Wingstop Menu Prices

If you are a chicken lover looking for some amazing chicken delicacies, Wingstop is your favorite chicken stop. Serving you delicious chicken wings, Wingstop also serves boneless wings and chicken strips with a variety of dips and sides. They offer fresh and accurately flavored wings that can drive you crazy. Checking out the Wingstop menu prices gives you infinite options to choose from.

wingstop menu prices image
Wingstop Menu Prices image

Wingstop : Everything one should be familiar with

Founded in 1994, in Garland, Texas, as a small-buffalo style chicken wing restaurant, Wingstop has since then garnered great popularity rising to greater heights. With consistent demand from customers, Wingstop started its first franchise outlet in 1997 and currently has more than 1,250 restaurants. 

Serving top quality chicken wings, Wingstop is interestingly popular for its flavors. The wings at Wingstop are distinctly tossed with sauces that demand a greater appetite. Famous for its chicken wings, it also serves individual packs, group packs, and by the piece in the menu. The menu also includes interesting choices of sides like fries, corn, soup veggie sticks, and fritters with amazing dips and sauces that you can choose from the Wingstop Menu Prices. While the prices at Wingstop might seem slightly higher, the ambiance and flavors are still worth the price.

Wingstop Menu and Prices

Wingstop serves many items like chicken wings, tenders, mushroom fritters, chicken crème soup, fries, drinks with dips, and sauces of your choice. They also serve combos where you can choose whether boneless or classic or even a mix and match of both starting at $7. A crispy tender pack of 4 pieces can cost around $8.45.

The fries at Wingstop can range from $2 to $5. Wingstop’s special dips and sauces cost around $1 to $2, and Wingstop drinks or iced tea cost start at $2. They also offer chicken wings at participating locations on certain days starting at 50 cent. Check out the complete Wingstop menu prices of all categories below.

Wingstop Combo Prices

Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 8 Pc.$8.89
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 10 Pc.$9.99
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 6 pc.$7.79
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 15 Pc.$17.09

Wingstop Wing Prices of Family Packs

Wingstop Family Pack prices along with size are tabulated below.

Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, Large Side, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 40 Pc.$36.59
Family Pack (Up To 3 Flavors, Large Side, 3 Dips & Veggie Sticks) 30 Pc.$26.99
Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, 2 Large Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 50 Pc.$44.49
Family Pack (Up To 5 Flavors, 3 Large Sides, 6 Dips & 3 Veggie Sticks) 75 Pc.$65.99
Family Pack (Up To 6 Flavors, 4 Large Sides, 8 Dips & 4 Veggie Sticks) 100 Pc.$88.99

Wingstop Prices of Crispy Tender Family Packs

Family Pack (Up To 3 Flavors, Large Side, 3 Dips & 1 Veggie Stick) 30 Pc.$26.99
Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, 2 Large Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 50 Pc.$44.49
Family Pack (Up To 5 Flavors, 3 Large Sides, 6 Dips & 3 Veggie Sticks)75 Pc.$65.99
Family Pack (Up To 4 Flavors, 2 Large Sides, 4 Dips & 2 Veggie Sticks) 40 Pc.$36.59
Family Pack (Up To 6 Flavors, 4 Large Sides, 8 Dips & 4 Veggie Sticks) 100 Pc.$88.99

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Wingstop Crispy Tenders By The Piece

Crispy Tenders 30 Pc.$38.49
Crispy Tenders 7 Pc.$8.99
Crispy Tenders 20 Pc.$28.99
Crispy Tenders 15 Pc.$19.99
Crispy Tenders 4 Pc.$5.99

Wingstop Special: 60 Cent Boneless Wings

Wingstop 60 Cent Wings MenuSizePrices
Wingstop Boneless Wings price15 Pc.$9.00
Boneless Wings10 Pc.$6.00

Wingstop Wings By The Pieces

Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 20 Pc.$15.29
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 10 Pc.$8.09
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 30 Pc.$22.49
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 15 Pc.$11.99
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 50 Pc.$34.49
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 75 Pc.$47.99
Classic, Boneless or Mix & Match Wings 100 Pc.$65.99

Wingstop Menu with Prices of Drinks

Fountain Soft Drink32 oz.$1.99
Iced Tea20 oz.$1.69
Fountain Soft Drink20 oz.$1.69
Iced Tea32 oz.$1.99

Crispy Tender Combos at Wingstop

Crispy Tender Combo5 Pc.$9.99
Crispy Tender Combo8 Pc.$17.99
Crispy Tender Combo3 Pc.$7.59

Wingstop Sides & Dips

The Wingstop Menu Prices of sides and dips are as follows. The Wingstop Fries, Salads, Baked Beans and other sides will come within the price range of $0.79

