Smoothie King Menu Prices

Wellness, Fitness, Pound Pincher, or Busy nerd! Whatever you are. No worries at all. For Smoothie King has got something for everyone in its, ‘All in One’ menu even for the little versions. A smoothie for every version and every passion with a ton of goodness and quintal of fresh fruits. No preservatives or whatsoever. After all, when you work with so much passion, then why not spoil yourself with some smoothie made just for you! A match that matches your passion as well as a pocket too. Duh! Not with the colour but savings. Yes, Smoothie King not only takes care of your passion and health but also about your savings. So reasonable yet healthy!

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Smoothie King Menu and Prices

The Smoothie King is an American Smoothie Company and was founded back in 1973. And has been serving the passion of its customers and health ever since. Steve Kuhnau founded a smoothie King in the United States. Still, later in 2010, the owner of Smoothie King was taken over by Wan Kim, who has continued Smoothie King’s legacy after him and continued to do so, a healthy alternative for passionate people. 

And maybe that’s why Smoothie King has expanded across over three continents’ the United States, Trinidad & Tobago, the Cayman Islands, and South Korea as well—celebrating more than 1000 stores worldwide. For Smoothie King isn’t just some regular smoothie, it has always been more than that! 

Smoothie King Prices

Smoothie King has something for everyone! From Fitness nerd to Busy buzz and Wellness. And yes, let’s not forget the little versions either! Something for all, Purposely Smoothie King Menu With Prices are in between $3.09 to $8.49. Let’s dive into Smoothie King Menu along with their costs!

Smoothie King Fitness Blend Prices

You purposely made and created for all the Fitness freak out there, Smoothie King Fitness Blend Smoothies range. You are made with protein-rich ingredients to help your Fitness regime for just between $5.29 to $8.49. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your perfect from Smoothie King Fitness Blend, a range of 27 different blends just for you!

The Hulk (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 32 oz.$7.29
Power Punch Plus.32 oz$7.29
Peanut Power Plus40 oz.$8.49
The Activator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)20 oz.$5.29
The Activator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 40 oz.$8.49
Original High Protein (Banana, Chocolate, Lemon or Pineapple) 40 oz.$8.49
The Activator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 32 oz.$7.29
Peanut Power Plus 20 oz.$5.29
The Hulk (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 40 oz.$8.49
Gladiator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 20 oz.$5.29
Peanut Power Plus32 oz.$7.29
Almond Mocha High Protein 20 oz.$5.29
Almond Mocha High Protein 40 oz.$8.49
Original High Protein (Banana, Chocolate, Lemon or Pineapple) 20 oz.$5.29
Almond Mocha High Protein 32 oz.$7.29
Power Punch Plus20 oz.$5.29
The Hulk (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 20 oz.$5.29
Gladiator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 40 oz.$8.49
Original High Protein (Banana, Chocolate, Lemon or Pineapple) 32 oz.$7.29
Power Punch Plus40 oz.$8.49
Gladiator (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 32 oz.$7.29

Smoothie King Slim Blends Price List

Don’t worry at all! Instead, try Smoothie King Slim Blends, a range of 18 Blends made purposefully to keep you from gaining extra pounds and help you to stay on track and regime. That is under 350 Calories too. So, drink Healthy Smoothies At Smoothie King without any care or whatsoever for just in between $5.29 to $8.49. So, get yourself a Smoothie King Slim blend Smoothie!

Angel Food 20 oz.$5.29
Pineapple Surf.40 oz$8.49
Strawberry X-Treme 40 oz.$8.49
Greek Yogurt (Peach Papaya, Orange Vanilla, Pineapple Mango or Strawberry Blueberry) 40 oz.$8.49
Strawberry X-Treme 20 oz.$5.29
Lean1 (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 20 oz.$5.29
Strawberry X-Treme.32 oz$7.29
Island Impact.32 oz$7.29
Angel Food 32 oz.$7.29
Angel Food 40 oz.$8.49
Lean1 (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 40 oz.$8.49
Pineapple Surf 32 oz.$7.29
Slim-N-Trim (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Orange Vanilla) 32 oz.$7.29
Pineapple Surf 20 oz.$5.29
Slim-N-Trim (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Orange Vanilla) 20 oz.$5.29
The Shredder (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry)20 oz.$5.29
Island Impact.40 oz$8.49
Greek Yogurt (Peach Papaya, Orange Vanilla, Pineapple Mango or Strawberry Blueberry) 20 oz.$5.29
The Shredder (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 32 oz.$7.29
Slim-N-Trim (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Orange Vanilla) 40 oz.$8.49
Lean1 (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 32 oz.$7.29
Island Impact 20 oz.$5.29
MangoFest.20 oz$5.29
MangoFest 32 oz.$7.29
The Shredder (Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry) 40 oz.$8.49
Greek Yogurt (Peach Papaya, Orange Vanilla, Pineapple Mango or Strawberry Blueberry) 32 oz.$7.29
MangoFest.40 oz$8.49

