Bob Evans Menu Prices

Are you craving hot and delicious soups and farm-inspired dishes? Then do visit the Bob Evans restaurant and enjoy your famed styled meal. But make sure to call about the dishes served in the restaurant. Read on further to know about the Bob Evans menu prices, respectively.

Bob Evans Restaurant : Dishes from Farm to your Table

Bob Evans is a famous American based restaurant founded way back in 1948. It is popular for their healthy and authentic food. Bob Evans restaurant was founded by a man named Bob Evans, and it is headquartered in New Albany, Ohio. It is presently owned by the golden gate capital and has about 46,818 employees.

bob evans menu prices image
Bob Evans Menu Prices image

The Bob Evans chain of restaurants is quite famous for its old school style of cooking with the best old-style recipes and tastes that many restaurants fail to achieve. Bob Evans has maintained its authenticity over the years. Their food is nothing but rich and delicious. Bob Evans claims that they use all the old school recipes for all their dishes, which leave the customers happy and come back wanting more.

The Bob Evans serves farm-inspired soups that will surely warm you up from the inside. Bob Evans also serves salads of the best kind, sandwiches with fresh veggies, big farm burgers, and platters. Apart from that, the Bob Evans restaurants even serves breakfast and lunch. Not many restaurants serve breakfast, but Bob Evans not only serves breakfast; it serves breakfast all day, and the customers are obsessed.

Bob Evans Menu with Prices

Bob Evans, as mentioned earlier, serves breakfast and lunch all day. Apart from this, the Bob Evans restaurant is famed among the customers for its signature soups, farm-fresh salads, specialty sandwich platters, knife and fork sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwich platters, combos, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out complete Bob Evans menu prices below.

Bob Evans Breakfast Menu

The Bob Evans breakfast menu consists of the steak and fresh farm eggs, the homestead breakfast, the farmer’s choice breakfast, the sunshine skillet, the rise and shine, sausage gravy breakfast, the mini sampler, sunrise pot roast hash and more. The prices of these items are between $4 to $10.

Golden-Brown Home Fries$2.19
Bob Evans Sausage Gravy & Biscuits$4.69
Country Biscuit Breakfast$5.99
Hickory Smoked Ham$3.39
Sunshine Skillet$8.79
Steel Cut Oatmeal Cup$3.49
Sausage Gravy Bowl$3.79
Two Sausage Patties$3.39
English Muffin$1.99
Classic Breakfast$6.79
Country Fried Steak & Farm Fresh Eggs$9.49
Steel Cut Oatmeal Bowl$4.49
Hash Browns$2.19
Fruit and Banana Nut Bread$3.99
Buttermilk Biscuits 2 Biscuits$1.99
The Big Egg Breakfast$8.99
Country Gravy Bowl$2.99
Sirloin Steak & Farm Fresh Eggs$9.99
Deluxe Veggie Omelet$8.79
Double Blueberry Hotcakes$6.99
Two Turkey Sausage links$3.39
Almond Toffee Brioche French Toast$6.99
The Rise & Shine$7.99
One Buttermilk Hotcake$1.30
Border Scramble Omelet$8.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit$2.19
One Multigrain Hotcake$1.30
Four Buttermilk Hotcakes$4.99
Bowl of Grits$3.49
Farmer’s Choice Breakfast$8.99
Build Your Own Omelet$7.99
Early Bird$4.99
Western Omelet$8.99
Sausage Gravy Cup$2.69
Bob Evans Sausage Gravy Breakfast$6.69
Chocolate Coconut Brioche French Toast$6.99
Country Gravy Cup$1.99
Hardwood Smoke Bacon$3.39
Brioche French Toast$4.99
Seasonal Breads$1.99
Cup of Grits$2.49
Cinnamon Supreme Hotcakes$6.99
BEFit Breakfast$5.99
Two Buttermilk Hotcakes$2.59
The Mini Sampler$5.99
Bob Evans Sausage Links$3.39
Belgian Waffle Breakfast$7.49
Griddle Combo$5.99
Four Multigrain Hotcakes$4.59
Golden Cornmeal Mush Breakfast$7.99
Double Chocolate Hotcakes$6.99
Blueberry Supreme Brioche French Toast$6.99
The Homestead Breakfast$9.49
Two Multigrain Hotcakes$2.59

Bob Evans Lunch Menu

The Bob Evans lunch menu consists of the apple-cranberry spinach salad, fresh fruit plate, chicken tomato, and spinach pasta, hearty beef vegetable, farm festival bean, chicken and noodles, baked russet potato, fresh garden salad, fresh steamed broccoli. The Bob Evans prices of these items are $5 to $11.

