What are The Best Ways to Find Fast Food Coupons

Finding fast food coupons is a little bit hard. So, here we are providing a list of 6 places where you can find fast food coupons. Generally, the prices of fast food restaurants can be higher than your budget, so many people are looking for fast food coupons.

What are The Best Ways to Find Fast Food Coupons

How to Find Fast Food Coupons

To save your money in fast food restaurants, better you should use coupons. If you don’t know how to find fast food coupons, then read this article completely. Because we have covered 6 places where you can find fast food coupons. Although there are many places to get fast food coupons, we have covered just some places.

Fast Food Coupons Places

Here, we have listed some places to find fast food coupons. Check fast food coupons before going to the restaurant, so you can save money.

  • Regional Restaurant Websites
  • Coupon Websites
  • Restaurant Websites
  • Mail and Postal Office
  • Local Newspaper
  • Online Survey

Regional Restaurant Websites

All restaurants will not promote coupons as much as others. In many cases, you will not find any coupons on the restaurant’s website. In such a case, you should search for coupons in the regional restaurant website.

For example, the main Wendy’s website does not show any coupons publically. In that case, you should go to google and search for something like Michigan Wendy’s, then look for coupons.

For Michigan Wendy’s restaurant, you will find the regional wendy’s website. Now on the regional website, you are given a choice to print and see various coupons. This is because it is a regional website and that coupons are valid in that state only. So better search for your state restaurant website to find coupons.

Coupon Websites

Searching for fast food coupons and you did not find on the restaurant’s website or their regional website. Then search on coupon websites you can definitely find fast food coupons. Literally, there are 100 different coupon websites and many of them are spam. so just go for the popular ones only.

The famous coupon websites are Coupons.com, Dealspl.us, BeFrugal.com, and RetailMeNot.com, etc. Although they provide serval coupons lot a of them will not work. Better to try the coupons which have many votes.

Restaurant Websites

Most of the restaurants will provide their coupons on their website only. To use that coupon, you need to register an account or sign up to their newsletter.

If you sign up to any restaurant like KFC or Long John Sliver’s Coupon page/Club, then you can get a print of a bunch of coupons. Also, search for Long John Silver’s Coupons on Google and the first result should be their coupon page. If it is a KFC restaurant, then just enter ZIP Code to get a print of Coupons.

Local Newspaper

If you subscribe to any local newspaper, then you have a chance to know fast food coupons of some restaurants. Because few restaurants advertise their coupons on their local newspaper to attract the customers. However, the coupons may change regularly, so you find some fast food restaurant coupons in the saving section of the local newspaper.

Mail and Postal Office

Still, if you have not found any fast food coupons at the four places mentioned above, then start checking at your mail. Some fast food restaurants often send out coupons by mail to local people. Also, you can go to your postal office and ask them to get a change of address form.

With the change of address form, you have a chance to get many coupons to local stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. Although it depends on your local postal office.

Online Survey

Another best way to get the coupon code is participating in an online survey. Generally, most of the fast food restaurants conduct these survey’s to know the opinion of their customers regarding food or services. Through this survey, they can know how much the customers are satisfied with their products and what are factors they are dissatisfied with. If they got to know that there is a problem with any of their services they will make the changes for customers satisfaction.

But taking part in the survey you are helping the restaurants to offer the best services and food as well. Then what about coupons? how is the survey beneficial for customers? By participating in the survey, they offer you with the coupon code or validation code. You need to visit the restaurant and should keep the receipt with you. Within the mentioned time limit you need to take the survey with the help of receipt. After completion, you will get a coupon code which you can use on your next visit and avail benefits.

You need to use the code within the time period they provided. Some restaurants also offer benefits like free burger or sandwich instead of coupon codes. Thus, you can get the coupon codes by participating in the online surveys.


Just we have shown the 6 places where you can find fast food coupons. Also, you can search in google directly for fast food restaurants coupons. Better find coupons before visiting the restaurant and save your money.

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