McAlister’s Menu Prices

McAlister’s Deli menu prices are the most sought after among customers as they can value the best casual dining experience ever at McAlister’s Deli, all within their financial limit as well as calorie count. Along these lines, the McAlister’s Deli menu prices offer a look into the costs of different items offered at McAlister’s Deli eateries. It enables customers to decide before dropping in for a visit. 

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Mcalister’s Deli Menu Prices image

McAlister’s Deli Restaurant & Sandwich Shop

American casual fast food restaurant chain, McAlister’s Deli founded by Don Newcomb in 1989 is presently situated in over 400 areas. Focus Brands currently manage the chain. Their cooking is flawlessly exhibited and enhanced by varieties too.

They present a wide combination of effective seasoning, striking flavors, and standard works of food architecture structured depending on one’s need and like as well like their signature dishes, desserts, and salads. The McAlister’s Deli includes breakfast items and lunch boxes as well. They also have their characteristic Sweet Tea that is highly popular.

McAlister provides an allergen menu for the customers who may be intolerable to certain allergens as well. Their healthy dishes like The New Yorker & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup, BLT & Savannah Chopped Salad, McAlister’s Club & Chicken Tortilla Soup, Veggie Club & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup help customers maintain the calorie count as well.

Mcalister’s Deli Menu Prices

McAlister’s Deli menu incorporates various assortments of food items and McAlister’s Deli specials like Spuds, McAlister’s signature sandwiches, and customized drinks. Their menu is comprehensive and offers a wide assortment of things platter, desserts, salads, soups, and so forth. Other than chicken and beef, fish like tuna are likewise served here. The different McAlister’s Deli menu and costs are referenced below: 

McAlister’s Breakfast Menu

There is nothing superior to starting the day with a solid breakfast, and McAlister’s Deli’s wholesome Breakfast provides that priced $4.75 to $39.50. McAlister’s breakfast items include Croissant Sandwich Tray, Fresh Fruit Tray, Muffin, and Danish Tray and Breakfast Box. 

Mcalisters Deli Menu Prices for Soups

McAlister’s soup dishes are appropriately prepared and accessible at costs beginning $2.49 to $6.79. A portion of the extraordinary McAlister’s Deli soup menu incorporates Cup of Soup, Chili or Vegetarian Chili, Chili in a Bread Bowl, and Soup of the Day in a Bread Bowl.

Mcalister’s Prices for Lunch Menu

McAlister’s offers a box lunch menu that has chicken, beef, and tuna just as mix things. The McAlister’s Deli lunch begins at $5.25 to $7.50, and a portion of the diverse McAlister’s Deli lunch specials are the Veggie, Roast Beef Supreme, McAlister’s club and Turkey Club Croissant

McAlister’s Sandwich Prices

McAlister’s sandwiches offer sandwich types like the combination, Deli, and Signature sandwiches. McAlister’s sandwiches are an assortment of various items. The sandwiches at McAlister’s Deli are evaluated at $2.75 to $10.39, and the sandwiches included are Peppers, Onions & Beef, Muffuletta, The Big Cheese, Roast Beef, California Classic, etc.

The Veggie$5.89
Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap$7.29
The Italian$7.99
Harvest Chicken Salad$7.19
Tuna Salad$7.19
Grilled Chicken$7.19

Mcalister’s Restaurant Hot Sandwiches Price List

Roast Beef Melt$7.19
Turkey Melt$7.19
The Big Nasty$8.99
Southwest Turkey Melt$7.49
Half of a New Orleans Muffuletta$8.49
Ham Melt$7.19
French Dip$7.49
The New Yorker$8.99
New Orleans Muffuletta$12.99

Mcalister’s Deli  Club Sandwiches Prices

McAlister’s Club$7.39
King Club$8.99
Veggie Club$6.49
Cobb Club$7.59
Grilled Chicken Club$7.39
Black Angus Club$8.19
McAlister’s Club Wrap$7.39
Orange Cranberry Club$7.39

Mcalisters Menu with Prices for Grilled Sandwiches

Smokey Pepper Jack Turkey$7.09
Spicy Southwest Chicken Griller$7.29
Ham & Cheese Toastie$7.09
Horseradish Roast Beef & Cheddar$7.59
Sweet Chipotle Chicken$7.19
Four Cheese Griller$7.09

McAlister’s Desserts Menu Prices

McAlister’s Deli gives some of the incredible sweet treats priced at $0.75 to $4.50. McAlister’s dessert menu includes Cookies – Fresh From the Oven, Brownie Delight, Kentucky Pie – The Staff’s Favorite!, Chocolate Lovin Spoon Cake, New York Cheesecake, Chocolate, and Strawberry Sundae.

