Tijuana Flats Menu Prices

Welcome to Tijuana Flats! Feeling Hungry? Ready to order? Let’s give an end to your wait. Order or dine at Tijuana flats and get world-class, top-notched, quick fast foods. Tijuana flats menu is designed to showcase the most delicious dishes prepared, which include Tijuana Flats burritos, burrito bowls, Tijuana trios, dos tacos, chips + dips, Mexican pizza, nachos and many more. Have a look at the food menu to get more interesting varieties of dishes containing ingredients we haven’t heard of — an exciting choice of taste!

Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex

tijuana flats menu prices image
Tijuana Flats menu prices image

This Tijuana Flats is an American based casual and private fast-food restaurant chain that serves Tex-Mex cuisine. It has 135 locations (117 owned and 18 franchised) across Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana. Tijuana Flats restaurant eateries are quick easygoing with value for nutrition. It is specialized for its fresh and crispy foods, hot sauce bars, craftsmanship wall paintings, and unconventional culture. Guests request at the front counter and are served subsequently by taking a seat. 

Tijuana Flats’ constant dedication towards satisfying people’s cravings for bold flavors and colorful experiences is piled high with big-hearted and over-the-top service. Tijuana proudly celebrates every person and every community with Tex-Mex for all. It nicely sums up what Tijuana does. The Tijuana chain believes in their restaurant’s core values, which are important in life and behaviors they strive to achieve at all times.

Tijuana Flats Menu with Prices

Tijuana Flats incorporate burritos, burrito bowls, dos tacos, Tijuana trio Mexican pizzas, flautas, atom bombs, nachos, and quesadillas. You can relish a new take on cheesy steak flautas or enjoy Tijuana tuesdaze combos consisting of 2 tacos, chips, and drinks only at $5.99 ($1 more for steak or fish) in Tijuana flats Tuesday specials. Not only this, but you also have the chance to enjoy a $5.99 throwback Thursday consisting of burrito or bowl, chips, and drink ($1 extra for steak or specialty burritos). The queso, guac, and salsa are made from scratch every day and are ever-fresh and ready to consume. That’s just how they work. Check out the Tijuana flats menu prices below.


Tijuana offers amazing food, starting from starter combos. Starters include 

  • TIJUANA TRIO (salsa, queso, guacamole & chips)
    • The combos are worth the value which includes salsa, queso, guacamole & chips at $4.29
    • Try out the chips and dips that ranges from $2.99 to $3.99
    • It comprises of lightly fried tortillas stuffed with cream cheese & fresh jalapenos at $3.99

Order these starters and let the fiesta get underway. 


Chips & Guacamole$3.99
Tijuana Trio$4.29
Chips & Queso$3.99
Chips & Handmade Salsa$2.99

Similarly, the Tijuana Flats menu includes entrees, sides, desserts, drinks, and kids’ menu. All these foods range from $1 to $12. There are two types of tortillas and shells in tacos, i.e., Tijuana Flats hard taco shells and Tijuana Flats soft flour taco shells.


It includes delicious burritos such as Chips & Salsa, Chips & Queso, Chips & Guac along with Tijuana Trio (salsa, queso, guacamole & chips). The price range is $2.99 to $4.29.

Megajuana Chicken Burrito$8.39
Tijuana Steak Burrito$8.09
Tijuana Veggie Burrito$6.59
Tijuana Chicken Burrito$6.89
Megajuana Blackened Chicken Burrito$8.39
Megajuana Carnitas Burrito$9.29
Tijuana Blackened Chicken Burrito$6.89
Bangin’ Chicken Burrito$7.79
Megajuana Beef Burrito$8.59
Tijuana Beef Burrito$7.09
Megajuana Steak Burrito$9.59
Tijuana Carnitas Burrito$7.79
Megajuana Veggie Burrito$8.09

Tijuana Flats Kids Menu

Tijuana Flats provides finger-licking, amazing food for kids with various varieties. Such as burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and other delicious food. Some of the Tijuana Flats Specials are Kids Cheese Quesadilla, Kid’s chicken Quesadilla, Kid’s Refried Bean Taco, Kid’s Black Bean Taco, Kid’s Beef Burrito, and Kid’s Chicken Burrito. The price range for all kids’ food is just $4.49.

Nachos & Others
Kid’s Nachos4.69
Kid’s Chicken Fingers4.69
Kid’s Chicken Taco4.69
Kid’s Black Bean Taco$4.69
Kid’s Refried Bean Taco4.69
Kid’s Beef Taco4.69
Kid’s Beef Quesadillas$4.69
Kid’s Cheese Quesadillas$4.69
Kid’s Chicken Quesadillas$4.69
Kid’s Beef Burrito$4.69
Kid’s Refried Bean Burrito$4.69
Kid’s Chicken Burrito$4.69
Kid’s Black Bean Burrito4.69

Tijuana Flats Secret Menu

Tijuana Flats secret menu comprises the Double Stacked tacos, The Bangin Chicken Tostadas, Cookie Dough Flauntas. Along with it, the owner Brian Wheeler has innovated his fiery hot sauces. “Smack My Ass & Call Me Sally” brand consists of the hottest sauces all over the world.


