Golden Chick Menu Prices

Are you a Chicken lover? Then you must visit the Golden Chick Restaurant in Texas. This food chain is famous for making delicious chicken tenders. People can have the best dining experience in Golden Chick Restaurant. The most recommended items in Golden Chick fast Food chain is tenders, salads, crisp garden salad and seasoned tenders. Check this article to get the complete information about the Golden Chick menu prices.

Golden Chick Menu

The Golden Chick Restaurant was opened in the late 1960s in Central Texas. There are about 150 stores in the United States. They offer the best Golden Fried Chicken Tenders, Golden Roast, Salads since 50 years.

The Golden Chick fast food chain is well known for Golden Chicken Tender. They use whole chicken tenderloin to prepare the Original Golden Tenders. In addition to the tenders, you can also try fried catfish in this restaurant. The Prices of the combo meal will be around $5 and the family meal will be around $20.

Golden Chick Menu and Prices

The Golden Chick Meals Menu includes Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Tenders, Tenders Sandwiches, Fried and or roast chicken cuts, southern fried catfish. The Golden Chick Menu of Sides and Extras consist of Mac n Cheese, Hot Yeast Rolls, French Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw and so on. Scroll Down this page to get the complete information regarding the Golden Chick menu prices.

Golden Chick Kids Menu with Prices

The menu for Golden Chick kids meal involves Chicken Leg Meal and Tenders Meals. You can order your favorite dish for just $4.25.

Chicken Leg Meal1 Pc.$4.25
Tenders Meal2 Pc.$4.25

Golden Chick Combos Menu and Prices

The Golden Chick Restaurant is specialized in fried chicken. This Combos Menu comprises of Golden Tenders, Golden Fried Chicken, Southern Fried Catfish, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Tender Sandwich, Golden Roast. Let’s see the complete Golden Chicken menu prices of different combos.

Golden Tenders – Combo4 Pc.$6.78
Golden Tenders – Combo6 Pc.$7.99
Golden Fried Chicken – Combo2 Pc.$6.49
Golden Fried Chicken – Combo3 Pc.$7.38
Southern Fried Catfish – Combo3 Pc.$7.99
Southern Fried Catfish – Combo5 Pc.$9.95
Chicken Salad Sandwiches$3.97
Chicken Salad SandwichesCombo$5.98
Tender Sandwich$3.97
Tender SandwichCombo$5.98
Golden Roast2 Pc.$6.49
Golden Roast3 Pc.$7.38

Golden Chick Menu Prices for Family Meals

The Prices of Golden Chick Family Meals ranges from $12.99 to $36.45. This Menu comprises of Golden Tenders, Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken and  Jr. Mixer.

Golden Chick MenuQuantityGolden Chick Prices
Golden Tenders16 Pc.$18.97
Golden Tenders – Meal16 Pc.$23.97
Golden Tenders25 Pc.$23.97
Golden Tenders – Meal25 Pc.$30.98
Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken8 Pc.$12.99
Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken – Meal8 Pc.$17.99
Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken15 Pc.$22.99
Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken15 Pc.$29.95
The Mixer$36.45
Jr. Mixer$21.96

Golden Chick Junior Combos Menu and Prices

The Golden Chick Combos includes yeast roll, fries and 20 oz Drink.

Catfish Jr. Combo2 Pc.$5.79
Chicken Jr. Combo1 Pc.$4.30
Tender Jr. Combo2 Pc.$4.49

Golden Chick Salads Menu Prices

The Golden Chick Salads Price starts from $2.20 to $6.26. Go through the below table and check the Salads Menu.

Chicken Salad Salad$6.26
Garden Salad$4.25
Side Salad$2.20
Tender Salad$6.26

Golden Chick Restaurant Menu for Extras

The Golden Chick food chain serves the extras like Chicken Salad, Corn Nuggets, Jalapenos, Yeast Rolls, Chocolate Chip Cookie. Golden Chick Extras Prices ranges from $0.28 to $5.23.

