Schlotzsky’s Menu Prices

Scholtzsky is a privately based Sandwich making company whose menu is a domain of the most delicious sandwiches in America. Being a Sandwich company, its menu is categorically ranged with Salads, Soups, and flatbreads to dessert, Pizzas, and much more. It is specifying the “The Original” menu, which contains sandwiches like the Original, Ham and Cheese Original style, deluxe original, and the Turkey Original style.

The small and the original medium sandwiches are quite reasonable, and the Turkey Based sandwich is not too pricey nor too little to eat it regularly. But it is worth the meal to have. It also has the edge over other restaurants where its prices are quite reasonable for the quality and a quantified sandwich, which fulfils the satisfaction of many dining in.

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Schlotzsky’s Restaurant

A Sandwich specialized privately held franchise, Schlotzsky has been known for its well flavored, enticed, and mouth-watering sandwiches. Its headquarters is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, and has 350 locations vitally spread across the United States of America. This company was founded in Austin, Texas, in the year 1971 by Dolores Dissman and Don Discman. It has been successful in all aspects, and its ratings and reviews are turning out to be quite impressive.

The Schlotzsky’s Deli Menu is very categorically divided into Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Pizzas, Flatbreads, Kid’s Meal, Vegetarian, chips, Cinnabon, Beverages, and Desserts. Out of categories, it is the Schlotzsky’s sandwiches that people usually visit. So if any waiter had to approach the guest, he or she would sell Alcohol sandwiches to the guests as its the best in town, and that lays their impression on a favorable side. Their Original Sandwich small and medium would be quite reasonable, ranging at $7.99 and $8.99, respectively, followed by which we have the Ham and Cheese Original Sandwich of Scholtzsky costing around $8.99.  

Schlotzskys Prices

Schlotzsky’s contain various categories such as these which are mentioned as sandwiches, soups, salads, pizzas, flatbreads, Kids menu, vegetarians menu, chips, Cinnabon, desserts, beverages, and catering. Schlotzsky’s offers various vegetarian foods that may taste very good also they have various nutritional values that may give a plus benefit for your diet. Schlotzsky’s also offers various gift cards and rewards, along with franchising.

Schlotzsky’s Breakfast Menu

Schlotzsky’s offers you sandwich trays of medium and large size. The restaurant offers you sandwiches with eggs and cheddar cheese, which is served on a toasted house-made sourdough bun. They also offer these sandwiches for 15 and a half sandwiches. Schlotzsky’s also offers hash browns for breakfast, which ranges from$4 to $8.

Schlotzsky’s Sandwiches Menu Prices

Chicken Breast Small$7.99
Ham and Cheese Medium$8.99
Fiesta Chicken Small$7.99
Angus Pastrami Reuben Medium$8.99
Fresh Veggie Small$7.99
Smoked Turkey Breast Small$7.99
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese Small$7.99
Angus Pastrami Reuben Small$7.99
Fresh Veggie Medium$8.99
Ham and Cheese Small$7.99
Cheese Original-Style Small$7.99
Assorted Box Lunch Medium$8.99
Cheese Original-Style Medium$8.99
Assorted Box Lunch Small$7.99
Turkey Bacon Club Medium$8.99
Chicken Breast Medium$8.99
Smoked Turkey Breast Medium$8.99
The Original Medium$8.99
Fiesta Chicken Medium$8.99
The Original Small$7.99
Turkey Bacon Club Small$7.99
Angus Roast Beef & Cheese Medium$8.99

Schlotzsky’s  Ciabatta Cafe Sandwich Box Lunch

Basil Chicken$8.99
Italian Deli$8.99
Sonoma Turkey$8.99
Roast Beef & Cheese$8.99

Schlotzsky’s Soup Menu Prices

Schlotzsky’s menu contains soups which give you the best taste. Schlotzsky’s menu includes broccoli and cheddar for $3.49 and $4.49 for cups and bowls, respectively. They offer broccoli and cheddar for quart $9.99, potato bacon for $3.49 cup, and bowl. Potato bacon quart for $9.99. Tuscan Tomato Basil for $3.49, $4.49, $9.99 for the cup, bowl, Quart.