Lunch and Dinner MenuPrices
Big Farm Hamburger (Combo)$7.39
Heritage Chef Salad (Savor-size)$7.89
Salmon Fillet$10.79
The Farm Favorite Burger (Platter)$10.29
The Farm Favorite Burger (Combo)$9.39
The Farm Grill Chicken Sandwich (Platter)$8.29
The Farm Grill Chicken Club Sandwich (Combo)$8.39
Cobb Salad (Full-size)$8.69
Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad (Savor-size)$7.89
The Farm Favorite Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Combo)$8.39
Grilled Chicken Strips$9.49
Slow-Roasted Turkey Breast$10.79
Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad (Full-size)$8.69
The Farm Favorite Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Platter)$9.29
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad (Full-size)$8.69
Big Farm Bacon Cheeseburger (Combo)$8.59
Heritage Chef Salad (Full-size)$8.69
Cobb Salad (Savor-size)$7.89
Big Farm Bacon Cheeseburger (Platter)$9.49
The Farm Grill Chicken Sandwich (Combo)$7.39
The Three Cheese Burger (Platter)$9.29
Big Farm Hamburger (Platter)$8.29
The Three Cheese Burger (Combo)$8.39
The Farm Grill Chicken Club Sandwich (Platter)$9.29
Grilled Chicken Breast$10.19
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad (Savor-size)$7.89

The Bob Evans Dinner Menu

The Bob Evans consists of the grilled salmon fillet. The potato crusted flounder, and the grilled chicken breast, and more. The prices of these items are between $5 to $11.

Bob Evans Dinner Entrees
3-Course Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders Dinner$10.99
3-Course Blackened Fish Fillet Dinner$10.99
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders Dinner$8.99
Crispy Chicken Breast Savor Size$6.99
Slow Roasted Chicken Pot Pie Dinner$7.99
Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$9.99
3-Course Blackened USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$13.99
Slow Roasted Chicken Pot Pie Savor Size$6.99
Blackened USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$11.99
3-Course Slow Roasted Chicken Pot Pie Dinner$9.99
3-Course Wildfire Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$14.99
3-Course Slow Roasted Pot Roast Dinner$12.79
3-Course USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$13.99
3-Course Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing Dinner$12.79
Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing Dinner$10.79
Crispy Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$9.99
3-Course Crispy Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$9.99
3- Course Crispy Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$11.99
Slow Roasted Pot Roast Dinner$10.79
3-Course Potato Crusted Flounder Dinner$10.99
3-Course Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast Two Piece Dinner$11.99
Country Fried Steak Dinner$7.99
3-Course Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$9.99
Bleu Cheese & Bacon USDA Choice Sirloin 3 Course Dinner$13.99
Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing Savor Size$6.99
Grilled Chicken Breast Savor Size$6.99
3-Course Country Fried Steak Dinner$9.99
Potato Crusted Flounder Dinner$8.99
Black Angus Chopped Steak Dinner$9.99
Crispy Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$7.99
Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$12.99
Wildfire Grilled Chicken Breast One Piece Dinner$7.99
Slow Roasted Pot Roast Savor Size$8.99
3-Course Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$14.99
Wildfire Grilled Salmon Fillet Dinner$12.99
Slow Roasted Pork and Mushroom Deep Dish 3 Course Dinner$9.99
Blackened Fish Fillet Dinner$8.99
Country Fried Steak Savor Size$6.99
USDA Choice Sirloin Dinner$11.99
Slow Roasted Chicken N Noodles Deep Dish Dinner Savor Size$7.99
3-Course Black Angus Chopped Steak Dinner$11.99

The Bob Evans Signature Soups Menu

The Bob Evans signature soups consist of the farm festival bean soup, the hearty beef vegetable soup, cheddar baked potato soup. The prices of these items are $5 to $7.

