Primanti Brothers Menu Prices

Primanti Brothers were one of famous America’s Classics Restaurant in the Eastern United States. They offer the best sandwiches in unique flavors. People who are craving to have sandwiches can get satisfied in Primanti Bros. Restaurant. You are suggested to go through the Primanti Brothers menu prices in order to save your time and enjoy the food.

Primanti Brothers Menu

Primanti Brothers is the Italian Sandwich food chain which is located in South Philadelphia. This was founded by Jow Primanti in 1933. After 40 years the person named Jim Patrinos has taken over the Primanti Bros. Restaurant & Bar. Today there are about 44 locations all across the East Coast.

The signature items in Primanti Brothers are Sandwiches of Melted Cheese, Grilled Meat, two thick slices of Italian Bread and French Fries. The best items in Primanti Brothers are Capicola and New Yorker Sandwiches. These famous sandwiches are prepared from the fresh ingredients of meat and cheese.

Primanti Brothers Menu with Prices

The Primanti Bros Menu will be available for kids below 12 years and all other aged customers. View the Menu for Primanti Brothers Sandwiches, Salads, Burgers, Pizza, Desserts, Starters, Hoagies, Sides on this page.

Primanti Brothers Indianapolis Menu

The Menu for Primati Brothers Indianapolis contains Starters, Fries & Tots, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizza, Pork, Chicken, Hoagies, Salads, Classics. Primanti Brothers Indianapolis Price List for all the items are mentioned below.

Primanti Brothers Kids Menu

Primantis kids menu consists of Pizzas, Drinks, Sides. Children’s can have their favorite items for just $4.39.

Primanti Kids MenuPrice
Cheese Pizza$4.19
Chicken Strips$4.39
Macaroni & Cheese$4.39
Mini Corn Dogs$4.39
One Topping Pizza$4.39

Primantis Drink Menu

  • 1% Chocolate Milk
  • 2% Milk
  • Apple Juice
  • Coke
  • Cherry Coke
  • Diet Coke
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Ginger Ale
  • Raspberry or Unsweetened Tea
  • Sprite
  • Orange Juice
  • Lemonade


  • Apple Sauce
  • Diced Peaches
  • Hand-Cut Fries

Primanti Bros. Starters Menu and Prices

Primanti Brothers Starters Prices range from $3.49 to $9.99. We have enlisted the Primanti Brothers Starters Prices below.

Chips & Queso$6.99
Daily Soup$3.49
Loaded Nachos$9.99
Mozzarella Wedges$6.49
Onion Rings$7.99
Spicy Batter-Dipped Pub Pickles$5.99

Primanti Bros. Restaurant Menu for Fries & Tots

BLT Tots$5.99
Chili, Cheese & Bacon Fries$4.99
Fresh-Cut Fries$2.99
Fresh-Cut Fries with Cheese$3.99
Retro Tots$4.99

Primanti Brothers Sandwiches Menu Prices

Primanti Brothers Indianapolis Sandwiches Menu includes Double Roast N Cheddar, Deluxe Turkey and Bacon, Joe, Dick and Stanley, New Yorker and When Pigs Fly. The prices of this Primanti Bros sandwich menu are,

MenuPrimanti Bros. Sandwiches Prices
Double Roast N Cheddar$9.99
Deluxe Turkey and Bacon$9.99
Joe, Dick and Stanley$9.99
The Capone$9.99
New Yorker$9.99
When Pigs Fly$9.99

Primanti Brothers Burgers Menu with Prices

MenuPrimanti Brothers Price
BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger$9.99
Brothers Burger$10.99
Half-Pound Angus Burger$8.99
Mushroom and Double Swiss Burger$9.49

Primanti Bros Prices of Pork Menu

Primanti Brothers menu prices of Pork specials is as follows.

Hickory Pulled Pork Sandwich$8.99
Pork Tenderloin$9.99

Primanti Brothers Chicken Menu and Prices

Cajun Crispy Chicken$8.99
Crispy Buffalo and Blue$8.99
Grilled Chicken and Bacon with Spinach$8.99

Primantis Menu for Hoagies

Primanti Brothers Chicago Italian Beef$9.99
Meatball Submarine$8.99
Italian Hoagie$8.99
Italian Sausage and Peppers$8.99
Loaded Cheesesteak Bomb Primantis Brothers Price$10.99

Primanti Bros Two Slices Menu

Half-Pound Corned Beef$9.99
Half-Pound Pastrami$9.99
Southwest Turkey$9.99

Primanti Bros. Vegetarian Menu

Black Bean Hipple Burger$8.99

Primanti Brothers Pizza Menu Prices

The Primanti Brothers Pizza Menu comprises of 9-Inch Personal Pizza, Cheese Pizza and Hog Wild.

