On the Border Menu Prices

When it comes to border-style food or simply Tex-Mex food, the name of On the Border or OTB shines through. Designed with an extensive menu that opens up an altogether different world of taste for Americans, we are here to help you with its menu and pricing details.

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina Menu

on the border menu prices image
On the Border menu prices image

OTB Mexican Grill and Cantina is a popular American casual dining food chain serving mainly Tex-Mex food. Started by three friends who wanted to make border-style food known all over to America, today, OTB has extended itself to South Korea. Border style food means mesquite-grilled meat handmade tortillas and freshly made sauces and dressings. These 3 friends opened their first-ever public-serving outlet in 1982 in Dallas. 

On the Border and the menu that it puts forth before, the public has received an amazing response turning several heads to its restaurants over the years. The restaurant is famous for its variety of fajitas and its section of margaritas. On the Border, it is particularly known for using fresh ingredients in its dishes and sauces. Its guacamole live refers to the preparation of guacamole before the customers.

The restaurant is easy to locate if you want to go and dine in or else it also delivers to your doorstep. On the Border and its menu were not free from criticism as some reports questioned the number of calories in its dishes, such as enchiladas. But eating a few calories once in a while, especially when the meal tastes delicious, is a fair deal. Let’s see the On the Border daily specials along with prices.

On the Border Restaurant Menu and Prices

The menu at the border is nothing short of a dream for the lovers of Tex-Mex food. The menu can satisfy the cravings and leave them, asking for more delicious, flavorsome meals. The categories within its menu include- starters, enchiladas, salads and soups, tacos, fajitas, burritos and chimes, combos, favorites, border bowls, party platters, desserts, sides and add-ons, kids menu, family meals, and beverages. The menu is designed in a way to suit the tastes of the American public, along with adding a touch of Mexican cuisine. Check out the complete On the Border menu prices in the below sections.

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On the Border Starters

With the prices ranging between $4.79 to $12.79, the appetizer section has a few interestingly named dishes like- avocado fries, border sample, firecracker stuffed jalapenos, and guacamole live!


Fajita Quesadillas$9.49 – $9.99
Chicken Flautas$7.99
Original Queso$5.29 – $4.29
Border Sampler$12.49
Ultimate Loaded Queso$7.49
Guacamole Live$7.99
Otb Dip Trio$4.79
Grande Fajita Nachos$9.49 – $9.99
Firecracker Stuffed Jalapenos$7.99

On the Border Salads and Soups

Soups and salads are a part of almost every dining place. But what makes the soups and salads available at OTB unique and must-try dishes are the uniqueness and aplomb of flavors that they bring to the table. It includes soups such as- chicken tortilla soup with or without an entrée and salads such as – the mango chicken salad and grande taco salad. The prices of these On the Border specials range between $3.99 to $10.79.

OTB MenuPrices
Chicken Tortilla Soup$5.29
Citrus Chipotle Chicken Salad$9.79
Sizzling Fajita Salad$9.99 – $10.99
Grande Taco Salad$8.99
House Salad$4.49

On the Border Enchiladas

Enchiladas are a complete meal in themselves and also the most popular Mexican food. La Bandera, tres enchiladas, enchiladas suizas, and enchiladas are some varieties of enchiladas sold at the border. The price ranges between $9.99 to $14.79.

Enchiladas – Grilled Enchiladas

Pepper Jack Chicken$9.99
Smoky Beef Brisket$10.49
Avocado With Red Chile Pesto$9.99

Enchiladas – Classic Hand-Rolled Enchiladas

Tres Enchiladas$8.99
Enchiladas Suizas$9.99

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On the Border Tacos and Fajita

The tacos are the most popular item on the menu at OTB. It serves a huge variety of tacos such as- southwest chicken tacos, dos XX fish tacos, grilled fish tacos, and street style mini tacos. Price ranges from $ 8.49 to $11.29.

The fajitas at the border are painstakingly prepared over mesquite wood and served with handmade tortillas and different ingredients such as sour cream and Mexican rice. Its menu includes- mesquite-grilled chicken, mesquite-grilled steak, sautéed shrimp. Price ranges from- $13.79 to $15.49.

