Home Chef Menu Prices

Sometimes you feel like experimenting on dishes but lazy enough to visit the grocery stores to collect the ingredients. You now don’t get yourself required to learn the process of cooking a dish. Head yourself towards Home Chef to get your work done in less time. It would help if you chose recipes from their menu, and they are ready to reach your doorstep with all the necessities required, provided that they won’t supply oil, salt, and pepper. Let us see what’s more stored in the Home Chef menu prices, and other facts and details. 

Home Chef Menu Price Image
Home Chef Menu Price Image

Home Chef : Order Your Meal Kit Or Get Prepared Food At Your Door Steps

The Home Chef is a food ingredient delivery system based in Chicago, Illinois, USA, as its headquarters. The company was founded in the year 2013 to make human life more comfortable. It is generally a box that contains all the necessary key ingredients of a particular cuisine that you choose while ordering. 

Home Chef is your meal ingredients providing a weekly delivery system. It is known for supplying ingredients to any particular cuisine you choose or order, providing you the comfort of receiving fresh food materials and ingredients without visiting the food markets personally. You can get all the perfect required ingredients usually used by chefs at restaurants. It is generally helpful for those working moms and those other working people who have no time to pick each ingredient from the grocery stores to prepare a proper cuisine. You need to choose your type of cuisine, and your delivery will reach you in less than 3 working days. Make sure you order your delivery before 2-3 days. 

You can order a meal kit once a week. The Home Chef price per meal starts at just 6 dollars and 99 cents. And every week, the menu gets changed at Home Chef’s official website.

Home Chef Menu with Prices

The home chef has a lot of square meals and plating that can suit your timetables and diet preferences. You can create and upgrade your cuisine kit that fits your requirements and add more building block elements to your selected meals. When all the required ingredients reach you safely, you can easily experiment on your desired cooking. You can also get the best recipes from the legal dieticians, nutritionists, and popular head chefs and food executives. You need to pick your delivery dates and alter down any particular week when you need it. Let us now check the Home Chef menu prices:

Home Chef Meals Menu and Prices

Latest prices of Meals at Home Chef are tabulated below.

Menu CategoryHome Chef Meals Prices
Meal KitsStarts at $6.99 per serving
15 Minute Meal KitsStarts at $6.99 per serving
Easy Prep Meal KitsStarts at $6.99 per serving
ExtrasAround $4 – $6.99 per serving

Home Chef Menu and Prices in Common

Below are the Home Chef menu prices for single meal, 3 meals and for students is as follows.

Type of MealHome Chef Prices
One Home Chef MealStarts at $6.99 per serving
If you order more for a weekCosts around $45 or more & shipping is free
3 Meals for four people a weekAround $120
Premium category meals (if available)$19.95 per meal
Smoothies and Fruit Baskets$4.95 per serving
For Students50% off on the normal prices

Home Chef Vegetarian Menu

To all those who are diet conscious and vegetarians, these meals are for them. Even nonvegetarians can try these veggies in meals. Basically, including Lasagne Bianca and Mexican Street corn flatbread, home chef tries to give the best experience of Plant-based cuisine taste buds.

Some of these other dishes in the vegetarian category include Brussels, and Brown butter Risotto served with goat cheese and pecans. Black bean enchiladas with poblano pepper; teriyaki charred broccoli and shiitake mushrooms with sesame noodles, coconut jasmine rice bowl, added to fried plantains and corn Pico de Gallo and so on.

There are also cheese-based meals such as Mushroom parmesan penne pasta with oregano and baguette, fig and goat cheese flatbread with walnuts, and caramelized onions and so on. A perfect meal for dinner, one serving can cost you around $6 to $7 only.

Home Chef Meals without Nuts

Nuts generally produce oily bases, fatty acids, and lots of allergen properties. Hence, this category can be favorable to those who are sensitive to allergenic substitutes. These dishes are free of nuts that load out low with calories, carbs, and protein components. 