Bob Evans Soup Menu and Starters
Cheddar Baked Potato Soup (Family-Size)$5.00
Pick-Two Combo$6.99
Broccoli Cheddar (Family-Size)$5.00
Cheddar Baked Potato Soup (Cup)$2.99
Cheddar Baked Potato Soup (Bowl)$3.99
County Fair Cheese Bites$5.99
Chicken-N-Noodles (Bowl)$3.99
Breaded Garlic Mushrooms$4.99
Bob Evans Original Recipe Chili (Family-Size)$5.00
Farm Festival Bean Soup (Cup)$2.99
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup (Family-Size)$5.00
Chicken-N-Noodles (Family-Size)$5.00
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup (Cup)$2.99
Bob Evans Original Recipe Chili (Cup)$2.99
Farmhouse Garden Salad$2.99
Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Bowl)$3.99
Bob Evans Original Recipe Chili (Bowl)$3.99
Farm Festival Bean Soup (Bowl)$3.99
Chicken-N-Noodles (Cup)$2.99
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup (Bowl)$3.99
Farm Festival Bean (Family-Size)$5.00
Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Cup)$2.99
Half-Sandwich Combo$6.99

Bob Evans Farm-Fresh Salads Menu

The Bob Evans salads menu consists of the cranberry pecan chicken salad, heritage chef salad, cobb salad, apple cranberry spinach salad, chicken salad. The prices of these items are $3 to $8.

Bob Evans Salads
Cobb Salad (Full-size)$8.69
Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad (Full-size)$8.69
BBQ Chicken Salad (Savor-size)$7.89
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad (Savor-size)$7.89
Apple Cranberry Spinach Salad (Savor-size)$7.89
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad (Full-size)$8.69
Heritage Chef Salad (Full-size)$8.69
BBQ Chicken Salad (Full-size)$8.69
Heritage Chef Salad (Savor-size)$7.89
Cobb Salad (Savor-size)$7.89

Bob Evans Speciality Burgers & Sandwiches Menu

The Bob Evans sandwich platter consists of the slow-roasted turkey bacon melt, grilled cheese, pot roast sandwich, slow-roasted turkey, homemade meatloaf, and more. The cost of these items is $7 to $11.

The Bob Evans burgers menu consists of the smokehouse burger, the farm favorite burger, the three cheeseburgers, big farm bacon cheeseburger, big farm cheeseburger, and big farm hamburger. The costs of these items are between $8 to $11.

Slow Roasted Turkey Bacon Melt Platter$8.99
Steakhouse Burger Platter$10.99
Bob Evans Farmboy Platter$6.49
The Three Cheese Burger Platter$9.59
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich$9.49
Slow Roasted Pot Roast Sandwich Platter$8.99
Hamburger Combo$7.59
Bob Evans Burger Combo$9.99
Bob Evans Burger Platter$10.99
The Three Cheese Burger Combo$8.59
Slow Roasted Turkey Knife & Fork Sandwich$7.99
Slow Roasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich Platter$7.99
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich$8.49
Steakhouse Burger Combo$9.99
Bob Evans Farmboy Combo$5.49
Bacon Cheeseburger Combo$8.79
Bacon Cheeseburger Platter$9.79
Five Cheese Griddled Cheese Sandwich Platter$7.99
Slow Roasted Ham & Cheese Sandwich Combo$6.99
Five Cheese Griddled Cheese Sandwich Combo$6.99
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich$8.49
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich$9.49
Hamburger Platter$8.59

Bob Evans Menu and Prices of Classic Meals

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce (Full-size)$7.99
Chicken Tenders (Fried)$9.29
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce (Savor-size)$6.99
Fried Chicken (Two Piece)$10.19
Chicken Tenders (Grilled)$9.29
Meat Loaf & Gravy (One Piece)$7.49
Chicken Penne Pasta (Full-size)$9.99
Chicken Penne Pasta (Savor-size)$8.99
Country-Fried Steak$9.99
Fried Chicken (One Piece)$8.99
Hickory-Smoked Ham$8.99
Meat Loaf & Gravy (Two Piece)$9.79
Grilled Chicken (One Piece)$8.99
Grilled Chicken (Two Piece)$10.19

