Slim Chickens Menu Prices

Are you guys Chicken Lover? You visited the perfect place to get the suggestion for best chicken served restaurant. The best chicken you get only from Slim Chickens Restaurant. For further information about Slim Chickens Menu Prices, check this article.

Slim Chickens: Fast and Always Fresh

Slim Chickens is a fast-casual restaurant chain which specializes in chicken tenders and wings. After more than a decade, the chain has grown to several restaurants. This chain was founded for people who are craving for freshly-cooked, succulent-to-the-bone and delicious chicken but there were no restaurants that can satisfy it.

Slim Chickens Menu Prices

Slim Chickens is the best place to satisfy your cravings for the best parts of a chicken, wings, breast and tenders. The Slim Chickens foods items are neither slim in size nor small in flavours. So, if you haven’t tasted their recipes, then visit once and have great food. Before that check Slim Chickens menu and prices to order the best item.

Slim Chickens Menu with Prices

The Slim Chicken menu and prices comprises of a diverse variety of food items like Chicken Tenders & Wing Plates, Sandwiches, Salads, Chicken & Waffles, Breakfast, Kids, Family Meals, Sides and Drinks etc.

Slim Chickens Tender & Wing Plates Menu

The Slim Chickens tenders are fresh when these are combined with the dipping sauces, then the taste of the tenders become more delicious. Below is the list of all those Slim Chicken Tender menu along with prices.

Slim Chickens Tender & Wing MenuSlim Chickens Tender & Wing Plates Prices
Chick’s Meal$7.29
Classic Meal$7.99
Hungry Meal$11.99
Slim’s Meal$8.99
6 Wing Meal$9.99
8 Wing Meal$10.99
3 & 3 Meal$10.99
5 & 5 Meal$12.29

Slim Chicken Menu of Salads

Slim Chickens Salads Menu items are

  • Slim’s Salad
  • Buffalo Blues Salad

You can get any salad for just $8.49.

Sandwiches & Wraps

The Slim Chickens Sandwiches & Wraps Menu and Prices range from $3.99 to $8.49. Check what sandwiches and wraps are available in Slim Chicken along with prices.

Sandwiches & Wraps Menu ItemsSlim Chickens Sandwiches & Wraps Prices
Buffalo Wrap$5.99
Buffalo Wrap Meal$8.49
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich$3.99
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal$6.99
Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich$3.99
Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich Meal$6.99
Smokey Cheddar Wrap$5.99
Smokey Cheddar Wrap Meal$8.49
Wrap Meal$8.49

Slim Chickens Desserts Menu

If you have no interest to eat meals at Slim Chickens restaurant, then better go for desserts. Because they offer jar desserts which are delicious and prices are also very low.

Slim Chickens Menu DessertsSlim Chickens Desserts Prices
Chocolate Brownie Pudding Jar Dessert$4.99
Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.99
Oreo® Cheesecake Jar Dessert$4.99
Reese’s Peanut Butter Brownie Jar Dessert$4.99
Strawberry Cheesecake Jar Dessert$4.99
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie$0.99
3 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies$2.49
3 Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies$2.49

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Slim Chickens Menu and Prices of Chicken & Waffles

In this restaurant, we can get Chicken and Waffles for 8.49. In case, if you want waffles only, then you can order waffles for just $4.99.

Slim Chickens Breakfast Prices

Slim Chicken is a great spot to stop for delicious breakfast. The Slim Chickens Menu Prices items are available from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM. The menu items are not typical most of the slim chicken’s restaurants serve fried chicken waffles, which is a favourite meal for many customers.

Slim Chickens Breakfast MenuSlim Chickens Prices Breakfast
Chicken Tenders$7.29-$10.99
Chicken Wings$8.79-$9.99
Wings & Tenders Combo Plate$9.79-$11.99
Slims Salad$8.29
Buffalo Blues Salad$8.29
Cayenne Ranch Chicken Sandwich$3.99
Chicken & Waffles$8.79
Buffalo Wrap Combo$8.79
Mac & Cheese$2.59-$5.29
Potato Salad$2.49-$5.99

Slim Chickens Family Meals Menu

Menu for Slim Chickens Family MealsSlim Chickens Family Meals Prices
Crowd Pleaser Pack$34.99
Grab & Go Pack$19.99
Picnic Pack$29.99
Southern Style Family Meal$23.99

Slim Chicken Menu with Prices for Platters

Slim Chickens Platters MenuSlim Chickens Platters Prices
Brownie Dessert Platter (Small Crowd (Serves 8))$19.99
Brownie Dessert Platter (Large Crowd (Serves 16))$38.99
Small Crowd Mac & Cheese$14.99
Large Crowd Mac & Cheese$25.99
Small Crowd Coleslaw$12.99
Large Crowd Coleslaw$22.99
Small Crowd Potato Salad$14.99
Large Crowd Potato Salad$25.99
Small Crowd Ranch Chips$14.99
Large Crowd Ranch Chips$25.99
Small Crowd Spring Salad Tray$19.99
Large Crowd Spring Salad Tray$39.99
Small Wrap Platter$19.99
Large Wrap Platter$36.99
10 Tenders$12.99
20 Tenders$23.99
30 Tenders$34.99
10 Wings$12.99
20 Wings$23.99
30 Wings$34.99


Slim Chickens Sides Menu ItemsSlim Chickens Sides Prices
Coleslaw (Regular)$1.99
Coleslaw (Large)$3.79
Fries (Regular)$2.49
Fries (Large)$6.99
Fried Mushrooms$4.99
Fried Pickles$4.99
Fried Okra$4.99
Mac & Cheese (Regular)$2.49
Mac & Cheese (Large)$4.99
Potato Salad (Regular)$2.49
Potato Salad (Large)$5.99
Ranch Chips$2.49
Side Salad$2.99
Side Of Butter$0.29
Side Of Syrup$0.29
Texas Toast$0.49

Slim Chickens Kids Menu Prices

Slim Chickens kids option is for kids under 12. Check out below to know what they are offering for your kids. In this restaurant, kids can eat free on Sundays.