Smoothie King Special Wellness Blends

Why don’t you take a break from your Wellness diet and grab yourself a Smoothie King Wellness Blend? To worry not, they are purposely made of Vitamins and ingredients just needed to maintain a healthy body and mind! And the Smoothie King Menu and Prices are in between $7.79 to $8.39 only! Now pick for yourself a Smoothie King Wellness Blend Smoothie from a range of 14 perfect blends of the same.

Super Punch Plus.20 oz$4.79
Immune Builder (Original, Orange or Mixed Berry)32 oz.$6.99
Acai Adventure 40 oz.$8.39
Orange Ka-BAM 40 oz.$8.39
Orange Ka-BAM 32 oz.$6.99
Green Tea Tango 40 oz.$8.39
Super Punch Plus 32 oz.$6.99
Mangosteen Madness 40 oz.$8.39
Blueberry Heaven 40 oz.$8.39
Super Punch Plus.40 oz$8.39
Vegan – Nutty Super Grain 40 oz.$8.39
Vegan (Dark Chocolate Banana or Mango Kale) 32 oz.$6.99
Veggie Blends (Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream or Carrot Kale Dream) 40 oz.$8.39
Orange Ka-BAM 20 oz.$4.79
Vegan – Nutty Super Grain 20 oz.$4.79
Veggie Blends (Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream or Carrot Kale Dream) 32 oz.$6.99
Immune Builder (Original, Orange or Mixed Berry) 20 oz.$4.79
Vegan – Nutty Super Grain 32 oz.$6.99
Pumpkin Spice (Limited Time) 20 oz.$4.79
Mangosteen Madness.20 oz$4.79
Green Tea Tango 20 oz.$4.79
Acai Adventure32 oz.$6.99
Pumpkin Spice (Limited Time) 40 oz.$8.39
Veggie Blends (Apple Kiwi Kale, Berry Carrot Dream or Carrot Kale Dream) 20 oz.$4.79
Blueberry Heaven 32 oz.$6.99
Vegan (Dark Chocolate Banana or Mango Kale) 40 oz.$8.39
Vegan (Dark Chocolate Banana or Mango Kale) 20 oz.$4.79
Immune Builder (Original, Orange or Mixed Berry) 40 oz.$8.39
Mangosteen Madness 32 oz.$6.99
Blueberry Heaven 20 oz.$4.79
Acai Adventure 20 oz.$4.79
Pumpkin Spice (Limited Time) 32 oz.$6.99
Green Tea Tango 32 oz.$6.99

Best Smoothie King Smoothies Prices

Why don’t you take a break? Take a break and have a Smoothie King Break Time Smoothie blend. Such a blend does exist and not just one but a range of 17 such blends. You made purposely to reward you and give a break from your busy buzzing. And too for just in between $4.49 to $8.29. So, grab a break and gulp a perfect blend of Smoothie King Break Time Smoothie and pamper yourself for a bit!

