Cold Stone Menu Prices

Ice cream tickles everyone’s taste buds, be it young or old. A freshly made ice cream is a treat. If you want to enjoy the divine taste of freshly made ice creams, then you must surely visit Cold Stone Creamery. Keen to know more about the Cold Stone Creamery menu and prices? Keep reading.

Cold Stone Creamery Menu

The Cold Stone Creamery is a US ice cream parlor. It is known for its smooth and creamy ice cream freshly made every single day. Donald and Susan Sutherland started cold Stone Creamery in 1988. First Cold Stone Creamery was opened in Tempe, Arizona.

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After successfully building its reputation in high-quality fresh ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery expanded and opened its franchises not only in other parts of the USA but also in other countries like Brazil, Kenya, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, to name a few. Retaining its quality and taste to date, the Cold Stone Creamery has become the sixth best-selling brand in the world.

Though Cold Stone is famous for its mouth-watering ice creams, there are other items on the menu that are as delicious as its ice creams.

Cold Stone Menu with Prices

Cold Stone Creamery menu is well-known for its premium and fantastic flavored ice creams. Known for its high quality, Cold Stone Creamery never fails to delight its customers with its creamy, fresh, made-to-order ice creams. Cold Stone Creamery has made some extensions to its menu by adding cookies, ice cream cakes, sandwiches, shakes, smoothies, and so on. The menu is expanded to serve the customers.

Let us see in detail the Cold Stone Creamery Menu Prices. Since the name Cold Stone Creamery is synonymous with ice cream, it has an extensive ice cream menu.

Cold Stone Ice Cream Menu – Signature Creations

It is a delight. They craft the flavored ice cream with the mix-ins of your choice to make an ice cream dish that they call “creation.” It is as delicious and more than it sounds. Some of the customer-loved creations are Falling into Chocolate, Sweet and Silky, One Smart Brookie, Dough for It, and many more. Check out the below Cold Stone menu prices of Signature Creations.

MenuSizeCold Stone Ice Cream Prices
Gotta Have ItLarge$5.75
Like ItSmall$5.00
Love ItRegular$5.25

Create Your Creation

You can create your ice cream with flavors of your choice. Some of Cold Stone Creamery flavors are Cake Batter, Classic Cookie Dough, French Vanilla, Vanilla Lite, Chocolate, Sweet Cream, Mint, Cheesecake, Coffee, and Strawberry. They have seasonal flavors and favorite local flavors in their menu too. Check out the Cold Stone price list and think what to create on your own.

Create Your Own Ice Cream MenuSizePrices
Gotta Have ItLarge$4.75
1st Mix-InFREE
Love ItRegular$4.25
Additional Mix-Ins$0.75
Like ItSmall$4.00

Cold Stone Creamery Menu Prices of Drinks

The drinks at Cold Stone Creamery are ice cream flavored, keeping its high-quality premium taste intact. Cold Stone Creamery menu has two drinks

  • Shakes: Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream, Savory Strawberry, Very Vanilla, Cake Batter ‘n Shake, Milk & OREO Cookies, Oh Fudge!
  • Smoothie: Pineapple Blueberry, Strawberry Mango, Blueberry Banana, Mango Pineapple, and Strawberry Banana.

Check out the below Cold Stone menu with prices of shakes, smoothies & beverages.

Cold Stone Menu Shakes & Smoothies

Love ItRegular$5.75
Additional Mix-Ins$0.75
Like ItSmall$5.00


Other Drinks$1.65

Stone Cold Creamery Menu of Yogurt and Sorbet

Frozen yogurt is available at Cold Stone Creamery in all available flavors and healthy mix-ins, making it the creamy and healthiest low-fat option with around 34 calories an ounce.

If you want something other than ice cream that is sweet and tangy, then Cold Stone Creamery menu has sorbet waiting for you. It is available in lemon, watermelon, raspberry, or tangerine flavors. You can find the detailed Cold Stone Creamery menu prices here with the latest updated prices.

Cold Stone Creamery Prices of Add Ons

Dipped Waffle Cone or Bowl$2.00
Waffle Cone or Bowl$1.00

Signature Cakes – Cold Stone Cakes Menu

Below are Cold Stone menu prices of Signature Cakes. These Cold Stone Creamery cake prices seems expensive, but it is worthy to spend on its taste and quality.

MenuSizeCold Stone Cake Prices
Heart Shaped 8″$38.00
RectangleSmall 8″x12″$44.00
Custom Message$3.00
RoundSmall 6″$24.00
RectangleLarge 12″x18″$62.00
RoundLarge 8″$32.00

Cold Stone At Home

MenuSizeCold Stone Creamery Prices
Ice Cream Cold Stone Cupcakes price6-Pack$14.00
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches4-Pack$10.00
Signature Pies$14.00
Ice Cream1 Quart$8.00

Cold Stone Menu and Prices of Hot Stone

Hot For Cookie$5.99
No Fair Funnel Cake$5.99
Brownie A La Cold Stone$5.99
Churro Caramel Crave$5.99
Chocolate Lava Meltdown$5.99


If you want traditional and classic ice creams, Sundaes are there to delight you. In the Cold Stone Creamery menu, there are two delicious options for Sundaes

  • Who You Callin’ Shortcake?
  • Banana Split Decision
  • Mix and go

Cold Stone Creamery menu options allow you to enjoy ice creams in Mine, Ours, and Everybody’s size with flavor and mix-ins of your choice. All flavors are available.

Pre Packed Ice Creams

Pre Packed ice creams are available to enjoy Cold Stone Creamery’s supreme flavor at home. They are packed in quart size containers (32 oz) with their Signature Creations.

