Veggie Grill Menu Prices

Fuel your happy days with plant-powered goodness by nourishing your body with vegan foods. Even though you are a non-vegetarian and you don’t favor vegetables, Veggie Grill is ready to transfer your favors to even veggies. If you are a new upcoming visitor to Veggie grills, we are here to update with all details, especially its menu and prices, so that you don’t go short of money at this venue.

Veggie Grill Restaurant Menu

With a famous quote, “Veganism is not a sacrifice and Animals are not products,” Veggie Grill is one of those family restaurants that has its menu built completely based purely on vegetables only and nothing that is non-vegetarian. It was started 14 years ago in 2006 by T.K. Pillan at Santa Monica, California, USA. 

Veggie grill branches in California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, and Massachusetts, while controlling almost 29 restaurants all over America. The franchise strictly prohibits the use of meat, eggs, cholesterol, animal fats, or trans fats in its menu. The corporation has a partnership with ‘Beyond Meat,’ another vegetarian franchise for the creation of their extraordinary veg burgers that would prove to be no less than a non- veg burger.

Veggie Grill Menu with Prices

Veggie Grill restaurants offer cuisines beginning from seasonal to desserts, etc. their cuisines are bounty with herbs, spices, and a lot of vegetables. They are prepared with meat, dairy substitutes like milk, cheese, butter, etc., eggs, trans fat products, cholesterols as well as animal fats.

Share menu in the veggie grill menu is a dish that can be shared by both members. Price ranges begin from around $2 with certain desserts, $3 with proper meals and reach finally around $13 to $ 14 only. Let’s take a look at what type of dishes served here and how much price they charge from the below Veggie Grill menu prices.

Seasonal Menu

Based on seasonal food products, cuisines are Summer Celebration Salad, steakhouse burger, strawberry dream cake, breakfast burrito, etc. they range from $3 to $13.

Filipino Chickin’ Adobo Bowl$10.95
Chargrilled Street Corn Bowl$4.25
Summer Artichoke Flatbread$6.50
Strawberry Dream Cake$3.95
Summer Celebration Salad$10.95
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Large)$4.95
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Small)$3.95
Spicy Sicilian Sausage Sandwich$13.50
Steakhouse Burger (New!)$13.25
Breakfast Burrito$10.95


Veggie Grill restaurant menu of Share-based meals are designed for two feedings within one plating. They are crispy cauliflower, crispy Brussels, etc., and easily can range around $5 to $7.

Chill Out Wings$7.75
Mondo Nachos$7.95
Crispy Brussels$6.95
Tempura Green Bean Stack$7.75
Avocado + Bruschetta Toast$6.50
Buffalo Wings$7.75
Summer Artichoke Flatbread (Shares)$6.50
Crispy Cauliflower$7.75

Comfort Favorites

These are all-time selected cuisines of Veggies Grills. They include Mac-N-Cheese, sweetheart fries, cauli-mashed potatoes with gravy, etc. The Veggie Grill menu prices of these will be around just $3 to $5.

Buffalo Mini Wrap$4.95
Sweetheart Fries$5.25
Black Beans + Quinoa Mini-Bowl$4.25
Cauli-Mashed Potatoes + Gravy$3.95
Veggie Grill Mac N Cheese price$4.95
Chargrilled Street Corn Bowl (Comfort Favorites)$4.25
Crispy Fries$3.95

Veggies Sides

They are eaten along with main course meals. They include Fresh little salad, Moroccan lentil soup, pinto bean stew, etc. The Veggie Grill menu with prices of Veggies Sides are tabulated below. They can go around $3 to $4 only with some cents. If you are looking for Veggie Grill soup menu, you can select any of the four soups from the menu given below.

Turmeric Cauliflower$3.95
Roasted Yams$3.95
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Large) (Veggies Sides)$4.95
Ranchero Beans$3.95
Smoky Corn Bisque Soup (Small) (Veggies Sides)$3.95
Fresh Little Salad$4.50
Pinto Bean Stew$3.95
Moroccan Lentil Soup (Large)$4.95
Roasted Broccoli$3.95
Moroccan Lentil Soup (Small)$3.95


They include Kung Pao tacos, Tres “fish” Tacos, Cabo burrito, and Breakfast burrito. They cost only $9 to $10.