Caribbean Way 20 oz.$4.49
Banana Berry Treat 20 oz.$4.49
Caribbean Way 32 oz.$6.69
Banana Boat 40 oz.$8.29
Banana Boat 20 oz.$4.49
Yogurt D-Lite 20 oz.$4.49
Passion Passport 20 oz.$4.49
Caribbean Way 40 oz.$8.29
Peach Slice Plus 40 oz.$8.29
Banana Boat 32 oz.$6.69
Banana Berry Treat 32 oz.$6.69
Peach Slice Plus 32 oz.$6.69
Banana Berry Treat 40 oz.$8.29
Yogurt D-Lite 40 oz.$8.29
Passion Passport 40 oz.$8.29
Passion Passport 32 oz.$6.69
Lemon Twist Strawberry 40 oz.$8.29
Lemon Twist Strawberry 20 oz.$4.49
Lemon Twist Strawberry 32 oz.$6.69
Yogurt D-Lite 32 oz.$6.69
Peach Slice Plus 20 oz.$4.49

Smoothie King Vegan Menu

Now Smoothie King adds two more new vegan smoothies in its Menu. These Smoothie King Vegan Smoothies are blended with ingredients like Nuts, Banana, Mango, Chocolate and Sunwarrior raw plant-based protein etc. Smoothie King Vegan Menu price ranges from $4-$9.

Vegan – Nutty Super Grain20 oz./32 Oz/ 40 oz$4.79 /$6.99/$8.3
Vegan (Dark Chocolate Banana or Mango Kale)20 oz./32 Oz/ 40 oz$4.79 /$6.99/$8.3

Smoothie King $5 Friday Menu

Yes, you can get any regular 32-ounce Smoothie just for $5 on every Friday at any Smoothie King store. Not only smoothies, now it offers meal replacements for just $6.

Smoothie King Kids Menu

With all these wonderful and healthy blends available. No wonder anyone would be drooling to have some. And guess what? Smoothie King has something for everybody, even for the drooling Lil Angels. Made purposely for them to have fun and love the taste of the Smoothie for just in $ 3.09 no matter what you choose from Smoothie King Kid’s Blend range of 6 yummy yet healthy Smoothies which the young ones will fall in love with!

Choc-A-Laka12 oz.$3.09
Strawberry Bluegurt Blitz12 oz.$3.09
Apple Kiwi Bunga12 oz.$3.09
Lil Angel™12 oz.$3.09

Smoothie King Menu Prices for Snacks & Supplements

Ostrim Jerky Strips$1.99
Gladiator Protein 2.5 Pounds Tub$41.99
Veggie Chips$1.29
Dirty Chips$1.19
Smoothie King Snack (Banana Chips, Gummi Bears or Granola)$1.99
Smoothie King Snack (Yogurt Pretzel, Chocolate Raisin or Peanut Butter Crunch)$2.99
Naturally Delicious Bread (Banana Nut, Chocolate Protein, Carrot, Zucchini or Pumpkin)$2.19
Kids Snack$1.19
Sweet Potato Chips$1.49
Smart Water 1 Liter$1.99
Snack Pack 2 oz.$1.99
Protein Cookie (Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate or Peanut Butter)$2.29
Lean 1 Meal Replacements 2 Pounds Tub$35.99
Smoothie King Protein Muffin (Blueberry, Chocolate or Banana)$2.19
Protein Bar$3.29
Pop Chips$1.29
Water Bottle$0.99
Apple Chips$3.49
Snappea Crisps (Original or Caesar)$2.49

Smoothie King Smoothie Prices for Energy Blends

Pure Recharge (Mango Strawberry or Strawberry) 40 oz.$8.39
Berry Punch20 oz.$4.79
Berry Punch40 oz.$8.39
Berry Punch32 oz.$6.99
Pure Recharge (Mango Strawberry or Strawberry) 32 oz.$6.99
Pure Recharge (Mango Strawberry or Strawberry) 20 oz.$4.79

Smoothie King Prices Enhance Your Blend

Wellness – Multi-vitamin, Antioxidant, Probiotic, Immune or Fiber Blend$0.99
Slim Down – Diet Down$0.99
Energy – Caffeine Charge, Pure Recharge or Energy Boost (No Caffeine)$0.99
Fitness – Muscle Builder or Protein$0.99
Extras – Fruit/Fruit Juice, Yogurt/Ice Cream, Greek Yogurt or Veggies$0.99

Smoothie King Menu Nutrition Facts

The Smoothie King Nutrition Menu will help you to choose the smoothies that enhance your nutritional needs. Even health-conscious Vegans, gluten-intolerant customers can enjoy this special array of delicious smoothies and desserts. You can explore more about Smoothie King Nutrition Facts to know more about Smoothie King Calories, a protein intake of your serving. Moreover, you can also get Smoothie King Secret Menu with obvious smoothies.

