Waffle House Menu Prices

Do you love waffles? Then Waffle House is the best place you can ever visit. They have a dining service where you can enjoy your meal. By having a look at the menu, you can customize your order according to your taste and budget. They serve several kinds of dishes from waffles, pancakes, hash browns, and many more. Now let us dig into Waffle House menu prices.

Waffle House Restaurant

Waffle House is a chain of American casual dining restaurants founded by Joe Rogers Sr. Tom Forkner. It is operating in 2100 locations in 25 states of the United States. It started on September 5, 1955.

waffle house menu prices image
Waffle House menu prices image

There is a very inspired myth about the Waffle House. That is, “Waffle House doors have no locks.”The company is the world’s largest seller of menu items such as waffles, Ham, Pork Chops, grits, and steaks.

They have company-owned outlets and franchise led restaurants with catering services available. You can get the nutrition information at the restaurant upon request. Waffle House also sells gift cards or gift certificates. You can order them online from their website. Waffles are very popular and delicious here. It is a family restaurant, and you can have a good time with your family or friends here. You can refer the Waffle House full menu along with prices in the below sections.

Waffle House Menu with Prices

At Waffle House, the price of a waffle starts at $1. The cost of a pancake begins at $1. Hash Browns and steak prices start at $2. The milkshakes are very popular here, and the price starts at $4. The breakfast menu has many options like eggs, omelets, and the price starts at $1. There are other menu items available such as biscuit and gravy. 

Waffle House Menu and Prices for Waffles

Latest Waffle House Waffle Price list is as follows.

Waffle (Double)$4.05
Waffle (Single)$3.05
Pecan Waffle$3.55

Waffle House Breakfast Menu

Waffle House serves breakfast throughout the day and has many options. The Waffle House menu prices for breakfast start at $6.

Substitute Country Ham$1
Waffle House All Star Special Breakfast$7.50

Waffle House Steak and Eggs Menu Prices

The Steak and Eggs at a Waffle House are delicious, and the cost depends upon the special you order. The price usually starts at $7.

  • 5 oz. Ribeye and Eggs – $8.85
  • 10 oz. T-Bone and Eggs – $10.70
  • Country Ham and Eggs – $7.20
  • Papa Joe’s Pork Chops and Eggs (Regular 2 chops.) – $7.80
  • Papa Joe’s Pork Chops and Eggs (Meat lovers 3 chops.) – $9.80
  • Grilled Chicken and Eggs (Regular 1 breast) – $7.25
  • Grilled Chicken and Eggs (Meat lovers 2 breast) – $9.25

Waffle House Prices for Eggs Menu

1 Egg$3.20
2 Eggs$3.60
3 Eggs$4.00
Cheese ‘N Eggs$4.60

Waffle House Coffee Menu Prices

Coffee at Waffle House is very delicious. The Waffle House coffee price starts at $1.80.

Dark Roast$1.80
To Go Large$2.30
To Go Regular$1.80

Waffle House Hash Browns

  • Regular Hashbrowns – $1.95
  • Large Hashbrowns – $2.45
  • Triple Hashbrowns – $2.70
  • All the Way Hashbrowns – $5.00

Waffle House Drinks

Alice’s Iced Tea$1.80
Soft Drinks$1.80
Orange Juice Large$2.30
Ice Cold Milk Large$2.10
Ice Cold Milk To Go Large$2.30
Chocolate Milk Large$2.30
Hot Chocolate$1.80
Alice’s Iced Tea-Mondate$1.80
Orange Juice Regular$1.80
Ice Cold Milk Regular$1.80
Ice Cold Milk To Go Regular$1.80
Chocolate Milk Regular$1.80
Hot Tea$1.80

Waffle House Omelets Menu

It comes under the Waffle House special all-star breakfast, and the price starts at $2.

Ham and Cheese Omelet$5.85
Cheesesteak Omelet$6.50
Fiesta Omelet$6.50
Cheese Omelet$5.45

Waffle House Kids Menu (Lunch and Dinner Meals)

They have a kid menu where the calories are too low. They have a separate allergen menu for people with different kinds of allergies. This best fits for people who are diet conscious as most of the items come below 400 calories. The price starts at $4.

Kid’s Waffle with Bacon$4.25
Kid’s 1 Egg Breakfast$4.25
Kid’s Grilled Cheese with Hashbrowns$4.25
Kid’s Waffle with Sausage$4.25
Kid’s Cheeseburger with Hashbrowns$4.25

Waffle House $5 Menu

There will be a menu called 15 meals for $5. There will be breakfast and lunch/dinner items in this menu which costs $5 each. You need to know about this menu prior the visit because, they might not show you their $5 menu unless you ask them to.

Waffle House Value Dollars Menu

This Waffle House menue has special items mentioned below and begins at $1.

