Explore The New Panda Express Nutrition Menu with Calories!

Are you looking to identify the nutritional value of your favorite dishes from Panda Express? Or maybe you’re searching for tasty, guilt-free options on the menu? Whether you’re a foodie or just someone who wants to watch what they eat, this guide to Panda Express Nutrition Menu will surely give you the answers you need. Let’s take a closer look at all the flavorful choices before us.

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Panda Express Calories Menu

Panda Express Calories Menu is very helpful for those watching their calories or following dietary guidelines. Their Wok Smart menu offers dishes with 300 calories or less. Plus, customers can use the online nutrition calculator to customize meals based on specific nutritional needs. Moreover, Check out the Panda Express Menu to know all the menu items.

Panda Express Nutrition Menu with Calories

Here we mention Panda Express Nutrition Menu with Calories. Their extensive menu offers various options, from steamed veggies to Orange Chicken. And with the Panda Express nutritional guide, customers can select the right dishes for their dietary requirements and desires. Fat? Protein? Carbohydrates? Panda Express has everything laid out so you know what’s going into your meal.

Panda Express Sides Menu

Brown Steamed Rice420
Chow Fun – Cub Meal300
Fried Rice – Cub Meal350
Super Greens90
Chow Mein510
White Steamed Rice – Cub Meal240
Chow Mein – Cub Meal270
Fried Rice520
Brown Steamed Rice – Cub Meal310
Super Greens – Cub Meal60
Chow Fun410
White Steamed Rice380

Panda Express Vegetables

Eggplant Tofu340
Super Greens Entree45
Eggplant Tofu – Cub Meal250
Super Greens – Cub Meal Entree30

Panda Express Specialty Menu

Beyond Orange Chicken – Cub Meal330
Beyond Orange Chicken440
Panda Express Calories Menu Image

Panda Express Chicken Menu

Asian Chicken – Cub Meal250
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken- Cub Meal210
Potato Chicken – Cub Meal140
Black Pepper Chicken280
Kung Pao Chicken290
Grilled Asian Chicken – Cub Meal210
Mushroom Chicken220
Teriyaki Chicken – Cub Meal250
Orange Chicken490
Potato Chicken190
Mushroom Chicken – Cub Meal170
Grilled Teriyaki Chicken275
Kung Pao Chicken – Cub Meal200
Black Pepper Chicken  – Cub Meal200
Orange Chicken – Cub Meal370
Grilled Asian Chicken275
Asian Chicken340
Teriyaki Chicken340

Panda Express Chicken Breast

sweetfire chicken breast – cub meal270
honey sesame chicken breast340
sweet & sour chicken breast300
string bean chicken breast210
honey sesame chicken breast – cub meal250
sweet & sour chicken breast – cub meal270
sweetfire chicken breast360
string bean chicken breast – cub meal160

Panda Express Beef Menu

Black Pepper Angus Seak Entree210
Beijing Beef480
Broccoli Beef – Cub Meal110
Black Pepper Angus Seak – Cub Meal160
Beijing Beef – Cub Meal360
Broccoli Beef150
Panda Express Seafood Menu-Image

Panda Express Seafood Menu

Wok-Fired Shrimp190
Steamed Ginger Fish – Cub Meal70
Honey Walnut Shrimp360
Wok-Fired Shrimp – Cub Meal140
Golden Treasure Shrimp360
Honey Walnut Shrimp – Cub Meal200
Steamed Ginger Fish200
Golden Treasure Shrimp – Cub Meal210

Panda Express Appetizers Menu

Cream Cheese Rangoon (3 Pcs)190
Chicken Potsticker (3 Pcs)160
Vegetable Spring Roll (2 Rolls)240
Chicken Egg Roll (1 Roll)200
Panda Express Appetizers Menu Image

Cub Meals

broccoli beef cub meal300
grilled teriyaki chicken cub meal400
orange chicken cub meal580


chili sauce10
potsticker sauce10
teriyaki sauce70
tree top apple crisps40
plum sauce15
chocolate chunk cookie160
sweet & sour sauce70
soy sauce5
fortune cookie20
hot mustard10

Panda Express Soup Menu

Hot & Sour Soup – Bowl170
Hot & Sour Soup – Cup120
Panda Express Drink Menu Image

