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Granite City Menu Prices

Have you ever visited the Granite City Food and Brewery Restaurant? If no, then we suggest you go to Granite City. Granite City offers the Best Brunch, Beer, Burger, Martini and so on. Check out the Granite City Menu Prices for Lunch and Dinner from here. Get the updated Granite City Food and Brewery Prices on this article.

Granite City Menu

The Granite City Food & Brewery Ltd. was founded by Steven J. Wagenheim and William E. Burdick on June 26, 1997. Present there are about 35 locations across the company. They have received many nationwide awards for best restaurant.

Granite City Food and Brewery Restaurant offer seasonal craft beers and wine menu items. The Granite Detroit Menu consists of BBQ Pork Nachos, City Wings, Asian-Glazed Shrimp, Steak Salad, Maple Pepper Bacon Flatbread, Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Assorted Fruit Tray etc. Granite City Prices will be high when compared with the other restaurant.

Granite City Menu Prices

The Menu of Granite City Food & Brewery Restaurant includes Starters, Classics, Pasta, Entrees, Salads, Burgers, Flatbreads, Sandwiches, Tacos, Soups, Desserts, Wines. Go through the below article and know the Granite City Food & Brewery Price List.

Granite City Starters Menu with Prices

The Granite City Starters Prices start from $0.99 to $13.79. Check out the below table and choose the best item.

Menu Granite City Prices
Asian-Glazed Shrimp $13.79
BBQ Pork Nachos $11.49
Boneless Wings $10.49
Big Bavarian Pretzel $6.99
City Wings $10.99
Cauliflower Wings $9.99
Idaho Nachos $0.99
Onion Ring Tower $10.99
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $10.69

Granite City Classics Menu with Prices

The Prices of Granite City Classics starts from $13.49 to $20.99. Granite City Classics Menu includes Chicken Limone, Fish and Chips, Ponzu Salmon, Chicken & Asparagus Linguine, Steak Salad, Asian Chicken Salad etc.

Menu Price
Asian Chicken Salad $13.49
Chicken Bruschetta Salad $14.49
Steak Salad $14.99
Salmon Citrus Salad $15.99
Menu Price
Chicken Limone $16.49
Fish and Chips $17.49
Oooowie! Jambalaya $16.99
Ponzu Salmon $20.99
Not Your Mother’s Meatloaf $17.29
Granite City Pasta Menu
Menu Price
Bock & Cheese Pasta $14.49
Cajun Pasta $15.09
Chicken & Asparagus Linguine $16.29
Mediterranean Shrimp Scamp $17.99

Granite City Flatbreads Menu Prices

Granite City Flatbreads Menu contains BBQ Chicken, Margherita, Meat Lover’s Flatbread, Maple Pepper Bacon and Taco Flatbread. Go through the below table and view Granite City Price.

Menu Price
BBQ Chicken Flatbread $12.29
Margherita Flatbread $11.29
Meat Lover’s Flatbread $14.29
Maple Pepper Bacon Flatbread $13.29
Taco Flatbread $11.99

Granite City Handhelds Menu and Prices

The Granite City Handhelds Menu consists of a variety of items like Sandwich, Burger and Tacos. We have mentioned the list of Granite City Menu here.

Granite City Sandwiches Menu
Menu Price
Buffalo Chicken Wrap $10.29
BTA Grilled Cheese $11.29
Roasted Prime Rib $13.29
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $11.29
Spinach & Artichoke Chicken $11.29
Turkey Grilled Cheese $11.29
Granite City Burgers Menu
Menu Price
Bedda Chedda Burger $12.59
Beyond Burger $13.99
Bleu Peppercorn Burger $12.39
Big Show Burger $15.99
Classic Cheeseburger $11.39
Gastro Pub Bison Burger $14.29
Maple Pepper Bacon Burger $13.29
Southwest Turkey Burger $11.49
Granite City Tacos Menu
Menu Price
Chicken Tinga Tacos $12.99
Crispy Asian Shrimp Tacos $15.49
Grilled Mahi Tacos $15.49
Triple Threat Pork Tacos $15.49

Granite City Lites Menu with Prices

Menu Price
Chicken Giardiniera $14.99
Cracked Pepper Sirloin $18.99
Herb Roasted Salmon $20.99
Mediterranean Chop Salad $14.99
Shrimp Fried Rice $16.49
Spicy Sesame-Seared Ahi Tuna $21.49

Granite City Supper Club Menu

Menu Price
Center-Cut Filet $34.99
Ribeye $30.99
Top Sirloin $20.99
Menu Price
French Onion – Cup $4.39
French Onion – Bowl $6.29
Soup of the Day – Cup $4.29
Soup of the Day – Bowl $6.29
The Northern Cheddar And Ale – Cup $4.29
The Northern Cheddar And Ale – Bowl $6.29
Side Salads
Menu Price
Caesar Salad $6.99
House Salad $4.99
Wedge Salad $7.29

Granite City Cocktail Favorites Menu

  • American Mule
  • Black Cherry Manhattan
  • Classic Mojito
  • Flying Monkey
  • Gc Patron Perfect Margarita
  • Premium Blueberry Long Island

Granite City Beer Menu

  • American Lager
  • Pale Ale
  • German Bock
  • Oatmeal Stout

Granite City Wine Favorites Menu

The Granite City Wine starts at $7.50. Granite City serves different types of wines like Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, Le Grand Noir Rose, Mirassou Pinot Noir and Wente Estate Grown Chardonnay.

