Pizza Ranch Menu Prices

Pizza is the savory Italian dish that is evolving not just as a food but also as an emotion. It has saved us from million of heartbreaks and mood swings. With just the mission of giving every customer the best pizza experience, Pizza Ranch was started, and now, this organization has secured its impactful stand in this world of food delicacies. 

Pizza Ranch Menu with Prices

Pizza Ranch is that chain of restaurants which was once started by a 19-year-old, Adrie Groeneweg, and his mother, who did not like the fact that people had to travel far out of the town only to buy pizzas. Hence, in 1981, Pizza Ranch came into existence, which since then, grew in every sense. It was at the beginning found at Hull, Lowa, and as of 2018 has expanded to 207 locations across 14 states. 

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The main food items can be related to the name of the restaurant, which was Pizza Ranch. Pizza Ranch is a restaurant that needs no introduction and has a deep-rooted history. This restaurant serves different categories of food, the primary one being Pizza. Other categories include Chicken, Buffets, Salads with sides, and many more. 

It also is known for its concern regarding your health, fitness, and serves you food according to your nutrient requirement. Apart from this, many other factors are required to throw a light upon. It is a complete family restaurant and promotes free meals to the kid along with the purchase of one full adult meal. Many such surprising facts are to be released further. Stay tuned!

Pizza Ranch Menu and Prices

The Pizza Ranch menu consists of several categories of delicacies ranging mainly from pizzas to sides, buffets chicken, and other catering services! It has widely reached the largest section of society with its delicious food items. 

Pizza Ranch Pizza Menu

Pizza being the food of prime importance comes in several variations, and below is the table which provides all the information regarding the same.

For pizzas, there are four diverse varieties of sizes depending upon which the price of a pizza differs. The sizes and the price range are

  • Mini- $2.99
  • Small-$6.00
  • Medium-$10.00
  • Large-$12.00
Create Your OwnSmall$6.99
Create Your OwnMedium$10.99
Create Your OwnLarge$12.99

The Gluten free pizzas cost around $10.00 irrespective of the size.

Pizza Ranch Gluten Free Pizzas

Gluten-Free House Specials$11.99
Gluten-Free Create Your Own$11.99


You can create your Pizza with your choice of crust, sauce, and toppings where Pizza Ranch offers you a huge variety. Below is the table we have provided you a list of options you can avail while creating your very own tongue intriguing Pizza.

  • The price for making your pizza category also depends on the size preferred, and according to the size preferred, the price of Pizza differs. For a mini pizza, the price is $2.99 and for a small pizza, the price is $6.00. For a medium pizza, the price is $10.00 and $12.00 for a large pizza.
  • Gluten-free pizzas also have this option of making your own Pizza, which would cost you around $10.00.

Pizza Ranch Chicken Menu

Chicken is one of the most delicious eatables which are served worldwide, and the Pizza Ranch is known among its customers for its very delicious chicken items on its menu! So here in the table below, we provide you with the list of chicken dishes served and the number of pieces each dish offers! Crispy Ranch Chicken, which comes in several numbers of pieces per bucket, ranges in price differently.

Pizza Ranch Chicken Prices: This crispy chicken ranch’s cost varies from $14 to $45 depending on the number of pieces. Chicken Dinner is another combo offer that has variance in an amount of chicken present in it, and the price also differs as such. The Pizza Ranch menu prices range from $7.49 to $9.49.

Chicken Dinners

Chicken Dinner3 Pc.$7.99
Chicken Breast Dinner2 Pc.$7.99
Chicken Dinner4 Pc.$8.99
Chicken Dinner2 Pc.$6.99

Chicken Boxes

BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – Dark Meat20 Pc.$32.99
Chicken – Dark Meat16 Pc.$23.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – White Meat12 Pc.$23.99
Chicken – Dark Meat10 Pc.$15.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – Dark Meat8 Pc.$15.99
Chicken – Dark Meat20 Pc.$28.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – White Meat16 Pc.$31.99
Chicken – White Meat10 Pc.$17.99
Chicken – White Meat20 Pc.$33.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – White Meat8 Pc.$17.99
Chicken – White Meat12 Pc.$21.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – Dark Meat16 Pc.$27.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – White Meat10 Pc.$19.99
Chicken – Dark Meat8 Pc.$13.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – Dark Meat12 Pc.$20.99
Chicken – White Meat16 Pc.$27.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – Dark Meat10 Pc.$17.99
Chicken – White Meat8 Pc.$15.99
BBQ, Buffalo or Sesame Chicken – White Meat20 Pc.$37.99
Chicken – Dark Meat12 Pc.$18.99

Pizza Ranch Sides Menu

While the salad’s prices ranged from $5 until $8, similarly, the restaurant serves other different dishes. The garlic bread ranges from 6-8 dollars depending on whether it is for a single person or family or a party. Some other variations and options range from as minimum as $1 to the maximum of $15.

CornSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Potato SaladFamily (Feeds 4-6)$9.99
Mashed Potatoes with GravyParty (Feeds 10-12)$13.99
Macaroni SaladFamily (Feeds 4-6)$9.99
Cole SlawSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Waffle FriesSingle$3.49
Ranch Wedges8 Pc.$3.99
CornFamily (Feeds 4-6)$5.99
Potato SaladParty (Feeds 10-12)$18.99
Macaroni SaladSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Ranch ChipsSingle$2.49
Cole SlawParty (Feeds 10-12)$13.99
Mashed Potatoes with GravyFamily (Feeds 4-6)$6.99
Ranch Wedges16 Pc.$5.99
CornParty (Feeds 10-12)$12.99
Cole SlawFamily (Feeds 4-6)$6.99
Potato SaladSingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99
Macaroni SaladParty (Feeds 10-12)$18.99
Mashed Potatoes with GravySingle (Feeds 1-2)$1.99

Pizza Ranch Desserts Menu

The price range of this Pizza also strictly differs from their size. Roughly the prices of small, medium, and large-sized pizzas of this category range from $7-$12. This Pizza Ranch menu prices range is specific to the category of dessert and pizzas of the other categories ranges quite different from the present pricing.

Cactus BreadSmall$5.99
Fruit Dessert PizzaMedium$9.99
Cactus BreadLarge$9.99
Fruit Dessert PizzaSmall$7.99
Cactus BreadMedium$7.99
Fruit Dessert PizzaLarge$11.99

Pizza Ranch Kids Eat Free Menu

Pizza Ranch is a kid-friendly zone and welcomes the families open-heartedly. It is a favorite family spot where it provides a free kid buffet for a purchase of a regular Adult buffet during the kid’s free event. These events occur randomly and depend completely on hours of working at the restaurant and the location of your nearest ranch.

The discretion of this whole deal lies with the restaurant, and you can check the recent updates regarding this deal by redirecting to the link As the name suggests, Pizza Ranch kid prices are free for any item in Kids eat free menu.


Chicken Fries – Family32 Pc.$6.99
Cheese Ranch Stix – Party$9.99
Hot Wings – Single6 Pc.$6.49
Cheese Ranch Stix – Single$4.99
Hot Wings – Party24 Pc.$18.99
Garlic Bread – Family$6.49
Garlic Cheese Bread – Single4 Pc.$4.99
Chicken Fries – Single16 Pc.$4.99
Ranch Stix – Single$3.49
Hot Wings – Family12 Pc.$10.49
Cheese Ranch Stix – Family$7.99
Garlic Cheese Bread – Single4 Pc.$4.99
Garlic Bread – Family$6.49
Garlic Bread – Single4 Pc.$3.49
Ranch Stix – Family$4.49
Garlic Cheese Bread – Family8 Pc.$7.99


Pizza Ranch menu prices of wraps are below which is about $6.99.

Caesar Wrap$6.99
BBQ Wrap$6.99
Bacon & Chicken Wrap$6.99

House Special Pizzas

Tuscan RomaLarge$13.99
Texan TacoLarge$13.99
Sweet SwineMedium$11.99
California ChickenSmall$7.99
Buffalo ChickenLarge$13.99
Bronco (All Meat)Medium$11.99
BBQ ChickenLarge$13.99
Bacon CheeseburgerMedium$11.99
Bronco (All Meat)Small$7.99
Chicken Bacon RanchLarge$13.99
Texan TacoSmall$7.99
California ChickenLarge$13.99
Buffalo ChickenMedium$11.99
Bacon CheeseburgerSmall$7.99
Sweet SwineLarge$13.99
BBQ ChickenMedium$11.99
Sweet SwineSmall$7.99
Chicken Bacon RanchMedium$11.99
Bacon CheeseburgerLarge$13.99
BBQ ChickenSmall$7.99
Texan TacoMedium$11.99
Tuscan RomaSmall$7.99
California ChickenMedium$11.99
Buffalo ChickenSmall$7.99
Bronco (All Meat)Large$13.99
Chicken Bacon RanchSmall$7.99
Tuscan RomaMedium$11.99


You can also get some extras like Biscuits, Sour cream and Butter. The Pizza Ranch prices of these extras are,

Biscuit1 Pc.$0.79
Sour Cream $0.25
Biscuits6 Pc.$3.49
Butter $0.25

Menu for Pizza Ranch Salads

Chicken Fiesta Salad$5.49
Cran-Tastic Salad$4.99
Taco Salad$6.49
Chef Salad$5.49
Garden Salad$4.49


Pizza Ranch price of beverages ranges from $1.79 to $2.99.

