Bonchon Menu Prices

Bonchon serves authentic Korean Fried Chicken in 90 locations across the US. Bonchon provides the most relishing types of chicken varieties in the entire Bonchon. The best types include chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken drumsticks, and chicken sticks. Bonchon is called the best-fried Chicken in the US. Know more about Bonchon menu prices; go on.

Bonchon: Visit for authentic Korean dishes

Bonchon’s headquarters is located in New York, USA. Bonchon is a family restaurant that serves fried Chicken in South Korean style and taste. 

bonchon menu prices image
Bonchon menu prices image

Bonchon was founded in 2002, 18 years ago in Busan, South Korea. Jinduk Seh is the founder of Bonchon Chicken franchises. The restaurant has spread currently to 21 states of America, with 8 countries located internationally. Scott Tan is the commanding director of Bonchon and owns Bonchon, Philippines. Bonchon is not a fast-food spot. Instead, it promises to provide healthy Chicken with crispiness. Their chickens are not greasy; instead, they are sticky and can eventually become tough due to its sweet, crunchy coatings. Bonchon chicken is not fried and has the most deserving Korean flavors, namely soy garlic, spiciness, and sweet crunch. 

Latest Bonchon Menu with Prices

Bonchon has a variety of chicken standards blended with true Korean traditional flavor. The spiciness added to the Chicken comes from Soy deep dark garlic, but they seem spicy and not a hot crazy tasty. Hence, there is nothing to worry about your kids while they are having Bonchon chicken. Below listed are the categories of Bonchon menu that is loaded with everything called Chicken and related to Chicken. However, they do have shrimps as optional, but shrimps’ flavor here too good too. 


Starters include Organic edamame, jumbo onion rings, jalapeno and cheddar poppers, crispy calamari, black truffle, etc. these starters can cost you around $5 to $15.

Salads and Vegetables

There are a wide variety of salads served at Bonchon restaurants. Some of them include sesame ginger tofu salad, cucumber spring mix salad, sautéed baby bok choy, hiyashi wakame seaweed salad, etc. they can cost you around $6 to $11.

Sesame Ginger Salad – Crispy Chicken$11.95
Caesar Salad – Plain$9.95
Caesar Salad – Crispy Chicken$11.95
Sesame Ginger Salad – Tofu$10.95
Sesame Giner Salad – Plain$9.95

Bonchon Menu Price of Entrees

Menu for entrees are chicken katsu Don with poached egg, salad, and rice; Seoul rice bowl with seared tofu and bacon, sautéed grilled organic chicken breast and snow peas, etc. all the items listed in this category can go around $10 to $13.

Signature Bonchon Korean Style Chicken

The dishes from this category are served with sauce choice, soy garlic or hot or spicy or half and half. Some of these items are wings (8 pcs of small wings, 20 pcs of the medium, 30 pcs for large wings and 40 pcs for extra-large wings), boneless Chicken, chicken combos, drumsticks, and breast strips. The overall Bonchon price range is from $9 to $43. 

Korean Traditional Bonchon Chicken Menu

Bibimbap – Spicy Chicken$16.95
House Fried Chicken – Plain$11.95
Bibimbap – Bulgogi$16.95
House Fried Chicken – Bulgogi$13.95
House Fried Chicken – Kimchi Bacon$13.95
House Fried Chicken – Chicken$12.95
Bibimbap – Tofu$15.95
Bibimbap – Soy Chicken$16.95
Bibimbap – Plain$14.95


Jasmine rice, miso and tofu soup, side salad, brown rice, Poggi Napa kimchi, egg, and scallion fried rice, etc. the price range is from $2 to $8. 

Picked Radish$2.50
Steamed Rice$2.50
French Fries$4.95
Extra Dressing$0.95
Kimchi Coleslaw$3.50
Zucchini Fries$7.95
Onion Rings$7.95
Seasoned Zucchini Fries$9.95
Seasoned Fries$6.95

Signature Fried Chicken

Bonchon prices of Signature Fried Chicken ranges from $13.95 to $37.95.

Boneless WingsMedium$26.95
Boneless WingsSmall$14.95
Boneless WingsLarge$37.95


Sizzling Bulgogi platter with rice, marinated BBQ and truffle shoestring fries, short rib steak sliders, etc. are some of the BBQ items served in this restaurant. The price range is from $11 to $20.

Bonchon Lunch Special

If you visit this spot during lunchtime, the basic Bonchon lunch menu specialties are Chicken breast meal special (6 breasts with rice), Chicken Katsu Don lunch special, marinated Chicken or ribeye steak fried rice, etc. the price is from $8 to $10. 

Asian Fusion

Takoyaki, Udon noodle soup, potstickers, popcorn shrimp, shrimp shumai, fried calamari are served in this category. The price range is from $4 to $12. 

Shrimp Shumai$7.95
Chicken Katsu$13.95
Udon Noodle Soup – Bulgogi$14.95
Udon Noodle Soup – Plain$11.95
Popcorn Shrimp$13.95
Udon Noodle Soup – Fried Egg$12.95
Bull Dak$16.95
Salmon Avocado Ball$12.95

Buns, Wraps, & Tacos

Here are the Bonchon menu prices of Buns, Wraps, & Tacos in detail.