MenuSlim Chickens Kids Prices
Kids Tender Meal$4.39
Kid’s Slider Meal Grilled Cheese Meal$3.99

Slim Chickens Drinks Menu

Slim Chickens Drinks Menu ItemsSlim Chickens Drinks Prices
Gallon Of Unsweet Tea (Drinks)$4.99
Gallon Of Sweet Tea (Drinks)$4.99
Gallon Of Peach Tea (Drinks)$4.99
Gallon Of Raspberry Tea$4.99
Gallon Of Lemonade (Drinks)$8.99
Kid’s Drink$1.39
Regular 20Oz$1.99
Large 32Oz$2.49

House Sauces

Slim Chicken Menu House SaucesSlim Chickens House Sauces Prices
Blue Cheese$0.29
Balsamic Vinaigrette$0.29
Cayenne Ranch$0.29
Garlic Parmesan$0.29
Honey Mustard$0.29
Honey Bbq$0.29
Korean Bbq$0.29
Lite Italian$0.29
Mango Habanero$0.29
Raspberry Vinaigrette$0.29
Spicy Bbq$0.29
Sweet Red Chili$0.29
Sriracha Garlic$0.29
Slim Sauce$0.29

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Slim Chickens Menu for ‘May We Recommend’

May We Recommend menu items of Slim Chickens restaurant is Brownie Pudding Jar Dessert and Reese’s Peanut Butter Brownie Jar Dessert. The price of each item is around $4.99.

Slim Chickens Catering Menu

Whether if you are ordering for weddings, office lunch or business meeting, then better go for Slim Chickens catering Service. Slim Chicken catering prices are flexible and also they offer a wide variety of items.

The catering prices of Slim Chickens restaurant is far better compared to competitors. Check out Slim Chicken Catering menu list and choose the package. The Slim Chickens catering service is available for 24 hours, so you can order at any time.

Slim Chickens Catering Menu ItemsSlim Chickens Catering Prices
60 Tenders$64.99
120 Tenders$124.99
60 Wings$64.99
120 Wings$124.99
Chick’s Tender Box$6.99
Slim’s Tender Box$8.99
Slim’s Fried Chicken Sandwich Box$6.99
Wrap Box$8.49
6 Oz Sauces$1.19
Small Crowd Mac & Cheese$14.99
Large Crowd Mac & Cheese$25.99
Small Crowd Coleslaw$12.99
Large Crowd Coleslaw$22.99
Small Crowd Potato Salad$14.99
Large Crowd Potato Salad$25.99
Small Crowd Ranch Chips$14.99
Large Crowd Ranch Chips$25.99
Small Crowd Spring Salad Tray$19.99
Large Crowd Spring Salad Tray$39.99
Small Wrap Platter$19.99
Large Wrap Platter$36.99
Small Crowd Brownie Dessert Platter$19.99
Large Crowd Brownie Dessert Platter$38.99
Gallon Of Unsweet Tea$4.99
Gallon Of Sweet Tea$4.99
Gallon Of Peach Tea$4.99
Gallon Of Raspberry$4.99
Gallon Of Lemonade$8.99
Bag Of Ice$2.49

Slim Chickens Gluten Free Menu

Slim Chickens restaurant offers a gluten-free option on their menu. This chain has become more popular with its gluten free options. Below is the table for Slim Chicken Gluten Free menu and prices. Check it once before ordering.

Gluten Free Slim Chickens MenuSizeSlim Chickens Gluten Free Prices
Tenders & Wings
Grilled Tenders $8.79
Plain Wings $7.29
Croud ColeslawRegular$6.79
Croud ColeslawLarge$7.49
French FriesRegular$2.49
French FriesLarge$6.99
Ranch Chips $2.49
Applesauce $2.49
Salad Dressings
Slim Sauce $0.29
Honey Mustard $0.29
BBQ $0.29
Blue Cheese $0.29
Buffalo $0.29
Hot $0.29
Inferno $0.29
Honey BBQ $0.29
Spicy BBQ $0.29
Mango Habanero $0.29
Garlic Parmesan $0.29
Gravy $0.29

Slim Chickens Contact Details


1088 E Millsap Road,
Fayetteville, AR 72703

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Does Slim Chickens have Gluten Free?

Yes, Slim Chickens have gluten free items in the menu of Tenders & Wings, Sides and Salad Dressings. That ranges from $0.29 to $8.79

Is Slim Chickens halal?

Yes, Slim Chickens is halal.

Are Slim Chickens good?

As per the customer reviews, it is good at both food and services.

Does Slim Chickens serve alcohol?

Yes, they serve the beer at Slim Chickens.

Does Slim Chickens have WIFI?

Yes, Slim Chickens do have the WiFi.

Final Words

We wish this article on Slim Chickens menu prices is helpful to you. We have updated this menu and prices as per the latest information only. Feel free to drop down your suggestions or comments in the comment section so that our team can reach you out. For more stuff like this bookmark our site

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