La Madeleine Menu Prices

If you haven’t tasted at La Madeleine’s café and bakery yet, then you are missing something in life. It is the place that offers you the most delicious way to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. It serves for two even in a single plating. Please get to know its pricing on the menu and explore a lot more about it on this page. Let us have a look at latest La Madeleine menu prices.

La Madeleine

Known for savory and sweet recipes along with salty, peppery items, La Madeleine is a French bakery and café franchising about 86 branches all over America. It is located in North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Virginia, Arkansas, and Texas, whereas Dallas at Texas is its official headquarters. 

La Madeleine Menu Prices Image
La Madeleine Menu Prices Image

La Madeleine was open in February 1983. In 2001, the company was sold to Groupe Le Duff, a French restaurant company. Currently, Louis le Duff, the owner of Groupe le duff, is the investor of La Madeleine.

La Madeleine Menu with Prices

The menu of La Madeleine is categorized into seasonal meals, all-day breakfast, soups and salads, sandwiches, entrees and French favorites, kid’s menu, bakery, café, and espressos and nutrition, and allergen-free meals. The La Madeleine menu prices of the eateries tend to be high, and it changes every often.

La Madeleine Seasonal Menu

This category of meals is served only during winters. Some of these meals are salmon, seasonal kale and quinoa, goat cheese and bacon croissant square, etc. their price range starts from $100 onwards.

Family Meal Bundles

  • Pasta Night
  • Picnic Lunch Package
  • Spring Brunch Bundle
  • French Feast
  • Family Dinner Package
  • Breakfast & Brunch Package

Spring Menu

  • Lemon White Chocolate Chunk Cookie
  • Lemon Blueberry Danish
  • Strawberry Bacon Spinach Salade
  • Chicken Riviera Sandwich

La Madeleine Breakfast Menu

This category includes Croque madame, French country breakfast, breakfast croissant sandwich, custom scrambled egg crepe, and so on. They cost starting $50 and can go around $200 in a single serving.

La Madeleine Favorites
Scrambled Eggs$4.49
Quiche Florentine$5.35
American Breakfast$6.29
Cinnamon French Toast$7.29
Egg Crêpe Champignon$7.35 (reg)
Custom OmeletteExtra ingredients (each) $0.79
Quiche Lorraine$5.35
Breakfast Croissant$5.99
Country French Breakfast$7.35
Crêpe Romanoff$6.45 (reg)
Bonjour Omelette$7.35
La Madeleine Smart Choices
Smart Choice Omelette$7.35
Muesli* with strawberries$4.99
Fruit Salade$4.69 (reg)
Yogurt Parfait*$4.99
Strawberries Romanoff$4.95 (reg)
La Madeleine Breakfast Sides
Potato Galette$2.89
Smoked Bacon or Sausage$2.49

La Madeleine Bakery Menu

La Madeleine bakery items include goat cheese and bacon croissant square, sun dried tomatoes and spinach croissant square, tarts, cakes, and pastries. The minimum pricing for these items can start from $3 per slice and $35 onwards for a whole pie.

  • Viennoiserie
    • Croissants
    • Fresh Selections Daily
    • Cookies
    • Mini Parfaits
    • Mini Tarts
  • Breads
  • Pastries

La Madeleine Prices for Drinks / Beverages

Here at La Madeleine, drinks are in the form of parfaits. There are two varieties: Sacher torte parfait and French vanilla fruit parfait. The La Madeleine menu prices of these drinks start from $150-$160.

La Madeleine Specialty Coffees
Café Mocha$3.99
Hot Chocolat$3.19
Iced Coffee$1.99
Café Frappe$3.85
Café Caramel Frappe$3.99
Café Americano$2.45
Café Latte$3.65
Caramel Macchiato$3.99
Regular Coffee$1.99
Hot tea$1.95
Café Chocolat Frappe$3.99
La Madeleine Wine Menu
Sauvignon Blanc$4.59
White Zinfandel$4.59
La Madeleine Restaurant Menu Prices for Other Drinks
Soft Drinks$2.15
Mango Iced Tea$2.15
Orange Juice$2.35
Iced Tea$2.15
Bottle Water$1.99
Raspberry Lemonade$2.35

La Madeleine Lunch Menu / Dinner Menu

Below are the different categories included in La Madeleine Dinner menu and Lunch menu along with prices.