Tuscan Tomato Basil Bowl$4.49
Potato Bacon Bowl$4.49
Chicken & Wild Rice Quart$9.99
Potato Bacon Quart$9.99
Tuscan Tomato Basil Cup$3.49
Chicken & Wild Rice Bowl$4.49
Tuscan Tomato Basil Quart$9.99
Cheddar & Chicken Tortilla Bowl$4.49
Soup of the Day Bowl$4.49
Potato Bacon Cup$3.49
Cheddar & Chicken Tortilla Quart$9.99
Chicken & Wild Rice Cup$3.49
Broccoli & Cheddar Quart$9.99
Soup of the Day Quart$9.99
Soup of the Day Cup$3.49
Broccoli & Cheddar Bowl$4.49
Broccoli & Cheddar Cup$3.49
Cheddar & Chicken Tortilla Cup$3.49

Schlotzsky’s Pizzas Menu Prices

Fresh Veggie$6.99
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeño$6.99
Combination Special$6.99
Pepperoni & Double Cheese$6.99
Chicken Alfredo$6.99
Grilled Chicken & Pesto$6.99
Double Cheese$6.99
Smoked Turkey & Jalapeño$6.99

Schlotzsky’s Kids Menu Price List

One can order food or meals for their kids from Schlotzsky’s as they have a very good variety of range and food for them. One can order kids cheese pizza, kids pepperoni pizza, kids cheese sandwich, and kids turkey sandwich too, all of which range at $4.49.

Kid’s Pepperoni Pizza$4.49
Kid’s Turkey Sandwich$4.49
Kid’s Cheese Pizza$4.49
Kid’s Cheese Sandwich$4.49

Schlotzsky’s pick any 2 Price List

You can easily pick any 2 items and offer the price of one, which is called puck any 2. These may include soup and sandwiches, soup and salad, sandwiches and salads, pizzas and soup, pizza and salads, all of which are just for $7.99.

Other Schlotzsky’s Specials Prices

Apart from sandwiches, Schlotzsky’s offers Salads, Soups, flatbreads, Kids menu, vegetarians menu, chips, Cinnabon, desserts, beverages, and catering. Their menu ranges from quite cheap to expensive. As customers like having foods that are fresh and healthy. So here is Schlotzsky’s giving you fresh foods which will make your day. Schlotzsky’s offers sandwiches of various kinds of meat products like hams and other meats.

Schlotzsky’s Salads Menu Price List

Hearts Of Romaine Chicken Caesar Salad$8.99
Southwestern Chicken Salad$8.99
Turkey Chef Salad$8.99
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan & Chicken Salad$8.99
Hearts Of Romaine Chicken Caesar Salad Deluxe$9.99
Turkey Chef Salad Deluxe$9.99
Italian Chopped Salad Deluxe$9.99
Southwestern Chicken Salad Deluxe$9.99
Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad$8.99
Garden Salad Deluxe$6.99
Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad Deluxe$9.99
Garden Salad$5.99
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan, & Chicken Salad Deluxe$9.99
Italian Chopped Salad$8.99

Schlotzsky’s  Party-Size Salad Prices

Hearts of Romaine Chicken Caesar$34.99
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan, & Chicken Salad$34.99
Turkey Chef Salad$34.99
Garden Salad$23.99
Italian Chopped Salad$34.99
Southwestern Chicken Salad$34.99
Turkey Avocado Cobb Salad$34.99

Schlotzsky’s  Wrap Box Lunch Menu Prices

Southwestern Chicken Salad$8.49
Turkey Avocado Cobb$8.49
Cranberry, Apple, Pecan, & Chicken$8.49
Grilled Chicken Caesar$8.49
Italian Chopped$8.49
Turkey Chef$8.49

Schlotzskys Prices for Sides

Side Garden Salad$2.00
Schlotzsky’s Hot Sauce$1.99
Schlotzsky’s Chips$1.29

Artisan Flatbread Box Lunch

Chicken Chipotle Pesto$7.49
Italian Sausage & Basil$7.49
California Chicken Avocado$7.49

Schlotzsky’s Prices for Party Trays

Cafe Sandwich Tray Medium$64.99
Grilled Chicken & Pesto Pizza 14″$11.99
Fresh Salad Wrap Tray Medium$42.99
Combination Special 14″$11.99
Smoked Turkey & Jalapeno Pizza 14″$11.99
Sandwich Tray Medium$49.99
BBQ Chicken & Jalapeno Pizza 14″$11.99
Fresh Salad Wrap Tray Large$74.99
Fresh Veggie Pizza 14″$11.99
Sandwich Tray Large$79.99
Pepperoni & Double Cheese Pizza 14″$11.99
Cafe Sandwich Tray Large$99.99
Double Cheese Pizza 14″$11.99

