Below is the table for Jimmy Johns Gluten Free Menu and Price.

Unwich (Lettuce Wrapped Sandwich) Items Prices
Pepe $4.79
Turkey Tom $4.79
Vito $4.79
The Veggie $4.79
Smoked Ham Club $4.79
Italian Night Club $4.79
Country Club $4.79
Beach Club $4.79
Gourmet Veggie Club $4.79
Club Lulu $4.79
Ultimate Porker $4.79
Skinny Chips $1.25
Regular Chips $1.25
Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips $1.25
BBQ Potato Chips $1.25
Jalapeno Jimmy Chips $1.25
Fountain Drinks $1.50
Bottled Water $1.39

Jimmy John’s 8′ Sub Menu

These 6 sandwiches come with 8 inches of homemade fresh veggies french bread and good quality meats. 8 Sub Price ranges from $5.50 to $6.0. To know the price of each sandwich check out below table.

Jimmy Johns Menu Size Jimmy Johns Prices
Big John® 8 in. $5.50
J.J.B.L.T 8 in. $5.50
Pepe® 8 in. $5.50
Totally Tuna® 8 in. $5.50
Turkey Tom® 8 in. $5.50
Vegetarian 8 in. $5.50
Vito® 8 in. $5.50

Jimmy John’s Catering Prices

In this Jimmy John’s restaurant, Catering service is also available. Jimmy Johns Catering is known to serve the best sandwiches at a fair price. Customers can choose the flavors and filling of the sandwiches.

Sandwich prices are not dependent on the number of people, prices are based on the ingredients used and requested by the customers. Check out Jimmy Johns Catering Menu and Prices from below the table.

Jimmy John’s Catering Menu Jimmy Johns Catering Prices
Mini Jimmys
12 Pack (6 Sandwiches) $30.00
24 Pack (12 Sandwiches) $59.00
Party Platters
15 Piece (5 Sandwiches) $23.36
30 Piece (10 Sandwiches) $43.05
Box Lunches
Pepe (Minimum of 4) $7.95
Big John (Minimum of 4) $7.95
Totally Tuna (Minimum of 4) $7.95
Cookies, Chips & Pickles
Real Potato Chips $1.25
BBQ Jimmy Chips $1.25
Jalapeno Chips $1.25
Thinny Jimmy Chips $1.25
Regular Jimmy Chips $1.25
Salt & Vinegar Chips $1.25
6 Pack of Cookies (Chocolate Chunk) $10.00
6 Pack of Cookies (Oatmeal Raisin) $10.00
6 Pack of Cookies (3 of each) $10.00
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle Buckets (Bucket) $4.67
Coke (Can) $1.17
Diet Coke $1.17
Sprite (Can) $1.17
Sprite Large Fountain $1.75
Sprite Regular Fountain $1.50
Coke Large Fountain $1.75
Coke Regular Fountain $1.50
Diet Coke Large Fountain $1.75
Diet Coke Regular Fountain $1.50
Dr Pepper Large Fountain $1.75
Dr Pepper Regular Fountain $1.50
Lemonade Large Fountain $1.75
Lemonade Regular Fountain $1.50
Iced Tea – Unsweet Large Fountain $1.75
Iced Tea – Unsweet Regular Fountain $1.50
Iced Tea – Sweet Large Fountain $1.75
Iced Tea – Sweet Regular Fountain $1.50
Cherry Coke Large Fountain $1.75
Cherry Coke Regular Fountain $1.50
Dasani Bottled Water $1.25
Root Beer Large Fountain $1.75
Root Beer Regular Fountain $1.50

Plain Slims Menu For Jimmy John’s

Jimmy Johns Menu Prices of Plain Slims  Size Prices of Plain Slims
Double Provolone 8 in. $4.25
Ham & Cheese 8 in. $4.25
Roast Beef 8 in. $4.25
Salami, Capicola, Cheese 8 in. $4.25
Tuna Salad 8 in. $4.25
Turkey Breast 8 in. $4.25

Jimmy John’s Giant Club Sandwiches Menu

Menu Jimmy Johns Size Jimmy Johns Menu & Prices
Twice The Meat or Cheese
Beach Club® 8 in. $6.95
Billy Club® 8 in. $6.95
Bootlegger Club® 8 in. $6.95
Club Lulu® 8 in. $6.95
Club Tuna® 8 in. $6.95
Country Club® 8 in. $6.95
Gourmet Smoked Ham Club 8 in. $6.95
Gourmet Veggie Club® 8 in. $6.95
Hunter’s Club® 8 in. $6.95
Italian Night Club® 8 in. $6.95
Ultimate Porker™ 8 in. $6.95

Jimmy John’s Prices (Other Sub Sandwiches)

Jimmy Johns Menu Size Prices
The J.J. Gargantuan 8 in $8.95

Jimmy John’s Sides & Drinks Menu

Jimmy Johns Online Menu Size Jimmy John’s Menu Prices
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.99
Dasani® Water Bottle $1.49
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle $1.39
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie $1.99
Real Potato Chips $1.39
Soft Drink Regular $1.49
Soft Drink Large $1.99

Jimmy Johns Party Platters Price

Jimmy John’s Party Platters Menu Size Prices
Mix & Match Any Sub
5 Sandwiches Platter 15 Pc. $28.50
10 Sandwiches Platter 30 Pc. $56.00

Jimmy John’s Menu Prices of Party Subs

Party Subs Menu Size Jimmy Johns Menu with Prices
Party Sub 2 ft. $40.00
Party Sub 4 ft. $75.00
Party Sub 6 ft. $110.00

Jimmy John’s Party Sides Menu

Party Sides Menu List Size Jimmy Johns Party Sides Prices
Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle Bucket $5.00
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Six Of Each Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00

The updated Jimmy John’s Menu Prices are as per the latest information. Menu and Prices of Jimmy Johns may vary from one location to another. Further, if you noticed any changes in Menu and Prices, then please report us through comment we will modify it soon.

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