La Madeleine Homemade Soups
Tomato Basil$4.85 (large)
Soupe du Jour$4.85 (large)
French Onion$4.85 (large)
La Madeleine Fresh Salades Menu
Tomato Basil Pesto Pasta Salade*$3.99 (reg)
Strawberries Romanoff$4.95 (reg)
Wild Field Salade$6.25 (large)
Mediterranean Salade$8.99
Smart Choices Salade Sampler$7.99
Fruit Salade$4.69 (reg)
Spinach Salade$6.25 (large)
Caesar Salade$6.25 (large)
Salade Sampler$7.99
La Madeleine Menu for Cold Sandwiches
Turkey BLT$6.99
Tuna Salade$6.99
Chicken Salade Croissant$6.99
Duet Magnifique$6.99
La Madeleine Hot Sandwiches
French Dip$7.95
Chicken Cordon Bleu$7.95
Croque Monsieur$7.95
Chicken Parisien$7.95
Chicken Caesar$7.95
Turkey Bistro*$7.95
Duet Magnifique$7.95
French Specialties Menu for La Madeleine
Spinach Pochette$5.99
Quiche Lorraine$5.35
Chicken Friand$5.99
Quiche Florentine$5.35
La Madeleine Savoury Entrées
Rosemary Rotisserie Chicken$9.49
Chicken Cordon Bleu Dinner*$11.99
Herb-Crusted Pork Florentine*$11.99
Beef Bourguignon en Croute$11.99
Smart Choices at La Madeleine
Rotisserie Chicken$8.99
Chicken la Madeleine$8.99
La Madeleine Menu and Prices for Pastas
Chicken Pesto Pasta*$9.35 (reg)
Tomato Basil Pasta*$10.99 (reg)
Mediterranean Pasta*$8.99 (reg)
La Madeleine Signature Crêpes
Chicken Crêpe Riviera*$9.99 (reg)
Crêpe Romanoff$6.45 (reg)
Beef Crêpe Maison$10.99 (reg)
Shrimp Crêpe Florentine*$10.99 (reg)
La Madeleine Sides a la carte
Potato Galette$2.89
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes$2.89
Mashed Red-Skinned Potatoes$2.89
Steamed Broccoli$2.89
Rice Provençal$2.89
Green Beans Almondine*$2.89

La Madeleine Kids Menu

Children’s All-Day Breakfast

  • French Toast
  • Scrambled Eggs with Bacon & Fruit

Children’s Lunch & Dinner

  • Grilled Cheese on Seven Grain
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Turkey or Ham & Cheddar Croissant
  • Chicken & Cheese Pasta
  • Chicken Pesto Pasta

La Madeleine Catering Menu (Party Tray)

For parties or gatherings or any other catering services, you can order at La Madeleine. It offers breakfast, lunch, soups, salads, desserts and more. The La Madeleine catering prices for Party Trays are as follows.

La Madeleine Breakfast Trays

Assorted Baked Goods$25.00
Assorted Mini Muffins$20.00
Strawberries Romanoff$49.50
Assorted Croissants$25.00
Fresh Fruit Salade$36.50

La Madeleine Sandwich Trays

Assorted Cold Sandwiches$75.00

La Madeleine Boxed Lunches

Roast Beef, Sliced Ham, Turkey, Chicken Salade or Tuna Salade Sandwich$7.50

La Madeleine Soupes

Tomato Basil, Soup du Jour, French Onion$35.00

La Madeleine Entrée Salades

Caesar Salade with Chicken$65.00
Wild Field Salade with Chicken$65.00
Spinach Salade with Chicken$65.00

La Madeleine Side Salads

Caesar Salade$30.00
Tomato Basil Pesto* Pasta Salade$30.00
Tuna Salade$10.00 per pound
Spinach Salade$30.00
Fresh Fruit Salade$36.50
Chicken Salade$10.00 per pound
Strawberries Romanoff$49.50
Wild Field Salade$30.00

La Madeleine Dessert Trays

La Madeleine Desserts MenuPrices
Assorted Pastries$40.00
Assort Minis$35.00

La Madeleine Beverages

Orange Juice$18.00
Iced Tea or Mango Tea$18.00
Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade$18.00

La Madeleine Nutrition Menu

Before enjoying the taste of food, remember to check the nutrition values. Most of the people are concerned about the nutrition they take with the food. So, there is a La Madeleine Nutritional Menu provided by the restaurant to keep their customers informed about the calories, carbs, fat, other content they take with the food. You can check that La Madeleine menu nutrition at

La Madeleine Allergy Menu

If you are allergen to egg, fish, milk, gluten, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat, gluten or MSG, then it is mandatory to check the La Madeleine allergen information. For that, you just need to visit, go to allergen menu and select the allergen that you want to avoid.