  • Founder’s Favorite
  • Cake Batter Batter Batter
  •  Peanut Butter Cup Perfection
  • OREO Overload

Cold Stone Prices of Party Packs

The Cold Stone Creamery ice creams are also available in party packs also. The different types are:

  • The Ultimate Party Pack (serves 20 to 25)
  • The Petite Party Pack (serves 12 to 15)

The party packs are available with the flavor and mix-ins of your choice.

The ice creams are available in Like It (small size) for about $5.00, Love It (regular size) for about $5.25, and Gotta Have It (large size) for about $5.75. The Cold Stone prices are worth it for its taste.

Ice Cream Cakes

As delicious as the Cold Stone ice creams are, its ice cream cakes also are great in flavor and creativity. Different options available are 

  • Signature cake (small round serving 8 people and large round serving 14 people)
  • Birthday cakes
  • Custom cakes
  • Kids themed cake
  • Petite cakes
  • Ice cream cupcakes
  • Ice cream cookie sandwiches

Cold Stone Catering Prices

Cold Stone provides catering services too. They provide wedding cakes, ice cream catered birthday parties, school events, corporate events, and so on.

Some of their catering specialties are 

  • Sensational Sundae Bars for any Occasion
  • Decadent Ice Cream Cakes for any Holiday, Party or Event
  • New Mini-Novelties are a Big Hit

The Cold stone catering prices and availability depends on the location.

Cold Stone Nutrition Facts

Cold Stone Creamery does not only top in premium quality taste, but it also takes care of customer needs. Many customers want to know more about the nutrition facts in the product it sells. So Cold Stone has taken special care to mention all the Cold Stone creamery menu nutrition information on its website By clicking on the link, you will get all the Cold Stone Creamery nutrition information like calories, fat, etc. in each of the products that it sells. You can also find out about Cold Stone allergen menu information through the Food Allergens and Sensitivities chart by visiting its website.

Also, check out the Cold Stone gluten free menu if you are particularly looking for Gluten free items. There are many Gluten Free items available at Cold Stone Creamery. So, you can happily visit at choose your favorite.

Cold Stone Creamery Contact Information

You can find all the Cold Stone Creamery contact details below. You can contact their customer services with all your queries and complaints if any.

Cold Stone Customer Support
AddressKahala Corp
9311 E. Via de Ventura
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone numbers(480) 362-4800

Cold Stone Near Me

Where is the nearest Cold Stone Creamery? You can locate the Cold stone restaurant near you 

  • By using Google Maps, just enter “Cold Stone Creamery near me” in search box and locate the nearest one.
  • Visit their official website ( and provide your zip or city name.
  • By downloading their Cold Stone app on your mobile.

 Cold Stone Hours

Cold Stone Creamery hours depend on its location. In some US locations, it opens Monday to Sunday from 12 pm to 10 pm and in some from 11 am to 11 pm. So the opening hours may vary depending on which location of the store you are looking for. It is always best to call the Cold Stone Creamery near you for the opening timings before visiting.

Cold Stone Reviews

Cold Stone Creamery has satisfied its customers through its delicious and fresh ice creams and has gained excellent ratings. It has a good rating on customer services and staff friendliness too. Most of the customers liked their customized ice cream, where they can pick and choose whatever topping and flavors they crave. All in all, Cold Stone Creamery is one of the best options as per its customer reviews.


What time does ColdStone close?

It depends on the location of the Cold stone. In some places, it closes at 11 pm and in some places at 12 am.

What time does the Cold Stone Creamery open?

It depends on the location of the Cold stone. In some places, it opens at 12 pm and in some places at 10 am.

Who owns Cold Stone Creamery?

Kahala Brands owns Cold Stone Creamery.

How much is Cold Stone Creamery ice cream menu?

If you buy a small portion of the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream menu, it costs you around $5, and the prices increase as the size increases.

What is the price of a Cold Stone ice cream cake?

The Cold Stone ice cream cake prices depends on the type of cake you need. For example, a petite 4 inches Cold Stone ice cream cake may cost you around $10.

What is the price of a signature creation ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery Tucson?

The signature creation ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery Tucson costs around $4.79 for Like It (small size), $5.19 for Love It (regular size), and $5.59 for Gotta Have It (large size).

What are the prices at Cold Stone Creamery?

The basic prices at Cold Stone Creamery start at around $5. The prices vary depending on the type and size of the order.

How much is a Cold Stone Franchise? 

It is not cheap to buy Cold Stone Franchise and can cost approximately between $53,200 and $468,775.

How much is a love it size at Cold Stone?

A love size ice cream at cold stone costs around $5.25.

Is Cold Stone real ice cream?

Yes, Cold Stone ice cream is real as it is freshly made and churned with the finest ingredients.

What is the meaning of Cold Stone?

Cold Stone means very cold, cold as a stone.

Where is Cold Stone ice cream from?

Cold Stone ice cream is from Tempe, Arizona, USA.

What are the Cold Stone flavors?

Cold stone has a large variety of flavors. Seasonal flavors like Candy Cane, Dark Chocolate Peppermint, Eggnog, Pumpkin. Local favorite flavors like amaretto, banana, black cherry, butter pecan, and so on.

Final Words

If you are a frozen treat lover and crave ice cream at any time of the day, Cold Stone Creamery is a place for you. If you want to know more about the Cold Stone Creamery menu and price, you can find it here in one place. We have added all the updated information of Cold Stone menu prices here with the hope that it will be useful to all the customers.

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