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Old Chicago Menu Prices

Old Chicago has a 40-year experience in serving high-quality beers and delicious food, and the menu keeps getting better and better. We have compiled the entire menu at old Chicago to help customers order well and not miss out on any new updates.

old chicago menu prices image
old chicago menu prices image

Old Chicago Menu and Prices

Old Chicago has been committed to presenting customers with its excellent craft beer and combining it with dishes that would remind customers of Chicago and its goodness and mirth. Right from their food and beer to the energetic staff that caters to the diners, old Chicago is a place to spend your relaxed evenings enjoying the company of your dear ones.

They started with their Chicago-style pizza and beer 40 years ago in Boulder, CO, has emerged to be a top-rated restaurant for its drinks and the entire ambience around. It started serving beer first in the year 1976 and now serves beer in almost 100 locations. Their pizzas and taproom are made from fresh ingredients at all times.

Old Chicago is known for its craft beer, which compliments every dish and is refreshing at the same time. Often, it is seen that a restaurant chain focuses more on its food menu and forgets the drinks menu. With old Chicago, there are no such complaints.

Old Chicago Prices

Old Chicago is essentially known for the beer they serve. So, on their menu, they have various types of handcrafted beer and food item sections like- hand-tossed wings, taproom starters, classic pizza recipes, signature pizza recipes,gluten-sensitive pizzas, and speciality calzones,oven-baked pasta, taproom entrées, and pasta, taproom burgers and sandwiches, garden fresh salads, side salads and soups, desserts and kids’ menu.

Old Chicago starters Menu

Old Chicago offers classic starters on Its menu. Some items are- Sicilian pepperoni rolls, artichoke dip, and melted mozzarella bruschetta. The prices range between – $3.99 to $19.09.

Chi-Town Trio$10.49
Chicago Works$18.99
Classic Chicken Wings (5)$5.49
Italian Nachos$8.49
Artichoke Dip$7.99
Nachos Grande$9.49
Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls$7.99
Jalapeño Cheese Pretzels$5.29
Meatball Sliders$7.99
Classic Chicken Wings (10)$9.49
Peppered Bacon Smothered Cheese Fries$6.79
Crispy Beer Onion Cheddar Sliders$8.49
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks$6.99
Buffalo Chicken Rolls$7.99
Cheese Garlic Bread$2.99

Old Chicago Salads and soups Price List

Old Chicago has different salads like old Chicago chopped salad, Asian chicken salad, and Mediterranean salad with chicken and classic chicken salad. For soups, it has- a cup of tomato basil or chicken green chilli soup. The prices range between – $3.79 to $10.29.

Mediterranean Salad$3.99
Tomato And Mozzarella Caprese$3.79
Spinach, Chicken & Avocado Salad$10.29
Caesar Salad$3.79
Garden Salad$3.79
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$9.79
Old Chicago Chopped Salad$10.29
Crispy Chicken$9.99
Roasted Chicken & Apple Walnut Salad$10.29

Old Chicago Sandwich & Burger Menu Prices

It has sandwiches at prices – $ .99 o $ 8.79. They serve seasoned fries or veggies or coleslaw along with their sandwiches. It has Chicago 7 Stromboli, chicken wrap, and classic Italian melt, amongst others. Old Chicago offers burgers with prices between -$8.49 and $8.99. It has its famous BBQ bacon cheddar and Tillamook cheddar burger and several others.

Burgers And Sandwiches

California Chicken Sandwich$8.99
Chicken Pesto Panini$8.99
Cheddar Burger$8.49
Mushroom Double Swiss Burger$8.99
Stacked Turkey & Bacon Club$8.99
Peppercorn Bleu Burger$8.99
BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger$8.99
Classic Italian Melt$8.79

Old Chicago pasta Menu

It offers oh my spaghetti pie pasta, traditional lasagna, chicken Mac, and cheese at prices between- $10.19 to $10.99. The pasta is served with toasted garlic bread.

Old Chicago Pizza Menu Prices

If you are a pizza lover, you are in for an amazing ride at old Chicago. In old Chicago, you can create your pizza or choose from the ones provided. Their speciality pizzas include- Chicago 7, meat me and double decor on, and others. They are available in both thin and thick crust. The Old Chicago Pizza Prices range between – $10 to $ 20. Make sure to refer Old Chicago Pizza Nutrition values if you are on a diet.