Chicken SaladSingle$2.85
Chicken SaladFamily$5.23
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 Pc.$0.70
Chocolate Chip Cookies3 Pc.$1.96
Corn Nuggets8 Pc.$3.36
Corn Nuggets16 Pc.$4.95
Jalapeno Poppers4 Pc.$3.36
Jalapeno Poppers8 Pc.$4.95
Jalapeno1 Pc.$0.28
Jalapenos5 Pc.$1.26
Yeast Rolls6 Pc.$1.96
Yeast Rolls12 Pc.$3.74

Golden Chick Sides Menu with Prices

The Golden Chick prices menu of Sides are as follows. It comprises of Battered French Fries, Corn on the Cob, Cole Slaw, Green Beans, Fried Okra, Mac & Cheese and Mashed Potatoes.

Battered French FriesSingle$1.96
Battered French FriesFamily$3.97
Corn on the CobSingle$1.96
Corn on the CobFamily$3.97
Cole SlawSingle$1.96
Cole SlawFamily$3.97
Dirty RiceSingle$1.96
Dirty RiceFamily$3.97
Green BeansSingle$1.96
Green BeansFamily$3.97
Fruit SaladSingle$1.96
Fruit SaladFamily$3.97
Fried OkraSingle$1.96
Fried OkraFamily$3.97
Lettuce SaladSingle$1.96
Lettuce SaladFamily$3.97
Mac & CheeseSingle$1.96
Mac & CheeseFamily$3.97
Mashed PotatoesSingle$1.96
Mashed PotatoesFamily$3.97

Golden Chick Drinks Menu Prices

You can get Drinks in different sizes at Golden Chick like Small, Medium and Large. The Drinks menu contains Iced Tea, Raspberry Lemonade and Fountain Drink.

Fountain DrinkSmall$1.78
Fountain DrinkMedium$1.96
Fountain DrinkLarge$2.15
Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)Gallon$3.97
Raspberry Lemonade or Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)Small$1.78
Raspberry Lemonade or Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)Medium$1.96
Raspberry Lemonade or Iced Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened)Large$2.15

Golden Chick Party Pak Menu

The Golden Chick Restaurant also provides the Party Pak Menu for all the customers. It includes Golden Fried Chicken, Golden Tenders & Fried Chicken, Golden Tenders.

15 Party Pak

Golden Fried Chicken$94.99
Golden Tenders$94.99
Golden Tenders & Fried Chicken$94.99

25 Party Pak

Golden Fried Chicken$154.99
Golden Tenders$154.99
Golden Tenders & Fried Chicken$154.99

50 Party Pak

Golden Fried Chicken$289.99
Golden Tenders$289.99
Golden Tenders & Fried Chicken$289.99

Golden Chick Menu By the Piece

Chicken Breast$1.96
Chicken Leg, Thigh or Wing$1.68
Chicken Breast Substitution$0.89
Country Gravy or Homemade Honey Mustard$0.65
Country Gravy or Homemade Honey Mustard$1.96
Yeast Roll$0.51

Golden Chick Menu Nutrition

Along with delicious food, Golden Chick is also taking about the customers with its accurate nutrition information. You can see this official Golden chick nutrition guide for calories, sugar, sodium, fat content and more details on each of its menu item.

Golden Chick Contact Details

Golden Franchising Corporation Address:

1131 Rockingham, Ste. 250
Richardson, TX 75080

Phone Number: (972) 831-0911

Fax number: (972) 831-0401 fax


Golden Chick Near Me:

Golden Chick Hours

Golden Chick restaurants are usually opened from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm in some locations and in some, it opens from 11 am to 11 pm.

Final Words

The information provided in this article is just for the reference purpose. Prices of Golden Chick menu changes in accordance with the speciality of the day and time. So visit our site i.e, to get instant updates about the Golden Chick menu with prices.

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