Buttermilk ranch chicken is believed to top the list in this category for its extraordinary tasteful bites. It has an addition of mashed carrot and green beans. Crispy onion chicken along with creamy mushroom sauce and green beans, farmhouse fried chicken, sweet sesame potatoes, and avocado served with basic sugar snap peas and jasmine rice.

Poultry Meals Menu for Home Chef

Poultry foods like chicken, eggs, turkey, beef, and ham, are all filled with healthy components such as 8181 calories, 63 grams of carbohydrates, 36 grams of fats, 58 grams of proteins, and 1854 milligrams of sodium. Instruction is to cook the categorical poultry items within five consecutive days to avoid the staleness of the product. The box can be shareable for two persons, and hence, the price can go double from 6 to 12 dollars. 

Some of these popular items in this category include Sicilian Chicken. French onion chicken served with arugula salad and white balsamic vinaigrette, pecan-crusted chicken served with BBQ spiced carrots, crispy Dijon chicken served with parmesan cauliflower mash and green beans, and so on.

Home Chef Pricing for Farm Chicken

There is a separate category for chicken lovers that include Hulli Hulli chicken rice bowl with charred pineapple, Mojito lime chicken salad, which is not required even to cook and can be eaten raw, and so on.

Honorary Meals Category

This category included masterpiece dishes of Home chef recipes and meals. They include Brussels, and brown butter risotto served with goat cheese and pecans, farmhouse fried chicken served with mashed potatoes, green onion gravy and corn, and so on. The contained calories are around 970, 70 grams of carbohydrates, 56 grams of proteins, and 46 grams of protein, 2071 mg of sodium.

Seafood includes shrimp jambalaya, BBQ shrimp pizzas with pica de Gallo, Chili- lime salmon with roasted chayote squash, and mojo de Ajo, and so on.

All of the above meal box prices may vary from dish to dish, but for every single server, the cost of the price is 6 dollars. If the quantity and additions in a particular meal is more then accordingly, prices tend to change. However, a home chef doesn’t have a fixed price for a specific dish throughout the united states of America. The price gets different according to the economic rules of each state of the United States of America. That is the reason we did not provide the exact price range for each dish given on the Home chef menu options. 

Other Home Chef menus include pork-based meals, carb-conscious and calorie-conscious meals which are lighted with fats, but flavors remain at the peak. Staff picks, which are the suggested meals by home chef staff members, meals without milk for those who are anti-lactic. It means the meals are even without butter, cheese, yogurts, etc.

Home Chef Nutrition Info

It is quite out of mind to question Home Chef’s meal kits that too at an affordable price range. Home Chef has a large space for gluten-free and allergen-free cuisine kit for its customers. Gluten-free food doesn’t feel bored at Home Chef because of its simplicity. But at Home Chef’s, you will get the best food instructions to guide you on how boring recipes can become interesting.

Home chef Gluten-free foods include Miso-ginger chicken, seared steaks, and tostadas. Not only this, the home chef even provides you recipe cards with an ingredient kit to make you realize how much nutrition factors are stored in the concerned box. For nutrition information of each meal at Home Chef, you can click on the recipe available at homechef.com and check the calories, carbs, and others.

Home Chef Customer Service

Have an issue regarding your Home chef delivery system or any issue with your meal box? Contact Home Chef customer care service to the concerned details given below in this table. You can even post your comments, reviews, appreciations, and suggestions to the given email address. If you want to find your nearest Home chef delivery office yet, you can go through these details for the help. 

Toll-free customer service number: +1-872-225-2433

Corporate address:

400 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 1400
Chicago, IL 60611

Email: support@homechef.com

Support page: https://support.homechef.com/hc/en-us

Official website: https://www.homechef.com/

Here we have given just the menu types and starting price of meals. To check the complete Home Chef Menu this Week or next Week you need to refer the official portal.