New York Cheesecake$4.00
Chocolate Lovin’ Spooncake$4.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.25
Peanut Butter Crispy$2.25
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie$1.25
Marshmallow Square$2.25
Colossal Carrot Cake$4.00
Sugar Cookie$1.25
White Mac Cookie$1.25
Magic Bar$2.25

Mcalisters Salads Menu Prices

McAlister’s salad menu includes various types of fresh vegetables, herbs as well as non-veg items and is priced $6.99 to $7.79. Salad items at McAlister’s include Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Southwest Cobb Salad, Caesar Salad, and Harvest Chicken Salad.

Italian Chopped Salad$7.69
Caesar Salad Small$2.99
Southwest Cobb Salad$7.79
Garden Salad Small$2.99
Grilled Chicken Salad$7.79
Garden Salad$5.39
Tuna Salad$7.49
Caesar Salad$5.39
Harvest Chicken Salad$7.49
Savannah Chopped Salad$8.19
McAlister’s Chef™ Salad$7.59
Taco Salad$7.89
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$7.79

McAlister’s Drink Menu Prices

The McAlister’s Deli fast food restaurant drink menu has beverages and mixed drinks being advertised from $0.99 to $7.00. The beverages incorporate THE WORKS!” McAlister’s Famous Sweet Tea or Unsweet, All Natural Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Coffee, etc. which include a few custom-designed drinks as well. 

Sweet Tea$2.15
1/2 Lemonade & 1/2 Tea$2.15
Barq’s Large$2.20
Tea – Peach or Wildberry$2.59
Unsweet Tea 1 Gallon$6.25
Dasani H2O Water0.5 Liter$2.10
Coke Large$2.20
Lemonade Large$2.20
Lemonade – Strawberry or Wildberry$2.59
Sprite Large$2.20
Kids Drink$1.69
Sweet Tea 1 Gallon$6.25
Diet Dr. Pepper Large$2.20
Lemonade 1 Gallon$6.00
Diet Coke Large$2.20
Dr. Pepper Large$2.20
1/2 Sweet & 1/2 Unsweet Tea$2.15
Unsweet Tea$2.15
Tumbler Refill$0.99
Tea Tumbler$8.99

Mcalisters Kids Menu price List

McAlister’s kid’s menu ranges from $ 0.99 to $2.99. It is comprehensive of items like Toasted Cheese Sandwich, PB&J, Mac’s Nacho, Kid’s Nacho, Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, etc.

Turkey and Cheese$2.49
Mac & Cheese$2.49
Toasted Cheese$2.49
Kid’s Garden Salad$2.49
Kid’s Nacho Basket$2.49
Cheese Pita Pizza$2.49
Kid’s Spud$2.49
Ham and Cheese$2.49
PB & J$2.49

McAlister’s Drive-Thru Menu

McAlister’s Deli fast food restaurant offers a drive-thru menu for the customers who would like to drive into McAlister’s instead of walking in. The McAlister’s Deli drive-thru menu incorporates a large portion of the things accessible in the eatery itself, and orders may be placed on call or at the official site.

The Turkey Hot Brown$8.49
Four Cheese Chili$8.49
BBQ Nachos$7.99
Pecanberry Salad$7.99
Chicken Cavatappi$8.79
BBQ Sandwich$7.49
BBQ Spud$6.99
Chicken Bacon Jalapeno Pasta$9.29
Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad$7.49

Choose Two At Mcalister’s

Salad and Spud$7.39
Spud and Sandwich$7.39
Starter and Spud$7.39
Starter and Soup$7.39
Starter and Sandwich$7.39
Soup and Spud$7.39
Salad and Soup$7.39
Starter and Salad$7.39
Soup and Sandwich$7.39
Salad and Sandwich$7.39

Mcalister’s Restaurant Spuds Prices

Bacon Spud$6.59
Veggie Spud$6.09
Cheese Spud$6.09
Grilled Chicken Spud$6.99
Spud Max$7.39
Black Angus Roast Beef Spud$8.09
Spud Ole’$6.49

Mcalister’s Prices for Deli Classics

Deli Corned Beef$6.09
Deli Turkey$6.09
Deli Roast Beef$6.09
Deli Ham$6.09
Deli Pastrami$6.09
Deli Salami$6.09

Mcalister’s Deli Menu and Prices for Sides

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$1.50
Fruit Cup$1.50
Mac & Cheese$1.50
Chips Bag$1.50
Pasta Salad$1.50
Potato Salad$1.50

Mcalister’s Nutrition Facts

The sustenance data of Mcalister’s Deli Nutrition Facts is about hows ingredients related to each dish on based on the number of calories, fat, saturated fat, trans-fat, sodium, cholesterol, total carbohydrate, dietary fibre, sugar, and protein can be checked for each dish. If you are calorie conscious want to count calorie intake of your food, refer Mcalister’s Deli Menu Nutrition Facts for sure.

