Village Inn Menu Prices

Are you a fan of Pancakes or Pies? If yes, then, Village Inn is just the right place for you! Village Inn? Have you never heard of it before? Well, don’t worry, for it’s the dreamy place of every Pancakes nerd where you can get not only great Pancakes but also at great prices which will make your pocket probably a bit heavier with more bucks and savings! Yes. Such a place exists and is called the Village Inn. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the menu of Village Inn so that you can plan your visit if you haven’t!

village inn menu prices image
Village Inn Menu Prices Image

Village Inn: Good food, good feels!

This Village Inn Pancake House is a casual dining chain in the United States and is popular for its Breakfast menu and not to mention Pancakes and Pies made from scratch. And as a matter of fact, Village Inn has won many awards for its Pancakes and Pies. And if you haven’t been to one, then you should.

Village Inn was founded back in 1958, 60 years ago by Merton Andy Anderson and Jim Mola in Denver, Colorado. Today, Village Inn has more than 200+ franchises across the United States. Village Inn not only serves Breakfast or just Pancakes and Pies but also features a variety of Salads, Kid’s Menu, Lunch Menu, and much more, which will surely make you come back, not just alone with all your friends and family to have a taste again! 

Village Inn Menu with Prices

Welcome aboard to Village Inn Restaurant Menu, where savings are the nicknames of the dishes served here. How about Breakfast made from scratch and served with made on-demand from scratch buttermilk pancakes or maybe on a griddle along with syrups and whipped cream options! Guess what low cholesterol substitutes available if on a diet! And Lunch is made from freshly pick loaves of the bakery with classic fillings of Bacons, Turkey, and Avocado, etc. And with creamy cheese, freshly picked farm lettuce, Tomatoes, Red Onions, and Pickles on a grilled brioche crispy Bun Served with your desirable seasoned French Fries, Fresh Coleslaw, Fruits, Salad and Soup!

Not to mention Salad to go with your Lunch from among the drooling range of Grilled Chicken Breasts, Cheddar Cheese, Freshly picked farm vegetables and Tortilla Strips, etc.

And let’s not forget about Dinner cooked fresh on-demand with a touch of home just for you and made from fresh-picked farm veggies and Chicken and Turkey to suit your taste. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive into the Village Inn Menu Prices!

 Village Inn Breakfast Menu

As mentioned earlier, Village Inn is particularly famous for its Breakfast menu, made on-demand, and fresh, just like a fresh morning! Village Inn Breakfast menu features skillets, Omelettes, and Griddles, etc. And it ranges just in between $9.59 to $11.89 only! Village Inn Vib Menu will allow you to choose any four items to create your own breakfast menu instead of an organized one. This menu is perfect pick for people who are on a diet as they pick items based on calorie intake. 

Classic Breakfasts

Breakfast Menu For Village InnPrices
Two House-Made Sausage Patties & Eggs$9.39
Eggs Benedict$9.89
Four Sausage Links & Eggs$9.59
2-2-2 Breakfast$8.19
Biscuits & Gravy with Eggs$9.59
Top Sirloin & Eggs 6 oz$11.89
Four Strips of Bacon & Eggs$9.59
Ultimate Breakfast$10.69
Tres Huevos Rancheros$9.69
Chicken-Fried Steak & Eggs 1/2-lb$11.39
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs$9.59
Smothered Breakfast Burrito$10.19

Signature Skillets

California Skillet$10.69
Ultimate Skillet$10.99
Garden Fresh Skillet$9.79
Rio Grande Skillet$11.19
Chicken-Fried Steak Skillet$10.59

Three-Egg Omelettes

Fresh Spinach & Bacon Omelette$10.59
Denver Omelette$10.19
Country Music Star Omelette$10.49
Create Your Own Omelette$8.39
Garden Veggie Omelette$9.69

Griddle Favorites

Belgian Waffle Combo$9.19
Belgian Waffle$7.49
French Toast Combo$9.49
Strawberry Crêpes Combo$9.99
Double Blueberry Pancakes$9.19
Fruit & Nut Multigrain Pancakes$9.19
Strawberry-Banana Supreme French Toast$9.89
Four Slices French Toast$8.19
Buttermilk Pancake Combo$8.99
Three Buttermilk Pancakes$6.59

Inn-Credible V.I.B.


Village Inn Lunch Menu

As Village Inn features not only Breakfast, Pancakes and pies but also a variety of other options such as Lunch, Dinner, and Kid’s menu, etc. Well, the Lunch Menu at Village Inn features Sandwiches, Burgers, quite a variety of Salads, or you might create your Lunch special from any 2 of these options. And that too for just in between $4.29 to $10.99 only!