Korean Tacos – Bulgogi$14.95
Pork Bun$12.95
Bonchon Wrap – Bulgogi$13.95
Sliders – Bulgogi$13.95
Sliders – Crispy Chicken$12.95
Korean Tacos – Spicy Chicken$12.95
Bonchon Wrap – Crispy Chicken$11.95

Other Bonchon Specials

  • Family meal (limited offer): In a family meal, Bonchon offers 12 wings, 6 chicken drumsticks, 2 sides, and 1 plain fried rice. The point is to be noted that within these 12 wings, 4 wings are provided with four different flavors, and out of those 6 drumsticks, 2 are provided with 2 different flavors. The family meal price range is around $33. 
  • Bundles: Bundles include chicken wings, chicken strips, chicken drums, chicken combo, tacos, and sliders. The cost is around $7 to $8 only.
  • Bonchon Drink Menu: In beverages, they provide soft drinks/ aerated drinks, fruit juices, diet coke, tea, premium water, etc. these can cost you around $3 to $4.
  • Halal Chicken: Those who do not eat chicken meat except that is halal. Hence, let us let you know that Bonchon cares not only for the health of its customers but also respects the cultures and religions of its customers. Thus, Bonchon meat is completely a Halal one.
  • Sweet crunch Bonchon Chicken: This flavor is adopted from a Korean sweet chicken recipe.

Bonchon Catering Menu

Besides providing amazing dining, Bonchon is also good at preparing amazing mouth-watering chicken dishes for catering. Whether you want to organise a party may be a small or large one, you can throw your parties at Bonchon event halls or even at your customized area, but food must be from Bonchon caterings. Try to inform Bonchon about the delivery and make sure to call them before a week to defend any flaws.

Bonchon Happy Hour

Bonchon happy hours begin from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday. The servings go around $1 to $9. The happy hour items are French fries, shrimp shumai, Takoyaki, potstickers, and popcorn shrimp. You can call +1-916-333-2383 if any query related to Bonchon’s happy hours. 

Bonchon Nutrition facts, Gluten-free & Allergen-free menu

Talking about the nutritional elements in Bonchon food and drink items, the calories are weighed within 2000 kcal. There is a presence of zero amount of dietary fiber, and trans fats remain between 0-2 grams only. For Bonchon chicken menu nutrition info or for other items info, you can refer this official brochure of Bonchon Menu Nutrition Facts. You can also find out the Bonchon gluten free menu items from that brochure.

The overall menu is divided into 3 flavors: spicy, soy garlic, and sweet crunch. It is, however, advisable to consume spicy foods in less amount. 

There are items in the total menu known as Japchae, pork belly buns, potstickers, vegetable potstickers, Takoyaki, and Udon, which are cooked in peanut oil. If you are sensitive to peanuts and other nuts, you can skip the item and enjoy the rest. However, it is better to check the Bonchon allergy menu items from the above nutrition facts itself before ordering.

Bonchon Contact Details

To get cleared with all the queries related to Bonchon, you can go through these contact details, listen below in the table.

Bonchon Contact Info
Corporate number+1-860-477-0681
Toll-free customer service number+1-212-273-9797
Happy hours+1-916-333-2383
Email id
Corporate addressNew York, United States

Bonchon Near Me

Visit the official website of Bonchon and click on to its location section and enter your area zip code to find all the Bonchon franchises (located, if any) more efficiently. 

Bonchon Hours

Bonchon restaurants working hours from Monday to Thursday are 11:30 to 10:00 pm. From Friday to Saturday it is 11:30 to 11:00 pm. On Sundays, it is from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm. 

The happy hours are from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Bonchon Review

Bonchon is the only hub that serves juicy, spicy Flavorful chickens of different tastes and types. The most famous types here are the wings, drumsticks, and strips of chicken, unlike other hubs that provide deep-fried dry types of crunchy chicken. The best two craving unique flavors are soy garlic and spicy. The chicken served here are not fried and are without any breading. 


What time does Bonchon close? 

Bonchon gets closed by 10:00 pm from Mondays to Thursdays and Sundays. On Fridays and Saturdays, it closes at 11:00 pm. 

What time does Bonchon open?

Bonchon opens by 11:30 pm from Mondays to Saturdays, and on Sundays, it opens at 12:00 pm. 

How much is Bonchon chicken?

Bonchon is famous for its sole ingredient that is chicken, and Bonchon chicken price ranges from $5 to $15 for single platting. 

Is Bonchon Korean?

Yes, Bonchon is originally a south Korean restaurant located in the USA that provides spicy, soy, and sweet flavored Chicken drumsticks, wings, sticks, etc. 

Who owns Bonchon, Philippines?

Scott Tan owns Bonchon, Philippines. 

What is Bonchon’s sweet crunch?

 Sweet crunch is a flavor of chicken served at Bonchon. This flavor was adopted from Dakgangjeong, which is a traditional Korean sweet dish blended with chicken to give a sticky but crispy coating upon it.  

What is Mandu in Bonchon?

Mandu at Bonchon is referred to as Korean style dumplings, served with a bowl of hot soup of any variety. These crispy Mandus are stuffed with dedicated chicken, served with Seoul Fried rice. 

Is Bonchon spicy?

Bonchon is not as spicy as crazy. The spiciness doesn’t harm your taste buds, but due to its ingredients such as deep dark garlicky flavor, hence, the flavor at Bonchon is regarded as spicy.


All the information related to Bonchon menu prices is gathered from several personal visits to Bonchon restaurant franchises and also several digital outlooks about Bonchon. Many theories here are adopted from public reviews, which are the real judges of Bonchon. However, we tried to avoid providing exact pricing details due to periodical fluctuations in prices. We are not hired by Bonchon either to work for them. We provide details regarding customer benefits. 

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