The Healthiest Kids Meals at Fast Food Restaurants

Kids are known to be eaters, making them eat healthy food will help them stay active even in a difficult task. Any parent might think that their kids want to eat a healthy and balanced meal all the time. Most of the kids love to eat fast food, but eating fast food meals all the time will make your child unhealthy. Only some fast food restaurants offer healthy fast food meals for kids. So, if your kids eat in those restaurants, then they will be healthy.

Best Meal for Kids at Fast Food Restaurants

If you have no time to prepare a meal yourself and for your kids, then here are a few healthy fast food meals for kids that could be considered healthier compared to the other menu options.

Healthiest Kids Meals at Fast Food Restaurants

Burger King

This topmost restaurant serves healthy fast food meals for kids. Their, chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and get some apple slices with it without the caramel sauce. Also, you can get Hershey’s fat-free chocolate for 355 calories.

You can also try a burger instead of mac n cheese. This may make the calorie count up to 540 calories, but you get 3 grams of fiber with it as well.


In this restaurant, your kids can eat Chick-n-Strips, a fruit cup, and low-fat milk. All these items come with 225 calories only Chick-n-Strips consists of 260 calories. If your kids go with a grilled chicken sandwich with honey-roasted barbeque sauce and a large fruit cup, then they will get a small amount of calcium, plus 10 grams of fiber and Vitamins A and C. This items contains 420 calories and 1.5 g of saturated fat.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box famous Kids meals is grilled chicken strips with Chiquita apple bites and Gold peak iced tea. If your kids eat 2 pieces of grilled chicken strips, then they will get 250 calories.


If your kids love to eat KFC, then better go with a grilled chicken drumstick, corn on the cob, unsweetened tea, and string cheese. Because all these items come with just 270 calories only. Also, your kids can get a chicken drumstick with green beans, low-fat milk and string cheese for 365 calories.


In this restaurant, your kids can get a lot of healthy fast food meals. Your kids can try different combinations with Arby’s macaroni and cheese. If you order Capri sun 100% juice instead, then you get 285 calories. Also, get shamrock farms low fat milk that ends up with 295 calories.


In McDonald’s, your kids can get a plain hamburger with apple dippers, but better to skip the caramel sauce. Instead of caramel sauce, low-fat milk for your child’s drink. Because all these items come with 385 calories and 45 grams of saturated fat.

Also, you have another option of getting chicken McNuggets with Barbeque Sauce and adding a fruit and yogurt parfait to it. This meals would give your child some calcium and some vitamin C.


In this restaurant, your kids can go with apple slices, a corndog, and low-fat milk. Also, you can get 2 pieces of chicken strips with apple slices and low-fat milk. All these items come with 355 calories with 4grams of saturated fat.


Subway Roast Beef Kids Meal is packed with a sandwich (hold the cheese) on whole-wheat bread and add apple slices with 100% juice so, you can get 315 calories. Another healthy choice for your kids is Mini-Turkey and Cheddar. Because it is prepared with wheat bread on it. Your kids can also add some mustard, lettuce, raisins, and tomato. By eating this meal, your child will get 140mg of calcium and 5grams of fiber.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread famous kids meal is Roast Beef Sandwich. To make healthy choice better to avoid cheese on whole grain bread also add a fresh apple to reduce fat milk. This healthy meal gives you 450 calories.


Chipotle is one more fast food restaurant which offers healthy options for your kids. Not only for kids, but it also provides the healthiest items for parents. To have a healthy and tasty food just choose a bowl of brown rice with beans, protein, and veggies or you can give a try to Salad. Especially your kids will love the item named build-your-own quesadilla. This kids meal will come with a pair of fruit and milk. So, take your kids to Chipotle and give them a tasty and healthiest Meal.

Dunkin’ Donuts

If you want to give your kids a healthy breakfast at a fast food restaurant, then you can choose this Dunkin’ Donuts. Their breakfast items are not loaded with sugar which helps you and your kids to start a day with healthy food. The best option in Dunkin’ Donuts for kids is the Whole Wheat bagel or Multigrain with peanut butter. You can also order the Egg and Cheese Sandwich along with a side of fruit. These will be the best options for kids. Coming to adults, they can choose the Ham, Egg and Cheese Sandwich, oatmeal with peanut butter or an Egg White Flatbread which are listed as the healthiest breakfasts.

Conclusion: The information shared regarding Healthy Fast Food Meals For Kids is helpful for you. Try to make your kids to eat healthy fast food meals only. Follow our website for future articles that will help you make the best fast food decisions.

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