Piada Menu Prices

Planning on stopping by a Piada anytime soon? Want to enjoy some good Italian street food? Piada is your answer to good Italian food, and here is your answer to all your doubts about Piada. Here, you will find the complete price list of the menu at Piada, along with some useful tips and information. Now, after going through the complete Piada menu down below, you will be able to order with more clarity, and you can save time. You can enjoy your food for longer with your family or peers.

Piada Restaurant Menu

Piada is an Italian street food restaurant. It has over 40 stores at different locations in countries including Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas, with most locations in Ohio. Piada is headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, founded by Chris Doody. Piada features an Italian sandwich-like wrap called Piada or Piadina. The stuffing includes meat, vegetables, pasta, and much more. Piada also serves plates of pasta, chopped salad bowls, tascas, and soups.

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At Piada, they carry the belief that we need to eat well, even in our fast-paced, busy lifestyles. Piada features an open kitchen system that is run by a chef at every Piada location. They serve good food, made fresh and fast just for you. At Piada, you can try Piadas, the Italian styled wraps, stuffed with bacon, mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and much more. You get three different options for Piadas: the avocado Piada, crispy chicken, and the chef’s favorite Piada. Every one of them is going to leave, licking your finger clean.

Piada also specializes in salads and soups for your health-conscious days. You can eat delicious salads romaine, red cabbage, parmesan crisps, tomatoes, avocado, greens, strawberries, sweet corn, basil, red quinoa, broccoli, chickpeas, onions, carrots and much more. Healthy and tasty served together.

You can also treat yourself with some Italian styled tossed pasta featuring ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, bacon, parmesan gratings, green onions, basil pesto, Parmesan alfredo and so on. Complicated, elegant, and tasty served as pasta here. Or, if you are feeling creative, you can just order your version of any of these dishes with ingredients of your choice. Now let’s dive into the Piada menu prices.

Piada Menu and Prices

Piada doesn’t serve a lot of items, but whatever it serves, it serves it with style and class. The Piada menu is divided into seven categories: hand-rolled Piadas, greens, and grains, tossed pasta, beverages, street side, kid’s menu, and create your own. The restaurant also has a kids menu that features smaller portions of these dishes. Piada menu prices of all categories are as follows.


Crispy Chicken Blt Piada$7.10
Create Your Own Piada$7.49
Avocado Piada$8.49
Chef’s Favorite Piada$7.49

Piada Tossed Pastas Menu

At Piada’s, you can enjoy some sophisticated tossed pasta. You get a choice of three different types of tossed pasta, each dish ranging between a price range of 6$ and 9$. Piada menu with prices of Tossed Pastas is as follows.

Pastas MenuPrices
Create Your Own Pasta$6.59
Carbonara Pasta$6.59
Diavolo Pasta$6.59
Basil Pesto Pasta$6.59

Piada Create Your Menu

At Piada, you can just choose the ingredients for your dish and put together your imaginary Piada or pasta dish. This option is priced from 6$ to 9$.

Piada Street Sides Menu

Here, you can choose a delicious side dish to complete your meal at Piada’s. All the side dishes are priced between 2$ and $6. Piada menu and prices of street sides are tabulated below.

Street Sides MenuPrices
Grass-Fed Meatballs$3.99
Pepperoni Piada Stick$2.99
Cup Of Lobster Bisque$3.39
Sweet Corn Salad$2.49
Side Salad$3.99
Calamari Fritto Misto$5.99
Garlic Dough$1.49
Parmesan Piada Stick$2.99

Piada Beverages Menu

You can order some unique beverages at Piada like blackberry hibiscus lemonade and much more. The Piada Italian Street Food prices of all drinks are a bit more than $2.

Piada Drink PricesPrices
Dr. Pepper$2.29
Acqua Panna Spring Water$2.49
Gallon Of Lemonade (Beverages)$9.99
Regular Soft Drink$2.29
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$2.49
Kids Apple Juice$1.29
Gallon Of Unsweetened Tea (Beverages)$9.99
Gallon Of Blackberry Hibiscus Lemonade (Beverages)$15.99
Sierra Mist$2.29
Kids Chocolate Milk$1.29
Large Soft Drink$2.29
Gallon Of Peach Tea (Beverages)$9.99
Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea$2.29
Kids Low-Fat Milk$1.29
Diet Pepsi$2.29

Piada Hand-Rolled Piadas Menu

The hand-rolled Piadas menu of Piada offers you with three variants. All the wraps are priced well between 7$ and $9.