SodaBottle (2 Liter)$2.99
WaterBottle (20 oz.)$1.79
SodaBottle (20 oz.)$1.79

Pizza Ranch Buffet Menu

Pizza Ranch has a buffet section involved in its menu, where it has several ranges of buffet being served. It would contain the wide selection of pizzas, crispy chickens, salads, fixings, and desserts that would sum up the buffet. For complete menu items, you must go to 

Pizza Ranch Buffet Prices & Hours:

Coming to Pizza Ranch lunch buffet price, it costs $9.09 on weekdays and on weekends it costs $10.59 and the timings are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Monday through Friday) and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m (Saturday and Sunday). Pizza Ranch dinner buffet price is $10.59 and the buffet hours are 4:30 pm to 8 pm (Monday through Friday) and 3 pm to 8 pm (Saturday and Sunday). Also, Pizza Ranch buffet price for kids is also from $9.09 to $10.59.

Pizza Ranch Catering Menu

Pizza Ranch would be glad to be the one to provide amazing tasty food in your next get together, may it be a part, may it be an event, Pizza Ranch would efficiently provide you with your desired orders. It shall be the cherry topping of satisfaction on the cake of your happiness. 

Pizza Ranch provides you the power of customizing your meals according to your taste and requirement, and you can have access to their special menu of catering.

After checking out the menu, if you genuinely want to request for a catering service, you can refer to the bottom of the link There you can fill in your details like First Name, Last Name, Phone, mail, Pizza Ranch location and restaurant name, date and time of event, details, and whether you are the host or not!

After submitting this, you will get updates!

Pizza Ranch Delivery Menu:

There is no separate Pizza Ranch delivery menu or Pizza Ranch take out menu. So, you can order any item that it offers at the restaurant based on the availability. It delivers almost all the foods items from its main menu.

Pizza Ranch Nutrition

Not only tasty food and best services, Pizza Ranch also lets you know the nutrition info of the foods they prepare. You can check out that details from official Pizza Ranch menu nutrition page to make the best order at restaurant. There is also a nutrition calculator to help you calculate the nutrition values of the foods you want to eat.

Pizza Ranch Allergen Menu

Allergen and nutrients are taken into serious consideration by Pizza Ranch. Thus, you can also refer to the Pizza Ranch allergy menu and gluten sensitive food details along with nutrient information in the official page provided above.

Pizza Ranch Review

Most of the users gave the positive review about the food and services. There may be some negatives reviews on services, but those are nothing before the positive reviews. You too can give review in a general survey quiz and can have the chance to win a $250 Pizza Ranch gift card only for appearing in the former survey.

You can appear the survey by redirecting in the given link where you shall be encountering general questionnaires upon the restaurant services and quality.

Pizza Ranch Deals

Every ranch evolved offers its very exclusive online offers, which you can avail at your nearest stores. For this, you shall have to go to the link where you will have to select a location that you can proceed with for receiving all the available online exclusive offers.

Pizza Ranch Contact Info

Numbers & Email:

  • For feedback prize claiming and issues: 888-910-9776
  • For help regarding Pizza Ranch rewards: 855-321-3401 (
  • To learn about the opportunities from franchise: 800-321-3401

Official Website:

Corporate Address:

Pizza Ranch Restaurant Support Center
204 19th Street SE
Orange City, Iowa 51041

Pizza Ranch Near Me

Pizza Ranch has been able to establish itself across a large number of places, and if you still have not found your nearest ranch here, we are providing the link which would redirect you to a website where you can find your nearest ranch after providing with your pin Code.


How much is Pizza Ranch buffet?

The Pizza Ranch buffet offers many variations, and the details of its price vary from location to location. Generally the Pizza Ranch buffet prices are $9.09 for lunch buffet and $10.59 for dinner buffet.
You can update your location and, thus, refer to the given link for greater details,

What time does Pizza Ranch close?

According to official Pizza Ranch hours, it closing time depends on the place, its demand, and the location and generally closes by 9 PM. 

What time does Pizza Ranch open?

The Pizza Ranch generally opens at 11 AM, but that might change with respect to the location and demand.

How much is the price of Pizza Ranch lunch buffet?

The Pizza Ranch lunch buffet price differ for combo packs and buffets and it will be around $10.99.


Hope you got the required info on this Pizza Ranch menu prices page. We have updated the present price list of Pizza Ranch specials, lunch, dinner, and more. The prices may vary from time to time. So, keep in touch with to get the latest prices info.

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