Breakfast Burrito (Tacos / Burritos)$10.95
Tres “fish” Tacos$9.95
Cabo Burrito$10.95
Kung Pao Tacos$9.95

Pick A Pair

Pick-a-pair cuisines cost around 8 dollars. 



Bowls include Filipino Chicken’ Adobo Bowl, Backyard spicy fried Chicken’ bowl, Sonoran bowl, Rustic farm bowl, Masala bowl. Their price range for all these bowl dishes are $10.

Backyard Spicy Fried Chickin’ Bowl$10.95
Rustic Farm Bowl$10.75
Filipino Chickin’ Adobo Bowl (Bowls)$10.95
Price for Masala Bowl at Veggie Grill$10.75
Sonoran Bowl$10.95


Some of the best vegan burgers are steakhouse burger, veg beyond burger, lucky star burger, etc. their cost ranges from $10 to $13.

Lucky Star Burger$13.25
Grilled Quinoa + Veg Burger$10.95
Vg Beyond Burger$12.95
Steakhouse Burger (New!) (Burgers)$13.25

Entrée Salads

The Veggie Grill menu prices of Entrée Salads around $10 to $11, and they can be B-wing salad, quinoa power salad, etc.

Super Taco Salad (New!)$10.95
Quinoa Power Salad$10.50
All Hail Kale$10.25
Mediterranean Supergreens Salad$10.95
B-Wing Salad$11.50
Savory Kale Caesar$10.25
Summer Celebration Salad (New!)$10.95


Enriched with veggies, the sandwiches included here range around $10 to $13. They include Btla, buffalo bomber, wunderbrat, etc.

‘crab’ Cake$10.95
Grillin’ Chickin’$10.95
Wunderbrat (New!)$13.50
Spicy Sicilian Sausage Sandwich (Sandwiches)$13.50
Nashville Hot Chickin’ Sandwich (New!)$10.95
Buffalo Bomber$10.95
Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’$10.95


Inclusions are aqua water, coconut water, handcrafted beverages, spindrift strawberry, etc. The Veggie Grill prices of these beverages are around $2 to $5.

Coconut Water$4.75
Spindrift Raspberry$3.25
Maine Root-Cola$3.75
Spindrift Strawberry$3.25
Handcrafted Beverage$2.75
Maine Root-Ginger Ale$3.75
Gt Kombucha Trilogy$5.95
Acqua Panna$2.50


Inclusive dishes are carrot cake, oatmeal cookies, strawberry dream cake, etc. they tend to charge only $2 to $4.

Carrot Cake$4.25
Oatmeal Cookie$2.75
Strawberry Dream Cake (Desserts)$3.95
Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie$3.95
Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.75

Veggie Grill Extra Menu Prices

Veggie grills have cared not to use glutens for a gluten-free menu. Same with allergen-free cuisines, where dishes are made free of nuts, seeds that can cause allergies to allergen-sensitive guests. Some of these include Quinoa power salad prepared without almonds. Gluten-free buns are made from almond flour.

Carrot cake is prepared without walnuts, ice creams without cashews, crispy cauliflower without sesame seeds, beyond burger without sesame seed bun sub whole grain bun. Bowls are without hemp seeds. Sesame crusted Chicken’, crispy sub Chicken’.

Veggie Grill Prices of Kids’ Meal

Kids’ Mac-N-Cheese (Gf)$6.95
Kids Grilled Cheese$6.95
Kids’ Chickin’ Fingers$6.95
Kids’ Crispy Cauliflower$6.95
Kids’ Burger$6.95

Veggie Grill Catering Menu

Vg Beyond Burger$129.95
Santa Fe Crispy Chickin’ Sandwich$99.95
Burger Combo$135.95
Burger & Sandwich Combo$125.95
Boxed Lunches$15.95 each
Savory Kale Caesar Salad$29.95 (Small) and $34.95 (Large)
Quinoa Power Salad$44.95 (Small) and $64.95 (Large)
Super Taco Salad$44.95 (Small) and $64.95 (Large)
Wing Trays$39.95 (Small), $59.95 (Medium) and $79.95 (Large)
Chips, Salsa & Guacamole$19.99
Crudites & Faltbread$24.95