9-Inch Personal Pizza$6.99
Cheese Pizza$11.99 to 13.99
The Legend$14.99 to 17.99
Hog Wild$14.99 to 17.99

Primanti Brothers Salads Menu

Crispy Chicken Salad with Fries$8.99
House Salad$5.99
Steak Salad with Fries$9.99

Primanti Brothers Sauce Menu

  • Authentic Buffalo
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Honey BBQ
  • Honey Mustard
  • Honey Buffalo
  • Korean BBQ
  • Spicy Garlic
  • Sweet Heat
  • Smokey BBQ

Primanti Brothers Classics Menu

You can have your favorite classics for just $8.99. The list of the Primanti Bros. Restaurant Classics Menu is given below.

  • Angus Sirloin
  • Corned Beef
  • Capicola
  • Colossal Fish
  • Pitts-Burger
  • Pastrami
  • Roast Beef
  • Southwest Black Bean
  • Turkey

Primanti Brothers Pittsburgh Menu with Prices

The Primanti Brothers Strip District Menu comprises of Sandwiches, Hot Stuff, Sides, Fried Potatoes and Drinks. Scroll Down this page and check out the Primanti Bros. Pittsburgh Menu with Prices.

Primanti Brothers Sandwich Menu Prices

The Sandwiches in Primanti Brothers are prepared in different styles such as Cheese Combo, Angus Sirloin Steak, Bacon, Colossal Fish & Cheese, Pitts Burger, Oven-Roasted Turkey, Ragin Cajun Chicken Breast etc. The Primanti Bros. Restaurant Sandwiches Price ranges from $6.29 to $9.49.

Primanti Brothers Strip District MenuPrice
Angus Sirloin Steak and Cheese$8.69
Bacon & Cheese$7.79
Capicola & Cheese$7.59
Corned Beef & Cheese$7.59
Cheese Combo$6.69
Colossal Fish & Cheese$9.39
Deluxe Double Egg & Cheese$6.29
Fried Jumbo Baloney & Cheese$6.69
Ham & Cheese$7.29
Genoa Salami & Cheese$7.39
Pitts Burger & Cheese$7.69
Pastrami & Cheese$7.59
Roast Beef & Cheese$7.59
Oven-Roasted Turkey & Cheese$7.49
Kielbasa & Cheese$7.29
Sweet or Hot Sausage & Cheese$7.39
Imported Sardine & Cheese$6.89
Tuna Fish & Cheese$6.99
Ragin Cajun Chicken Breast$7.29
Southwest Black Bean Burger$9.49

Primanti Menu for Hot Stuff

Delicious Vegetable Soup$3.49
Homemade Chili Bowl$3.79

Primanti Bros. Menu for Sides

Italian Bread & Butter$0.75
Large Kosher Pickle$1.69

Primanti Brothers Fresh Cut Fried Potatoes Menu with Prices

Add flavor to your food by ordering the fried potatoes. The Primanti Bros. Fried Potatoes Menu includes Cheese Fries, Primanti Fries and Smallman Street Fries.

MenuPrimanti Bros. Fries Price
Cheese Fries$3.69
Primanti Fries$2.99
Smallman Street Fries$4.99

Primanti Brothers Drinks Menu and Prices

You can have a great tea or coffee and even a fruit juice or other drinks at Primanti. The Primanti Bros drink menu and prices are as follows.

Primanti Brothers Drink MenuPrice
Fruit Juice$1.39
Hot Tea & Coffee$1.00
Hot Chocolate$1.25
Iced Tea$1.39

Primanti Brothers Nutrition Info

You can know the Primanti Brothers menu calories, sugar, sodium, proteins, energy, fat and other content of each item from Referring to this info before ordering any item will help you maintain your diet.

Primanti Brothers Contact Details

World Sandwich Headquarters:

2100 Wharton Street, #720
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Contact Number: +1 (412) 325-2455




How much is Primanti Bros kids menu?

The Primanti Brothers kid menu is just around $4 for any item.

What are Primanti Brother’s Roast Beef & Pizza prices?

The Roast Beef & Pizza costs around $8 at Primanti Brother’s.

How much is Primanti Brothers Loaded Cheesesteak Bomb?

The price of Loaded Cheesesteak Bomb is around $10.99 at Primanti Brothers.


The Primanti Brothers prices may vary according to the time and speciality of the day. If you any queries regarding the Primanti Brothers Indianapolis menu prices you can post the comments in the below mentioned box.

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