Granite City Brewery Menu Price
Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon $9.79
Le Grand Noir Rose $7.50
Mirassou Pinot Noir $8.00
Wente Estate Grown Chardonnay $8.00

Granite City Catering Menu

The Restaurant of Granite City is offering catering services for all the customers. So, the people who are planning for the parties can check out the Granite City Catering Menu. The Menu for Granite City Catering includes Assorted Vegetable Tray, Assorted Fruit Tray, Assorted Cheese & Crackers, Asian Glazed Shrimp, Boneless Wings, BBQ Chicken Flatbread and so on.


Granite City Food and Brewery Menu Quantity Granite City Appetizers Price
Assorted Vegetable Tray Per Person $3.95
Assorted Vegetable Tray 12 to 15 Ppl $39.95
Assorted Vegetable Tray 20 to 25 Ppl $69.95
Assorted Fruit Tray Per Person $3.95
Assorted Fruit Tray 12 to 15 Ppl $39.95
Assorted Fruit Tray 20 to 25 Ppl $69.95
Assorted Cheese & Crackers Per Person $3.95
Assorted Cheese & Crackers 12 to 15 Ppl $39.95
Assorted Cheese & Crackers 20 to 25 Ppl $69.95
Asian Glazed Shrimp Per Person $6.95
Asian Glazed Shrimp 12 to 15 Ppl $79.95
Asian Glazed Shrimp 20 to 25 Ppl $138.95
Blackened Chicken Quesadillas Per Person $4.95
Blackened Chicken Quesadillas 12 to 15 Ppl $58.95
Blackened Chicken Quesadillas 20 to 25 Ppl $98.95
Bruschetta Per Person $4.95
Bruschetta 12 to 15 Ppl $58.95
Bruschetta 20 to 25 Ppl $98.95
Buffalo Shrimp Per Person $6.95
Buffalo Shrimp 12 to 15 Ppl $79.95
Buffalo Shrimp 20 to 25 Ppl $138.95
Boneless Wings Per Person $4.95
Boneless Wings 12 to 15 Ppl $58.95
Boneless Wings 20 to 25 Ppl $98.95
BBQ Chicken Flatbread Per Person $4.95
BBQ Chicken Flatbread 12 to 15 Ppl $58.95
BBQ Chicken Flatbread 20 to 25 Ppl $98.95
Chips, Salsa, & Pico de Gallo Per Person $2.95
Chips, Salsa, & Pico de Gallo 12 to 15 Ppl $19.95
Chips, Salsa, & Pico de Gallo 20 to 25 Ppl $29.95
City Wings Per Person $4.95
City Wings 12 to 15 Ppl $58.95
City Wings 20 to 25 Ppl $98.95
Classic Pepperoni Flatbread Per Person $4.95
Classic Pepperoni Flatbread 12 to 15 Ppl $58.95
Classic Pepperoni Flatbread 20 to 25 Ppl $98.95
Margherita Flatbread Per Person $4.95
Margherita Flatbread 12 to 15 Ppl $58.95
Margherita Flatbread 20 to 25 Ppl $98.95
Potato Skins Per Person $3.95
Potato Skins 12 to 15 Ppl $46.95
Potato Skins 20 to 25 Ppl $78.95
Pretzels and Cheese Per Person $3.95
Pretzels and Cheese 12 to 15 Ppl $46.95
Pretzels and Cheese 20 to 25 Ppl $78.95
Spinach and Artichoke Dip Per Person $3.95
Spinach and Artichoke Dip 12 to 15 Ppl $39.95
Spinach and Artichoke Dip 20 to 25 Ppl $69.95
Shrimp Cocktail Per Person $5.95
Shrimp Cocktail 12 to 15 Ppl $69.95
Shrimp Cocktail 20 to 25 Ppl $118.95

Granite City Brunch Menu

  • Carved Turkey
  • Caramel Rolls
  • Eggs Benedict
  • French Toast and Waffles
  • Made-to-Order Omelets
  • Reggiano Hashbrowns

Granite City Buffet Menu

  • Asian Chicken Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Cajun Pasta
  • Coleslaw
  • House Salad
  • GC Mac & Cheese
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Petite Green Beans
  • Mediterranean Chicken
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Sticky Rice
  • Stir-Fried Vegetables
  • Wedge Salad

Granite City Desserts Menu

  • Berry Cheesecake
  • Brownie
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Cookie Sundae
  • Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Fruit Cobbler
  • Fresh Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee
  • Seasonal Sorbet

Final Words

Hope this article has helped you a lot to know the details regarding the Granite City Menu Prices. The Granite City Prices might vary according to the locations. Keep in touch with our site to get the updates about the Granite City Food and Brewery Menu and Prices.

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