Megajuana Beef Chimichanga$8.49
Tijuana Refried Bean Chimichanga$6.49
Tijuana Chicken Chimichanga$6.79
Tijuana Blackened Chicken & Black Bean Chimichanga$6.79
Megajuana Beef & Black Bean Chimichanga$8.49
Megajuana Chicken & Black Bean Chimichanga$8.29
Megajuana Chicken Chimichanga$8.29
Tijuana Blackened Chicken Chimichanga$6.79
Tijuana Carnitas Chimichanga$7.69
Tijuana Steak Chimichanga$7.99
Tijuana Beef & Black Bean Chimichanga$6.99
Tijuana Beef Chimichanga$6.99
Megajuana Steak Chimichanga$9.49
Tijuana Black Bean Chimichanga$6.49
Megajuana Blackened Chicken & Refried Bean Chimichanga$8.29
Tijuana Beef & Refried Bean Chimichanga$6.99
Tijuana Chicken & Refried Bean Chimichanga$6.79
Megajuana Blackened Chicken Chimichanga$8.29
Megajuana Beef & Refried Bean Chimichanga$8.49
Tijuana Chicken & Black Bean Chimichanga$6.79
Megajuana Black Bean Chimichanga$7.99
Tijuana Blackened Chicken & Refried Bean Chimichanga$6.79
Megajuana Carnitas Chimichanga$9.19
Megajuana Refried Bean Chimichanga$7.99
Megajuana Chicken & Refried Bean Chimichanga$8.29
Megajuana Blackened Chicken & Black Bean Chimichanga$8.29


Pick 2 – Combo$9.99


Steak Enchiladas$3.99
Beef Refired Bean Enchiladas$3.49
Blackened Chicken Enchiladas$3.39
Blackened Chicken Black Bean Enchiladas$3.39
Beef Black Bean Enchiladas$3.49
Chicken Black Bean Enchiladas$3.39
Black Bean Enchiladas$3.24
Chicken Enchiladas$3.39
Blackened Chicken Refried Enchiladas$3.39
Carnitas Enchiladas$3.84
Cheese Enchiladas$3.19
Refired Bean Enchiladas$3.24
Chicken Refried Bean Enchiladas$3.39
Beef Enchiladas$3.49

Tijuana Flats Nachos

Tijuana Flats menu prices of Nachos are tabulated below.

Chicken & Refried Bean Nachos$6.79
Refried Bean Nachos$6.49
Blackened Chicken & Black Bean Nachos$6.79
Black Bean Nachos$6.49
Chicken & Black Bean Nachos$6.79
Beef & Refried Bean Nachos$6.99
Blackened Chicken & Refried Bean Nachos$6.79
Beef Nachos$6.99
Blackened Chicken Nachos$6.79
Steak Nachos$7.99
Carnitas Nachos$7.69
Chicken Nachos$6.79
Beef & Black Bean Nachos$6.99
Cheese Nachos$6.39

Tijuana Flats Restaurant Menu of Flautas

Steak Flautas$7.99
Blackened Chicken Flautas$6.79
Blackened Chicken & Refried Bean Flautas$6.79
Refried Bean Flautas$6.49
Carnitas Flautas$7.69
Beef & Black Bean Flautas$6.99
Blackened Chicken & Black Bean Flautas$6.79
Beef & Refried Bean Flautas$6.99
Chicken Refried Bean Flautas$6.79
Chicken & Black Bean Flautas$6.79
Beef Flautas$6.99
Chicken Flautas$6.79
Flautas Combo$6.49
Black Bean Flautas$6.49

Norrito Bowls

Blackened Chicken Norrito$6.79
Steak Norrito$7.99
Refried Bean Norrito$6.49
Beef Norrito$6.99
Carnitas Norrito$7.69
Black Bean Norrito$6.49
Chicken Norrito$6.79


Blackened Chicken & Black Bean Salad$6.79
Beef & Black Bean Salad$6.99
Steak Salad$7.99
Carnitas Salad$7.69
Beef Salad$6.99
Blackened Chicken & Refried Bean Salad$6.79
Mahi Salad$8.49
Refried Bean Salad$6.49
Chicken & Refried Bean Salad$6.79
Black Bean Salad$6.49
Blackened Chicken Salad$6.79
Chicken & Black Bean Salad$6.79
Chicken Salad$6.79
Beef & Refried Bean Salad$6.99


Bangin’ Chicken Tostadas$7.79
Chicken Tostadas (No Beans)$6.39
Blackened Chicken Tostadas$6.79
Black Bean Tostadas$6.49
Carnitas Tostadas$7.69
Steak Tostadas$7.99
Tostada Combo$7.39
Chicken Tostadas$6.79
Refried Bean Tostadas$6.49
Beef Tostadas$6.79


Want to taste wide variety of Quesadillas? Check out the Tijuana Flats menu prices of Quesadillas in the below table.