Satisfying Sandwiches

Chicken Ranch$10.19
Classic French Dip$10.89
Marbled Rye Reuben$10.19
Grown-Up Grilled Cheese$9.59
Turkey Bacon Avocado Melt$10.59
Double Decker Club$10.19
Bacon Lover’s BLT$9.59

Crush Burgers

Patty Melt$9.79
All-World Double Cheeseburger$10.99
All-American Cheeseburger$9.49

Garden Salads

Celebrity Chef Salad$9.79
Southwest Salad$10.39
Classy Cobb Salad$10.39

Soups & Chili

Bowl of Soup or Chili$4.29

Pick 2 Perfect Pairings

Half Sandwich & Cup of Soup$8.79
Cup of Soup & Side Salad$8.59
Half Sandwich & Salad$8.79

Village Inn Dinner Menu

Village Inn also offers Dinner Menu with a bit of Home-touch! So, if you are away from home, grab a bite at Village Inn at Dinner time and feel nostalgic hand-made and home-cooked dinner Menu for just in between $10.50 to $12.49.

Village Inn  Homestyle Dinners

Chicken Tenders$10.59
Pot Roast$11.39
Top Sirloin 6 oz$12.49
Lemon Artichoke Chicken$12.19
Fish & Chips$11.19
Chicken-Fried Steak 1/2-lb$11.99
All-American Meatloaf$10.99
Slow Roasted Turkey$11.79


MenuVillage Inn Prices
1 Egg$1.59
2 Pieces of Toast$1.99
Side of French Fries$2.99
3 Buttermilk Pancakes$1.99
2 Pieces of French Toast$3.99
1 House-Made Sausage Patties$2.69
Side of Fresh Fruit$2.29
Side of Hash Browns$2.89
2 Sausage Links$2.69
2 Slices of Bacon$2.59
Side of Country Potatoes$2.89
Cup of Soup$3.89
Side of Sour Cream$0.69
Side Garden Salad$3.69

Village Inn Kids Menu

Village Inn also cares about its little customers, and so to please them, it has a special menu. These Village Inn Specials comes just for between $0.29 to $5.69 only!

  • Kids Main Items
  • Side items
  • Kids Drinks & Village Inn Dessert Menu
Kid’s Milk 10 oz$1.29
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese$4.29
Bucky’s Mini-Hotcakes$4.29
The Vill-Inn Funny Face$4.29
Kid’s Orange Juice 10 oz$1.39
Belgian Waffle$4.29
Grilled French Toast$4.29
Clucker Dunkers$4.29
Kid’s Apple Juice 10 oz$1.39
Kid’s Soft Drinks 10 oz$1.19
Grilled Cheese$4.29
Kid’s Chocolate Milk 10 oz$1.29
Junior Breakfast$4.29
Kid’s Lemonade 10 oz$1.29
Kids’ Crush Cheeseburger$5.29

Also, from Mon to Tue, there will Village Inn Kids Eat Free meals for a limited time where you can get the meals for your kids free with the purchase of an adult entrée.

Village Inn Pies Menu Price List

How can one visit Village Inn and not try their award-winning pies? Not done, right? Well, grab your pick from Village Inn Pies Menu Prices for just in between $2.99 to $4.99 only!

Village Inn Pie MenuVillage Inn Pie Prices
Harvest Pumpkin Slice$3.99
Triple Berry Slice$3.99
No-Sugar Added Cherry Slice$3.99
No-Sugar Added Apple Slice$3.99
Cheesecake Slice$4.99
Lemon Supreme$4.29
Strawberry Rhubarb Slice$3.99
Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme Slice$4.39
French Apple Slice$3.99
Lemon Meringue Slice$4.29
Coconut Cream Slice$4.29
French Silk Slice$4.29
French Apple Cream Cheese Slice$4.29
Cherry Slice$3.99
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Slice$4.39
Carrot Cake Slice$4.99
Peach Slice$3.99
Oreo Cookie Crunch Slice$4.29
Blueberry Slice$3.99
Banana Cream Slice$4.29
Southern Pecan$4.29
Country Apple Slice$3.99


Village Inn Menu Prices of beverages are as follows.

Apple Juice 16 oz$3.19
Orange Juice 16 oz$3.19
Lemonade 32 oz$2.69
Cranberry Juice 16 oz$3.19
Premium Decaf Roast Coffee 16 oz$2.69
Iced Tea 32 oz$2.69
Soft Drinks 32 oz$2.69
Premium Roast Coffee 16 oz$2.69

Village Inn Menu Nutrition

Before dining, make sure to check the Village Inn nutrition information to make better decisions. The restaurant is offering the Village Inn Nutrition Menu guide where you can check out the Village Inn menu calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, proteins, and more of each item. In this guide itself, you can see the Village Inn Allergen Menu. Make sure to check such info in case you are an allergen to any foods like egg, milk, fish, wheat, or any other.