Piada Greens and Grains Menu

The greens and grains menu of Piada features three wholesome salads that are complete with greens, grains, cheese, and dressing. The Piada restaurant menu prices of salads from 6$ to 10$.

Piada Kids Menu

Piada has a special menu for kids aged 12 and below. All the orders under this Piada Street Food menu are served with a beverage like an apple juice or milk. The prices of the menu include $4.99 and $5.99.

Chicken Fingers$4.99
Kids Pasta$4.99
Kids Meatballs$4.99

Small Group Catering

If you are looking to cater the food from Piada you can get that in the range of $9.99 to $289.99. Piada catering prices are as follows,

Piada Catering MenuPiada Prices
Gallon Of Peach Tea$9.99
Box Of Salted Caramel Cookies$20.99
Gallon Of Blackberry Hibiscus Lemonade$15.99
Gallon Of Lemonade$9.99
Piada Party Pack$289.99
Box Of Chocolate Chunk Cookies$20.99
Gallon Of Unsweetened Tea$9.99

Piada Italian Street Food Menu of Salads

Deluxe Caesar$6.99
Power Bowl$9.99
Italian Chop Chop Salad$7.99
Classic Caesar$5.99
Create Your Own Salad$6.99
The Farmers Market Salad$7.49

Piada Menu of Dessert

Salted Caramel Cookie$1.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$1.99

Piada Nutrition Facts

Piada menu nutrition: Piadas believes in serving its patrons with food with the freshest ingredients and as fast as possible. Their open kitchen style is evidence of their dedication to serving the customers with the best quality food possible. You can order Piada dishes that have a calorie count of 570 cal. To 970 cal.

The salads at Piada have a calorie count of 520 calories to 720 calories. The tossed pasta comes with a calorie tag of 670 to 1010 calories. You can order beverages in a 0 to 280 calories range. And the kid’s menu has all dishes under 600 calories. For more Piada nutritional info, you can check out https://mypiada.com/nutrition. You can even check out the Piada gluten free menu information from it. Also, if you are allergic to any food, check out the Piada allergy menu before ordering the food.

Piada Contact Details

Address: 1440 King Ave

Columbus, OH 43212

{head quarters}

Official website: www.mypiada.com

Piada Near Me

Piada has around 40 restaurants in locations spread over seven countries of the United States. You can find the nearest Piada to your residence by using the store locator. All you have to do is choose an internet browser of your choice, gotta https://mypiada.com/locations/, and enter your pin code or zip code. And the search engine will find the nearest Piada to you.  

Piada Hours

Mostly Piadas around these countries open by 11:00 am.

Working hours: 10:45/11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Piada Reviews

The values and morals carried by Piada, helps them serve amazing food which in turn makes them a heartfelt success among customers. Piada has a staggering 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars on tripadvisor.com. Piada also has an amazing 4.8-star rating out of 5 stars on Facebook. Piada also has a 4.1-star rating out of 5-star rating on zomato.com. Thus the magic of fresh ingredients and amazing service earns Piada a loyal customer base.


Who owns Piada?

Chris Doody is the founder of Piada. 

How to get 5$ reward from Piada?

You can earn up to 5 points for every visit to a Piada restaurant with a full-priced adult entrée purchase and can automatically convert 15 points into $5 Piada cash for a future visit.

How much is a salad at Piada?

 You can check the prices of the salads above.

What is on the menu at Piada?

You can check the complete menu of Piada earlier in this article.

What is a Piada in Italian?

In Italian, Piada is a dish that is a wrapping like a sandwich.

How many Piadas are there?

There are 40 Piadas in 7 countries of the United States.


Piada is a great place to try out and enjoy some interesting and amazing Italian cuisine, including hand-rolled Piadas, pasta, and much more. You can check and analyze the complete Piada menu prices here. Thereby saving you time when you are ordering food next time at a Piada, which you can utilize to enjoy your dish for longer with your family and friends.

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