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Are you a foodie who’s always looking for the latest trends in eating? At McDonalds, they understand that different people have their own dietary restrictions when it comes to what they can eat. That’s why they recently released an updated allergen menu designed specifically to help customers make informed decisions while browsing through its restaurant offerings. In this post, we will show you the details of McDonalds allergen menu and explore how it can benefit your family’s health and enjoyment of meals at this fast food chain.

Mcdonalds Allergen List

McDonald’s offers a detailed list of allergens present in their menu. By providing clear information about McDonald’s allergen information, which helps customers make informed decisions. Moreover, to know all the menu items check out the Mcdonalds Menu Prices.

Mcdonalds Allergen Menu Image
Mcdonalds Allergen Menu Image

Mcdonalds Allergen Menu

McDonald’s has an allergen menu which contains detailed information about possible allergens present in their menu items. This helps customers to make informed decisions.

Mcdonalds Breakfast Allergen Menu

Sure! Here’s the shuffled table of menu items and their allergens:

Menu ItemsAllergens
Bacon & Egg McMuffinWheat, Milk, Eggs, Rye
Bacon Roll with Brown SauceWheat, Bakery
Bacon Roll with Tomato KetchupWheat, Milk, Eggs
Breakfast Roll with Brown SauceWheat, Milk, Eggs, Bakery
Breakfast Roll with Tomato KetchupWheat, Milk, Eggs
Cheesy Bacon FlatbreadWheat, Milk
Double Bacon & Egg McMuffinWheat, Milk, Eggs, Rye
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffinWheat, Milk, Eggs, Rye
Egg & Cheese McMuffinWheat, Milk, Eggs, Rye
Flahavan’s Porridge Oats (Plain) with Milk (NI only)Oats
Mighty McMuffin with Brown SauceWheat, Milk, Eggs, Bakery, Rye
Mighty McMuffin with Tomato KetchupWheat, Milk, Rye, Bakery
Muffin with JamWheat, Milk, Eggs
Pancakes & SyrupWheat, Milk, Eggs
Pancakes with Sausage & SyrupWheat, Milk, Eggs
Porridge (GB only)Oats
Sausage & Egg McMuffinWheat, Milk, Eggs, Rye

McDonalds May Food Event Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
Spicy Big TastyGluten, Egg, Milk, Sesame, Soya, Pork
Halloumi FriesMilk, Wheat
Wispa Gold McFlurry MiniMilk
Big TastyGluten, Egg, Milk, Sesame, Soya
Wispa McFlurry MiniMilk
Garlic Mayo DipEgg
Halloumi Fries ShareboxMilk, Wheat
Wispa McFlurryMilk, Soy
Chipotle Mayo DipEgg
Ranch DipMilk, Egg
Big Tasty with BaconGluten, Egg, Milk, Sesame, Soya, Pork
Wispa Gold McFlurryMilk
McCafé Iced Drinks Allergens Image

McCafé Iced Drinks Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
Strawberries and Cream Frappé REGULARMilk
Iced Latte with Sugar Free VanillaMilk
Iced LatteMilk
Strawberries and Cream Frappé LARGEMilk

Mcdonalds Main Menu Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
Vegetable DeluxeWheat, Sesame
Bacon Double CheeseburgerWheat, Mustard, Milk
Chicken SelectsGluten, Egg, Milk, Mustard, Soya
McChicken SandwichWheat, Sesame
Triple CheeseburgerWheat, Mustard, Milk
McPlantGluten, Egg, Milk, Mustard, Soya
Big MacWheat, Egg, Milk, Sesame
Filet-o-FishWheat, Egg, Fish, Milk
Chicken McNuggetsGluten, Egg, Milk, Mustard, Soya
HamburgerWheat, Mustard
Double Quarter Pounder with CheeseEgg, Milk, Sesame
CheeseburgerWheat, Mustard, Milk
Quarter Pounder with CheeseEgg, Milk, Sesame
Bacon Mayo ChickenWheat, Mustard, Eggs, Celery
Double CheeseburgerWheat, Mustard, Milk
Mayo ChickenMustard, Eggs, Celery
McSpicyWheat, Sesame
McCrispyGluten, Egg, Rye, Mustard, Soya