Village Inn Gluten Free Menu

  • All the Dessert Toppings
  • Kid’s sides
  • Kid’s drinks
  • All Kid’s desserts except Kids’ Sundae, OREO cookie pieces
  • Items with Eggs

Village Inn Customer Care

Compliments or Complaints? Problems and Issues or maybe Suggestions? Don’t worry at all for Village Inn Customer care is here and is ears for either and all! Yes, you read that right! But how to reach them? Simple! Through the given table details-

Customer Care Number: (800) 800-3644

Mail Address: 

American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC
3038 Sidco Drive
Nashville, TN 37204

Official Website:

Social Media:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

You can follow these social media pages, for updates on Village Inn Thanksgiving Menu or any other offers.

Village Inn Near Me

Where is the nearest Village Inn? It’s only reasonable that you want to visit after knowing the amazing menu deals at Village Inn. And don’t panic if you don’t happen to know your nearby Village Inn. Just follow the given steps and instructions given below and head on to spot one!

  • Go to the Official site of Village Inn,
  • Click on the ‘Location’ option on the dashboard.
  • Please enter the name of your city or state and spot your nearest Village Inn and head on to it!

And don’t worry if you can’t happen to find the ‘Location’ option on the dashboard of Village Inn Official site. Just google out your nearest Village Inn address by turning ‘On’ your location or GPS.

Village Inn Hours

WARNING: Now that you know your nearest Village Inn Location, do glance over the given table first before you head out for one! Why? Because who knows it might just save you from some unexpected hassle?

Sunday – Thursday06.00 am – 11.00 pm
Friday – Saturday06.00 am- 12.00 am

 Now, you can head out for Village Inn with no worries whatsoever! So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Before they close for the day.


Is Village Inn open 24 hours?

No, Village Inn is not open for 24 hours.

Does Village Inn have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Village Inn does have Wi-Fi.

Does the Village Inn serve Breakfast all day?

Yes, Village Inn serves Breakfast all day!

Does Village Inn offer delivery?

Yes, Village Inn does offer Home-delivery services.

Does Village Inn serve alcohol?

No, Village Inn does not serve alcohol.

Does Village Inn have take-out?

Yes, Village Inn does have Take-out. And, Village Inn Takeout Menu is similar to that of the main menu. However, you can confirm the items on Village Inn To Go menu while ordering or you can call them.

Does Village Inn have a Gluten-free menu?

No, Village Inn does not have a Gluten-free menu.

Does Village Inn have Pumpkin-Pancakes?

Yes, Village Inn does have Pumpkin-Pancakes.

What time does Village Inn close?

Village Inn closes at 11.00 pm from Sunday to Thursday and midnight on Friday & Saturday.

What time does Village Inn open?

Village Inn opens at 6.00 am from Sunday to Saturday.

How much are Village Inn Pies?

A Village Inn Whole Pie prices are around $13 else. One piece of any flavor pie will cost between $2.99 to $4.99 at Village Inn.

Who owns the Village Inn?

American Blue Ribbon Holdings own Village Inn.

Where are Village Inn Pies made?

Village Inn Pies are made in the Kitchen of Village Inn.

What day is free pie day at Village Inn?

Wednesday is free pie day at Village Inn.

What are the prices like at Village Inn, Orlando?

Prices are the same at Village Inn, Orlando, as any other Village Inn in the United States.

How much does a peppermint Pie cost at Village Inn?

There isn’t any Peppermint Pie at Village Inn.

What is the healthy option at the Village Inn menu?

Salad is probably the healthiest option even at the Village Inn menu, but it would be a real shame not to try any of Village Inn’s award-winning pies and pancakes!

When does the Village Inn night menu start?

Village Inn Dinner menu starts from $10.

How much is Strawberry Crêpes combo from Village Inn?

Strawberry Crepes Combo at Village Inn will cost $10.85, according to official Village Inn Menu and Prices.

Does Village Inn have a senior menu?

No, Village Inn does not have a senior menu.

How much does it cost to eat at the Village Inn?

It will cost between $8 to $15 to dine at Village Inn.

What is there to eat at the Village Inn?

There’s a lot of options to eat and try at the Village Inn. And let’s not forget Village Inn’s award-winning Pies and Pancakes either.

What is the senior discount at the Village Inn?

The senior discount at Village Inn is 10%.

Does Village Inn have Biscuits and Gravy?

Yes, Village Inn does have Biscuits and gravy in its Breakfast menu.


That was all about Village Inn menu prices. However, it must be noted that any change in the information mentioned above regarding any menu items and prices can occur anytime and comes under Village Inn policy rights. Village Inn reserves all rights, and hence no credibility of the same is guaranteed. Therefore, it is advisable to check the Village Inn official website for any such query and information to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

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