PF Chang’s Menu Prices

In the United States, whoever has a soft corner of oriental cuisines, has heard the name P. F. Chang’s at least once. P. F. Chang’s is one of the leading casual restaurants in the USA, which specializes in different types of south-eastern style cuisine. In the midst of fried chicken and hot dogs, oriental dishes literally feel like a gush of fresh air.

pf changs menu prices image
PF Changs menu prices image

The PF Chang menu is versatile and new age, yet authentic enough to bring the original flavors of the oriental foods, all over from south-east Asia. This particular article is dedicated to the detailed PF Changs menu prices, to help you to get the idea about what you can expect from your next visit to the restaurant.

PF Changs : Asian Themed Outlet

As we have mentioned at the start of the article, P. F. Chang’s is one of the leading restaurants in the United States who serves only oriental style cuisine inspired by mainly China, Thailand, South Korea, and Malaysia. The history of P. F. Chang’s is dated back to 1990 when top restaurateur Paul Fleming decided to bring the goodness of oriental food to the land of the ultimate foodies, Los Angeles. Which started as a small cozy dining out place in 1993, has already spread its wings over 210 locations in the USA and also 95 more globally.

Now coming to the food served in P. F. Chang’s diner- one can taste all the delicacies from the streets of China in this particular space. From various types of dim sums to lettuce wraps to soups and salads to different varieties of noodles and other side dishes- you name one oriental dish, and you will find that on the menu. And the price point of this particular restaurant is also on the affordable side and has a pocket pinch between $3.95 to $27.95, depending on the dish you have chosen.

PF Changs Menu with Prices

In this particular segment, we are going to discuss the detailed menu of P. F. Chang’s and what people can expect from the restaurant when you first walk-in to the restaurant. The menu is literally versatile yet extremely successful to bind up all the authentic flavors from south-east Asia. The menu is divided into several sections and is completely perfect for brunches and lunch and dinner as well. 

P.F. Chang’s Menu for Starters

The starter menu in P. F. Chang’s is the best amalgamation of Chinese street food with some modern touch. The menu comprises dishes like hang’s special chicken lettuce wrap, cauliflower tempura, edamame, tempura calamari and vegetable, and many more. And the average price point for this particular section varies from $5.50 to $9.95 depending on the dish you have chosen.

Chang’s Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps$8.95
Shrimp Dumplings$7.50
Egg Rolls 2 Rolls$4.95
Crispy Green Beans$6.95
Salt & Pepper Calamari$7.95
Spring Rolls 2 Rolls$3.95
Ahi Crisp$9.95
Northern Style Spare Ribs$9.95
Tuna Tataki$9.95
Crab Wontons$6.95
Egg Rolls 4 Rolls$8.95
Chicken PF Changs Lettuce Wraps price$8.95
Spring Rolls 4 Rolls$6.95
Pork Dumplings$6.50
Vietnamese Prawn Rolls$9.95
Chang’s Spare Ribs$9.95
Flaming Red Wontons$6.95
Dynamite Shrimp$8.95
Vegetable Dumplings$6.50

PF Changs Prices of Dimsums

Along with their special lettuce-wrapped chicken rolls, P. F. Chang’s is known for its dim sums as well. To some customers, the Dim sums in the P. F. Chang’s menu brings the most authentic Chinese flavors to any other dish. You will find different types of dumplings in this restaurant, which include pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings, etc.

Also, this particular section includes different types of wontons and home-made egg rolls as well. The crab wontons and home-made pork egg rolls are another hot seller in the restaurant. And the average price point for these PF Chang’s specials varies from $5.75 to $9.75.

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PF Changs Menu Prices Soups and Salads

This section in the P. F. Chang’s menu is completely meant for those health freak eaters, who do not want to compromise with their diets even during occasional eating outs as well. Moreover, soups work pretty well as appetizers as well and make you ready for the next meal.

The Mandarin Crunch salad with Shrimp and Chang’s spicy chicken noodle soup bowl is some of the most popular ones from this particular section of the menu. And the PF Changs menu prices for soups and salads also vary from $3.95 to $13.95 depending on the dish.


