Sweetgreen Menu Prices

Sweetgreen’s menu prices are considered to be the most affordable in the whole of the United States of America. It is a healthy restaurant known over the country for its healthy practices of serving whole grains, whole, and healthy vegetables, fruits, etc. 

The main reason why Sweetgreen gets so much attention from the customers is not only for the quality of the items the restaurant keeps, but it is also for the design of the restaurant. It has an eye-catching view and model, which drags people’s attention to it. The place is quite cozy. The walls and other designs are also premia, and hence it becomes the favorite spot of the customers who are mostly teens, college, or high school students who hang out here as much as possible. 

Sweetgreen Menu: Have a delicious food in nice ambiance

The restaurant has its roots from California and dates back to 2007. The restaurant was founded by business school graduates Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicolas Jammet. They received funds from various places for the restaurant who helped them build the empire they have created. The investors include Revolution Growth, Latino Economic Development Center, and many more small investors. 

Sweetgreen now has over 75 branches of itself all around the country. It has also been awarded one of the world’s most innovative companies. 

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Sweetgreen is focussed on bringing about a natural change in the industrial way the food items are made. It gives a unique modern kind of look to the dishes. In the place itself, the restaurant has its interiors decorated with green plants. This greenery all around is a primary source of attraction. As there are so many green things around at the place, it fills the customers with positivity. 

The restaurant has a standard of maintaining fresh food in the restaurant. It believes in the theory of freshness that when the food is made from fresh raw materials, the taste is twice as good as the one made from stale raw products. 

The dishes liked by the customers the most include the seasonal menu Watermelon Gazpacho, Spicy Crab + Watermelon, and Peach + Burrata, among others. Talking about something warm, the restaurant has a variety again there, including Fish Taco, Chicken Pesto Parm, and Shroomami. 

The thing the customers like the most is the restaurant’s “Make Your Own Salad” option of having food. 

Sweetgreen Menu with Prices

The Sweetgreen restaurant is known for its vegan food items. So if you are in search of buying vegetarian food, you can go for it blindfolded. It has a variety of vegan food materials. For example, its warm bowls include items like shroomami, chicken pesto parm, fish taco, and curry chickpea bowl, harvest bowl, etc.

These ingredients are completely low in terms of calories and serve you with the proper nutrients needed in your body. So the surety of getting a vegan diet with high-calorie intake and low-quality servings are next to impossible. You can trust Sweetgreen on that part, at least. When talking about its variety in salads, then the restaurant has hummus tahini, guacamole greens, spicy Thai salad, and kale caesar. Let’s see the Sweetgreen menu prices of different categories.

Sweetgreen Seasonal Menu

  • Rustic Tomato Harvest Bowl
  • Roasted Carrot + Feta Bowl
  • Green Goddess Avocado Salad
  • Tingly Sweet Potato + Kelp Bowl By David Chang
  • Spring Mezze Salad
  • Strawberry Mint Lemonade
  • Cranberry Raspberry Spindrift

Sweetgreen Soup Menu Prices

The most popular soups include names like organic lentil chickpea soup, which costs around $3.5, and its large container costs around $5.5. Check the complete Sweetgreen menu prices of soups in below table.

Soups MenuSizePrices
Organic Lentil Chickpea SoupLarge$5.50
Organic Lentil Chickpea SoupSmall$3.50

Sweetgreen Breakfast Menu

What do people prefer when having breakfast? Those are salads which are both tasty and healthy. Its best salad is the guacamole green salad. The other salads which are eaten in breakfast include hummus tahini, guacamole greens, spicy Thai salad, and kale caesar. 

The prince range of all these are very much affordable and cost between $9 to $10.75. 