Panda Express Drink Menu

Fanta Orange (Pr Only) – Kids160
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Large0
Lemon Green Tea10
Cherry Coca-Cola – Medium380
Seagram’s Ginger Ale – Kids130
Minute Maid Light Lemonade – Small10
Barq’s Root Beer – Small290
Fanta Orange – Medium370
Glaceau Vitaminwater Squeezed Zero – Medium5
Minute Maid Light Lemonade – Large20
HI-C Flashin Fruit Punch – Kids150
DR Pepper – Medium360
Fanta Fruit Punch – Small280
Fuze Lemon Black Tea – Medium210
Gold Peak Premium Unsweetened Tea – Small0
Fuze Raspberry Tea – Large300
Sprite – Medium340
Diet Coke – Large0
Black Tea – Small5
Fanta Orange (Pr Only) – Small300
Gold Peak Premium Unsweetened Tea – Medium0
Passionfruit Mango Black Tea – Kids5
Sprite Zero – Small5
Minute Maid Lemonade – Small290
Cherry Coca-Cola – Small280
Diet Coke – Medium0
Barq’s Root Beer – Large560
Fanta Fruit Punch – Kids150
Fanta Strawberry (Tx Only) – Small300
Minute Maid Lemonade – Large550
Powerade Fruit Punch – Small150
Minute Maid Light Lemonade – Medium15
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast – Small150
DR Pepper- Large500
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Small0
HI-C Flashin Fruit Punch – Medium390
Powerade Fruit Punch – Medium200
Fanta Orange- Large520
Coca-Cola – Kids150
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast – Medium210
Passionfruit Mango Black Tea – Large15
Fanta Strawberry – Medium390
Minute Maid Lemonade – Kids160
Sweet Tea – Small280
Powerade Fruit Punch – Kids80
Fanta Orange (Pr Only) – Medium410
Glaceau Vitaminwater Squeezed Zero – Large10
Black Tea – Medium10
Coca-Cola – Medium370
Fanta Fruit Punch – Medium380
Lemon Green Tea – Large15
Seagram’s Ginger Ale – Small240
Diet Coke – Small0
Fanta Strawberry – Small290
Fuze Raspberry Tea – Medium210
Glaceau Vitaminwater Squeezed Zero – Small5
Barq’s Root Beer – Kids160
DR Pepper – Small260
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast – Large290
Sprite – Kids140
Fanta Orange – Small270
Gold Peak Premium Unsweetened Tea – Kids0
Fanta Strawberry (Tx Only) – Kids160
Sprite Zero – Medium5
Fanta Orange (Pr Only) – Large570
HI-C Flashin Fruit Punch – Large540
Fanta Strawberry – Kids160
Black Tea – Large10
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast – Kids80
DR Pepper – Kids140
Fuze Raspberry Tea – Small150
Fuze Lemon Black Tea – Kids80
Minute Maid Light Lemonade – Kids5
Coca-Cola – Small270
Black Tea – Kids5
Seagram’s Ginger Ale – Medium320
Fanta Strawberry (Tx Only) – Medium410
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Medium0
Fuze Lemon Black Tea – Small150
Sweet Tea – Large510
Fanta Strawberry – Large550
Cherry Coca-Cola – Kids150
Fanta Orange – Kids150
Sweet Tea – Medium410
Minute Maid Lemonade – Medium390
Sprite Zero – Large10
Diet Coke – Kids0
Coca-Cola – Large510
Passionfruit Mango Black Tea – Medium10
Fuze Lemon Black Tea – Large300
Sprite – Small250
HI-C Flashin Fruit Punch – Small280
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – Kids0
Gold Peak Premium Unsweetened Tea – Large0
Fanta Fruit Punch – Large530
Seagram’s Ginger Ale – Large450
Passionfruit Mango Black Tea – Small5
Fuze Raspberry Tea – Kids80
Sweet Tea – Kids150
Glaceau Vitaminwater Squeezed Zero – Kids0
Powerade Fruit Punch – Large280
Sprite Zero – Kids0
Lemon Green Tea – Small10
Sprite – Large470
Fanta Strawberry (Tx Only) – Large570
Cherry Coca-Cola – Large540

How To Place a Panda Express Order Online ?

Enjoy a stress-free and convenient ordering experience at Panda Express by placing your order online. All you need to do is head over to their Popeyes Website or app, choose the closest location near you, pick out what looks best from the menu (plus any special requests or add-ons!), securely pay with a credit card or gift card, then select when you’d like to pick up. Opting for a Panda Express Order Online is as easy as that!

Panda Express Popular Menu’s


What is the calorie count of a Panda Express Plate?

Depending on the entrée and serving size, a Panda Express Plate Calories can range anywhere from 400 to 1200 calories.

How many types of soups does Panda Express offer?

Panda Express offers a delicious array of soups, ranging from hot and sour to egg drop or Wonton soup.


In conclusion, the Panda Express Nutrition Menu is a great tool for making informed decisions about their food. With its wide range of options, Panda Express can accommodate many different dietary needs and preferences, making it an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals and families. It’s important to remember that while eating at Panda Express can be very healthy, occasionally indulging in their high-calorie options. So, enjoy the deliciousness that Panda Express has to offer. Just try to ensure you make healthy choices most of the time by selecting lower-calorie items from their nutrition menu.

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