Chicken Express Menu Prices

If you are a hardcore chicken lover, you will find divine dishes at Chicken Express. Chicken Express is known for its lip-smacking menu. It promises to give fresh chicken, and its flavors are excellent. If you want to enjoy a perfect chicken meal, then read further for Chicken Express menu and prices.

Chicken Express Menu

Chicken Express is an American fast-food restaurant, known for its excellent chicken menu. You can find Chicken Express, mostly in the Southern part of the USA. Richard and Nancy Stuart’s Stuart Group Inc. founded Chicken Express in 1988. They opened its first branch in Benbrook, Texas. Now, the Chicken Express has spread across Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma with around 210 stores.

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Back in the day, the Chicken Express had either dine-in, drive-through, or delivery option, but now its expanded franchise concentrates on all, dine-in, drive-through, car hop in some areas, and catering. Chicken Express specializes in the chicken menu, as the name suggests. The Chicken Express menu prices are reasonable, and it serves high-quality food. We have listed the prices of all the items (updated) on the menu here to help you decide on the Chicken Express menu. 

Chicken Express Menu and Prices

Chicken Express specializes in fresh chicken dishes, but they have other excellent dishes on its menu, too, like fish fillets, French fries, mashed potatoes, and so on. The Chicken Express menu prices are worth the quality of food it serves. 

You can find full Chicken Express menu prices below.

Combo Meals

The Combo Meals menu is served with one regular side dish of your choice and a large drink. You have below choices:

  • 4 Express Tenders with gravy and a biscuit/roll
  • 7 Express Tenders with gravy and a biscuit/roll
  • 3 Piece Chicken (your choice) with a biscuit/roll
  • 2 Piece Chicken (your choice) with a biscuit/roll
  • 6 Livers or 9 Gizzards with gravy and a biscuit/roll
  • 6 Piece Hot Wings 
Express Tenders Combo4 Pc.$6.39
Hot Wings Combo6 Pc.$6.99
Chicken Combo2 Pc.$5.99
Express Tenders Combo7 Pc.$8.99
Chicken Combo3 Pc.$7.39
6 Livers or 9 Gizzards Combo$5.99

Family Meals

This menu is served with biscuits or rolls. 

  • 8 Piece mixed chicken (chicken only with 1 family sides)
  • 12 Piece mixed chicken (chicken only with 2 family sides)
  • 16 Piece mixed chicken (chicken only with 3 family sides)
  • 20 Express Tenders (served with 16 oz. gravy tenders with 1 family side dish)
  • 25 Express Tenders (served with 16 oz. gravy tenders with 2 family side dish)
  • 30 Express Tenders (served with 16 oz. gravy tenders with 2 family side dish)
Chicken Family Meal – Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides)12 Pc.$20.49
Chicken Family Meal – Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides)16 Pc.$26.49
Chicken Family Meal12 Pc.$16.49
Chicken Family Meal8 Pc.$12.49
Chicken Breast Substitution$0.75
Chicken Family Meal16 Pc.$20.49
Chicken Family Meal – Dinners (Any 1 Family Side)8 Pc.$14.49

Chicken Express Sides and Extras

The Chicken Express menu has excellent sides and extras. The exuberant sides and extras menu is:

Extras MenuSizePrices
BBQ, Honey, Chipotle, Marinara, Hot Sauce, Honey Mustard, Ranch Dressing, Cocktail or Tartar Sauces$0.25
Hushpuppies4 Pc.$0.59
Hushpuppies16 Pc.$1.99
Catfish1 Pc.$1.99

Side Orders

French Fries, Mashed Potatoes (includes gravy), Fried Okra, Cole Slaw, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans, Mini Poppers, Corn on Cob, Cheese sticks, Corn Nuggets, Fried Pickle Slices, and Apple or Cherry Pie.