Bob Evans Family Meals

Farm Festival Bean Soup$4.99
Grilled Chicken Breasts 2 Sides$24.99
Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing 1 Side$19.99
Wildfire Chicken Salad$19.99
Pecan Pie$11.49
Rise & Shine$19.99
Homestead Breakfast$24.99
Chicken N Noodles Deep Dish 2 Sides$24.99
Steel Cut Oatmeal$5.99
Almond Toffee Cake$5.00
French Silk Pie Whole$11.49
Blackberry Cobbler Slice$2.99
Baked Russet Potato$6.00
Banana Nut Bread Loaf$5.00
Freshly Baked Rolls 1 dozen$5.99
Slow Roasted Pot Roast 2 Sides$24.99
Pumpkin Bread$5.00
Pumpkin Pie Slice$2.99
Farmer’s Breakfast$19.99
Grilled Chicken Breasts 1 Side$19.99
Pumpkin Pie Whole$10.99
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders 2 Sides$24.99
Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw$6.00
Cobb Salad$19.99
Double Crust Apple Pie Whole$11.49
Golden Brown Home Fries$6.00
Slow Roasted Pot Roast 1 Side$19.99
Bread & Celery Dressing$6.00
Country Fried Steak 1 Side$19.99
Blackberry Cobbler Whole$9.99
Pot Roast Sliders 2 Sides$24.99
Chicken N Noodles Soup$5.99
Freshly Baked Rolls 1/2 dozen$2.99
Double Crust Apple Pie Slice$2.99
Freshly Baked Buttermilk Biscuits 1/2 dozen$2.99
Broccoli Cheddar Soup$5.99
Chicken N Noodles Deep Dish 1 Side$19.99
Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad$19.99
Country Fried Steak 2 Sides$24.99
Slow Roasted Turkey & Dressing 2 Sides$24.99
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$6.00
Pot Roast Sliders 1 Side$19.99
Side Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$6.00
Farmhouse Garden Salad$6.00
Glazed Baby Carrots$6.00
Cheddar Baked Potato Soup$5.99
Freshly Baked Buttermilk Biscuits 1 dozen$5.99
Bob Evans Original Recipe Chili$7.99
Coconut Cream Pie Whole$10.99
Green Beans with Ham$6.00
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders 1 Side$19.99
Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup$5.99
Side Macaroni & Cheese$6.00
Cranberry Relish$7.99

Bob Evans Farmhouse Feast

Serves 4 Farmhouse Feast$49.99
Premium Farmhouse Feast (Turkey and Ham)$109.99
Serves 8 Farmhouse Feast$79.99

Bob Evans Restaurant Menu for Appetizers

Twisted Cheese Sticks$3.99
Crispy Onion Petals$3.99

Bob Evans Kids Menu

The regular kids menu and prices is tabulated below. Also, there is a Bob Evans Kids Eat Free deal on every Tuesday after 4 pm. For each adult entree, you can get one free kids meal.

Bob Evans Kid Menu
Lil Farmers Breakfast$4.29
Strawberry Sundae$1.49
Kids’ Cheeseburger$4.29
Cheese Omelet$4.29
Little Piggy Hotcakes$4.29
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.29
Grilled Chicken Breast$4.29
Caramel Sundae$1.29
Sunny Scrambles$4.29
Bob Evans Mac and Cheese$4.29
Garden Salad$2.19
Chicken N Noodles$4.29
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy$1.49
Grilled Cheese Triangles$4.29
French Fries$1.49
Baked Russet Potato$1.49
Glazed Baby Carrots$1.49
Chocolate Fudge Sundae$1.29
Green Beans with Ham$1.49
I’m Smiling Sundae$1.59
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tenders$4.29
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$1.49
Bread & Celery Dressing$1.49
Turkey Lurkey$4.29

Bob Evans Sides (Farmhouse Sides)