Waffle House Value MenuPrices
Original Angus Cheeseburger$1.00
Grilled Biscuit and Jelly$1.00
Double Original Angus Cheeseburger$2.00
Grilled Chicken Biscuit$3.00
2 Grilled Biscuits and Sausage Gravy$3.00
Sausage, Egg and Cheese Grits Bowl$3.00
2 Grilled Bacon Biscuits$3.00
2 Grilled Sausage Biscuits$3.00
Bert’s Chili with 3 Toppings$4.00
1 Egg Breakfast and Drink$4.00
Pecan Waffle and Drink$5.00
Hashbrowns Scattered All the Way$5.00
Grilled Ham and Cheese and Hashbrowns$5.00

Waffle House Nutrition Facts

Waffle House prepares all the dishes using fresh ingredients, thus avoiding preservatives. They serve food with proper nutrition value. The sugar content of the beverages and milkshakes is minimum. All the dishes have the right amount of protein and other vitamins. You can check the Waffle House menu nutrition at official portal or you can ask at the restaurant to know the calories, fat, proteins, energy, sugar content and others of each menu item.

Waffle House Allergy Menu

It is mainly for people who have allergies for foods like Egg, Milk, Peanuts, Fish, etc. Waffle House menu items might contain these foods. So, if you are allergen to any food, better ask them for the allergen menu and know the ingredients of the menu item you are interested in.

Waffle House Gluten Free Menu

There are no gluten free options at the Waffle House. However, there are a few hash browns at Waffle House which are gluten free and you can ask at restaurant for more gluten-free options.

Waffle House Vegan Menu

Hash Browns are the only vegan options available at Waffle House. So, if you are a vegan you can have garden salad, soda, coffee, juice, tea, toast with jelly (without butter).

Waffle House Catering Menu

The catering menu and prices of Waffle House is given in brief below.

Waffle House Breakfast for Catering

  • Cheese ‘N Eggs Breakfast – $7.50/person
  • Waffle Bar – $5.00/person
  • Hashbrown Bar – $5.50/person
  • All-Star Breakfast – Half Order $8/person and Full Order $9/person
  • Cheesesteak Melt Hashbrown Bowl – $8/person
  • A La Carte – Ranges from $2 to $4 for each person

Waffle House Catering Lunch/Dinner Menu

  • Classic Dinners
    • Pork Chop Dinner – $9.50/person
    • Sirloin Steak Dinner – $10.50/person
    • Grilled Chicken Dinner – $9.25/person
  • Chilli
    • Bert’s Chili Bar – $6.50/person
    • Bert’s Chili – $4/person
  • Aunt Maggie’s Pie – $2.75
  • Burgers & Sandwiches – $2 to $5.75

Waffle House Contact Information


5986 Financial Drive,
Norcross, Georgia,
The United States.

Website: www.wafflehouse.com

Gift Card Help Line: 866-204-5393

Waffle House Near Me

Where is the nearest Waffle House? Finding a Waffle House Restaurant near you is a pretty quick and straightforward process. You need to search for the location option on their website. You have to fill your address or your current location details over there. It gives you details of restaurants which are located close to you. After taking the address, you can get a map that guides you properly.

Waffle House Hours

Most of the Waffle House restaurants open 24/7. They are open on all days of a year without taking a leave. Some restaurants operate on particular fixed timings. They have special waffle hours on Thursdays. The schedules are from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 to 11:00 p.m.

Waffle House Reviews

Waffle House is very famous for its waffles worldwide. Most people love their waffles. Apart from waffles, they serve many tasty dishes on their menus such as burgers, biscuits and gravy, chocolate milk, and many more. The staff here is amicable and guides us with the menu options. The delivery facility is also excellent and prompt. The environment here is cozy and welcoming. They are excellent at customer service, which makes us return. They know very well to cheer their customers and take good care of them apart from the fantastic hot food they serve.


Is Waffle House a franchise?

Waffle House runs on the franchise. This is an excellent restaurant with good tasting food and quality service since 1955. To become a part of Waffle House, you need to have a minimum of $40000. The cost varies from place to place.

Is there a Waffle House in California?

There are no Waffle House locations in California. Apart from California, there are some locations such as Alaska, Hawaii, Minnesota, and many more where you cannot find the Waffle House.

Is Waffle House good?

Waffle House is a good restaurant and opens 24/7 for 365 days a year. They serve their guests with delicious waffles, pancakes, and other dishes.

Is Waffle House fast food?

Waffle House is a table service Fast Food establishment which has a speed delivery at most of the locations. They operate at more than 1500 restaurants company and franchise-owned. They got the title as they are the world’s leading server of waffles, omelets, the t-bone steaks, and many more.

Does Waffle House have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is not available at Waffle House. Waffle House is a small restaurant with a table run of 20 minutes.

Does Waffle House deliver?

