Long John Silvers Menu Prices

Long john silver is famous for its seafood dishes, and it stands out amongst its competitors for selling top-notch seafood meals. To enable customers to know every detail of their menu and the dishes we have prepared a full-length list of all the categories and dishes in the Long John Silver’s menu.

Long John Silver’s All You Can Eat

Long John Silver’s or Long John Silver’s is an American fast-food restaurant chain dealing mainly in seafood. The idea behind the name of the restaurant chain is pretty interesting. It was derived from the novel Treasure Island authored by R.L. Stevenson. One of the main characters in the book is called long john silver.

The first long john was opened in the year 1969 in Lexington, Kentucky. It has nautical accessories and sea-themed decorations like lobster pots and ship wheels. The new restaurants have the same theme but a more improved interior structure. The period from 1900 to 1970s was a memorable one for the restaurant chain as they opened around 1000 plus stores, and in 2019, they celebrated 50 years of service.

The Long John Silvers Prices changes depending on the location of the restaurant. However, the price change is not very big, varying only by a few cents or dollars. In totality, what makes the restaurant popular is its dedication to serving seafood with a lot of flavors and delicious food combinations.

Long John Silver’s Prices

Long john offers a huge variety of meals, all containing seafood as the main element. Its menu has categories like- seafood, combo meals, promotions, grilled, tacos and sandwiches, bowls, sides, and desserts. The kids’ meal option is also available in certain locations.

Long John Silvers Platter Prices

The Real seafood has platters containing-2 fish and 6 shrimp, 2 fish, and 3 chicken, 2 fish and chicken and 3 shrimp and a super sampler. The platters are evenly priced at $ 8.79.

2 Fish & 3 Chicken$8.79
Super Sampler$8.79
2 Fish & 6 Shrimp$8.79
2 Fish, Chicken & 3 Shrimp$8.79

Long John Silvers Specials Menu With Prices for Meals

The meals at long john include- choice of 2 sides and 2 hushpuppies. It has fish, shrimp, and chicken in its options. The prices fall between- $6.89 and $7.49.

8 Shrimp$7.49
Fish & 2 Chicken$6.99
3 Chicken$6.89
2 Fish$6.89

Long John Silver’s Menu Prices

It has a choice of a side, a drink, and 2 hushpuppies. The customers have options as 2 fish, 2 chicken and fish and chicken both, and lastly 6 pieces of shrimp. The prices are between- $6.39 to $6.99.

Fish & Chicken$6.59
2 Chicken$6.39
6 Shrimp$6.59
2 Fish$6.59

Long John Silvers Family Meal Price

Customers can choose amongst several options such as- 8 pieces of hushpuppies and 2 of family sides, 12 hushpuppies, and 3 family sides. The Long John Silvers 8 Piece Family Meal Price are between – $ 22 to $36.99.

12 Pcs., 3 Family Sides & 12 Hushpuppies$28.99
16 Pcs., 4 Family Sides & 16 Hushpuppies$36.99
8 Pcs., 2 Family Sides & 8 Hushpuppies$22.99

Long John Silver’s baked meals Price List

This Long John Silvers Grilled Menu includes baked cod, baked shrimps, 2 cod meals, and clams meals amidst other options. The prices are between- $6 to $8.99.

Baked Shrimps 8 Pc.$7.59
Baked Cod & Shrimp Platter$8.99
Baked Cod$7.59
Clams Meal$6.79
Cod & Shrimp Platter$8.99
2 Cod Meal$7.59

Long John Silver’s sandwiches and tacos

It has dishes such as 2 fish tacos, fish sandwiches, and chicken sandwiches priced $ 3.79 to $5.79. Customers also get one side plus a drink of their choice with the sandwiches and tacos.

Chicken Sandwich – Combo$5.79
Fish Sandwich$3.69
2 Fish Tacos – Combo$5.99
2 Fish Tacos$3.99
Chicken Sandwich$3.79
Fish Sandwich – Combo$5.69

Long John Silver’s sides

Coleslaw, green beans, sweet corn, onion rings, natural cut fries are some of the dishes served under this head. The Long John Silver’s side prices fell from $1.89 to $ 3.99.

Green Beans – Individual$1.89
Onion Rings – Family$3.99
Sweet Corn – Individual$1.89
Cole Slaw – Individual$1.89
Broccoli – Individual$1.89
Mac N Cheese – Individual$1.89
Mac N Cheese – Family$3.99
Hushpuppies – Family$3.99
Hushpuppies – Individual$1.89
Onion Rings – Individual$1.89
Rice – Individual$1.89
Cole Slaw – Family$3.99
Green Beans – Family$3.99
Natural-Cut Fries – Individual$1.89
Natural-Cut Fries – Family$3.99
Broccoli – Family$3.99
Sweet Corn – Family$3.99
Rice – Family$3.99

Long john silver adds a piece

This Long John Silvers 5 Dollar Meals includes items such as fish, chicken, shrimp, popcorn shrimp, and clams. The prices are $1.99 to $2.55.

Popcorn Shrimp$2.59
Crab Cake$1.99
3 Shrimp$2.39

Long John Silver’s kids’ menu

The kids’ menu includes fish, shrimp, and chicken for $3.99. These come with a side, one choice of drink, and hushpuppies.

Long John Silvers Menu and Prices for Kids Meal

Popcorn Shrimp$3.99

Long John Silver’s drinks Price list

The drinks menu has options like soft drinks, tea, and raspberry splash. The prices fall between – $1 to $2.99.

