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Cava restaurant provides the food that fills and fulfills the customers with Greek and Mediterranean flavored menu relished in a modernized dining setup. When food and life are so connected, it just cannot be about one leaving the other one. Cava is all about the means of eating every day that suits the way you want to live. Go on to know in detail about the Cava menu and prices, Catering, and Cava menu nutrition. 

Cava: Authentic Meditarean Cuisine

The Cava chain was formed by 3 friends Ike Grigoropoulos, Ted Xenohristos, and Dimitri Moshovitis. Brett Schulman, the company CEO, joined in the year 2009. The first Cava restaurant was started in the year 2006 in Rockville, Maryland, concentrated on Mediterranean Cuisine under the names Cava Mezze and Cava Grill across the United States. By 2017, the company has spread to 24 locations in the East Coast and Los Angeles. As per the 2019 April record, the company has 330 restaurants. 

Cava is specialized in dips & spreads that come from the long run of the Mediterranean tradition. Dips are made daily fresh in a production kitchen in Rockville, MD, and delivered straightway to the markets across the Midwest and East Coast. Cava products never have preservatives or artificial additives. All spreads and dips are purely vegetarian, low in fat, calories, and sodium, and most are gluten-free and vegan.  

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At Cava, you have a chance to customize your salad, pita, and grain bowl- and everything is prepared freshly from sourced ingredients that they get from local farmers. The Cava grill menu prices are more reasonable than its sister restaurant that is Cava Mezze. The menu includes tzatziki, hummus, and lamb dishes, among the other Mediterranean and Greek dishes, whereas the ingredients are taken from local markets. Let’s check out the Cava menu prices of all items below.

Cava Menu with Prices

Here is the detailed information about the Cava food menu and prices, which have different types like soup, salad Mezze, and sandwiches, dips Mezze, Cheese Mezze, Vegetable Mezze, grilled Mezze, Meats Mezze, Seafood Mezze, sides, beverages, etc. You can customize your meal according to your taste. The first thing is to select the base, select up to 3 dips + spreads, pick up a healthy protein, select your preferred toppings, sprinkle with flavored dressings. 

Cava Brunch Menu

All you can have brunch at $35. The Cava Brunch menus include

  • Biscuits & gravy
  • Biscuits & honey butter
  • Classic Benedict
  • Spicy lamb Benedict
  • Pork belly & eggs
  • Salmon Benedict
  • Cava Home Fries
  • Shrimp & Grits, etc.

All these dishes range from $5 to $10. 

Salad Mezze

Rocket Salad$8.95
Greek Village Salad$7.95
White Bean Salad$5.95

Cava Menus of Sandwiches

The Cava menu with prices of all Sandwiches is tabulated below. As price range is same you can go for any of your favorite one.

Sausage Pita$8.95
Chicken Souvlaki$8.95
Pork Souvlaki$8.95

Cava Lunch Menu

 The complete lunch is served with the specials below. The sliders and sandwiches are served with salad and fries, to add crazy Feta and Feta, extra charges of $2 will be charged. 

  • Crispy chicken sliders 
  • Falafel sandwich
  • Spicy Lamb Sliders
  • Cava Gyro 

Salad Menu

  • Greek Salad 
  • Tahini Caesar 
  • Arugula Spinach 


Feta, salmon, grilled shrimp, grilled meatballs, lamb meatballs, falafel, grilled chicken, which will be charged an extra price that ranges from $1 to $7. 

To add a dip like hummus, labneh, Babaganoush, crazy Feta, an extra charge of $3 will be charged. 

Cava Grill Menu

The Cava grill prices are a little less high than Cava Mezze. The Cava grill menu includes salads, Pita, greens+ grains bowl, Mini Pitas, Mini Pita+ Soup, kid’s mini pita, where the prices range from $6.25 to $11.37, sides and the prices range from $1.57 to $3.97, beverages and price range from $2.15 to $2.95. 

Cava Kids Menu

Kids are always playing a major part, so the cava group has a special cava menu for kids, which is tasty, child-friendly, and smaller. The kid’s menu includes Kid’s Mini Pita of Braised Beef, Falafel, Chicken, spicy lamb meatballs, seasonal roasted vegetables, grilled meatballs, and the prices vary from $6.25 to $8.25, Kid’s milk( chocolate milk or just milk) with price $2.15. 

Cava Restaurant Menu of Mezze Platters

Mediterranean Seafood Mezze$42.00
Grilled Meats Platter$40.00

Meats Mezze

MenuCava Prices
Pork Fricasse$12.95
braised Beef or Kokinisto$7.95
Kastoria Style Beef$8.95
Cava Carpaccio$9.95
Stewed Lamb or Lamb Kapama$8.95
Braised Meatballs$5.95

Cava Allergen Menu

The Cava restaurant is very flexible to the customer, and they make people feel comfortable at their place. You can make your meals according to your preferences. You can even inform the staff if someone in your gathering has a food allergy before giving the order. Cava dishes do not have any kind of nuts like tree nuts, peanuts, etc. They don’t use eggs in their food. The traditional Lemon Herb Tahini, Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Pita/Pita chips, and Red Pepper Chickpea Dressing do not have sesame. The eggplant + Red Pepper Dip, Yogurt Dill, Falafel, Crazy Feta, Harissa, Pita Crisps, and Spicy Lamb Meatballs are free of sesame. They use a blend of olive and sunflower oil in their cooking. 