OTB Taco Stand

Dos Xx Fish Tacos$9.99
Taco Melts$8.49
Tacos Al Carbon$12.99 – $13.99
Brisket Tacos$10.99
Street-Style Mini Tacos$10.49
Southwest Chicken Tacos$10.49
Loaded Carne Asada Tacos$10.99
Grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos$9.99

Fajita Grill – Create Your Favorite Fajita

Mesquite-Grilled Chicken$12.99
Pick Two(mix one with shrimp)$14.49
Mesquite-Grilled Steak$13.99
Seasoned, Sauteed Shrimp$15.49
Grilled Vegetables$12.99
Pick Two (mix one with steak)$13.99
Pulled Pork (Carnitas)$12.99
Pick Two$12.99

Fajita Grill – OTB Signature Fajitas

Chorizo Chicken Fajitas$13.49
The Ultimate Fajita$15.99
Monterey Ranch Chicken$13.49

Burritos & Chimi’s

Burritos On the Border are served with Mexican rice and red or black beans. Three sauce fajita burrito, classic burritos, and the big bordurrito are some famous items. These On the Border menu prices of Burritos & Chimi’s ranges from between $9.49 to $11.29.

MenuOn the Border Prices
Classic Chimichanga$9.49
The Big Bordurrito$10.79 – $11.49
Three-Sauce Fajita Burrito$9.99 – $10.99
Classic Burrito$9.49

Create Your Own Combo

On the Border allows you to order from their pre-designed combos like the chili relleno combo or the superior combo. Or else you may prepare your combo where you can choose a maximum of 4 Mexican dishes. Prices range between – $8 to $11.49.

Create Your Own Combo$8.99 – $7.49

On the Border Favorites

Items under this head include Mexican grilled chicken, Caribbean mango grilled fish, and chimichurri chicken and fish.

Fresh Grill

MenuOTB Menu Prices
Queso Chicken$10.49
Jalapeno-Bbq Salmon$13.99
Carne Asada$13.99
Chicken Salsa Fresca$10.49
Tomatillo Chicken$10.49

OTB Border Bowls

Border bowls are a mix of Grilled chicken, steak, shrimp or portobello with a dash of lime-cilantro chimichurri. It is served along with cilantro lime rice, black beans, bell peppers, queso fresco, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo and sliced avocado, Border bowl is a healthy alternative to other dishes and comes packed with flavor and nutrition. 

On the Border Drink Menu

Coming to On the Border drinks, the alcoholic drinks are available only for dine-in customers, for the rest, there are other options such as

  • Wine
  • Margaritas
  • Iced teas
  • Ice-cold cervezas
  • Cocktails

On the Border Kids Menu

The kids’ menu is for kids 12 years and younger and has dishes like- enchilada plate, grilled soft taco, big kids nacho, and corn dogs. The On the Border kids eat free menu can be availed with the purchase of adult entree.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich$4.99
Cheese Quesadilla$4.99
Grilled Chicken$4.99
Side Choices
Hamburger Or Cheeseburger$4.99
Corn Dog 
Kiddie Sundae
Chicken Tenders$4.99
Mexican Plate$4.99
Kids Drinks

On the Border Party Platters

OTB Party packers are essentially for those who are looking forward to enjoying a meal with their group and want a little of everything from the menu. Party pack, combo supreme, and Mexican sampler are some of the options before customers.

  • Party Pack
  • Create Your Own Platter
  • Supreme Party Pack
  • Mexican Sampler
  • Mini Chimichanga Platter
  • Mini Taco Platter
  • 5-Layer Dip
  • Mini Quesadilla Platter
  • Empanada Platter
  • Mini Sopapilla Platter
  • Fajita Wrap Platter
  • Mini Burritos
  • Mini Quesadillas
  • Empanadas
  • Mini Chimichangas
  • Grilled Shrimp
  • Tacos

On the Border Desserts

Desserts lovers will find the dessert section On the Border to be unique and containing unheard of names on the menu. Some items under this head include- flan, their famous border brownie Sundae, Sopapillas, and Kahlua ice cream pie. The prices range between $1.99 to $5.79.