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
Chicken McNuggetsMustard, Celery
CheeseburgerMilk, Mustard, Wheat
Organic Semi-Skimmed MilkMilk
HamburgerWheat, Mustard
Fish FingersFish, Wheat

Mcdonalds Salads Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
Crispy Chicken SaladWheat
Crispy Chicken & Bacon Salad Wheat
Mcdonalds Salads Allergens Image

Mcdonalds Big Flavour Wraps Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
The BBQ & Bacon Chicken OneWheat, Egg, Celery, Mustard
The Sweet Chilli Chicken OneWheat, Egg, Celery, Mustard
The Garlic Mayo Chicken OneWheat, Milk, Egg, Celery, Mustard
The Spicy Veggie OneWheat, Mustard

Mcdonalds Condiments & Sauces Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
Sour Cream & Chive DipMilk, Eggs
BBQ DipMustard
Sweet Curry DipCelery, Mustard
Sweet & Sour DipWheat, Bakery, Soya, Celery
Lurpak SpreadableMilk

Mcdonalds Desserts Allergens

Menu ItemsAllergens
Sugar DonutWheat, Eggs, Soya
McFlurry OreoWheat, Soya, Milk
Chocolate BrownieWheat, Milk, Eggs, Soya
Millionaire’s DonutWheat, Milk, Eggs
Mini McFlurry MaltesersWheat, Bakery, Soya, Milk
Triple Chocolate CookieWheat, Milk, Eggs, Soya
Mixed Berry MuffinWheat, Milk, Eggs, Oats
Hot Apple PieWheat
McFlurry SmartiesWheat, Bakery, Milk
Mini McFlurry OreoWheat, Soya, Milk
McFlurry MaltesersWheat, Bakery, Soya, Milk
Mini McFlurry SmartiesWheat, Bakery, Milk

How To Place Mcdonald’s Menu Order Online?

You can easily place an order from McDonald’s menu online by following these steps:

  • Visit McDonald’s Website or open their mobile app.
  • Browse through the menu and select the items you want. If required, you can also customize your order.
  • Go to the checkout page and select your preferred delivery platform, such as Grubhub, DoorDash, or Uber Eats, to avail a hassle-free delivery experience.


What are the McDonald’s dairy-free choices?

There are several dairy-free options available on McDonald’s menu, including the Grilled Chicken Salad, Hamburger without cheese, McChicken without cheese and mayonnaise, and Apple Slices. If you want to avoid dairy, you can also customize your order by asking for no cheese or sauces that contain dairy.

Does McDonald’s have soy-free menu items?

Although McDonald’s does not have a menu that is specifically free from soy, For instance, the Hamburger without sauce, Grilled Chicken Salad without dressings, and Filet-O-Fish without tartar sauce could be appropriate alternatives for customers who want to avoid soy. It is recommended to contact the restaurant to receive the latest information about McDonald’s soy-free menu items.

Does McDonald’s offer a vegan allergen menu?

Although McDonald’s doesn’t offer a vegan allergen menu, they do provide a list of ingredients in McDonald’s vegan allergen menu. By perusing this information, vegans can discover appropriate choices. Notable vegan-friendly alternatives.


In conclusion, it is important for customers to be aware of what is in their food. Menu makes it easier for those with allergies and intolerances to find out the ingredients in their products. The allergen menu covers most of the items on the menu, but make sure to double-check ingredients if you have specific dietary needs. Additionally, always inform staff members of any allergies before ordering so they can ensure that your food order is correctly handled. Thanks for reading Mcdonalds Allergen Menu!

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