Schlotzsky’s Menu With Prices for Desserts & Cinnabon

Cinnabon Classic 6 Pack $14.99
Fudge Chocolate Cake Slice$3.99
Mini Pecanbon Pan 15 Minibons$26.99
Minibon 6 Pack$9.99
Classic Cinnabon Pan 6 Rolls$17.99
Cheese Cake Whole$29.99
Pecanbon Pan 6 Rolls$21.99
Caramel Pecanbon 6 Pack$18.99
Mini Pecanbon 6 Pack$11.99
Cinnabon Classic 1 Pc.$3.49
Center Of The Roll – Cinnabon$2.59
Cinnabon Combo Pan 3 Cinnabon Rolls$19.99
Mini Pecanbon 9 Pack$15.99
Caramel Pecanbon 4 Pack$13.99
Cookie Tray Medium$20.99
Fresh Baked Cookie 1 Pc.$0.45
Fresh Baked Cookies.3 Pc$1.29
Cinnasweeties 5 Pack$1.99
Fresh Baked Cookies 12 Pc.$4.50
Cookie Tray Large$26.99
Center Of The Roll – Pecanbon$2.99
Combo Packs 4 Pack$12.99
Minibon Combo Pan$22.99
Cinnabon Pecanbon 4 Pack$13.99
Cheese Cake Slice$3.99
Fudge Chocolate Cake Whole$29.99
Cookie Tray Small$14.99
Minibon 15 Pack$18.99
Caramel Pecanbon 1 Pc.$3.99
Combo Packs 6 Pack$16.99
Cinnabon Pecanbon 6 Pack$18.99
Cinnabon Classic 4 Pack $11.99
Cinnabon Pecanbon 1 Pc.$3.99
Mini Pecanbon 15 Pack$23.99
Minibon 1 Pc.$1.99
Brownies 12 Pc.$19.99
Minibon Pan 15 Minibons$18.99
Brownie 1 Pc.$1.69
Deluxe Dessert Tray Small$19.99
Deluxe Dessert Tray Large$29.99
Cinnasweeties 10 Pack$3.49
Minibon 9 Pack$13.99

Schlotzsky’s Beverages

Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade 1 Gallon$10.99
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade Medium 32 oz.$1.99
Locally Bottled Juices$2.49
Water Bottle$1.29
Fountain Drinks Large 44 oz.$2.19
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade Large 44 oz.$2.19
Freshly Brewed Tea Small 20 oz.$1.89
Minute Made Lemonade or Raspberry Lemonade Small 20 oz.$1.89
Fountain Drinks Medium 32 oz.$1.99
Freshly Brewed Tea Large 44 oz.$2.19
Freshly Brewed Tea Medium 32 oz.$1.99
Fountain Drinks Small 20 oz.$1.89
Sweet or Unsweetened Tea 1 Gallon$10.99
Soda Can$1.29

 Schlotzsky’s happy hours

Schlotzsky’s Offers a pizza and a drink for just $5 from Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 5 pm as happy hours. These offers are limited as they come to get the exclusive benefit of it.

Schlotzsky’s Nutrition Info

Talking about Schlotzsky’s Menu Nutrition, it can be healthy when it comes to their food s like sandwiches and other stuff. They usually have a total fat of 42g, saturated fats of 18g, trans fat 0g, cholesterol of 95gm. And other Schlotzskys Nutrition Menu values that may be very beneficial for the customers who have their food.

Schlotzsky’s Allergen Menu

Schlotzsky’s Offers you allergy-safe menus too, which contained allergen scorecard or allergen chart for quick food allergy help, but unfortunately, they had to remove it in 2018. The information said that no dairy products were used, so the menu only had soups, bread, salads, chips. They also offered Udi’s gluten-free buns and all of the regular bread. All the allergies menu ranged from $3 to $ 10

Schlotzsky’s Vegan Menu

Schlotzsky’s Vegan menu costs you around $6 at start, which contains fresh veggies, and more sandwiches with veggies and more fresh veggies in sandwiches as well. One can easily enjoy a lot at Schlotzsky’s veggie foods 

  • Fresh Veggie Sandwich
  • Caprese Sandwich
  • Double Cheese Pizza
  • Fresh Veggie Pizza
  • Cheese Pizza
  • Margherita Flatbread
  • Tomato Basil
  • Garden Vegetable

Schlotzsky’s Gluten Free Menu

The Schlotzsky’s Restaurant Menu is free in gluten, or you can say that they have options of gluten-free there are sandwiches, pizzas, breadsticks, and all chips except the BBQ’s are also gluten-free. You can also get gluten-free buns at around $1.50 or which may vary too. While others may vary from$1 to $2.

  • Sandwiches (With Gluten free Bun)
  • Deluxe Original Style
  • Turkey Original Style
  • Beef Bacon Smoky cheesy
  • Veggie Avocado Smokecheesy
  • Fresh-Tossed Salads
  • 10″ Gourmet Pizzas
  • Pepperoni & Double Cheese Pizza
  • BBQ Chicken Jalapeno

Does Schlotzsky’s have gluten-free?

One can easily get gluten-free items for your sandwich, pizza, or breadsticks. All of Schlotzsky’s chip removing the BBQ are gluten-free.