Chicago 7 Pizza Price List

Chicago Thick 14″$21.99
Chicago Thick 8″$10.29
Tavern Thin 14″$21.99
Chicago Thick 12″$18.49
Tavern Thin 8″$10.99

Royal Margherita Pizza

Chicago Thick 8″$10.29
Chicago Thick 12″$17.99
Chicago Thick 14″$20.49
Tavern Thin 8″$10.29
Tavern Thin 14″$19.99

Peppered Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Chicago Thick 12″$18.49
Tavern Thin 14″$21.99
Chicago Thick 14″$21.99
Chicago Thick 8″$10.99
Tavern Thin 8″$10.49

Tuscan Chicken With Spinach Pizza

Chicago Thick 8″$10.29
Chicago Thick 14″$20.49
Chicago Thick 12″$17.99
Tavern Thin 8″$10.29
Tavern Thin 14″$19.99

Hawaiian Pizza

Tavern Thin 14″$19.99
Chicago Thick 8″$10.29
Tavern Thin 8″$10.29
Chicago Thick 12″$17.99
Chicago Thick 14″$20.49

Mediterranean Sausage Pizza

Tavern Thin 14″$21.99
Chicago Thick 14″$21.99
Chicago Thick 12″$18.49
Chicago Thick 8″$10.99
Tavern Thin 8″$10.99

Applewood-Spiced Bbq Chicken Pizza

Chicago Thick 12″$18.49
Chicago Thick 14″$21.99
Chicago Thick 8″$10.99
Tavern Thin 8″$10.99
Tavern Thin 14″$21.99

Chicken Artichoke Pizza

Chicago Thick 8″$10.99
Tavern Thin 8″$10.99
Chicago Thick 12″$18.49
Chicago Thick 14″$21.99
Tavern Thin 14″$21.99

Create Your Own Pizza At Old Chicago

Tavern Thin 8″$7.79
Chicago Thick 14″$14.49
Chicago Thick 8″$8.79
Chicago Thick 12″$12.49
Tavern Thin 14″$13.49

The Classic Pizza Menu Prices

Chicago Thick 8″$10.29
Chicago Thick 14″$20.49
Tavern Thin 8″$10.29
Chicago Thick 12″$17.99
Tavern Thin 14″$19.99

Old Chicago entrees Prices

It has 2 items under this fish and chips and crispy chicken tenders at prices- $11.29 to $ 10.19.

Old Chicago calzones Menu and Prices

Yes, Old Chicago is a famous classic calzone and also allows you to build your calzone too, all at $9.99.

Build Your Own ‘Zone$6.99
The Classic Calzone$9.99
Chicago Fire Calzone$9.99
Meat Met Calzone$9.99
Chicago 7 Calzone$9.99

Kick’n Canadian Bacon

Tavern Thin 14″$19.99
Chicago Thick 12″$17.99
Chicago Thick 8″$10.29
Chicago Thick 14″$20.49
Tavern Thin 8″$10.29

Old Chicago Menu Prices for Crispy Tavern Bites

Crispy Jalapeño Cheese Ravioli$3.79
Fried Spicy Pickles$3.79
Fried Zucchini$3.69
Fried Snap Peas$3.69
Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs$3.79


Chicken Philly Stromboli$8.79
Traditional Club Stromboli$8.79

Old Chicago Desserts Price List

In Old Chicago has a collection of irresistible desserts like the big cookie, molten chocolate cake, and homemade cheesecake. The prices fall between – $2.99 and $5.49.

The Big Cookie (6 In.)$2.49
The Big Cookie (9 In.)$4.79
Homemade Cheesecake With Fresh Berries$4.99
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Trio$4.99

Old Chicago Kids Menu

The Old Chicago Kids Eat Free has several kids’ favourite items like pizza with pow, arch-rival alfredo, and a mighty cheeseburger with prizes ranging between – $0.99 to $4.99.