Kahlua Ice Cream Pie$5.99
Two Sopapillas$1.99
Sizzling Apple Crisp$5.99
Chocolate Turtle Empanadas$6.29
Border Brownie Sundae$5.99

On the Border Family-meals

Border family meals are available only for take-out and serve up to 5 people. They are served with the OTB chips and salsa, Mexican rice, and red or black beans. Some family meals are – the classic fajita combo family meal, taco, and cheese enchilada family meal and veggie enchilasagna family meal.

On the Border Lunch Menu

The lunch menu has the following dishes for its customers- border’s best lunch fajitas, hatch Chile burger, lunch taco salad and lunch burrito among several other healthy options.

On The Border Lunch SpecialsPrices
Chicken Tortilla Soup$5.29
House Salad$4.49
The Little Bordurrito$8.49 – $8.99
Lunch Taco Salad$7.29
Quesadilla Combo$7.99
Lunch Fajita Nachos$7.79
Guacamole Appetizer$5.69
Lunch Chimichanga$7.99
Create Your Own Combo$8.99 – $7.49
Lunch Dos Xx Fish Tacos$8.49
Original Queso$5.29
Lunch Burrito$7.99
Lunch Brisket Tacos$9.29
Border’s Best Lunch Fajitas$10.49 – $10.99

OTB Happy Hour

There are only a few locations that serve On the Border happy hours. Normally the happy hour timings are from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday or Friday. Though it is always better to contact them and confirm the availability. The prices of OTB Happy Hour menu range between-$3 to $18. 

On The Border Happy Hour Menu

On The Border menu with prices during happy hour is as follows.

  • Drinks
    • Select Domestic Drafts – $2
    • Select Grande Domestic Drafts – $3
    • Dos XX Draft – $3
    • Corona Bottles – $3
    • House Margarita – $3
    • Grande Dos XX Draft – $4
    • Grande House Margarita – $4
    • CoronaRita – $5
    • Grande Strawbrrrita – $5
    • Grande Mango Tango – $5
  • Pitchers
    • Select Domestic Drafts – $10
    • Dos XX Draft – $12
    • House Margaritas – $12
  • Take a Shot for $3
    • Hornitos Tequila
    • Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
  • Food
    • Cup of Queso – $2
    • Guacamole Appetizer – $2
    • 2 Empanadas – $2
    • Cheese Quesadilla – $3
    • 3 Mini Crispy Tacos – $3
    • 2 Mini Chimis – $3
    • Queso/Guac Duo – $4
    • Cantina Nachos – $4

On the Border Vegetarian Menu

On the Border provides a separate menu for those who are vegetarians. These dishes do not contain fish, poultry pork, chicken, beef, seafood, but they may contain traces of eggs, honey, and dairy. All food is prepared in shared fryers, so the vegetarian dishes come in contact with those containing meat and poultry. For complete menu, you can check this official OTB Vegetarian Menu document.

On The Border Vegan Menu

  • Guacamole Quesadillas
  • Vegan Burrito
  • Spicy Avocado Enchilada
  • Fried Portobello Tacos
  • Portobello Mushroom & Vegetable Fajitas

On the Border Take Out and Dine-in Menu

Proving both to-go and dine-in options is yet another attempt by the On the Border team to help enjoy their food. It keeps the customers free by letting them choose any option according to their convenience.

On The Border Catering Menu

The catering items include the below categories,

  • Family Meals
  • Group Meals
  • Party Packs
  • Party Platters
  • Beverages
  • Catering
  • Buffets
  • Border Bowls
  • Individual Boxes
  • Desserts
  • Sides & Add-Ons
  • By The Dozen
  • By The Quart

Check out https://www.ontheborder.com/catering for detailed information on its catering services.

On the Border Nutrition Facts

The health and satisfaction of its customers is the top priority of OTB. It lists down all the necessary On the Border nutrition info regarding calories and proteins etc. in their dishes. In this way, using On the Border nutritional information customers can be well aware of the number of calories they are eating than be in the dark about it. It provides details on all the dishes served, and customers can view On the Border menu nutrition here- https://www.ontheborder.com/nutritionalinformation

On the Border Gluten Free Menu

For ordering your gluten-free meals, be specific in asking the server about any cross-contamination risks. The items available on the gluten-free menu are the same as those available on its main menu. To view their gluten-free menu visit- https://www.ontheborder.com/glutenfriendlyinformation

On the Border Allergen Menu

Eating food without knowing its ingredients can turn dangerous for people with food allergies. OTB keeps this aspect in mind and lists down a complete list of its dishes and the ingredients in it. You can check that at https://www.ontheborder.com/allergeninformation

On the Border Contact Details

Website: www.ontheborder.com

Email for Catering services: catering@ontheborder.com

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, United States.