Tea 1/2 Gallon$2.99
Soft Drink Small$1.79
Soft Drink Medium$1.99
Soft Drink Large$2.19
Raspberry Splash, Tea, Lemonade or Sierra Mist20 oz.$1.89

Long John Silver’s desserts Prices

The desserts served are pie slices in 3 flavours: pineapple, chocolate, and cream cheese. The price is $1.99.it also has other items like fried twinkie and Cinna pups.

Slice of Pie (Chocolate Cream)$1.99
Slice of Pie (Pineapple Cream Cheese)$1.99

Long John Silver’s Secret Menu

Who doesn’t like special Secret Menu’s made just for you? You can’t find Secret Menu items on the official page. Trawler’s Haul is one of the best selling Items from their Secret menu.

Long John Silver’s Daily Specials

The specials include dishes such as fish and fries and fish and more meals, which include items such as Alaskan whitefish, hushpuppies, and sides. The prices are between – $1 to $6. The specials are available only for a limited period. As the Long John Silvers Delivery is available you can order them online at any time.

Long John Silver’s Nutrition Facts

 The Long John Silvers Menu Nutrition PDF that lists all the nutrient content of the dishes served at Long John Silver’s restaurants. The team at long john realizes the importance of listing all nutrient information for their customers, and it does so with utmost honesty. With this Nutrition Info, you can get to know the Long John Silvers Calories, Fats and Protein intake according to your Menu.

Long John Silvers Allergy Menu

The Long John Silvers is well known for seafood, you may find it surprisingly they don’t use dairy for their batter for deep frying. So you don’t have to worry about dairy products allergy.

  • Fries
  • Seafood
  • Chicken
  • Sides
  • combos
  • Kids Meal

Long John Silver’s contact Info

Long John Silver’s enables its customers to get in touch with them in case of any doubt, complaint, or inquiry. https://www.ljsilvers.com/get-in-touch/. Here customers will be able to give their feedback and also register complaints, if any.

Website official- https://www.ljsilvers.com/

Headquarters-10350 Ormsby Park Place, Ste. 300, ​​Louisville, KY 40223

Long John Silvers Hours

Long john usually opens at 10:30 am and closes at 10 pm from Monday to Sunday. But these timings may vary from location to location. Long john remains open on almost all holidays enabling customers to come and enjoy their seafood feasts. However, it closes its restaurant on 3 specific holidays – Easter, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Before visiting Long John Silver’s, it would be better to view their timings or contact the customer team for exact details.

Long John Silvers Near Me

To locate a Long John Silver’s near, can be quite a nuisance task at hand considering how rapidly the restaurant chain is expanding itself and opening up restaurants almost everywhere. Enter in to Long john has its store locator page and mention your zipcode or place, and you will be able to find a long john near you.

Long John Silver’s Review

What makes Long John Silver’s unique apart from its impressive menu and mouthwatering food is the interior decorations at its restaurants and the polite staff and service at all its locations. The menu served at long john is unique and well priced. It is not too high priced as compared to other fine dining places. There is no doubt that long john is the king of fast-food seafood chains. It already has more than 1000 stores, and there is more scope for further expansion.


Is Long John Silver’s good?

Long John Silver’s is one of the best seafood serving places in America.

Is Long John Silver’s going out of business?

No, Long John Silver’s is still functioning.

Is Long John Silver’s healthy?

To check the nutrition in Long John Silver’s food, visit their official site, and view the nutrition pdf.

Is there a long john silver in Sidney, Ohio?

Yes, there is a Long John Silver’s in Sidney.

Does Long John Silver’s deliver?

Yes, Long John Silver’s delivers.

Does Long John Silver’s have a drive-thru?

Yes, long john has a drive-thru.

Does Long John Silver’s use peanut oil?

They Don’t serve Peanut oil. Don’t worry if you are allergic to Peanuts You have an allergen free menu.

Who owns Long John Silver’s?

The owner of Long John Silver’s is- Long John Silver’s partners LLC and yum brands.

Where is the closest Long John Silver’s?

To locate an Long John Silver’s near you visit- https://www.ljsilvers.com/store-locator/.

What time does Long John Silver’s close?

Long John Silver’s closes at 10 pm mostly.

What kind of fish does Long John Silver’s use?

They use Alaskan Pollock.

What time does Long John Silver’s open?

Long John Silver’s opens at 10:30 am.

How many Long John Silver’s are there?

There are around 11:30 Long John Silver’s.

What all comes with the treasure chest meal at Long John Silver’s menu?

Treasure Chest meal is a Mix and Match of Chicken and Fish.

How much are platters at Long John Silver’s?

Platters at Long John Silver’s starts at $9

How much does a large drink at Long John Silver’s cost?

large drink at Long John Silver’s cost is $2.19

How much does a Long John Silver’s fish sandwich cost?

The price of a Long John Silver’s sandwich is between $3 to 45.

Does Long John Silver’s has any specials?

Yes, they have specials to know please refer to Long John Silver’s daily specials.

What are Long John Silver’s side dishes?

Long john side dishes include- green peas, ice and broccoli, and other items.

Does Long John Silver’s have catfish?

To see if Long John Silver’s has silverfish or not, check their menu at their official site.

Does Long John Silver’s have kid’s meals?

Yes, Long John Silver’s has kids’ meals.

How much are fish tacos at Long John Silver’s?

The fish tacos at long john cost- $3.99.


The team at Long John Silver’s promises its customers the authenticity of seafood served and prepared. It also realizes its responsibility towards the oceans and the climate in general, so it holds its seafood catching experience in such a way that it is not harmful to the oceans and the life in it. Customers can trust Long John Silver’s for bringing genuine, fresh, and well-prepared seafood delicacies to their table.

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