Rainforest Cafe Menu Prices

Getting bored to eat the same dishes every day like burgers, salads, and sandwiches. Do you want to try something new, which you did not try before? I have a suggestion for you to taste Mouth-watering and delicious dishes at Rainforest Cafe. So, before ordering check out entire Rainforest Cafe Menu Prices here.

Rainforest Cafe Menu

Rainforest Cafe is a family restaurant that offers not only meals but also entertainment that is enjoyable for people (especially for kids). This restaurant features tropical rainforest, including mist, waterfalls, lush trees and a variety of animals internally and externally. Rainforest Cafe is an American casual themed restaurant chain specializing in American cuisine with a twist.

Rainforest Cafe Menu Prices

Rainforest Cafe is offering the ‘Kid’s Menu’ which comes with healthy food and also the prices are low. Rainforest Cafe prices are reasonable, so you can afford any item. Still, if you haven’t tasted their recipes, then visit once and have delicious food. For a complete list of Rainforest Cafe menu and prices for both regular and kids menus, have a look below.

Rainforest Cafe Prices & Menu List

The Rainforest Cafe Menu offers a diverse variety of food items such as Appetizers, Soups & Salads, Kids Menu, Desserts, Scrumptious Seafood, Sandwiches & Burgers, Beef, Pork & Chicken, tasty Pasta and Sides etc.

Rainforest Cafe Drinks Menu

Not only food items, but the Rainforest Cafe restaurant also offers Drinks. Those drinks that took place in the list are mentioned below along with prices.

Drinks MenuRainforest Cafe Drinks Prices
Fresh Fruit Juice$5.99
Lightning Lemonade$9.99
Magners Original Irish Cider$6.99
Pitcher of Margarita$22.99
Rainbow Colada$9.99
Rainforest Iced Tea$9.99
Sneaky Snake$9.99
Tropical Toucan$9.99
Typhoon Malibu$9.99
Virgin Mohito7.99
Virgin Colada$9.99

Rainforest Cafe Desserts Menu

Rainforest Cafe Desserts Prices ranges from $5.09 to $15.09. To know the price of each dessert check out below table.

Desserts MenuRainforest Cafe Prices Desserts
Chocolate Indulgence$10,09
Maya’s Mango Sorbet$7,09
Rainforest Root Beer Float$5,09
Sparkling Volcano$15,09
Tribal Cheesecake$8,09

Rainforest Cafe Kids Menu

In this restaurant, Kid’s has a special menu. They can choose their dessert between Tuki’s ice cream sandwich and Lava Mud, a creamy chocolate pudding dessert with crumbled Oreos and gummy worm candies. Kids Meal option is for children 10 and under only.

Some healthy Kids Sides and Drinks are mentioned below.


  • Apple Sauce
  • Corn
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Steamed Veggies
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Potato Chips
  • Fries


  • 2% Milk
  • Apple Juice
  • Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters
  • Coca-Cola Soft Drinks
Kids Menu ItemsRainforest Cafe Kids Price
Grilled Chicken$6.99
Hot Dog$6.99
Rainforest Rascals (Char-Grilled Mini Burgers)$6.99
Poppin’s Shrimp$6.99
Jurassio Chicken Tidbits$6.99
Gorilla Grilled Cheese Delight$6.99
Macaroni & Cheese$6.99
Castaway Kid’s Pizza$6.99
Python Pasta$6.99
Lava Mud$2.49
Tuki’s Ice Cream Sandwich$1.49

Rainforest Cafe Appetizers Prices

Rainforest Cafe Appetizers MenuPrices
Awesome Appetizer Adventure$16,59
Awesome Appetizer Adventure (with a side of St. Louis style pork spareribs)$22,59
Brave New World Flatbread$10,09
Cheese Sticks$9,09
Chicken Tenders$10,59
Chile Con Queso$8,59
Chile Con Queso (with seasoned ground beef)$10,09
Flying Dragon Pepperoni Flatbread$9,09
Lava Nachos$14,09
Onion Stack$9,09
Rainforest Pita Quesadillas$9,59
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$9,39

Rainforest Cafe Menu and Prices of Soups & Salads

Soups and Salads MenuRainforest Cafe Soups & Salads Prices
Tomato Basil Soup$6,39
Seaside Clam Chowder$6,39
Paradise Chopped House Salad$7,09
Little Islander Caesar Salad$7,09
Big Islander Chicken Caesar Salad$15,09
Volcanic Cobb Salad$15,09
Journey Combo$15,09
Ozzie’s Omelette$11,09
Add extra items for only$0,60
Tropical Island Salad$17,09
China Island Chicken Salad$15,09

Rainforest Cafe Beef, Pork & Chicken Menu

The Rainforest Cafe Beef, Pork and Chicken Menu Prices varies from $17.09 to $27.09. Below is the table for Rainforest Beef, Pork & Chicken Menu and Price of each item. Check out to order the best item.

