Pluckers Menu Prices

Are you searching for the best wings bar in Texas? If yes, then we suggest you the best wings bar near you, i.e., Pluckers Wings Bar Restaurant. Have a glance at the Pluckers Menu Prices before you go to the restaurant. The Pluckers Prices may vary from one location to another location.

Pluckers Menu

The Pluckers Wings Bar Restaurant was opened by Dave Paul and Mark Greenberg in 1991. This is one of the top sports bar in North America and the top 10 restaurants in the country. Today there are approximately 19 locations in the city of Texas.

Plucker’s food chain is well known for Buffalo Wings, Boneless Wings, Jumbo Wings. So, the food lovers who are visiting for the first time are advised to taste Wings. Scroll Down this page to know the list of the Pluckers Wings Menu Price.

Pluckers Menu Prices

The Menu of Pluckers Restaurant includes Honey Barbecue Chicken, Boneless Wings and Grilled Chicken Salad, Burgers, Desserts. Apart from that, you can also find Sandwiches, Sides, Salads.

Pluckers Appetizers Menu with Prices

The Pluckers Appetizers Prices $4.84 to $18.15. The Menu of Pluckers Restaurant Appetizers includes Buffalo Bites, Blue Cheese Potato Chips, Fried Cheese, Magic Mushrooms, Pluckers Nachos, Stuffed Jalapenos etc.

Appetizer Sampler$18.15
Buffalo Bites$9.68
Blue Cheese Potato Chips$9.68
Chips and Queso$7.26
Fried Cheese$9.08
Fried Pickles$4.84
Holy Macaroni$8.47
Magic Mushrooms$8.47
Pluckers Nachos$9.68
Stuffed Jalapenos$8.47
Waffles N Cheese$5.45

Pluckers Boneless Wings Menu and Prices

The signature items in Pluckers Restaurant are Wings. Choose the best time by checking the Pluckers Wings Menu.

100 Pieces Boneless Wings$193.60
50 Pieces Boneless Wings$108.90
Boneless Wings Basket$13.92
Monster Boneless Wing Basket$19.36
Naked Boneless Wings Basket$13.95

Pluckers Menu for Jumbo Wings with Bones

MenuPluckers Wings Prices
5 Pieces Wings$7.87
10 Pieces Wings$13.31
15 Pieces Wings$19.97
20 Pieces Wings$26.62
50 Pieces Wings$66.55
100 Pieces Wings$121.00

Pluckers Menu Price for Wing Combos

5 Wing and 3 Boneless Combo$18.15
5 Wing Combo$10.29
10 Wing Combo$15.13
15 Wing Combo$21.78

Pluckers Burgers Menu with Prices

The burger is topped with Queso, Sauce, Grilled Onions, Bacon, American Cheese. Pluckers Wings Bar Menu for Burgers comprise of Honey BBQ Burger, Dirty Patty Melt Burger, Bypass Burger and so on. Diners can know the Pluckers Burgers Prices from here.

MenuPluckers Burgers Price
Boring Burger$12.10
Honey BBQ Burger$12.71
The Dirty Patty Melt Burger$11.50
The Bypass Burger$12.71
The Gut Grenade Burger$19.97

Pluckers Sandwiches Menu Prices

Pluckers Wings Bar offers sandwiches in various flavors which includes Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich, Mom’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Sean’s BLT, Larry Bird, Chicken Bypass and Veggie Sandwich.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$12.71
Chicken Cheesesteak Sandwich$12.10
Cheech and Chong Sandwich$12.71
Chicken Club Sandwich$12.71
Mom’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich$8.47
South Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich$12.10
Sean’s BLT Sandwich$11.50
The Larry Bird Sandwich$12.10
The Chicken Bypass Sandwich$12.71
Veggie Sandwich$11.50

Pluckers Sides Menu Prices

The Pluckers Sides Price Starts from $0.61 to $5.14. Go through the items from the below table and pick up your order.

Homemade Potato Chips$2.72
Macaroni and Cheese$3.62
Side of House Made Blue cheese$0.61
Side of House Made Ranch$0.61
Side Caesar Salad$5.14
Sweet Potato Fries$3.93
Side Salad$4.83
Tater Tots$2.72
Waffle Fries$2.72

Pluckers Salads Menu with Price

Prices of Pluckers Salads starts from Buffalo Chicken, Grilled Chicken Garden, Honey BBQ Chicken Chop Salad, Southwest Caesar Salad, Blue Cheese Chicken Cobb.

Buffalo Chicken Salad$12.10
Blue Cheese Chicken Cobb$12.10
Grilled Chicken Garden Salad$12.10
Honey BBQ Chicken Chop Salad$12.10
Southwest Caesar Salad$12.10

Pluckers Drinks Menu and Prices

Pluckers Drink MenuPrice
6 Pack Aquafina$6.99
6 Pack Soda$6.99
Bottled Aquafina$1.25
Canned Soda$1.25

Pluckers Desserts Menu

  • Brownie
  • Fried Oreos
  • Fried Twinkies

Pluckers Sauce Menu

Founder’s Favorites

  • Baker’s Gold
  • Maple Chipotle
  • Vampire Killer
  • Hallelujah
  • Spicy Lemon Pepper
  • Ginger Peach Sriracha
  • Spicy Garlic Parmesan
  • Manganero

Asian Inspired

  • Gochujang
  • Sesame
  • Spicy Mandarin
  • Teriyaki


  • Buffalo Medium
  • Buffalo Hot
  • Buffalo Mild
  • Fire in the Hole


  • Dr Pepper
  • Goldrush
  • Honey BBQ
  • Spicy BBQ

Dry Rubs

  • Cajun
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Ranch
  • Spicy Ranch

Pluckers Catering Menu

The Pluckers Catering packages are served with different types of Entrees, Sides and Drinks.


  • Boneless Wings
  • Buffalo BiteWings
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
  • Hamburgers
  • Veggie Sandwiches


  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Garden Salad
  • Homemade Potato Chips
  • Southwest Caesar Salad
  • Tater Tots


  • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade
  • Sweet Tea
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Unsweet Tea


Hope the details mentioned above regarding the Pluckers Menu Prices. You can also share your experience in the below given comment box. Bookmark our All Menu Prices page to get the updates about the Pluckers Restaurant Menu Prices.

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