Extras with Biscuits or Rolls

  • Chicken pieces: 2 or 3 Piece of your choice
  • Snack packs:
    • 2 Express tender with one regular side and gravy
    • 1 Piece chicken of your choice and 1 regular side
  • Express tenders:4, 7, and 15 pieces
  • Express Hot wings: 6, 16, and 25 pieces
  • Liver and Gizzards: 6 and 12 livers, and 8 and 18 gizzards

Chicken & Biscuit

This menu ranges from $0.75 to $7.39 based on the Chicken & Biscuit pieces you order. Complete Chicken Express menu with prices of this Chicken & Biscuit are as follows,

Chicken Breast Substitution$0.75
Chicken & Biscuit3 Pc$5.19
Chicken & Biscuit – Dinners2 Pc.$5.99
Snack Pack Chicken & Biscuit – Dinners (1 Regular Side)1 Pc$3.89
Chicken & Biscuit2 Pc.$3.69
Chicken & Biscuit – Dinners3 Pc$7.39

Livers/Gizzards, Gravy & Biscuit

Gizzards – Dinners9 Pc$5.99
Livers6 Pc.$3.59
Gizzards18 Pc.$5.99
Gizzards9 Pc$3.59
Livers12 Pc.$5.99
Livers – Dinners6 Pc.$5.99

Kids Meal

The Chicken Express kids’ menu has 1 Express Tender or leg with gravy or sauce, 1 kids’ side item, and a small drink. The kids’ menu has no substitutions.

Fried Fish Fillet

This Chicken Express menu is available in participating stores only. 

  • Combos: served with 1 regular side, hushpuppies, and a large drink (2 and 3 fillets)
  • Dinners: served with 2 regular side, hushpuppies, and a large drink (2 and 3 fillets)
  • Fillet family dinner: for the whole family (8 fillets, 2 family sides, and hushpuppies)
  • Express fish fillets: fillets only (1, 2, 3, and 8 fillets)
  • Extras and sauces: Hushpuppies (small and regular size), cocktail and tartare sauce

Tea and Drinks

The Chicken Express menu has 

  • Soft drinks: Lemonade, Coca-Cola, diet cola, Fruit Punch, coke zero, sprite, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Root Beer (small, medium, and large size)
  • Gallons of Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (small, medium, and large size)
  • Bottled water 
  • Smoothies: Strawberry, peach, mango, strawberry-banana (small, medium, and large size)

Chicken Express sweet tea is a very famous drink on its menu. Chicken Express tea price is around $1.93 for a large size, making it a good option for drinks.

Chicken Express 5 Dollar Box

Chicken Express $5 box is one of the best options on its menu for a cost-effective meal. It has 3 Express Tenders, a side dish, and a drink. But the timings for Chicken Express 5 dollar box lunch meal are from 11 am to 1 pm, Monday to Friday.


Minute MaidSmall$2.09
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Medium$3.09
Soft DrinkLarge$1.93
Tea – Sweet or UnsweetenedGallon$3.49
Minute MaidMedium$3.09
Soft DrinkJumbo$2.09
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Small$2.09
Tea – Sweet or UnsweetenedLarge$1.93
Soft DrinkMedium$1.39
Fruit Smoothies (Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Peach or Mango)Large$4.09
Tea – Sweet or UnsweetenedJumbo$2.09
Minute MaidLarge$4.09

Express Tenders Family Meals

Chicken Express family meals prices are as follows,

Express Tenders Family Meal – Dinners (Any 1 Family Side)20 Pc.$21.49
Express Tenders Family Meal25 Pc.$22.49
Express Tenders Family Meal – Dinners (Any 3 Family Sides)30 Pc.$31.49
Express Tenders Family Meal20 Pc.$19.49
Express Tenders Family Meal – Dinners (Any 2 Family Sides)25 Pc.$26.49
Express Tenders Family Meal30 Pc.$25.49

Express Tenders, Gravy & Biscuit

Express Tenders – Dinners7 Pc.$8.99
Express Tenders4 Pc.$4.39
Express Tenders Snack Pack – Dinners (1 Regular Side)2 Pc$4.19
Express Tenders15 Pc.$14.99
Express Tenders – Dinners4 Pc.$6.39
Express Tenders7 Pc.$7.39

