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Dions Menu Prices

Are you bored of eating routine food at home? Then we suggest you to visit Dion’s Restaurant. Dion’s is the place where you can get the best pizzas near you. People can find their favorite Mexican dishes in Dion’s Food Chain. Before you make a plan to visit the food chain check the Dions Menu Prices here.

Dions Menu

Dion’s is the famous Pizza food chain restaurant located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This was opened by Jon Patten and Bill Scott in the year 1978. At present, there are about 21 locations in New Mexico.

Dions Menu Prices

The signature products in Dions Food Chain are Pixxas, Subs and Salads. The Prices of Dions Pizza are affordable in your budget when compared with other food chains in New Mexico and Texas. Go through the below article and view Dion’s Menu along with Prices.

Dions Menu Prices

Get the Entire Menu of Dions Pizza Restaurant here. The Dion’s Menu comprises of various Mexican items like Pizzas, Subs and Salads.

Dions Pizza Menu and Prices

All the Pizza lovers can get the handmade pizzas in Dion’s Restaurant. Dion’s Pizza Menu includes Margherita, Duke City, Napoli, Tuscany, Santorini and Kansas City. Have a glance on the below table and check the Dions Price List.

Menu Size Dions Price
The Margherita 10 Inches $6.85
The Margherita 14 Inches $11.25
The Duke City 10 Inches $6.85
The Duke City 14 Inches $11.25
The Napoli 10 Inches $6.85
The Napoli 14 Inches $11.25
The Tuscany 10 Inches $6.85
The Tuscany 14 Inches $11.25
The Santorini 10 Inches $6.85
The Santorini 14 Inches $11.25
The Kansas City 10 Inches $6.85
The Kansas City 14 Inches $11.25

Dion’s Subs Menu with Prices

Dions Subs are topped with Red Onions, Tomatoes, Deli & Mustard, Lettuce along with the chips, pickle spear etc. Get the Dions Price List of Subs from the below given table.

Menu Size Prices
Ham & Swiss 6 Inch $5.35
Ham & Swiss 10 Inch $6.95
Italian 6 Inch $5.35
Italian 10 Inch $6.95
Meatball & Provolone 6 Inch $5.35
Meatball & Provolone 10 Inch $6.95
Pastrami & Provolone 6 Inch $5.35
Pastrami & Provolone 10 Inch $6.95
Roast Beef & Provolone 6 Inch $5.35
Roast Beef & Provolone 10 Inch $6.95
Turkey & Swiss 6 Inch $5.35
Turkey & Swiss 10 Inch $6.95
Veggie 6 Inch $5.35
Veggie 10 Inch $6.95

Dion’s Salads Menu and Prices

The Salads in Dions restaurant are made with fresh ingredients. You choose the size before you place an order. Dions Salads Menu contains Chef Salad, Greek Salad and Ranch Salad.

Menu Size Dions Salad Price
Chef Salad Half $3.70
Chef Salad Full $5.05
Chef Salad Family $8.45
Greek Salad Half $3.70
Greek Salad Full $5.05
Greek Salad Family $8.45
Ranch Salad Half $3.70
Ranch Salad Full $5.05
Ranch Salad Family $8.45

Dions Gourmet Salads Menu with Prices

Dions Gourmet Salad Menu Prices
Chicken Caesar – Half $4.05
Chicken Caesar – Full $5.35
Chicken Caesar – Family $8.75
Dions Homemade Dressings $3.00
Gourmet Chicken Salad- Half $4.05
Gourmet Chicken Salad – Full $5.35
Gourmet Chicken Salad – Family $8.75


Dions Menu Price
Brownie $1.50
Cheese Toast – Small $1.10
Cheese Toast – Large $3.00
Dions Dressing By the Bottle – 16 oz. $3.00
Fresh Seasonal Fruit (Cup) $1.60
Garlic Toast – Small $1.10
Garlic Toast – Large $3.00
Homemade Cookies $0.90
Original or Wheat Baguette $1.35


Dion’s Prices may vary according to the location and speciality of the day and the time you visit. If you find any differences in Dion’s Menu and Prices you can leave a comment in the below mentioned comment box. So, Stick to our All Menu Prices page to get the instant updates regarding the changes in Dion’s Menu Albuquerque.

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