Veggie Grill Gluten Free Menu

  • Paleo Zucchini Noodles with Beyond Sausage
  • Sonoran Bowl
  • Savory Kale Caesar
  • Super Taco Salad
  • Quinoa Power Salad
  • All Hail Kale
  • Beyond Crispy Tacos
  • Crispy Fries
  • Sweetheart Fries
  • Moroccan Lentil Soup
  • Fresh Little Salad
  • Sweetheart Fries
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownie
  • Crispy Fries
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Roasted Broccoli
  • Steamin’ Kale

Veggie Grill Nutrition Info

In the Veggie Grill menu nutrition, Veggie Grill has Beyond burger cheesesteak sandwich, beyond patty melt, the luxe burgers, BTLA, black beans with mini quinoa bowl, and so on. They weigh 70 to 300-gram calories, total trans-fat around 20 to 50 grams only, with zero percent cholesterol in it. These cuisines can charge you around $5 to $13. To get the complete information on Veggie Grill nutrition facts, check out If you are allergic to any foods, you can check out official document of veggie grill allergen menu and order the food.

Veggie Grill Contact Details

To contact the customer service department of Veggie Grills, take help from the following information if you are going through any issues regarding Veggie Grills.

Veggie Grill Customer Service
Corporate number+1-310-745-5228
Toll-free customer service number+1-310-745-5228
Corporate address1318 Broadway,
Santa Monica,
CA 90404, USA

Veggie Grill Near Me

Visit the official website of Veggie Grill and search for location options. Click on the option, enter your area zip code and get all the nearby Veggies Grill restaurants located near you or in your city, etc. you can also take help from your mapping applications for an easy search. you can even straight away browse “veggie grill near me” in your existing search engines.

Veggie Grill Hours

Veggie grill working hours are maintained from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The customer service department of veggie grills are active 24 hours seven weeks.

Veggie Grill Reviews

Almost all the customers have feedback veggie grills due to its priceless outstanding foods. Though prices can seem a bit high upon certain cuisines, yet they prove to be worth it except those of Beyond Beef products, which can ruin your tastes. 


Is Veggie Grill vegan?

Yes, Veggie Grill restaurants are completely vegan-based restaurants. You can find large amount of vegan items here.

How many Veggie Grill locations are there?

There are almost 29 located Veggie Grill restaurants all over America.

Who owns the Veggie Grill?

T.K. Pillan and Kevin Boylan own the Veggie Grill. 

What time does the Veggie Grill close?

Veggie Grill closes at 11 pm every day.

How many calories in the cauliflower bites from the Veggie Grill menu?

Veggie grill cauliflower bites weight calories around 240.9 grams. 

How much to buy into the Veggie Grill franchise?

The price range of Veggie grill cuisines is from$3 to $13.

How much does a Veggie Grill burger cost?

The Veggie Grill burger price is around $10 to $13.

How much is two burgers from the Veggie Grill?

It cost $20 for a basic burger that generally costs $10 for a single eater.

How much are the drinks at the Veggie Grill?

The cost of drinks at Veggie Grill is around $2 to $5.

Is everything at Veggie Grill vegetarian?

Yes, the Veggie Grill restaurant is a complete vegan-based franchise.

What is Veggie Grill Chicken made of?

Veggie Grill Chicken is Prepared from high-quality soybean, wheat, and peas.

What is in Veggie Grill bulgogi beef?

Veggie Grill bulgogi beef is prepared from bulgogi beef, cauliflower rice, roasted broccoli, roasted tomatoes, pickled cucumber as well as a green onion. 


All information posted about Veggie Grill menu prices and other facts is true to the guidelines of Veggie Grills. However, we have stayed a bit aback by presenting the exact prices of the menu of veggie grills. It is because we don’t want you to get trapped at budget-maze. Before visiting the restaurant for the first, you must gain all knowledge of Veggie Grill popular menu items from our page to avoid facing any embarrassment. To make your visit budget-friendly, our efforts are just minor, but we care for you. If you ever face any issue, we have also provided contact details, FAQs, reviews, etc.

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