Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android and iPhone

Having trouble in keeping a track of your weight and worried about your calorie intake? Now is the time to reduce your worries as these apps mentioned here will help you and warn you regarding every food item. These are the best food calorie counter app for Android/iPhone 2021. Have a look at these best calorie counter apps which will help you to keep a check on your diet.

Top 8 Best Calorie Counter Apps 2021

In this article, we will discuss some calorie counter apps that help you track the calories and view the nutrition information about fast food meals. The best strategy for weight loss is to eat fast food in moderation and watch the calorie count of what you are going to eat. Further below we have listed the best calorie counter apps for Android and iOS.

Best Calorie Counter Apps
  1. MyFitnessPal
  2. Restaurant Nutrition
  3. SparkPeople
  4. Fast Food Calorie Counter for Android
  5. MyNetDiary
  6. Fast Food Calories for iPhone
  7. EasyFit Free Calorie Counter
  8. FatSecret

1. MyFitnessPal – Free

MyFitnessPal is the most popular calorie tracker app for both Android and iOS. You have to sign up and be connected with this fantastic app. This app mainly deals in calorie counting which means that how much calories available for a particular food item. You can reach your desired goal with this app. Also, it is the largest database available in a diet tracker and includes many restaurant foods.

MyFitnessPal app tracks your weight and calculates a recommended daily calorie intake. Its nutrition database is very extensive, containing over 5 million foods. Also, you can download recipes from the internet or you can create custom foods and dishes. Additionally, its barcode scanner allows you to instantly enter the nutrition information of some packaged foods.

2. Restaurant Nutrition – Free

This Restaurant Nutrition is another fantastic app to view the nutritional content of fast food meals. Also, it is better than MyFitnessPal in only some ways. But its food database is not as big as MyFitnessPal app, it organizes the meals by the restaurant’s name.

If you are at McDonald’s, you can just find McDonald’s in the list and view all McDonald’s meals. This comes in handy, as you dont have to type each individual meal in the search box.

3. SparkPeople

Another full featured calorie counter app that tracks the calories count, nutrition information, goals and activities is “SparkPeople”. This SparkPeople calorie tracker is a free calorie counter app for iOS and Android users.

SparkPeople has a massive food database, so it can understand any unusual meals you entered. This app is equipped with a barcode scanner, so you can easily add the recipes and register packaged foods.

4. Fast Food Calorie Counter for Android

The fast-food calorie counter app for android is not free, it is only 99 cents. This app shows you a list of most fast food restaurants and you can just scroll through them and find your restaurant. Also, it behaves as the restaurant nutrition app, but it mainly focuses on fast food restaurants.

5. MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary app is very similar to the MyFitnessPal app. This app takes an input of the food that you eat and then tracks your calorie intake. Its calorie list contains over 600,000 food and drink items. You can also enter your exercise routine and then gives a calorie analysis and weight chart. The best feature of this app is it works on Apple Watch and also it does not require an account to use.

6. Fast Food Calories for iPhone – Free

Fast Food Calories app for iPhone is similar as of Android. But it was made by different developers and the core idea is pretty much the same though. This app gives you a list of all fast food restaurants in its database, so you can easily view them based on restaurants name.

7. EasyFit Free Calorie Counter

One of the best calorie tracker app for android 2021 is EasyFit. This app requires no login or creates an account option, so it is a safe app. The best feature of this app is you can easily store your food and meals information. Also, this is not only just a calorie tracker app but also lives exercise tracker. Android users are very lucky to have this app for free.

8. FatSecret

Another best calories counter app is FatSecret. After downloading and installing this application on your device you need to enter your goal. Also, you are required to enter some personal details like Gender, Height, Weight at present, Activity level and also the weight that you want to gain or loss. Now, directly you will be taken to the diary where you can see the calories count.

Means, you can see the calories that you need to take for the day to achieve the mentioned target. You can also see the calories that you have taken already today. It gives the option for you to add the food items which you ate on an entire day. With the help of these details, the FatSecret app will reduce the count of calories automatically from the day’s goal.


Above, we have provided the best calorie counter apps 2021 for Android and iOS. These apps will help you to live a healthy life by eating and drinking good nutritious food item. You can easily download these apps for free. If you found this information helpful to choose the best calorie tracker app, then keep visiting our portal.

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