Dips (Creamy Ranch, Chunky Bleu Cheese or Honey Mustard) Large$3.19
Potato Salad Regular$1.99
Potato Salad Large$3.19
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce Regular$1.99
Cheese Fries Regular$2.99
Cole Slaw Large$3.19
Baked Beans Large$3.19
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce Small$0.99
Cheese Fries Large$4.79
Side of Flavor (Atomic, Mango Habanero, Cajun, Hot, Louisiana Rub, Mild, BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Parmesan, Hawaiian or Teriyaki)$0.79
Baked Beans Regular$1.99
Veggie Sticks (Carrots, Celery or Mix & Match)$0.89
Fresh Baked Rolls6 Pc.$2.49
Seasoned Fries Large$3.19
Seasoned Fries Regular$1.99
Cole Slaw Regular$1.99
Fresh Baked Rolls 12 Pc.$3.99
Fresh Baked Rolls 1 Pc$0.49
Dips (Creamy Ranch, Chunky Bleu Cheese or Honey Mustard) Regular$0.69
Hot Cheddar Cheese Sauce Large$3.19

Add-Ons Menu Wingstop

Add 5 Smoke9 Classic Wings$4.09
Add 5 Smoke9 Boneless Wings$4.09

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Wingstop Menu Flavors

Popular for its world flavor, this menu offers a variety of flavors starting at $0.79. These best Wingstop flavors are rich and fresh and tend to be enjoyed by most of the Wingstop customers. 

  • Lemon Pepper
  • Hawaiian
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Hickory Smoked BBQ
  • Original Hot
  • Mild
  • Louisiana Rub
  • Spicy Korean Q
  • Cajun
  • Mango Habanero
  • Atomic

Wingstop Specials (Monday and Tuesdays)

  • All-In Bundle: Comes with 16 boneless wings and 6 crispy tenders along with 3 dips, 4 flavors and large fries. It can serve upto 3 to 4 people.
  • 60 Cent Boneless Wings: Get boneless wings for just 60 cent. You can get those wings tossed and sauced in your favorite flavor.

You can avail these specials as Wingstop Tuesday and Monday deals.

Wingstop Nutrition Facts

Wingstop serves its meals with healthy values. While their food menu might be compared to fast food, Wingstop provides fresh meals at all hours. The food is never kept in the warmer at Wingstop. They are prepared every time you order the food. Thus, you are served with fresh, quality food that is not reheated. An advantage while at Wingstop is their soda refill junction. You can check the Wingstop menu nutrition info at Just download the document and check the Wingstop Calories, Sodium, Sugar, Fat, Proteins, Energy, Cholesterol, and other for the menu item you want to order.

Wingstop Allergen Menu

Wingstop commits to its customer good health and hence avoids any allergen cross-contamination while preparing the food. Providing all information, Wingstop can be directly contacted for any allergy-related food information required by customers. Else, you can check the page for complete information of the foods they use in the menu items.

Wingstop Gluten Free Menu

Some items at Wingstop may not contain the gluten but they won’t guarantee or claim that there products are gluten free. Because they fry the foods in same oil though they filter the oil before using.

Wingstop Contact Details


Dallas, Texas,
The United States


Wingstop Order Online:

If you want to check the Wingstop Secret Menu or any other offers from time to time, you can follow their social media pages.

Wingstop Near Me

Where is the nearest Wingstop? Locating a Wingstop restaurant is a simple and easy process. You can visit from your desktop or mobile and enter your zip or city, state to find the nearest store. You can either use Maps to detect your current location or enter your address, and search for nearest Wingstop to find all nearby restaurants.

Wingstop Hours

Wingstop restaurants operate between 11 am to Midnight every day. While the timings may vary location to location, the restaurant mostly closes at 12 am Midnight.  

Wingstop Reviews

Chicken wings are the most popular. However, as the restaurant chain defines it is all about the flavors, the variety of flavors offered makes it enticing. The restaurant is an excellent place to sit and relish the chicken wings with other food items. The Wingstop sauces add perfectly to the occasion. What attracts many customers is the soda refill station, where you can refill your soft drink as much as you want. Customers do not need to buy drinks again and again. While ambiance at different locations may vary, there is no compromise on either the quality or taste of food.


Does Wingstop deliver?

The Dallas based restaurant chain provides delivery through Doordash. It provides delivery service in two of its largest markets- Los Angeles and Houston. They offer a free delivery service.

Is Wingstop good?

For all wing lovers, Wingstop is the ultimate food destination. The wings are amazing, fresh, and not frozen. It serves high-quality food with strong and accurate flavors. All chicken lovers highly prefer it.

Is Wingstop gluten-free?

Wingstop does not claim to have a Wingstop gluten-free menu. They filter all the oil to minimize any cross-contamination from wheat. Also, their Hawaiian sauce contains wheat as an ingredient. Wheat is also available in the baked rolls and blue cheese dip.