Home Chef Coupon

Home chef provides coupons to its customers with the help of Groupon dealings. You can win a certified voucher cut-off discount up to 25 dollars on your first 4 orders of Home chef meal boxes. Students discount up to 50% off on the first meal kit order, 30 dollars cut off on your ever first order, earn credits in the form of real cash when your friend signs up to Home chef account, National holiday deals, and so on.

Home Chef Near Me

The Home chef delivery system is efficient enough to deliver the meal box to its customers staying at every corner of America. Locate the Home Chef in stores using this official locator, https://www.homechef.com/grocery. You need to enter your pin code or zip code of your area while placing your order. If your order is above $40, your delivery charge remains free, but if you order less than around $40, then your delivery charge will be around $10. 

Home Chef Hours

Home Chef delivery systems may vary from place to place and may differ according to the area you live in. But its deliveries are carried out generally in between Mondays to Fridays. Though its delivery services are carried out every day, yet you need to place your order before 2 days of your food program.

Home Chef is known for dinner orders, and if you ordered your meal for a specific night, then you can expect your delivery by 4:00 pm after 1-2 days of placing your order. You can also change your delivery dates in case you changed your plans for preparing this particular dish. 

Home Chef Reviews

Home chef provides the most affordable pricing meal where three meals can be shared with two people with around 60 dollars for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals as compared to companies like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, and Plated. It allows you to select your choice from over 11 recipes per week, including your breakfast, and can effortlessly choose 8 ones directly from Home Chef’s table menu.

Regardless of its pros, the Home chef does have a few cons. They are like, they do not appropriately dress salads, and sometimes, they forget to add certain required ingredients for a particular dish. They have, at times, mistaken the orders placed is different from what was initially ordered. People had complaints that the diet-conscious ones received fatty dishes that they mostly avoid having it even at their own home.

However, every customer appreciates the method of air-tight packing systems in which meals are delivered. These packages also include vacuumed sealed bags to create an antibiotic atmosphere for the ingredients for the customers who are sensitive to allergens.


Can I see a Home Chef menu before paying?

Yes, of course, you can check the menu every week at its official portal as it changes from time to time. To see the Home Chef menu choices, visit https://www.homechef.com/our-menu, choose your preferences by adding to the online shopping cart of Home Chef, and pay the total price along with delivery charges. You can also add to pay on the delivery system for the payment.

Where is the Home Chef located?

The head office of Home Chef is located in Chicago, Illinois, the United States of America.

How can I see menu options for Home Chefs?

Visit the official page of Home chef https://www.homechef.com/, scroll the page downwards to find the “Our menu” option at the ‘service’ column. Click on it to get a complete view of the Home chef’s menu.

What is the price for Home Chef meal delivery?

There is no delivery charge if you order Home chef meals over $40. If your order is below 40 dollars, then the delivery charge is $10. The point must be noted that they do not charge any sales tax.

How much does a Home Chef cost?

There is no fixed price for meal kits. But the Home Chef meals price starts at $6.99 currently. The price gets different from store to store that has availability of meal kit and might change by time also.

How much do Home Chef meals cost?

The price of the meals from the home chef varies from store to store that supplies these kits. However, the basic price starts from $6.99 per supply. Costs can differ based on the menu and options and the ingredients you order.

Is Home Chef worth the price?

Home Chef’s starting price of a meal costs around $6-$9.

What kind of meals does a Home Chef have?

The Home Chef has a wide range of meals and cuisines for breakfast, lunch as well as for dinners. They do offer drinks such as smoothies, etc. they even have a separate section for gluten-free and allergen-free meals in their menu.


This Home Chef Menu prices article is presented to make your desires for Home chef convenient and easy to order your meal ingredients. This page is loaded with all the wide detailing information true to its official guidelines. Neither Home Chef invests in us, nor we work for them. We work for the convenience of customers that can help them understand the varied procedures, menus, prices, and instructions. We also do not present the exact price of the menus due to periodical fluctuations of separate ingredients.

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