Sweetgreen Salad Menu

Sweetgreen salad prices are as follows,

MenuSweetgreen Prices
Guacamole Greens$10.75
Spring Chicken$11.25
Create Your Own (Base Price)$7.00
Rad Thai$12.00
Strawberry & Feta$9.50
Spicy Sabzi$9.25
Earth Bowl$11.25
Umami Grain Bowl$10.25
Hello Portobello$9.00
Hollywood Bowl$11.25
Kale Caesar Salad Sweetgreen price$9.75
OMG Omega$13.25
Hummus Tahina$11.50
One Grain or Another$10.50

Sweetgreen Menu with Prices of Beverages

Chamomile Mint Iced Tea$2.50
Cucumber Ginger Limeade$2.50
Hibiscus Lime Fresca$2.50
Lemon Fresca$2.50
Jasmine Green Iced Tea$2.50

Warm Bowls

Chicken Pesto Parm$12.95
Harvest Bowl$12.95
Fish Taco$12.25
Chicken Tostada

Some Most Popular Dishes

Sweetgreen’s menu mostly includes soups, salads, and beverages. Some of the most famous drinks are hibiscus lime Fresca, lemon fresca, chamomile mint iced tea, cucumber ginger limeade.

These beverages are both healthy and delicious and are low on calorie intake. 

Some Other Menus

Some other food items contained in the menu prices include the new kid’s menu. The new kid’s menu has exclusively been added for kids for their proper nourishment. It includes roasted squash+blue cheese and chicken pesto parm. The reviews got from various parents indicate that children love this particular menu.

Sweetgreen Nutrition Facts

Sweetgreen is known for its nourishment. And by nourishment, it means, the quality of the good items and it’s nutrients contained inside it.

It comes under the policy of Sweetgreen that it might compromise on its taste, but it doesn’t compromise on its nutrients and the quality of food. You can check out the Sweetgreen nutritional information at its official portal to order the food according to your diet plan. Their Sweetgreen menu nutrition document will give the complete details about calories, fat, sugars, etc in its menu items.

Sweetgreen Contact Details


8840 Washington Blvd,
4th Floor, Culver City,
California 90232, 

Email ID: privacy@sweetgreen.com

Contact number: (424) 372-1200

Website: www.sweetgreen.com

These numbers and email ids are available for customers to contact the organization anytime they want. 

Sweetgreen Near Me

To find the Sweetgreen restaurants near me, you just have to type the keyword “Sweetgreen restaurant near me,” and you will get the location of the various stores which might be present near your address. 

Sweetgreen Hours

The restaurant remains open from 7 Am to 11 Pm. For some locations the timings may differ. So, better contact them or you can Google Maps for that particular location to know the hours.

Sweetgreen Reviews

The Sweetgreen customers have loved everything the place is offering. One of the things includes making your salad, which is considered to be the best thing in the restaurant. All the food conscious and diet conscious people love you to visit this place. Also, the decorum of the restaurant is very well maintained, and hence it attracts a huge crowd. The soup, beverages, and salads are very well maintained and are very fresh. 


How to make Sweetgreen salads at home?

If you want to make Sweetgreen salad at home, there are many ways given by the Sweetgreen restaurant at home. 

Who owns Sweetgreen?

Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman are the owners of the restaurant

What Sweetgreen salad dressing doesn’t have sugar? 

No Sweetgreen’s salad doesn’t have any sugar to keep it healthy

What time does Sweetgreen close?

Sweetgreen closes at 11 Pm

What makes Sweetgreen so successful?

sweetgreen is so much success because of its nutritious food meals that it serves to its customers

When does Sweetgreen winter menu start?

Sweetgreen winter menu starts in January for its customers

When does Sweetgreen seasonal menu change?

It changes every season i.e., for evey Winter, Summer and Spring

When do new Sweetgreen menus come out?

Sweetgreen new menu come out in the spring season

How much are Sweetgreen salads?

Sweetgreen salads cost from $7 to $12

Are Sweetgreen salads healthy?

Sweetgreen salads are very healthy in nutrients

Can you order Sweetgreen online?

Yes you can order Sweetgreen’s online by going on www.order.sweetgreen.com

Final Verdict

The restaurant is a good place for someone who has a taste for vegan food. Also, the ones who are diet conscious find these places heavenly. The green plants present at the place reflect its green sustainability rules. So coming here to enjoy a memorable vegan experience wouldn’t be a bad idea for anybody. 

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