Chicken Sandwiches

Spicy Chicken Sandwich – Combo$4.99
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$3.09

Chicken Express Prices and Menu of Catfish Meals

Catfish Meal (1 Family Side)13 Pc.$21.99
Catfish19 Pc.$27.99
Catfish Meal (2 Family Sides)19 Pc.$31.99
Catfish13 Pc.$19.99

Express Hot Wings

Express Hot Wings25 Pc.$17.99
Express Hot Wings – Dinners6 Pc.$6.99
Express Hot Wings6 Pc.$4.99
Express Hot Wings16 Pc$12.49

Catfish & Hushpuppies

Chicken Express prices and menu of Catfish & Hushpuppies ranges from $5.99 to $9.99. Below is the list of each individual item.

Catfish – Dinner3 Pc.$7.99
Catfish5 Pc.$7.99
Catfish – Combo3 Pc.$7.99
Catfish – Dinner5 Pc.$9.99
Catfish3 Pc.$5.99
Catfish – Combo5 Pc.$9.99

Chicken Express Nutrition Information

To help its customers, Chicken Express has added the nutrition information chart on its website: Chicken Express menu nutrition. You will get all the information on Chicken Express menu calories, fats, sugar, etc. for the dishes on its menu. You can even find food Chicken Express Allergen menu here. Also, there is no specific Chicken Express kids menu. So, check out the nutrition info and order the food for your kids.

Chicken Express Franchise

If you feel qualified to own a Chicken Express franchise, you can apply by visiting the Franchise requirement page and give your contact details. The Chicken Express Franchise price depends on the store size, fittings, equipment, and so on. 

Chicken Express offers catering services too. Chicken Express catering service is a very good option for the get-togethers, parties, etc. You can contact your local Chicken Express for details on its catering and prices.

Chicken Express Contact Details

If you have any complaints or feedback, you can visit the store in your locations and contact them directly. 

Contact Info
Headquarter address130 NE Wilshire Blvd, Burleson, TX 76028, USA

Chicken Express Near Me

You can find your nearest Chicken Express restaurant very easily. You have to use Google Maps or visit the Chicken Express website and click on the store locator. There you need to enter the postal code or city to locate the closest restaurant.

Chicken Express Hours

Chicken Express is open from 10.30 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday. If in doubt about the Chicken Express timings, you can always call your local Chicken Express to check its opening hours.

Chicken Express Review

Many foodies are in the habit of checking reviews before choosing a restaurant. You will not be disappointed choosing Chicken Express. Chicken Express has good reviews and ratings. The customer service at Chicken Express restaurants is good. Dine-in and drive-thru services are excellent. All in all, the overall ratings of the Chicken Express restaurant are pretty good, making it an obvious choice for chicken and food lovers.


What time does Chicken Express open?

The Chicken Express store opens at 10.30 am Monday to Sunday.

What time does Chicken Express close?

The Chicken Express store closes at 10 pm, Monday to Sunday.

Who owns Chicken Express?

Stuart Group Inc. owns Chicken Express.

What is the price of a bag of ice at Chicken Express?

The price of a bag of ice at Chicken Express is around $1.31.

How much does a Chicken Express franchise cost?

The Chicken Express franchise cost depends on the size of the store, equipment, fitting, and so on.

How much is a fillet family dinner at Chicken Express?

Chicken Express menu price of fillet family dinner is around $19.49. The price may vary depending on your choice.

Is Chicken Express closing?

No, not all Chicken Express stores are closing.

Where is chicken express from?

The Chicken Express is from Benbrook, Texas.


Chicken Express is for all food lovers who enjoy their food, either dine-in or at home. To make your ordering easy at Chicken Express, we have included all the Chicken Express menu prices. We hope the details given here give you a wonderful ordering experience at Chicken Express.  

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