Glazed Baby Carrots$2.19
Golden Brown Home Fries$2.19
Green Beans with Ham$2.19
Fresh Steamed Broccoli$2.19
Special Recipe Macaroni & Cheese$2.19
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy$2.19
Crispy French Fries$2.19
Loaded Baked Potato$3.18
Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw$2.19
Baked Potato$2.19
Shredded Hash Browns$2.19
Farmhouse Garden Salad$2.99

Bob Evans Beverages

Bob Evans Menue for DrinksPrices
Bob Evans Signature Harvest Roast Coffee$2.19
Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Rootbeer, & Sprite$2.39
Bob Evans Breakfast Blend Coffee$2.19
Cinnamon Hot Chocolate$2.19
Bob Evans Harvest Decaf Coffee$2.19
Caramel Mocha$2.49
Arnold Palmer$2.39
Orange Juice, Apple Juice, and Tomato Juice$2.69
Hot Chocolate$1.99
White Milk and Chocolate Milk$2.69
Freshly Brewed Iced Tea$2.39

Bob Evans Desserts

Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies 4$5.50
Almond Toffee Cheesecake$3.39
Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies 1$1.49
Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies 1$1.49
Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies 4$5.50
Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies 8$8.00
Giant Chocolate Chunk Cookies 8$8.00
Caramel Sundae$1.29
Cinnamon Blossoms 1$1.29
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies$6.00
French Silk Pie$2.99
Pecan Pie$2.99
Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies 8$8.00
Giant Snickerdoodle Cookies 1$1.49
Cinnamon Blossoms 5$5.00
Chocolate Fudge Sundae$1.29
Pumpkin Pie$2.99
Double Crust Apple Pie$2.99
Cinnamon Blossoms 10$8.00
Blackberry Cobbler$2.99
Coconut Cream Pie$2.99
Giant Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies 4$5.50

Bob Evans Catering Menu

The Bob Evans specials for catering along with prices are mentioned below.

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy$15.00
Wildfire Chicken Potato Bar$80.00
Salad Soup & Bread Combo$80.00
Country Fried Steak$100.00
Slow Roasted Pot Roast$100.00
Box Lunch Whole Deli Sandwiches$10.00
Grilled Chicken$100.00
Soup Salad & Wrap Combo$80.00
Homestyle Fried Chicken Tender Platter$29.99
Dessert Platter$17.00
Signature Breakfast$90.00
Bob Evans Harvest Decaf Coffee$12.00
Vegetable Tray$15.00
Classic Baked Potato Bar$70.00
Box Lunch Half Wraps$7.00
Box Lunch Premium Salads$8.00
Wildfire Potato Bar$60.00
Steel Cut Oatmeal$40.00
Green Beans with Ham$10.00
Burger Bar$90.00
Garden Salad$15.00
Hickory Smoked Ham$100.00
Vegetarian Wildfire Potato Bar$60.00
Gallon Lemonade$7.00
Meat and Cheese Platter$50.00
Catering Country Cobb Salad Serves 10$60.00
Classic Breakfast$60.00
Gallon Orange Juice$10.00
Homestyle Chicken Potato Bar$80.00
Bob Evans Breakfast Sandwiches$60.00
Gallon Sweet Iced Tea$5.00
Box Lunch Half Deli Sandwiches$8.00
Western Egg Scramble$80.00
Pot Roast Slider Buffet$90.00
Gallon Iced Tea$5.00
Slow Roasted Turkey and Dressing$100.00
Catering Wildfire Chicken Salad Serves 10$60.00
Vegetable Egg Scramble$70.00
Seasonal Fruit$15.00
Mac N Cheese$15.00
Border Egg Scramble$80.00
Box Lunch Whole Wraps$9.00
Catering Cranberry Pecan Chicken Salad Serves 10$60.00
Bob Evans Signature Coleslaw$10.00

Bob Evans Nutrition Facts

Bob Evans is a country-style restaurant, and all of their food is cooked from scratch and in a healthy way. Eating at Bob Evans is usually considered as a healthier option than eating at other fast-food restaurants. You can check the complete Bob Evans menu nutrition information at Bob Evans might use nuts, eggs, and milk in their food. Therefore customers allergic to these items must check Bob Evans allergen menu at the nutrition page given above and order at their discretion.