Chang’s Chicken Noodle Soup$7.95
Hot & Sour Soup Cup$3.50
Egg Drop Soup Cup$3.50
Wonton Soup Cup$3.50
Wonton Soup Bowl$6.95
Egg Drop Soup Bowl$5.95
Hot & Sour Soup Bowl$5.95


Seared Ahi Salad$12.95
Vietnamese Crab Salad$15.95
Thai Beef and Noodle Salad$12.95
Chicken Chopped Salad$8.95

PF Changs Kids Menu

Not only to serve the palate of an adult-only, but P. F. Chang’s also has a separate menu for kids only. The primary characteristics of kids’ menus are less spicy and also come in a small portion. Some of the favorites from the kids’ menu are Kid’s honey Chicken, kid’s sweet and sour, kid’s lo Main, etc. And the average pocket pinch for a specific kid’s dish ranges from $3.95 to $5.95.

Kid’s Lo Mein$3.95
Kids Fried Rice$2.95
Kid’s Sweet And Sour Chicken$4.95
Kid’s Chicken Fried Rice$2.95
Kid’s Honey Chicken$4.95
Baby Buddha’s Feast$2.95
Baby Buddha’s Feast$2.95

PF Changs Menu and Prices of Signature Desserts

Along with a wide range of appetizers and main courses, P. F. Chang’s also has some signature dessert items to serve your sweet palates. The dessert section includes banana spring rolls, classic New York-style cheesecake, Vietnamese style chocolate lava cake, etc. The customer has to pay between $6.95 to $7.75 for a plate of their favorite dinner.

PF Changs Dessert MenuPrices
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Sweet Treat$2.95
Flourless Chocolate Dome$5.95
Tiramisu Sweet Treat$2.95
The Great Wall Of Chocolate$7.95
Salted Caramel Cake Sweet Treat$2.95
Coconut Pineapple Cake Sweet Treat$2.95
Banana Spring Rolls$5.95
Chocolate Torte Sweet Treat$2.95
Blueberry Cheesecake Sweet Treat$2.95
New York-style Cheesecake$5.95

P.F. Changs Noodles, Meins, & Rice

Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Chicken$12.95
Pad Thai Chicken$12.95
Pad Thai Shrimp$14.95
P.f. Chang’s Fried Rice$8.50
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Shrimp$14.95
Combo Lo Mein$11.95
Pad Thai Combo$13.95
Garlic Noodles$7.50
Lo Mein$9.95
Combo P.f. Chang’s Fried Rice$10.50
Dan Dan Noodles$10.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Combo$13.95
Crab Fried Rice$13.95
Singapore Street Noodles$10.95

P.F. Chang’s Menu for Vegetarian Plates

Stir-fried Eggplant$7.95
Vegetarian Fried Rice$7.95
Coconut Curry Vegetables$8.95
Ma Po Tofu$8.95
Buddha’s Feast$7.95

PF Changs Seafood

Hunan-style Hot Fish$15.95
Norwegian Salmon Steamed With Ginger$18.95
Sichuan Scallops$17.50
Shrimp With Lobster Sauce$13.95
Lemongrass Grilled Norwegian Salmon$18.95
Shrimp With Candied Walnuts$15.95
Kung Pao Shrimp$15.95
Seabass With Tropical Salsa$24.95
Kung Pao Scallops$17.95
Sichuan Combo$16.50
Sichuan Shrimp$15.50
Shanghai Shrimp With Garlic Sauce$11.95
Asian Grilled Norwegian Salmon$18.95
Crispy Honey Shrimp$15.95
Orange Peel Shrimp$15.95
Oolong Marinated Chilean Sea Bass$24.95
Kung Pao Combo$16.95

PF Changs Inspired Items

Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Combo$13.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Shrimp$14.95
Vietnamese Prawn Rolls$9.95
Thai Beef And Noodle Salad$12.95
Seabass With Tropical Salsa$24.95
Thai Basil Sambal Noodles Chicken$12.95

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PF Chang’s Restaurant Menu for Chicken