The famous breakfast chain, Waffle House, announced its new partnership with delivery startup Roadie. According to the Wall Street Journal, Roadie now hopes to compete with companies like fixEx and UPS. It is planning to offer travelers a chance to earn extra money by delivering Packages on the way.

Is Waffle House a gun-free zone?

A gun-free zone is a place where unauthorized individuals are exempted from possessing a loaded or unsecured firearm. Waffles’ house has a gun-free zone, but there are many incidents of gunfire happening recently, of which some are not even being reported.

Is Waffle House expensive?

All the Waffle House items are affordable. The price may be a little higher here compared to other restaurants because they prepare using all fresh ingredients. It is worth it.

Does Waffle House do take out?

Yes, Waffle House provides you with taking out the facility. Inside of large dishes, you can serve your guests with hash browns and waffles.

Does Waffle House drug test?

Waffle House do not drug test.

Does Waffle House have biscuits and gravy?

Waffle House prepares its creamy white goodness, which is the sausage gravy. If you visit an excellent Waffle House, you can get the well-seasoned sauce. If not, you may need the pick something blander than you would like. More than often, the gravy is what you want. It also serves biscuits.

Does Waffle House have milkshakes?

Yes, Waffle House serves milkshakes, which are very delicious and nutritious. You can get different flavors of milkshakes here with less calorie intake and good protein.

Does Waffle House take American express?

Waffle House accepts American Express. Apart from this, they are glad to accept cash, visa, and MasterCard. But they do not receive a check.

Who owns Waffle House?

Roger’s family owns Waffle House. They remain a closely held company with virtual assets of ten million shares of stocks owned by company employees. The Rogers family is still running the company.

What is the best thing to eat at Waffle House?

There are many famous dishes and best things at a Waffle House, such as biscuits and gravy, pancakes, grilled chicken biscuit, cheesecake omelet, coffee, cheesesteak omelet, sausages, cheese grits bowl, grilled biscuits and many more.

How much is a bowl of grits at Waffle House?

A bowl of grits is trendy and delicious at Waffle House. The price depends upon the size. A regular bowl of grits cost around $1.95 whereas a large one costs about $2.45.

What is the All-Star Special at Waffle House?

The all-star special at Waffle House comes with hash Browns or grits, sausage, toast, Waffle, or biscuit. They are all delicious, and it’s a lot to eat. The Waffle House All Star Special price is around $6.5 plus tax.

Does Waffle House have a secret menu?

Waffle House serves different secret menus but only when disaster strikes. Depending upon the type of a catastrophe and how bad it is, a Waffle House has 4 secret menus. A diner can choose from those Waffle House secret menus. There are options like burgers, hash browns, eggs, which can be grilled and still on the no power menu.

Does Waffle House have pancakes?

Waffle House serves pancakes on their menu. Some people like pancakes more than waffles. But this does not mean that Waffle House is content with their current menu. They are trying to develop their menu and please more customers.

Does Waffle House have chicken and waffles?

Waffle House serves chicken and waffles. The only thing they do not have is fried chicken, as they don’t have fryers in the restaurants. They are served at various locations.

How much is a waffle at Waffle House?

Waffle House is famous for its waffles worldwide. They serve very delicious waffles. The cost for a single waffle is around $3 a double Waffle is $4.

How to make Waffle House hash browns?

Here is what we should understand about making hash brown at Waffle House. They are prepared using the dehydrated potatoes and not flakes. The reconstituted potatoes get well-drained and cooked into a flat top griddle with the generous amount of butter flavored oil.

Does Waffle House sell pancakes?

Yes, Waffle House has pancakes on their menu. They are a delicious and favorite dish of many customers apart from the waffles. They prepare this with eggs.

Does Waffle House serve breakfast all day?

Yes, Waffle House breakfast is available throughout the day. By serving breakfast around the clock, Waffle House is inspiring its competitors. Their vision is to combine fast food, which is available 24 hours a day with table service.

How much is the all-star breakfast at Waffle House?

Star breakfast at Waffle House starts at $5, and it ranges between $5 to $8. Most of the time, the price comes around $7. It focuses primarily on its eggs, steaks, and waffles.

Is Waffle House open 24 hours?

Waffle House restaurants are open 24/7 for 365 days a year. They serve not only waffles but also other items like pancakes. You even have a home delivery option.

What time does Waffle House close?

Most of the Waffle House restaurants operate 24/7. Some run on particular timings. They usually close at 11:00 p.m. This depends on the location of the restaurant.


Waffle House is a chain of family dining restaurants. It is prevalent for waffles, pancakes, grits, and many more. There is a gun-free zone at waffles. You can have a takeout or delivery from Waffles. Since they have a catering service, you can enjoy and serve the dishes to your guests during parties or get-togethers. It has become an excellent place for family and friends to get together. You will fall in love with waffles once you check Waffle House menu prices above and on visiting and experiencing it.

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