Schlotzsky’s Drive Thru

Schlotzsky’s does offer a drive-thru facility. Their delivery is too good according to customer reviews, as well as they receive a very good quality sandwich which tastes good. It feels really good that we have to make less effort and gain the best out of it. Schlotzsky’s drive-thru makes us realize that.

Schlotzsky’s Customer Support

If you have any complaints regarding Schlotzsky’s Menu Calories, or any other you can reach them through following details.

Corporate Headquarters: 5620 Glenridge Drive NE Atlanta, GA 30342404-255-3250



Contact number:  855-335-4837

Schlotzsky’s Hours

You can visit Schlotzsky’s Deli from 10 am to 10 pm on weekdays. On weekends you can visit Schlotzsky Restaurant from 10 am to 4 pm. Enjoy delicious Schlotzsky’s Specials at these hours.

Schlotzsky’s Near Me

If you are searching for the nearest Schlotzsky’s Restaurant locations you can use the Locator page to find it. All you have to do is just enter your current location zip code, state name and city name. And click on Go. You can easily find the nearest Schlotzskys Restaurant.

Schlotzsky’s reviews

The Schlotzsky, is best known for its sandwiches and it’s the best that people have ever tasted. People describe these sandwiches as not the very common ones in addition to which the integration of the ingredients of the sandwich has been something to talk about and Scholtzsky is worth the visit and the ambiance is gorgeous.

Scholtsky’s garde manger department is making sandwiches in a manner that it has been their signature meal to push sales. People have been a fan of all their sandwiches, especially the Turkey Sandwich, which has been the majority’s favourite. People have also given a vivid description of Scholtsky’s sourdough bun cut into 4 quarters and the most flavourful, hickory-smoked beef layered with cheeses, roasted red peppers, and pickled jalapenos, on a toasted sesame seed and the desertion goes on and on. He also described the first bite, which took him to the orbit. As far as ratings and reviews are concerned, Scholtsky has been rated above average and, at times, excellent. It would induce people to visit the restaurant quite often.


Is Schlotzsky’s healthy?

They do offer healthy foods with smoked turkey breast sandwiches, parmesan chicken Caesar wrap, and fresh veggies sandwich.

Does Schlotzsky’s have organic food?

Schlotzsky’s does contain organic food but not much.

Does Schlotzsky’s delivery?

Check out the delivery available near your location, and you will get your food delivered by Schlotzsky’s delivery team.

Does Schlotzsky’s have to drive-thru?

Yes, they do offer the drive-thru with really good dining, and sandwiches are as expected. 

What time does Schlotzsky’s close?

Schlotzsky’s closes at 10 pm on weekdays and 4 pm on weekends.

What time does Schlotzsky’s open?

Schlotzsky’s opens at 10 am every day.

Where is the nearest Schlotzsky’s?

One can easily find their nearest location through Schlotzskys Restaurant Locator Page @ ttps://

Does Schlotzsky’s serve breakfast?

For breakfast at Schlotzsky’s, one can have eggs with cheddar, Which can serve almost 15-20 people.

What is the healthiest thing to get at Schlotzsky’s?

One can get smoked turkey breast sandwiches, parmesan chicken Caesar wrap, and fresh veggies sandwich.

What kind of food is Schlotzsky’s?

Schlotzsky’s usually offer sandwiches, but they also offer soups and many more.

How big are Schlotzsky’s sandwiches?

Schlotzsky’s sandwich comes in small and medium sizes

How much is a Schlotzsky’s original sandwich?

Schlotzsky’s original sandwich ranges around $7 to $8.

Does Schlotzsky’s have soup?

Yes, Schlotzsky’s offers soups too.

How much is a large soup at Schlotzsky’s?

A large soup will cost you$3 to $9 at Schlotzsky’s.

How much are Schlotzsky’s pizzas?

Schlotzsky’s pizzas cost you $11.99

Who owns Schlotzsky’s

The focus brand owns Schlotzsky’s and which was founded by Don and Dolores Discman. They found this company in Austin, Texas.

What is Schlotzsky’s pick 2?

Customers can mix and match any two items from the menu list and pay one price

How expensive is Schlotzsky’s?

Schlotzsky’s is that expensive as it ranges from $2 to $ 10 or $74 maximum

Final Words

In conclusion, we can easily assume that Schlotzsky’s menu is very flexible, which means they offer a good and healthy quality breakfast at an affordable rate with a really good diet offered to customers. Schlotzsky’s does offer soups and other sandwiches at that price range which many customers love. But as an exception for non-lovers of sandwiches, they might find it difficult to adjust in such a restaurant. All in all, customers can opt to go and visit the restaurant just once, and their prices are productive.

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