Bob Evans Gluten Free Menu

The Bob Evans gluten-free menu consists of the rise and shine, steak and farm fresh eggs, pot roast hash, the farm favorite burger, the three cheeseburgers, and more, the farm grilled chicken sandwich.

Bob Evans Vegan Menu

Bob Evans even offers the vegan options. There will be no vegan items in any of its main dishes or entrees. But there are many options in its sides and salads menu for vegans. You can confirm at the restaurant for such items before making an order.

Bob Evans Contact Details

Bob Evans can be contacted in the following ways listed below:

Headquarters address:

Bob Evans restaurant,
New Albany, Ohio,
United States of America.

Contact number: 866-616-6464.


Bob Evans Order Online:

Email id:

Bob Evans Delivery Option

Bob Evans delivers food to those customers who would love to enjoy the food of Bob Evans from the comfort of their homes. All the customer has to do is to order the food of their choice from the official website or the Bob Evans app and have it delivered to their address. The customers can also make use of third-party apps.

Bob Evans Near Me

The nearest Bob Evans can be located by typing Bob Evans near me in the google search engine of the google maps. Alternatively, the customer can also make use of the official store locator provided on the official website to locate the store nearest to them;

Bob Evans Hours

This Bob Evans is open from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm from Mondays to Saturdays and from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on Sundays.

Bob Evans Reviews

The customers are completely in love with Bob Evans country-style food and old school dishes. Customers have mentioned that Bob Evans food is what they consider to be a healthier option than when compared to the regular fast food options. Bob Evans incorporates taste and health into their food, and there have not been many bad reviews except complaints like the order taking too long to arrive.


Is Bob Evans closing?

Bob Evans did announce that they will be closing down 27 of their restaurants.

Is Bob Evans a buffet?

No, Bob Evans does not have a buffet option.

Is Bob Evans expensive?

Yes, Bob Evans is a little bit of the expensive side.

Does Bob Evans drug test?

Yes, Bob Evans drug tests their employees regularly.

Does Bob Evans have take out?

Yes, Bob Evans has got the take out option. And the Bob Evans take out menu is similar to the regular menu that is provided above.

Does Bob Evans have WIFI?

Yes, Bob Evans has got WIFI. You can ask the staff for the password.

Does Bob Evans take reservations?

Yes, Bob Evans does take reservations.

Does Bob Evans serve alcohol?

No, Bob Evans does not serve alcohol.

Who owns Bob Evans?

The golden gate capital owns the Bob Evans.

How many Bob Evans are there?

There are about 500 Bob Evans locations.

When do kids eat free at Bob Evans?

Kids can eat free in Bob Evans on Tuesdays.

How much is an average meal at Bob Evans?

An average meal at Bob Evans costs about $5.

Does Bob Evans have a senior menu?

No, Bob Evans has not got a senior menu.

How much are Bob Evans family meals?

The family meals at Bob Evans are about $30.

What kind of food does Bob Evans serve?

Bob Evans serves country style farm food.

How much is the Bob Evans farmhouse feast?

The Bob Evans farmhouse feast is about $50.

Does Bob Evans serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Bob Evans does serve breakfast all day.

Is Bob Evans sausage gluten-free?

Yes, Bob Evans sausage is gluten-free.

Does Bob Evans have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, Bob Evans has got a gluten-free menu option.

Does Bob Evans deliver?

Yes, Bob Evans does deliver their food.

What time does Bob Evans open?

Bob Evans opens at around 6:00 am on regular days and at 7:00 am on Sundays.

What time does Bob Evans close?

Bob Evans closes at around 9:00 pm every day.

What time does Bob Evans serve lunch?

Bob Evans serves lunch at about 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm.

How much is Bob Evans Thanksgiving Dinner price?

Thanksgiving Farmhouse Feast starts from $10 at Bob Evans.

Final Words

Enjoy a delicious home and country style cooked food at Bob Evans restaurant, but do take a look at the menu before making a visit to the restaurant or ordering online. Read the Bob Evans menu prices table to get a thorough details.

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