Is Wingstop keto?

While keto is about a low carbs diet, Wingstop provides all nutrition information on the website. You can check carefully before ordering any meal. However, some meals at Wingstop are suitable for keto.

Is Wingstop healthy?

As fried items are usually high-calorie food, it is suggested to choose Wingstop only for weekends or on special occasions.

Is Wingstop fast food?

Wingstop is a fast-casual restaurant specializing in chicken wings. It is a restaurant serving freshly cooked meals. Along with chicken wings, Wingstop also serves glider sandwiches, salad, soup, dips, and drinks.

Is Wingstop open 24 hours?

The Wingstop restaurant is open between 11 am to Midnight. Even though the timings may vary location to location, the restaurants are mostly open until Midnight.

Does Rick Ross own Wingstop?

Maybach Music Group founder Rick Ross owns the Wingstop franchise in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida.

Does Wingstop sell beer?

Wingstop locations serve draft beer with, ofcourse, the flavored wings.

Does Wingstop accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Wingstop accepts apple pay. However, this varies at locations. You need to check before you apply to pay for the wings.  

Does Wingstop have wifi?

You can find free and shared wifi services around Wingstop. All you need is the password for their ‘guest’ internet.

Does Wingstop drug test?

No. Wingstop does not drug test.

Does Wingstop have a drive-thru?

You can shop online for delivery or eat at their restaurants in Wingstop.

Does Wingstop sell their sauces?

Wingstop has amazing sauces offered in different flavors.

Does Wingstop accept American Express?

Wingstop does not accept American Express cards.

Does Wingstop fry their wings?

Yes, Wingstop wings are deep-fried with accurate ingredients.

Does Wingstop use msg?

Wingstop prepares food of your choice, and you can even direct them on how you want it.

Does Wingstop have salads?

Wingstop serves salads additionally in the tehri menu. They serve chicken salads, which are awesome in taste.

Does Wingstop have wing Wednesday?

Wingstop offers Wednesday daily deal meals. They offer boneless wings on Monday and Tuesday at only 60centconly at participating locations.

Does Wingstop have specials?

Wingstop serves with special combos and family packs. The Monday and Tuesday wings are available at 60cent.

Does Wingstop cater?

The Wingstop catering menu includes 30 to 100 pieces of wing platter. You can also choose from a variety of dishes which include potato salad, side dishes, seasoned or cheese fries. The Wingstop catering prices ranges from $30 to $100 for wings /family packs. Sides, Drinks and Add ons will be with in $2 to $4

Who owns Wingstop?

Since its foundation in 1994, Wingstop has grown to a large chain of restaurants with more than 1000 outlets. In 2003, Wingstop was acquired by Gemini Investors, which later sold it to Roark Capital group in 2010.

What time Wingstop close?

The Wingstop outlet’s timings are between 11 am to Midnight. As time may vary at different locations, the outlets usually close at 12 am Midnight everywhere.

Who delivers Wingstop?

Wingstop has expanded its delivery to its growing market areas like Houston and Los Angeles. The Wingstop delivery is done in partnership with DoorDash.

How much are wings at Wingstop?

Wingstop is famous for wings, which are available starting at $7. You can get a pack of wings of your choice, either classic or boneless, or a mix of both.

What time does Wingstop open?

Wingstop outlets open at 11 am. On Sundays, it usually opens at 10 am.

How much are Wingstop fries price?

Wingstop serves with you a variety of fries like cheese fries, seasoned fries, or fries at different sizes like regular or small starting at $1.99.

How much is the family pack at Wingstop?

Wingstop serves you with a family pack of chicken wings ranging between $27 to $90. These are dependent on the choice of packs and pieces.

What flavors does Wingstop have?

The restaurant is popular for its best Wingstop flavors. Wingstop serves you distinct flavors of garlic parm, atomic, Louisiana, spicy Korean, Cajun, plain, and hockey smoked BBQ and lemon pepper.

What day is 50 cent wings at Wingstop?

Monday and Tuesday are special days offering Wingstop 50 cent wings at participating locations. 

What day is 60 cent wings at Wingstop?

Wingstop 60 cent wings, are available on Monday and Tuesday at participating locations.

How much is the meal for 2 at Wingstop?

Wingstop serves you with special family packs or group packs with your choice of sauce, dips, sides starting at $20.

Bottom Lines

Wingstop serves you with authentic chicken wings. With more than 1000 outlets available, Wingstop is an ever-growing brand, in constant demand by its customers due to its quality and exceptional customer service. As the brand says, “we are not about the wings. We serve you flavors”. As the restaurant provides distinguished flavors of wings with other side dishes, Wingstop is a perfect favorite outlet, especially on special occasions. The ambiance with its amicable staff makes it more endearing. Keep visiting for updated Wingstop menu prices from time to time.

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