Grilled Mezze

Below is the Cava restaurant menu of Grilled Mezze along with prices

Lollipop Filet & Shrimp$22.95
Spicy Greek Sausage$5.95
Baby Lamb Chops$13.95
Mini Souvlaki Sandwich$6.95
Grilled Meatballs$5.95
Pork or Chicken Souvlaki$7.95

Cava Prices of Cheese Mezze

Feta & Honey$6.95
Feta & Olives$6.95

Vegetable Mezze

Zucchini Fritters$5.95
Grape Leaves or Dolmades$4.95
Zucchini and Squash$6.95
White Bean Ragout$6.95


Want to start your meal with a soup? Check out the Cava menu prices of soup below and make an order.


Cava Wine Price

Spain’s sparkling and traditional wine is called cava, its name is derived from caves in which the wine is older. It is the traditional processed wine because the production of Cava wine has the same method used to produce Champagne, which directs to superior-quality bottles. Cava Champagne price is less compared to other brands, and you can buy under $20 and generally under $15. 

Cheese Inspired Mezze

Greek Fries$5.95
Baked Feta And Tomato$6.95
Tomato Feta Stack$10.95
Greek Bolognese$9.95
Cava Frittata$8.95
Cheese Pie Or Tiropita$5.95

Seafood Mezze

Scallops Risotto$14.95
Shrimp Souvlaki$9.95
Stuffed Shrimp$12.95
Grilled Octopus$8.95
Cava Crab Cakes$10.95
Mussels Risotto$7.95
Opa Opa Shrimp$9.95
Baked Shrimp$10.65
Fried Kalamari$6.95
Mini Shrimp Souvlaki$10.95
Mussels Kolonaki$7.95

Cava Catering Menu

The Cava also has a catering facility and the staff to help you. Cava provides you bartenders, kitchen staff, and servers. 

Important information for catering:

  • Minimum order: at least 10 guests
  • Cost for disposal setups: $1.50 each
  • Disposal rubbing racks with Sternos & water pan: $12 each

Cava catering menu with prices are as follows,

  • Salads like Arugula salad, Greek Village Salad, Orzo Pasta Salad ranges from $3 to $4 per person
  • Dip Platters: small platter price is $45 serves 12 to 15 members; large platter cost is $80 serves 25 to 30 members.
  • Grilled meats: prices range from $2.50 to $7.50 per piece.
  • Seafood: $6 to $7
  • Desserts: prices range from $2.00 to $3.00 per piece.

Cava Nutrition Facts

Cava menu nutrition is clearly explained on their site that is, so if you have any doubt about any dish regarding nutrition values, go through Cava nutrition before you eat. Here are nutrition facts for a few dishes. 

  • Salad ( 2.6oz serving size): 18 calories
  • Grain Bowl(4.60oz serving size): 247 calories
  • Pita(2.8oz serving size): 230 calories
  • Hummus(0.7oz serving size): 30 calories
  • Grilled chicken(4.8oz serving size): 250 calories
  • Grilled meatballs(3.5oz serving size): 190 calories
  • Pickled onion(0.6oz): 10 calories
  • Diced cucumber(1.3oz): 15 calories
  • Yogurt Dill(0.9oz): 30 calories
  • Garlic(1oz): 170 calories
  • Fountain soda(12oz): 165 calories

Cava Contact Information

The Cava group Inc possesses and controls a group of restaurants. The company has many branches, and now it owns 330 restaurants. 

Headquarters Address:

707 H street Northwest, Washington,
DC 20001, United States 


Contact number: 1-202-719-0111

Email id: 

Cava near me: To find a Cava near your address, give the pin code of your city or city name where you live in the official store loactor. 

Cava Working Hours

The opening and closing hours vary from one location to another location. The general working hours of the cava are Monday to Saturday: 10:45 am to 9 pm, and on Sunday it is open from 10.45 am to 8 pm. So it’s better to place the order or visit the restaurant in the given timings only. 

Cava Reviews from Customers

The restaurant has a modern dining concept, and with the help of data science, the restaurant’s strategic sensors will adjust according to preferences like low music volume. Everything you get here is fresh and has better quality as the ingredients are brought from local partner farms. Cava salad is a very famous item and very delicious. It has limited service, and the staff stands in an assembly format to take orders. Overall, it’s worth visiting this restaurant. 


What does cava mean?

It is the Spanish word meaning cellar or caves. 

How much is Cava Champagne?

It is under $20, and often you can get it for $15. 

How much did cava grill raise?

Rockville, the founder of the modern Mediterranean food franchise that is Cava grills, has raised $44 million with new groups and investors. 

How much is a normal meal at Cava?

It costs around $9.37. 

How much are Pita chips at Cava?

The cost of Pita chips is $1.57. 

How much is a cava franchise?

Cava groups do not have any willingness to the franchise. 

Who owns cava mezze grill?

Co-founders of Cava grills are Ike Grigoropoulos, Dimitri Moshovitis, and Ted Xenohristos, and Brett Schulman is the CEO. 

How much is a bowl at cava?

The bowl price varies from $9.37 to $11.37. 

What is the difference between Cava and Cava Mezze?

The difference between cava and cava mezze is that cava grill is the faster food and delicious, whereas the Cavs Mezze is a sit-down restaurant with fancier food-items. 

Final Words

Cava fuels have an innovative and bold food culture entirely. You can even customize the grain bowl, pita, and salad- and everything provided here is fresh. Payment method is made easy by the Cava group because many restaurants accept Apple pay, credit cards, and android pay, and every restaurant accepts direct cash payment. The Cava menu and prices given above are as per the up-to-date information. It is not sure the price always remains the same; it may at any time. So, it’s better to follow the official site for further information.

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