Contact number: 1-800-471-7723

To know the events like On the Border Taco Tuesday, Wednesday Specials, Monday Specials and others you can visit their official site or follow the social media pages to get updates frequently on such events.

On the Border Near Me

To locate an OTB near you, you may use their store locator – https://www.ontheborder.com/locations. You will be required to enter the city or state or the zip code, which will lead you to the nearest restaurant near you.

On the Border Hours

On the Border opens at 11 am and closes at 11 pm throughout the week. During the holiday season, it may or may not remain open, all depending upon the location. To find an opening and closing hour details about an OTB near you, contact them on their official site.

On the Border Reviews

On the Border is not a regular American fast-food chain serving the usual dishes and meal combinations. Upon viewing its menu, you get to know how diverse and well-formed its food services are. It offers a unique and mixed blend of Tex-Mex food. Due to this, it has a separate fan base for its mouth-watering food and combinations. People really like their drinks and On the Border drink prices are very affordable. The items are reasonably priced, and there are a fair amount of deals and money-saving food combinations.

For example- its part platters, family-sized meals, and happy hour deals. It also offers a traditional Mexican buffet and thus brings about a new cuisine revolution in America. It offers both picks- up and delivery services. Amongst the on the border deals, there are dishes as the border tortilla chips, chicken tortilla soup, On the Border nachos, endless enchiladas, and they’re most loved On the Border bowl.


What does OTB mean?

OTB stands for On the Border.

Does On the Border deliver?

Yes, On the Border offers delivery services.

Does On the Border take reservations?

They offer call-ahead seating at all locations. You may contact your local On the Border for assistance on reservations.

Does On the Border drug test?

No, typically, On the Border does not go for a drug test.

Does On the Border have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, On the Border have a gluten-free menu.

Is On the Border good?

On the Border has a huge customer base owing to its Tex-Mex menu and relaxed atmosphere.

Is On the Border a Darden restaurant?

No, On the Border is not a Darden restaurant.

Does On the Border have a happy hour?

On the Border has a happy hour menu.

Does On the Border have vegan options?

Yes, some On the Border restaurants do serve vegan options.

What time does On the Border close?

On the Border, closing time is 11 pm.

What time does On the Border open?

On the Border opens at 11 am.

Who owns On the Border restaurants?

On the Border is owned by Argonne capital group.

What time is happy hour On the Border?

The time for the happy hour at On the Border is 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday or Friday.

Where can I buy On the Border salsa?

You may place an order for On the Border salsa at the official website – ontheborder.com

Where can I buy On the Border tortilla chips?

You may buy the On the Border tortilla chips online at- ontheborder.com or at the near by OTB restaurant.

Where to buy On the Border margarita mix?

To buy On the Border margarita mix, visit the official site – www.ontheborder.com.

Does On the Border have any specials?

Yes, On the Border has got a list of specials for its customers to order from. You can get the updates on its specials by following the social media pages of OTB.

Does On the Border have free chips and salsa?

Yes. On the Border has free chips and salsa.

Does On the Border have tamales?

Yes, On the Border has tamales.

Does On the Border serve alcohol?

Yes, On the Border alcohol menu is available for its dine-in customers.

Does On the Border still have endless enchiladas?

Yes, On the Border are again offering endless enchiladas.


On the Border currently operates at 150 locations in America and around 9 in South Korea. The restaurants are themed as depicting chilled, easy vibes and offer a wide variety of Mexican cuisine and a little Texas food too. Some customers may find the prices to be slightly higher, but considering the authenticity of the meals offered, the prices seem justified. On the Border serves food that not just looks green and is mouth-watering, but it tastes healthy and awesome. For one thing, it is sure that On the Border menu will satisfy every Mexican cuisine cravings.

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