Old Chicago Beer Menu

You will get several varieties of beer, which causes a lot of humans to flock to its restaurants. It has the cucumber crush, fade to black and grill sauce, among other variants. You can also make you own Crafts with your own choice. Here are some of the always available beers at Old Chicago, you can refer Beer Menu at various locations at

Old Chicago Drink Menu (Beer)
4 Noses ‘Bout Damn Time (Colorado)
Apricot Blonde (Dry Dock Brewing Company)
Beachfront Ipa (Dry Dock Brewing Company)
Belgian Brunette (Stella Artois)
Belgian White (Blue Moon Brewing Company)
Bud Light (Anheuser-Busch)
Coors Light (Coors Brewing Company)
Craft Lager (Upslope Brewing Company)

Old Chicago Nutritional Information

Worried about calorie and Nutritional Values of food you take in Old Chicago. You can refer to Old Chicago Nutrition Facts to know more about its allergen Menu, this makes sure it has clarity over the number of calories it serves to its customers.

Old Chicago Allergen Menu

If in case you are struggling with food allergies, make sure to have a look at the Old Chicago Allergen Menu. The team at old Chicago realizes the risks involved with customers who are allergic to certain foods. It doesn’t want its customers to suffer, especially due to a lack of information. So it provides a complete list of ingredients from which customers can judge whether they can eat the dishes or not. The link to the page from where customers can download the allergen from the website.

Old Chicago Gluten Free Menu

Pizzas at Old Chicago are made with Smart Flour’s gluten-free crust. So you don’t have to worry about the Gluten Intake. The gluten-free options of Old Chicago Menu include customized burgers, sandwiches and fresh-made salads.

Old Chicago Vegan Menu

Actually, Old Chicago doesn’t offer Vegan Menu. Yes, Old Chicago is not vegan-friendly one. So as per your choice, you can request for vegan meals at old Chicago.

Old Chicago Contact Details

You can share your experience, Complaints and Contact them at . All the necessary information needed by customers to get in touch with the customer complaint cell at old Chicago.

Official Website:

Old Chicago near me

Locating an old Chicago near you can turn out to be quite a struggle, and due to this, OC provides its customers with its store locator where they can mention their state and zip code to locate an OC near them.

Old Chicago Hours

Old Chicago has several locations throughout America, and due to this, the restaurant timings vary according to these locations. At some places, the timings are from 11 am to 11 pm from Sunday to Wednesday whereas at some places the timings are from 11 am to 2 pm To know the exact timings of OC near you, visit-

Old Chicago Reviews

One dish upon which old Chicago’s fame is built for about 40 years is its handcrafted beer that has a wide fan base among the customers. Its main aim is to make the beer-drinking process an enriched experience for all. With it, its handcrafted pizzas and an array of other mouthwatering dishes are much loved by customers while they sip on their beers.


Does old Chicago delivery?

Yes, old Chicago delivers food.

Does old Chicago take reservations?

Yes, Old Chicago takes reservations.

Does old Chicago have gluten-free pizza?

Old Chicago offers gluten-free pizza.

Does the old Chicago drug test?

No, they do not do drug tests.

Does old Chicago do take out?

Yes, old Chicago does take-out.

Does old Chicago have wifi?

Yes, Old Chicago Restaurant has free wifi.

How late does old Chicago serve food?

Old Chicago serves food up till 11 pm mostly.

Does old Chicago have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, old Chicago has a separate gluten-free menu.

What time does old Chicago close?

Old Chicago usually closes at 11 pm.

When is old Chicago happy hour?

It doesn’t have a happy hour menu.

Who owns old Chicago?

Craftworks holdings own old Chicago.

How late does old Chicago serve food?

Old Chicago usually serves food until 11 pm.

How many old Chicago restaurants are there?

There are a total of 109 old Chicago restaurants.

What are the prices at old Chicago?

To know the prices at old Chicago, check out their menu at their official website- www.old

How much is a beer at Old Chicago?

Old Chicago Beer Price starts from 3$ 

How much is a large pizza at old Chicago?

A large pizza at old Chicago costs around- $20.

How much are Italian nachos at old Chicago?

Italian Nachos price is $11.36.

How many beers does old Chicago have?

They have Round 30 -50 beer taps in every location.

How many wings are in a keg at Old Chicago?

There are 20 wings in a Keg at Old Chicago Restaurant.


Old Chicago has had a legacy of serving craft beers to its customers, which are ever-increasing. They are focused not only on providing customers with the best meals worth their money but also an overall unforgettable experience at their restaurants. It has a mini-tour designed for its customers where they can learn facts about beers and also receive merchandise at the end. Old Chicago has been catering to beer lovers since 1976, with a combination of unfailing charm and great food.

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