Ginger Chicken With Broccoli$13.95
Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken$13.95
Chicken With Black Bean Sauce$12.95
Orange Peel Chicken$13.95
Almond & Cashew Chicken$12.95
Dali Chicken$13.95
Chang’s Spicy Chicken$13.95
Kung Pao Chicken$13.95
Sweet & Sour Chicken$12.95
Sesame Chicken$13.95
Moo Goo Gai Pan$12.95
Mandarin Chicken$10.95
Crispy Honey Chicken$13.95

Beef & Pork Prices at PF Changs

Orange Peel Beef$14.95
Mongolian Beef$15.95
Beef With Broccoli$12.95
Pepper Steak$13.95
Beef A La Sichaun$14.95
Sweet & Sour Pork$12.95
Shaking Beef$15.95

PF Chang’s Sides

Sichuan-style Asparagus Large$4.95
Garlic Snap Peas Small$2.95
Spinach Stir-fried With Garlic Large$4.95
Spicy Green Beans Large$4.95
Shanghai Cucumbers Large$4.95
Asian Tomato-cucumber Salad Small$2.95
Shanghai Cucumbers Small$2.95
Spinach Stir-fried With Garlic Small$2.95
Asian Tomato-cucumber Salad Large$4.95
Spicy Green Beans Small$2.95
Garlic Snap Peas Large$4.95
Sichuan-style Asparagus Small$2.95

PF Changs Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu

The lunch/dinner menu in the PF Chang is the most elaborate one and comprises separate segments for rice and noodles, several side options in chicken, beef, pork, seafood, a separate sushi section, and regular market-style side dishes. The lunch menu includes some of Chang’s special bowls as well.

Some of the famous and recommended dishes from P. F. Chang’s Lunch menu is Chang’s spicy chicken bowl, honey chicken bowl, Mongolian beef bowls, Korean bibimbap, spicy tuna sushi, Ahi poke bowl, lobster and shrimp rice and many more. The average pocket pinch for having lunch in P. F. Chang’s varies from $10 to $30 depending on the choice of dishes. Though lunch bowls are more affordable than an a-la-carte menu.

PF Changs To Go Menu

You can order at for take out. The menu for To Go or Delivery is same as the catering menu which is given below.

PF Changs Catering Menu

There will be 3 catering packages, which you need to select one for ordering. The prices and those packages are listed below. However, the PF Changs catering prices may vary from location to location. So, once confirm at your nearest location for accurate prices.

  • The Get-Together : $160
    • It serves 10 people and costs $16 for each. This package includes 2 appetizers, 2 main entrees, dim sum or salads.
  • The Gathering : $280
    • It serves 20 people and costs $14 for each. You can choose 3 appetizers, 3 main entrees, dim sum or salads.
  • The Whole Kitchen : $360
    • It serves 30 people and costs $12 for each. It lets you choose 4 appetizers, 4 main entrees, dim sum or salads.

PF Changs Nutrition Facts

Know the PF Changs menu calories , fat, sugar content, sodium, cholesterol, energy, proteins, and other content before ordering the food at PF Changs for good health. You can get all the details of PF Changs Menu Nutrition from

PF Changs Allergen Menu

If you are allergen to foods like, egg, fish, walnuts, dairy, etc. you need to check the PF Changs allergy menu to avoid risks. Find the allergens info at,

PF Changs Gluten Free Menu

In today’s time, some so many people consciously decided to bunk gluten from their menu for several health reasons. Intolerance to gluten is also pretty common recently. So, keeping in mind today’s situation, there is something for the gluten intolerant customers, P. F. Chang’s has their separate gluten-free section in the menu.

This PF Chang’s Gluten Free menu section includes dishes like chicken lettuce wraps and wok’d spinach with garlic, Mongolian beef, ginger chicken with Broccoli, Hokkien street noodles, chicken pad Thai and many more. The pocket pinch for this particular section varies from $3.95 to $17.95, depending on the dish you have chosen.

