Filibertos Menu Prices

If you are searching for the Filibertos Menu Prices, then you are on the right place. Diners can enjoy unique dishes every day for fewer prices. By knowing Filiberto’s Menu, you can save your time and enjoy the food for a long time. This helps to decide what to choose before visiting the restaurant.

Filibertos Menu

Filiberto’s is a Restaurant Chain which serves authentic Mexican Fast Food. It was started in the year 1993 and is available 24*7. Today, there are 55 Restaurants in three American States. If you experience the flavors of Mexico in Filibertos Restaurant, you will be thoroughly pleased with your decision.

Filibertos Menu Prices

Filibertos Mexican Food Restaurant is famous for its best selling burritos such as Adobada Burrito, Sausage Burrito, Spanish Omelette Platter. Customers love to eat at this Mexican restaurant chain as it provides the best dishes with real, fresh ingredients.

Filibertos Menu prices

People who love Mexican Food can have delicious dishes like Burritos, Tacos, Bean and Cheese Burrito, Chorizo and Potato Burrito, Breakfast Platters, Ham & Egg Torta, Tostadas, JR Burritos, Tortas, Sides, Salads, Desserts, Bowls and so on. Check Filibertos Mexican Food Menu and Prices from here.

Filibertos Kids Menu

Explore Filibertos Kids Meals like Junior Quesadilla, Junior Bean and Cheese Burrito and Chicken Nuggets. Children can enjoy the meal for just $4.29.

Kid’s Junior Quesadilla$4.29
Kids Junior Bean and Cheese Burrito$4.29
Kids Chicken Nuggets$4.29

Filibertos Breakfast Menu

Filiberto’s Breakfast Menu includes Burritos and Platters. Check the Filiberto’s Breakfast Menu Prices from the below table.

Breakfast Burritos
Bacon Burrito$6.30
Country Burrito$6.19
Chorizo Burrito$6.19
Chorizo and Potato Burrito$6.49
Machaca Burrito$6.97
Original Breakfast Burrito$6.19
Sausage Burrito$6.30
Steak and Egg Burrito$7.59
Breakfast Platters
Chorizo Platter$9.07
Huevos Rancheros Platter$7.30
Machaca Platter$10.60
Spanish Omelette Platter$8.29
Steak Ranchero Platter$8.29

Filibertos Burritos Menu and Prices

Burritos are the signature item in Filibertos Mexican Food Chain. You can find varieties of Burritos such as Adobada, Arizona, Bean and Cheese, Big Juan, Chile Relleno, Carnitas, Extreme Fajita, Fish, Patron, Pollo Asado, Veggie, etc.

Adobada Burrito$6.59
Arizona Burrito$7.28
Bean Burrito$4.00
Bean and Cheese Burrito$5.69
Beef Burrito$6.52
Big Juan Burrito$8.71
Carne Asada Fries Burrito$8.99
Chingon Burrito$8.99
Chicken Burrito$5.83
Chile Relleno Burrito$6.59
California Burrito$8.99
Carnitas Burritos$6.59
Extreme Fajita Burrito$8.82
Fish Burrito$6.59
Gordo Burrito$9.97
Green Chile Burrito$6.59
Mixed Burrito$6.00
Pollo Asado Burrito$7.23
Patron Burrito$8.99
Shrimp Burrito$8.31
Steak Ranchero Burrito$7.28
Trio Fajita Burrito$9.97
Texas Burrito$7.28
Veggie Burrito$6.07

Filibertos Combination Platters Menu Prices

Filibertos Combination Platters Prices ranges from $8.76 to $14.14. They serve Combination Platters like Adobada Platter, Camarones Rancheros, Four Rolled Tacos, Chimichanga, Burrito and Enchilada, Fajita, Green Chile Pork, Two Fish Tacos, Pollo Asado.

Adobada Combination Platter$9.21
Burrito and Enchilada Combination Platter$9.45
Carnitas Combination Platter$9.89
Chimichanga Combination Platter$9.89
Camarones Rancheros Combination Platter$12.11
Carne Asada Combination Platter$12.31
Fajita Combination Platter$11.85
Four Rolled Tacos Combination Platter$9.85
Green Chile Pork Combination Platter$9.55
Pollo Asado Combination Platter$11.85
Taco and Burrito Combination Platter$9.45
Two Beef Tacos Combination Platter$9.45
Two Enchiladas Combination Platter$8.76
Taco and Tostada Combination Platter$9.45
Two Chicken Tacos Combination Platter$9.45
Two Carne Asada Burritos Combination Platter$14.14
Two Fish Tacos Combination Platter$9.06
Two Carne Asada Tacos Combination Platter$11.85
Taco and Enchilada Combination Platter$9.45

Filiberto’s Tacos Menu with Prices

People can have the best Tacos in Filiberto’s Mexican Food Restaurant. Filibertos Taco Menu comprises of Pollo Asado, Shrimp, 3 Rolled Tacos with Cheese, 5 Rolled Tacos with Cheese and Guacamole Tacos, Shredded Beef Taco, Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, etc.