Mcalister’s Allergen Menu

McAlister’s Deli thinks about its clients and has along these lines thought of the McAlister’s Deli allergen menu for the people who might be adversely affected by the allergens if not intimated in advance. McAlister’s Deli allergen menu can be checked at the official site

Mcalister’s Gluten Free Menu

You have a lot to choose from Mcalisters Gluten Free Menu, as it offers more options for gluten sensitivity customers. Yes, at Mcalister you can get gluten-free bread and many more options as mentioned.

  • Turkey Melt & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup
  • The New Yorker & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup
  • BLT & Savannah Chopped Salad
  • McAlister’s Club & Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Veggie Club & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup
  • Ham & Cheese Toastie & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup

McAlister’s Deli Contact details

Headquarters address: Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S.

Contact number: 888-330-4313 

WebSite: www.McAlister’


McAlister’s Near Me

The Nearest McAlister’s Deli restaurant location can be situated with the help of locator page.  You have to enter City, State, or Zip should be entered and Catering, Pick up Delivery, and Open Now option checked, followed by tapping on “Go. 

Mcalisters Hours

The Mcalister’s Hours are open on all days of the week from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM. In this manner, the McAlister’s Deli hours are adequate for clients to appreciate their preferred foods. Moreover, the long McAlister’s Deli hours likewise helps McAlister’s serve their customers efficiently.


Does McAlister’s deliver?

Yes, McAlister’s deliver

How much is McAlister’s catering Menu?

McAlister’s catering starts at $1.5

What is there to eat at McAlister’s?

McAlister’s has Breakfast, soup, lunch boxes, salads, desserts, etc.

What are the best things to get at McAlister’s?

McAlister’s Club, Savannah Chopped Salad, Tea, Spud Max, and French Dip is the best things to get at McAlister’s

How much are McAlister’s box lunches?

McAlister’s box lunches are priced at $5.25 to $7.50

How much is a sandwich platter McAlister’s Deli?

Sandwich platter at McAlister’s Deli cost $55 to $125

Does McAlister’s have a salad bar?

Yes, McAlister’s have a salad bar

How much does 2lbs of potato salad cost from McAlister’s?

2lbs of potato salad cost from McAlister’s cost $1.50

What kind of tea does McAlister’s use?

McAlister’s serves tea sweet, and it is black tea

How much are kids meals at McAlister’s

McAlister’s kid’s menu is priced between $0.99 to $2.99

Does McAlister’s have a drive-thru?

Yes, McAlister’s have a drive-thru.

Does McAlister’s have gluten-free bread      

Yes, McAlister’s menu provides gluten-free bread

Is McAlister’s healthy

Yes, McAlister’s menu has several healthy options

What is healthy to eat at McAlister’s?

Turkey Melt & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup, The New Yorker & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup, BLT & Savannah Chopped Salad, McAlister’s Club & Chicken Tortilla Soup, Veggie Club & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup, Ham & Cheese Toastie & Fire Roasted Vegetable Soup are healthy to eat at McAlister’s

How much is the choose two at McAlister’s?

The choose two at McAlister’s cost $7.39

How much is a Spud Max at McAlister’s?

Spud Max at McAlister’s cost $6.49

Does McAlister’s have wifi?

Yes, many of McAlister’s locations have free wifi

Who owns McAlister’s Deli?

Focus Brands owns McAlister’s Deli

What time does McAlister’s open?

McAlister’s open at 10:30 AM across most locations

When does McAlister’s close?

McAlister’s closes at 9:00 PM across most locations


McAlister’s Deli fast food restaurant menu with costs gives clients an overview of the nourishment being served at McAlister’s Deli fast-food restaurants and whether they fit the financial limit of the purchasers. McAlister’s Deli menu has various indulgences, including primary courses like Breakfast. There are specialities at McAlister’s Deli as well, and the menu is a comprehensive serving veggie-lover, kids menu, and without allergen dishes too.

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