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Ever heard of the In N Out secret menu? If you’re a fan of fast-foods and looking to switch up your order on your next trip, then you might want to get in the know of all the unique extra items available at this famous chain when you ask for something off their hidden menu. From special burgers to delicious secret sauces, there are plenty of great options that will give your regular favorites! Read on further as we explore all these hidden treats and more.

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In N Out Burger Secret Menu Prices

In-N-Out Burger has a “Secret Menu” that provides customers with distinctive and imaginative menu options. Though the Secret Menu Prices are not openly disclosed, customers can order these items by name, like the Animal Style Burger or Protein Style Burger. They can also modify their orders to meet their preferences. Here is a list of In N Out Secret Menu Prices.

In N Out Secret Menu Items

Check this list of secret menu items on In N Out Menu. You can find these items while dining at the restaurant with your family & friends. So enjoy a great meal. Moreover, Check out the In N Out Menu Prices to know all the menu items.

Animal Style Burger$3.89
Mustard Grilled Patty$3.89
Triple 3×3$7.30
Grilled Cheese$2.35
Quad 4×4$9.49
Flying Dutchman$2.30
In N Out Burger Secret Menu Image

How To Place an In N Out Order Online?

Customers can order from In N Out order online by visiting their website or downloading their mobile app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Once customers select their location, they can explore the menu, add items to their cart, and customize their orders as desired. Payments can be made online, and customers can choose either to pick up their order or have it delivered.

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How to place an order from In-N-Out Secret Menu?

Customers can order from In-N-Out’s Secret Menu by requesting the item by its given name, such as the Animal Style Burger or Protein Style Burger. There is also the option to personalize the order by adding extras, such as grilled onions or extra cheese.

Do I have to pay extra for items on In-N-Out Secret Menu?

In-N-Out does not display the prices of its Secret Menu items publicly, but they typically cost the same as the regular menu items.

Is it possible to place an order from In-N-Out Secret Menu using their mobile app or online?

You cannot order In-N-Out’s Secret Menu items online or through the mobile app. You must go to the restaurant and request the Secret Menu item by name or by making a customization in person.


There are plenty of options available when ordering from the In N Out Secret Menu. Whether one is looking for a way to shake up their regular order, or keep their meal healthy and full of nutrition, something can be found in the secret menu to help. Additionally, each customer can customize their own order to truly tailor it to their specific tastes. Ultimately, the In N Out Secret Menu allows for creative meals that are full of flavor and variety. So use this chance wisely to have a great meal.

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