Adobada Taco$3.15
Chicken Taco$2.76
Carne Asada Taco$3.79
Carnitas Taco$3.26
Fish taco$3.26
Pollo Asado Taco$3.79
Shrimp Taco$3.77
Shredded Beef Taco$3.10
3 Rolled Tacos with Cheese$3.65
3 Rolled Tacos with Cheese and Guacamole$4.35
5 Rolled Tacos with Cheese and Guacamole Tacos$5.60
5 Rolled Special Tacos$8.78

Filiberto’s Tortas Menu and Prices

Filiberto’s Torta Prices ranges from $5.12 to $6.94. The Menu for Filiberto’s Tortas contains Bacon, Adobada, Carne Asada, Ham & Egg, Pollo Asado, Machaca, Fish Torta.

Adobada Torta$6.30
Bacon Torta$5.87
Chorizo Torta$5.12
Chicken Torta$5.13
Carnitas Torta$6.30
Carne Asada Torta$6.94
Fish Torta$5.15
Ham & Egg Torta$5.76
Pollo Asado Torta$6.94
Machaca Torta$5.87
Sausage Torta$5.87

Filibertos Tostadas Menu

Bean Tostada$3.15
Chicken Tostada$4.86
Carne Asada Tostada$5.53
Carnitas Tostada$4.86
Ceviche Tostada$3.84
Green Chile Tostada$4.69
Pollo Asado Tostada$5.53
Shrimp Tostada$5.29

Filibertos JR Burritos Menu Prices

JR Carne Asada$4.23
JR Carnitas$4.23
JR Chicken$4.23
JR Beans and Cheese$4.23
JR Adobada$4.23
JR Chile Relleno$4.23
JR Arizona$4.23
JR Machaca$4.23
JR Green Chile$4.23
JR Texas$5.38
JR Extreme$5.38
JR Pollo Asado$4.23
JR Fish$4.23
JR Shrimp$4.23
JR Patron$4.23

Filiberto’s Quesadillas Supreme Menu with Prices

Carne Asada$10.53
Mar Y Tierra$11.45

Filibertos Enchiladas Menu Prices

Enchiladas in Filibertos Mexican Food Restaurant are topped with Cheese and Lettuce. The Filibertos Enchiladas Prices ranges from $6.07 to $6.99.

2 Chiles Rellenos$6.99

Filibertos Bowls & Sopes Menu with Prices

Carne Asada$8.93

Filibertos Sides Menu and Prices

Customers can add sides along with Burritos. Filiberto’s Mexican Food offers side items in different flavors likewise Pint of Guacamole, Pint Lettuce, Pint of Red Salsa, Pint of Cheese etc.

Pint of Beans$3.20
Pint of Rice$3.20
Pint of Guacamole$9.11
1/2 Pint of Guacamole$4.86
Pint Mix Beggies$3.25
Pint Lettuce$1.29
Pint of Cheese$5.80
Pint of Red Salsa$2.79
Pint of Green Salsa$2.79

Filiberto’s Desserts Menu

Fried Ice Cream$5.75

Filibertos Menu Specials Daily

3 Rolled Tacos W/Cheese$1.49
Beef or Chicken Taco$1.49
Bean Burrito$1.49
Bean Tostada$1.49
JR Quesadilla$1.49

Filibertos Salads Menu with Prices

The Restaurant of Filibertos offers different Salads like Taco Salad and Fili’s Chicken Salad. These salads are topped with Corn Tortilla Chips, Grilled Chicken, Pico de gallo, Sour Cream, Tomato, Cheese, Lettuce.

Fili’s Chicken Salad$7.21
Taco Salad$7.90

Filibertos Chips and Nachos Menu and Prices

1/2 Super Nachos$7.80
Super Nachos$10.62
Chips with Guacamole$6.08
Chips with Pico Salsa$3.46
Plain Chips$1.89

Filibertos Drinks Menu Prices

Fountain Drinks – Medium$2.49
Fountain Drinks – Large$2.69
Mexican Juice – Medium$2.99
Mexican Juice – Large$3.31
Re-Fll Medium$1.92
Re-Fll Large$2.24


Diners can additional items along with your order. The Filiberto’s offers extra items like Enchilada Style, Pico De Gallo, Guacamole, Extra Meat, Jalapenos, Cheese and Sour Cream.

Extra Meat$2.01
Enchilada Style$1.59
Pico De Gallo$1.73
Sour Cream$1.73


Hopefully, we helped you to get genuine information regarding the Filiberto’s Menu Prices. You can discuss your experience with Filiberto’s Restaurant in the comment box. So, that other customers can find it advantageous.

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