Beef, Pork & Chicken Menu ItemsRainforest Cafe Prices
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup$4,09
Amazon Fajitas (Beef)$20,09
Amazon Fajitas (Chicken)$19,09
Amazon Fajitas (Combo)$20,09
Amazon Feast$22,09
Chicken Fried Chicken$17,09
Flat Iron Steak Combo$20,09
Hickory Chicken$18,09
Jungle Steak And Shrimp$25,09
Mojo Bones$24,09
Paradise Pot Roast$17,59
Parmesan Chicken$19,09
Ribs, Steak & Shrimp Trio$27,09
Rotisserie Chicken$18,09

Rainforest Cafe Add-Ons Menu

In this restaurant, we have a chance to enhance your meal with one or more delicious add-on items. The Rainforest Cafe Add On items along with prices is given below.

Add-Ons Menu ItemsRainforest Cafe Add-Ons Prices
Add Soup or Salad to Any Entree$6.99
Coconut Shrimp$7.49
Fried Shrimp (Add-On)$7.49
Grilled Shrimp$7.49
Onion Rings$4.99
Shrimp Scampi$7.49

Rainforest Cafe Price Menu for Seafood

If you order any item from Seafood Menu, then you can also add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, and Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup for just $4.09.

Seafood Menu ItemsRainforest Cafe Seafood Prices
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup$4,09
Caribbean Coconut Shrimp$19,09
Congo Fish Plate$17,39
Fried Shrimp$19,09
Macadamia Crusted Tilapia & Caribbean Coconut Shrimp$23,09
Taste Of The Islands$25,09
Tribal Salmon$23,09

Rainforest Cafe Sides Menu

Sides Menu Rainforest Cafe Sides Prices
Caribbean Rice$3,09
Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes$3,09
Safari Fries$3,09
Seasonal Vegetables$3,09
Tri-Color Tortilla Chips$3,09

Rainforest Cafe Menu Prices for Pasta

Rainforest Cafe Pasta MenuPrices
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup$4,09
Planet Earth Pasta$16,09
Portofino Pasta$17,09
Portofino Pasta (with shrimp or chicken)$19,09
Rasta Pasta$18,09
Tropical Tortellini$17,09
Tropical Tortellini (with grilled chicken)$19,09

Rainforest Cafe Prices for Smoothies & Freezes

Smoothies & Freezes MenuRainforest Cafe Smoothies & Freezes Prices
Brazilian Freeze$5,69
Key Wester$5,59
Rainforest Character Cup$9,09
Rainforest Ricky$4,39
Rainforest Ricky Freeze$5,09
Raspberry Lemonade Freeze$5,09
Strawberry Lemonade$4,09

Rainforest Cafe Menu of Sandwiches & Burgers

All burgers and sandwiches are served with your choice of a side also. Rainforest Cafe Sandwiches and Burgers Price ranges from $12.09 $16.09. Check Rainforest Chain Sandwiches & Burgers Menu along with Prices from below.

Rainforest Cafe Sandwiches & Burgers MenuPrices
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup$4,09
Bamba’s Barbecue Wrap$12,59
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger$13,09
Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich$13,59
Chicken Salad Sandwich$12,09
Guacamole Burger$13,59
Philly Cheese Steak$14,09
Portabella Wrap$12,09
Rainforest Burger$12,09
Rainforest Burger (with Bacon)$13,09
Rainforest Burger (with sauteed mushrooms)$13,09
Rainforest Natural Burger$12,09
Rio’s Reuben$13,59
The Beastly Burger$15,09
The Beastly Burger (with bacon)$16,09
The Beastly Burger (with sauteed mushrooms)$16,09
Tuki’s Turkey Club$14,59

Rainforest Cafe Gluten Free Menu

Although Rainforest Cafe does not have a specific Gluten Free menu, a manager comes to your table to explain the gluten-free or allergy-free options. If you want any Gluten Free items, then you can order. Because they will cook gluten-free items, but time will consume to deliver the food.

Their fries are made in a dedicated fryer (one that’s not used for breaded items like onion rings or chicken tenders, which would be unsafe for celiacs). A specially prepared gluten-free entree, with fries, will available for around $1.99.

Final Words

The information shared here about Rainforest Chain Menu Prices is as per the official site. Still, if you have any doubts in the menu & prices of Rainforest Chain, then report us through comment box. Stay tuned with our website allmenuprices.com for other restaurants menu and prices.

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