Black Bean Quesadillas$6.49
Beef & Black Bean Quesadillas$7.39
Chicken Quesadillas$7.09
Blackened Chicken & Black Bean Quesadillas$7.09
Chicken & Refried Bean Quesadillas$7.09
Chicken & Black Bean Quesadillas$7.09
Blackened Chicken Quesadillas$7.09
Blackened Chicken & Refried Bean Quesadillas$7.09
Cheese Quesadillas$6.39
Carnitas Quesadillas$7.89
Beef Quesadillas$7.39
Refried Bean Quesadillas$6.49
Beef & Refried Bean Quesadillas$7.39
Steak Quesadillas$8.19


Chicken & Refried Bean Taco$3.24
Beef Taco$3.34
Carnitas Taco$3.54
Refried Bean Taco$2.99
Beef & Refried Bean Taco$3.34
Blackened Chicken & Refried Bean Taco$3.24
Blackened Chicken & Black Bean Taco$3.24
Blackened Chicken Taco$3.24
Black Bean Taco$2.99
Beef & Black Bean Taco$3.34
Chicken Taco$3.24
Steak Taco$3.69
Chicken & Black Bean Taco$3.24
Fish Taco (Mahi-Mahi)$3.94


The menu for Tijuana Flats drinks along with prices are tabulated below.

Medium Drink$1.99
Large Drink$2.39
Kid’s Soda$1.00

Tijuana Flats Prices of Sides

Black Beans (Quart)$5.99
Black Beans (Large)$1.79
Guacamole (Small)$1.79
Guacamole (Large)$2.99
Refried Beans (Pint)$3.49
Salsa (Quart)$4.99
Queso (Large)$2.99
Guacamole (Quart)$12.99
Salsa (Small)$0.99
Refried Beans (Quart)$5.99
Black Beans (Small)$0.99
Guacamole (Pint)$6.99
Salsa (Large)$1.79
Queso (Small)$1.79
Refried Beans (Large)$1.79
Rice (Large)$1.79
Rice (Small)$0.99
Black Beans (Pint)$3.49
Rice (Quart)$4.99
Refried Beans (Small)$0.99
Queso (Pint)$6.99
Queso (Quart)$12.99

Tijuana Flats Menu Prices of Desserts

Cookie Flautas$2.99
Cherry Bombs$3.99
Apple Bombs$3.99

Tijuana Flats Nutrition Facts

Tijuana Flats provides dietary filters before availing a food service. You can apply filters according to your food preference. You can apply filters for keto, vegan, or vegetarian foods and know the calorific, fat, protein, and carbs content based on full portions of selected toppings. Along with it, you can also get the Tijuana Flats menu nutrition information like Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbohydrates, Dietary Fiber, Sugar, and Proteins. Tijuana flats menu calories are provided on the website for every food: https://www.tijuanaflats.com/menu 

Calorific content for drinks is:

  • Coke: 149 Cal
  • Diet-coke: 000 Cal
  • Sprite: 146 Cal
  • Luzianne Tea: 111 Cal

Before ordering food, your screen will display Tijuana flats calories (calorific content) along with the chosen food. You can select your food accordingly. Knowledge through reading the given food nutritional labels will make it easy for you to make a comparison of foods. You can also get the food of your choice with the nutritional value you need.

If you are looking for the Tijuana Flats allergen menu, you can check out the ingredients in the nutrition chart or ask at the restaurant to avoid the foods you are allergen to.

Tijuana Flats Vegan Menu

  • Rice
  • Black Beans

Tijuana Flats Catering Menu

The catering office of Tijuana Flats is available from 9 am to 8 pm (Mon – Fri). You can call them at 844-483-5287 or email at catering@tijuanaflats.com to avail their catering services. The catering menu includes the below categories,

  • DIY Bars
  • The Bundles
  • Extras
  • Burrito Bash
  • Beverages

For complete info on Tijuana Flats catering prices and menu, you can check https://www.tijuanaflats.com/catering

Tijuana Flats Contact Details

Contact Tijuana Flats to enquire and get details for any queries.

Contact Number: 844-4TFLATS

Mailing Address: For catering services, you can mail at Catering@TijuanaFlats.com

Website: https://www.tijuanaflats.com/

Tijuana Flats Near Me

To know where is the closest Tijuana Flats, Click here: https://www.tijuanaflats.com/locations

Enter city and state, or zip code, select your location and click search to get access to Tijuana Flats near you. You can use your current locations to get access. You can also see all the locations where Tijuana Flats are located.  