Smoothie King Gluten Free Menu

Are you on Gluten-free diet, need perfect smoothies without gluten here is the list of Smoothie King Gluten Free Menu items? Choose the one of your choices.

  • Power Punch
  • Coconut Surprise
  • Power Punch Plus
  • Low Carb
  • Power Meal
  • The Hulk
  • Muscle Punch
  • Muscle Punch Plus

Smoothie King Customer Care service

Complaints or Compliments? Issues or Suggestions? No worries at all. Why? For Smoothie King, Customer Care Service is all ears for either. And not to mention Smoothie King Customer Care is just an email away if reached out through the given below information and contact details to make all your worries, dissatisfactions or problems go ‘poof’ in the air –

Official Website:

Contact Details: 1.214. 935.8900.


Smoothie King Near Me

Understandably, you want to try Smoothie King and its amazing Smoothie range. And don’t worry if you don’t happen to know your nearest Smoothie King store.  Just click on the ‘Location’ option, displaying on the top of the dashboard of the site. Now enter the name of your state, city, or town and spot your nearest and farthest Smoothie King all at once.

Smoothie King Hours

WARNING: Before you head out for your nearest Smoothie King, make sure you do glance over the given table below. Why? Well, who knows it might just help you to avoid some unexpected hassle – 

Monday – Friday06.30 am – 09.00 pm
Saturday08.00 am – 09.00 pm
Sunday09.30 am – 08.00 pm 

Now, hurry! Before they close for the day. And don’t forget to glance over it once before every time you head off to Smoothie King.


Is Smoothie King Smoothies healthy?

Smoothie King Smoothies are healthy as they are made of fresh fruits.

Is Smoothie King good for you?

Well, Smoothie King’s Smoothies are good for health and good.

Is Smoothie King Gluten-free?

Smoothie King does offer New Vegan range Smoothies, which are Gluten-free and can be consumed as either Healthy Snack or Meal replacement.

Does Smoothie King use real fruits?

Yes, Smoothie King does use real fruits to make its Smoothies Blends.

Does Smoothie King Delivery?

No, Smoothie King does not offer Delivery, although you can still order them through independent Food delivery services.

Does Smoothie King conduct a Drug test?

No, Smoothie King does not conduct any drug test.

Where is the nearest Smoothie King?

Well, that’s very subjective. But one can find out their nearest Smoothie King by clicking on the ‘Locations’ option of the Official site of Smoothie King and enter your city or town to find out your nearest Smoothie King.

What time does Smoothie King close?

Smoothie King closes at 09.00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 08.30 pm on Sunday.

What time does Smoothie King open?

Smoothie King opens at 06.30 am from Monday to Friday, 08.00 am on Saturday and 09.30 on Sunday.

How much are smoothies at Smoothie King?

Smoothies at Smoothie King are just in between $3.09 to $8.49.

How much is a small smoothie at Smoothie King?

Small Smoothies at Smoothie King are for just $5.29.

Who owns Smoothie King?

Smoothie King is owned by SK USA, Inc., headed by CEO Wan Kim.

How much is a medium Smoothie at Smoothie King?

Medium Smoothie at Smoothie King is for just $7.49.

What day is Smoothie King half price?

Friday is the Half-price day at Smoothie King.

What is the healthiest drink at Smoothie King?

Smoothie King Slim Blend, Slim N Trim Orange Vanilla, is the healthiest smoothie at Smoothie King.

Are Smoothie Kings smoothies healthy?

Yes, Smoothie King Smoothies are healthy.

What kind of smoothies does Smoothie King have?

Smoothie King has Fitness Blend, Slim Blend, Wellness Blend, and Breaktime Blend, along with Kid’s Blends Smoothies available.

Is Smoothie King a meal replacement?

Smoothie King can be a Meal replacement.

Does Smoothie King still do $5 Fridays?

Yes, Smoothie King still does $5 Fridays.

How much is a 20 oz at Smoothie King?

A 20 oz. Smoothie at Smoothie King is for $5.29.


That was all about Smoothie King and its menu prices. But do note that all rights are reserved by Smoothie King, and hence no credibility is guaranteed. Therefore, it is advisable to check the official website of Smoothie King to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 

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