La Madeleine Gluten Free Menu

There are many gluten friendly options at La Madeleine. You can find those items in categories like Breakfast, Sides, Soups, Kids menu, Salads, Coffee & Tea, more. Just follow the above process and avoid the Gluten, you will get the menu items without that allergen.

La Madeleine Contact Details

Whether to give feedback to La Madeleine or to lodge complaints, you can easily contact the information given in the table below.

Corporate number: +1-214-696-6962

Toll-free customer service number: +1-770-579-3040



Chat: -support

Corporate address:

La Madeleine de Corps Inc.
12201 Merit Drive, Suite 900
Dallas, Texas 75251

La Madeleine Coupons

To win La Madeleine coupon, you need to participate in its survey sweepstake contest. The coupon, if won, can be redeemed to get you free foods at La Madeleine. You can also win promo codes such as $5 cut off on your pumpkin pie if you order caterings above $120; $5 off on pecan tart if orders are above $120; and so on.

La Madeleine Near Me

To reach the nearest La Madeleine cafeterias, visit their official page. Click on the location category to find a stream of detailed La Madeleine branches along with their address. Enter your area zip code to find its most possible branch located in your area or city. 

La Madeleine Hours

The working hours of La Madeleine start from 6:00 am and end by 6:00 pm only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays throughout the year. Whereas on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, its branches open at 6:00 am but closes down by 10:00 pm itself. 

La Madeleine Reviews

La Madeleine has a good atmosphere in its inner view layout. The infrastructure is quite a pleasant one with pleasant luxury gardens in it. The area is spacious, and foods are one of the legendary ones, with a combination of American and French styles. The one negative factor that can bother every individual is the pricing of the food at La Madeleine. Its price is too high as compared to other bakeries.


What does La Madeleine mean?

La Madeleine is the name originated from the historical story of a young girl named Madeleine who prepared such tiny shell-shaped cakes and distributed them during her pilgrimage, and the recipe got spread.

When did La Madeleine prices go up so much?

Since the year 2013, La Madeleine rose to its prices for each dish with a completely modified pricing menu. However, La Madeleine’s prices differ significantly, and this is the fact that they only grew-up eventually and not downwards at its price range.

How much is the salad sampler at La Madeleine?

These La Madeleine salad samplers cost around $7 to $8. Salad sampler served with your choice of either fruit salad, strawberries Romanoff, Caesar, spinach, wild field, chicken salad, and so on.

How much La Madeleine mini fruit tart?

The Mini La Madeleine Fruit Tart price is around $2 to $3. Mini fruit tart at La Madeleine is a flaky vanilla pastry shell filled with smooth vanilla ice cream and garnished with seasonal fresh fruit and an apricot glaze.

How much do La Madeleine cakes cost?

The La Madeleine cake price is around $3 for a slice and $34.99 for the whole cake.

How much does a La Madeleine franchise cost?

La Madeleine has been franchising since 2011, and currently, its almost 9 years. Therefore, the franchising fee for La Madeleine is around or above 40 thousand dollars, with an ongoing royalty fee of 5%.

How much is coconut cream cake at La Madeleine?

La Madeleine coconut cream cake can cost around $4 for just a piece of the slice, and the whole cake price is up to $34 to $35.99.

What does La Madeleine mean in French?

La Madeleine in French means “Madeleine,” the name of a young French girl who prepared, distributed, and popularised tiny rich cakes made in the shape and design of a shell.

Does La Madeleine have crepes?

Yes, the La Madeleine bakery franchise has recently introduced crepes to their existing menu list. Crepes are generally very thin pancakes. The types of crepes designed at La Madeleines are Crepe Romanoff, chicken crepe riviera, etc.

Is La Madeleine a franchise?

Yes, La Madeleine has been a franchise since 2011, almost 9 years. It has 80 branches all over America.


We cordially hope that all the information provided by us here is helpful to you in all good terms. We do not charge fees to those who use our webpage for La Madeleine’s references. Neither La Madeleine invests upon us. La Madeleine menu prices do change periodically but cannot guarantee you the exact price.

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