PF Chang’s Vegan Menu

  • Chili-Garlic Green Beans
  • Shanghai Cucumbers
  • Ma Po Tofu
  • Stir-Fried Eggplant
  • Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps
  • Buddha’s Feast
  • Coconut Curry Vegetables
  • Shanghai Waldorf Salad

PF Changs Happy Hour Menu

Though the average price range in P. F. Chang’s restaurants are on the affordable side, hence they have a Happy Hours going on every weekday. P. F. Chang’s happy hours are from 3 pm -6 pm on Mondays to Fridays. During the happy hours, P. F. Chang’s has exciting offers on several drinks and dim Sums. 

PF Chang’s Contact Details

The contact details for P. F. Chang’s restaurant are as follows:

Corporate Office Address:

P. F. Chang’s BISTRO

Official Website:

Contact Us:

Toll-free Contact Number: 1 (866) 732-4264

Social Media Pages:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

PF Chang’s Near Me

Check the nearest PF Changs using Google Maps or you can use the official store locator at

PF Chang’s Hours

The P. F. Chang’s active hour is the same in all of their locations around the USA, and it is as follows:

Days of the WeekWorking Hours
Monday11.00 AM to 10.00 PM 
Tuesday11.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Wednesday11.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Thursday11.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Friday11.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Saturday11.00 AM to 10.00 PM
Sunday11.00 AM to 10.00 PM

PF Chang’s Reviews

The review of P. F. Chang’s is pretty affirmative, and people mostly say the good thing about the quality of food they serve in their restaurants. The oriental type of cuisine is pretty fresh and new amidst all the chicken fries and burgers and hotdogs. And they are quite healthy as well. Both of these are considered as one of the primary reasons behind the huge popularity of oriental style cuisine in America in the last few decades.

And P. F. Chang’s is considered as one of the pioneers in bringing the new taste to the states, so the quality of food they serve is also one of the best undoubtedly. Now, by the type of food they serve, the interior ambiance in the restaurant also depicts the Asian culture and boasts with some faux terracotta Xi warrior models to intensify the ambiance even more. The staff’ behavior is also pretty cordial and approachable according to most of their regular patrons.


Is PF Changs good?

Yes, both the food quality and overall service in P. F. Chang’s is good.

Who owns PF Changs?

PF Chang’s is currently owned by Centerbridge Partners, the joint venture started by Paul Fleming and Philip Chiang in 1993

Is PF Changs expensive?

No, P. F. Chang’s believes in keeping their menu prices to an affordable range, to reach out to most of the people from all financial levels.

Does PF Changs delivery?

Yes, P. F. Chang’s do give delivery upon online orders.

Does PF Changs use of MSG?

No, P. F. Chang’s does not use the smallest pinch of MSG in any of the dishes they make for their customers. 

Does PF Changs take reservations?

PF Chang’s do take reservations from their customers, and they have a specific tab on their website just for the same.

Does PF Changs have sushi?

Yes, PF Chang’s do have a detailed sushi menu in their restaurants.

Does PF Changs do take out?

Yes, take out the facility is also available in all the PF Chang’s outlets across the USA.

What are the best dishes at PF Changs?

Some of the best dishes in PF Chang’s include Mongolian Beef, Chicken Lettuce Wraps, Crab Wontons, Kid’s Chicken Fried rice, crispy Honey Chicken Bowl, spicy chicken bowls, etc.

Does PF Changs have lunch specials?

PF Chang’s has a pretty elaborate lunch menu in all of their locations.

Is PF Chang’s halal?

PF Chang’s does not serve Halal meat in the USA. This facility is only available in their middle east and some European locations.

How much is fried rice at PF Changs?

A regular plate of fried rice in P. F. Chang’s is $11.05.

What time does PF Changs close?

PF Chang’s closes at 10 PM from Mondays to Sundays.

What time does PF Changs open?

PF Chang’s opens at 11.00 AM on Mondays to Sundays


Now to conclude this article it has to be said that if you are very keen to try out different types of cuisine, and already get bored with the regular continental style or junk style foods. You must pay a visit to your nearest P. F. Chang’s right away, if not already. They will not only cleanse your palate for good only but also helps you to bring some new perspective towards food. They also keep their PF Changs menu prices on the lower side to serve the most numbers of customers possible.

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