Tijuana Flats Hours

Usual hours:

  • Mon 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Tue 11:00 am –   10:00 pm
  • Wed 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thu 11:00 am –  10:00 pm
  • Fri 11:00 am –    10:00 pm
  • Sat 11:00 am –   10:00 pm
  • Sun 11:00 am –  9:00 pm

Tijuana Flats happy hour: 4 pm – 7 pm (Mon to Fri)

The timings are subject to variation from one location to another. Know the timings of the Tijuana Flats location you are going to visit from the website, or directly follow the link https://www.tijuanaflats.com/locations and scroll down below where you will find the store name and timings accordingly.

Tijuana Flats Reviews

Tijuana Flats has been growing in popularity recently. It is one of the most favored and loved Mexican fast-food restaurants in the United States. If you want the best burger, this is the place where you will get it. It’s a cool place to dine with. The food here is ginormous, and the hot sauce bar is a fantastic touch to it. There are more than 15 different sauces. These are available for purchase as guests find it very appealing and demand one to bring home. Kids’ meals are also provided here.

The staff and waiter are super friendly and will make you feel most welcome. Friendly service, fresh food, local beers, fun atmosphere, and hot sauces galore are some reasons to eat here. Tijuana lags for lowness of the service, the temperature of the food when served, and it is a little pricey for a quick eat. But most importantly, the combination of food, price, environment, and the aroma of this place is divine to food freaks.

Tijuana always treats every individual equally and with great respect, striving to listen, lead by example, openly communicate and treat others as they want to be treated. They truly care about people and are quick to lend a hand during tough times, both personally and professionally. As a Tijuana family, you are going to receive respect, quality, opportunity, integrity, innovation, fun, and a community you will cherish for life.


Is Tijuana Flats gluten-free?

Tijuana Flats gluten free menu isn’t available. You are required to know what you want to eat and its nutritional information beforehand.

Does Tijuana Flats deliver?

Tijuana Flats delivery is available. Just place an order through Tijuana’s website, and there you go! Food is delivered at your home comforts.

Does Tijuana Flats serve alcohol?

Beer and wine at Tijuana Flats have been served from the very starting since 1995. 

Does Tijuana Flats serve margaritas?

Tijuana Flats do serve margaritas.

Does Tijuana Flats have nachos?

Tijuana Flats has nachos available.

Does Tijuana Flats have shrimp?

Shrimp is available in Tijuana Flats.

How much does a burrito cost at Tijuana Flats?

Tijuana Flats burrito starts from $6.99 to $7.99.

What time does Tijuana Flats close?

Tijuana Flats closes by 10 PM.

What time does Tijuana flats open?

Tijuana Flat opens by 11 AM every day.

Where is Tijuana Flats?

Tijuana Flat serves its food in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana.

Who owns Tijuana Flats?

Brian Wheeler owns Tijuana Flats.

How much is Taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flats?

Taco Tuesday Tijuana Flats price is $5.99. Check out the Tijuana Flats menu taco Tuesday to know further details.

What is Taco Tuesday at Tijuana Flats?

Tijuana flats Taco Tuesday offers 2 tacos, chips along with a drink worth just $5.99 at Tijuana Tuesdaze special.

How much do tacos cost in Tijuana Flats?

Tacos in Tijuana range from $2.94 to $3.89.

Why does the Tijuana Flats menu have varying calories?

Tijuana Flats has full portions of selected fillings and provides flexibility through varied calorific content.

What is the Tijuana style at Tijuana Flats?

Tijuana style is the talk of the taco era in recent times. Starting From grilled carne asada, ideally cooked over charcoal, to hefty corn tortillas, thick swipes of guacamole (and even a few with cheese, beans, and flour tortillas) taco trends are at its peak.

What’s good at Tijuana Flats?

Tijuana flats have one of the amazing foods, such as Beef Flautas, Chips and Dips, Norriton Rice Bowl with Blackened Chicken, Burrito Bowl, Hangover Burrito, Cookie Dough Flautas. It also has weekly offers where you can enjoy combos at just $5.99.

Does Tijuana Flats have vegetarian options?

Vegetarian options are available in the Tijuana Flats vegan or vegetarian menu.

Does Tijuana Flats have fish tacos?

Tijuana Flats is a fish taco heaven.

How much are flautas at Tijuana Flats?

Tijuana Flats prices for Flautas range from $6.49 to $7.99.


The above information contains a Tijuana Flats menu and prices, Tijuana flats nutrition info, genuine reviews. Along with-it Tijuana contact information and hours of service are provided. It provides accurate information so that you get a detailed insight into the restaurant’s whereabouts before availing their service.

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