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Jollibee Menu Prices

Jollibee is one of the famous food chains in the Philippines. Food Lovers can enjoy the delicious burger and mouth-watering Fried Chicken and Burger Steaks in Jollibee American Food Chain. Get Jollibee Philippines Prices List along with the menu on this page. By checking the Jollibee Menu Prices customers can order the food quickly and enjoy the taste of the dishes for a long time.


Jollibee was started by Tony Tan in the year 1998. The first branch was opened in the United States. By present, there are 34 locations in USA and 1100 stores in all other states. By this was can understand that the Jollibee is the fastest growing food chain in the United States.

Chickenjoy, Fried Chicken is the best selling item in Jollibee Restaurant. Apart from the fried chicken and burgers, eateries can also enjoy Chicken Dippers, Halo-Halo and Burger Steaks in this food chain.

Jollibee Menu with Prices

The Jollibee Restaurant serves different styles of American dishes like Burgers, Sandwiches, Noodles, Rice Meals, Sides, Chicken Joy and Dessert. Read this article thoroughly to get the details of Jollibee USA Menu with Prices.

Jollibee Kids Meal Menu with Price

The Jollibee Kids Meals contains Chickenjoy with Rice & Drink, Yum with Cheese and Small Fries and Drink etc. Children’s can enjoy their favorite food for just $4.49.

MenuJollibee Prices
Chickenjoy with Rice & Drink$4.49
Jolly Hotdog with Small Fries and Drink$4.49
Spaghetti with Drink$4.49
Yum with Cheese and Small Fries and Drink$4.49

Jollibee Breakfast Menu and Prices

Jollibee Price for Breakfast starts from $1.00 to $4.99. The Jollibee Breakfast Menu includes Chickenjoy, Corned Beef, Longanisa, Beef Tenders and Sweet Pork.

MenuJollibee Prices USA
Corned Beef – Per Person$4.99
Longanisa – Pork Sausage$4.99
Substitute for White Meat on Chickenjoy$1.00
Tapa – Beef Tenders$4.99
Tocino – Sweet Pork$4.99

Jollibee Menu Price for Burgers

Menu of Jollibee Burgers comprises of  Aloha Yum, Aloha Yum with Fries & Drink, TLC and Fries and Drink and so on. The Jollibee Prices ranges from $1.39 to $6.99.

Jollibee USA MenuJollibee Price
Aloha Yum$4.99
Aloha Yum with Fries & Drink$6.99
Big Yum$4.59
Big Yum with Fries & Drink$6.59
Yum with Cheese$1.59
Yum with Cheese and Fries & Drink$3.59
Yum with Fries & Drink$3.39
Yum with TLC$1.99
Yum with TLC and Fries and Drink$3.99

Jollibee Jacksonville Menu for Sandwiches

Jollibee Houston Menu includes Crunchy Chicken, Corned Beef, Jolly Hotdog, Jolly Hotdog with Spaghetti & Drink, Jolly Hotdog with Fries & Drink and more. The Jollibee Sandwiches Prices range from $1.39 to $6.49.

Jollibee Chicago MenuPrice
Crunchy Chicken$1.99
Corned Beef$1.39
Jolly Hotdog$1.99
Jolly Hotdog with Spaghetti & Drink$6.49
Jolly Hotdog with Fries & Drink$3.99
Jolly Hotdog with Drink$2.99

Jollibee Noodles Menu with Prices

Jolly Spaghetti Family PackServes 3 to 4$11.99
Jolly Spaghetti Party PackServes 5 to 6$19.99
Jolly Spaghetti Blowout PackServes 8 to 10$28.99
Palabok Fiesta with Drink$5.99
Palabok Fiesta with 1 Pc. Chickenjoy or 2 Pc. Chicken Dippers & Drink$7.79
Palabok Family PackServes 3 to 4$14.99
Palabok Party PackServes 5 to 6$24.99
Palabok Blowout PackServes 8 to 10$36.49
Spaghetti with Drink$4.99
Spaghetti with 1 Pc. Chickenjoy or 2 Pc. Chicken Dippers and Drink$6.79

Jollibee Skokie Menu of Rice Meals

Burger Steak with Drink and 1 Side2 Pc.$5.49
Burger Steak with Drink and 1 Side3 Pc.$7.29
Burger Steak with Drink and 2 Sides2 Pc.$6.49
Burger Steak with Drink and 2 Sides3 Pc.$8.25
Burger Steak Family Pack$12.99
Chicken Dippers with Choice of Dip (Ranch, Honey Mustard, or Gravy) and Rice or Fries and Drink3 Pc.$6.29
Ultimate Burger Steak with Mashed Potato or Fries and Drink$7.29

Jollibee Sides Menu with Prices

The Jollibee Sides Menu includes Buttered Corn, French Fries, Mashed Potato and Steamed Rice. Check the quantity of before you make an order.

MenuQuantityJollibee Stock Price
Buttered CornLarge$3.09
Buttered CornRegular$1.89
French FriesLarge$3.09
French FriesRegular$1.89
Mashed PotatoLarge$3.09
Mashed PotatoRegular$1.89
Steamed Rice$1.00

Jollibee Chickenjoy Bucket Treats Menu and Prices

Bucket6 Pc.$9.49
Bucket Treat (2 Chickenjoy Bucket, 6 Steamed Rice, and 6 Chocolate Sundaes)12 Pc.$28.99
Bucket Treat (1 Chickenjoy Bucket, 3 Mashed Potatoes, and 3 Peach Mango Pies)6 Pc.$18.99
Bucket Treat (1 Chickenjoy Bucket, 1 Spaghetti Family Pack, and 3 Peach Mango Pies)6 Pc.$23.99

Menu of Jollibee Chickenjoy Menu

MenuQuantityJollibee Price
Chickenjoy with 1 Side & Drink2 Pc.$5.49
Chickenjoy with 2 Sides & Drink2 Pc.$6.49
Chickenjoy with 1 Side & Drink3 Pc.$6.99
Chickenjoy with 2 Sides & Drink3 Pc.$7.99

Jollibee Desserts Menu

Jollibee Menu Philippines Desserts includes Peach Mango Pie, Sundae-Chocolate, Mango, Vanilla Twirl. The Prices of Jollibee ranges from $1.00 to $4.99.

MenuJollibee Prices
Pearl Coolers$3.49
Peach Mango Pie$1.99
Pineapple Float$2.79
Sundae – Mango$1.49
Sundae – Vanilla Twirl$1.00


We have provided genuine information regarding the Jollibee Menu and Prices. In case if you find any differences in Jollibee Price you can leave the comments in the below-provided box. Keep in touch with our All Menu Prices Page to get the instant updates regarding the Jollibee Menu Price.

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