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Rafferty’s Menu Prices

If you love seafood, then Rafferty’s Restaurant is the best place to visit. Diners can have a fabulous experience by eating the food in Rafferty’s Restaurant & Bar. Isn’t it better to roll up Rafferty’s Menu Prices before you reach the restaurant? Check out the Raffertys Menu List from here and order the affordable one.

Rafferty’s Menu

Rafferty’s Restaurant and Bar is an employee-owned company founded in 1981 by Dan Davis. This Restaurant is located in the Southeast United States. There are more than 18 locations in the United States.

Rafferty's Menu Prices

Rafferty’s use fresh ingredients to make your dining experience memorable in every way. Rafferty’s Restaurant Menu items are prepared from scratch daily. They are famous for making lunch items. And Potato Soup is all time favorite item for their customers.

Raffertys serves the seasonal meals in their restaurant. You can get your order within less time when compared with other restaurants. This restaurant & bar serves you unique drinks every day by adding their own recipes.

Rafferty’s Menu Prices

The Menu of Rafferty’s includes Salads, Desserts, Seafood, Burgers, Appetizers, Starters, Sandwiches, Pasta. They also offer special lunch items like Baked Potato, Soup, fresh fruit bowl.

Rafferty’s Kids Menu

Kids can have their favorite food items like Cheese Burgers, Chicken Fingers, Grilled Cheese in Rafferty’s Restaurant. Check Rafferty’s Prices before you order.

Menu Price
Kids Grilled Cheese $6.79
Chicken Fingers $6.79
Macaroni & Cheese $6.79
Cheese Burgers $6.79

Rafferty’s Appetizers Menu

Diners can have the best Appetizers from this food chain. Rafferty’s Supreme Nachos are topped with Lettuce, Sour Cream, Jalapeno Peppers and freshly made pico de gallo. Choose the Appetizers from the below given menu.

Menu Prices
Batter-Fried Mushrooms $13.49
Rafferty’s Supreme Nachos $14.39
Cheese Fries $14.39
Buffalo Chicken Mac n’ Cheese $14.39
Nutty Honey Butter Croissants $8.09
Queso Dip & Chips $11.19
Chicken Finger Filets (tossed) $13.49
Chicken Finger Filets (Original) $13.49

Rafferty’s Desserts Menu Prices

Raffertys Desserts Menu Rafferty’s Desserts Prices
The Brookie $9.49
Nutty Honey Butter Croissants $8.09
Apple Walnut Crunch $9.49
The Best Cheesecake $9.49

Rafferty’s Starters Menu and Prices

You can also get starters from Rafferty’s restaurant like Ribs, Hot Finger, and Tailgate Finger Tray. The prices of these starters are as follows.

Rafferty’s Season Starters Menu Rafferty’s Starters Price
Tailgate Finger Tray $47.29
Ribs Tray $53.99
Hot Finger Tray $47.29

Rafferty’s Restaurant Sandwich Menu with Prices

Diners can have a variety of sandwiches in Rafferty’s Restaurant. Check the Menu for Rafferty’s Sandwiches along with the Prices from the below-listed table.

Menu Price
Ultimate Club Sandwich $14.59
Open-Faced Prime Rib Sandwich $21.59
Bluegrass Special Sandwich $21.59
French Dip $9.79
Big Memphis BBQ Sandwich $7.49
Ranch Chicken Wrap $6.99

Rafferty’s Restaurant Chicken Menu with Prices

Menu Prices
BBQ Chicken $20.29
Chicken Finger Platter (original) $20.29
Chicken Alfredo $20.29
Kona Chicken $21.59
Chicken Finger Platter (tossed) $20.29

Rafferty’s Menu Prices for Burgers

Rafferty’s Restaurant gives plenty of options to choose from their Burger Menu. View Rafferty’s Burger Menu along with prices from here.

Rafferty’s Burgers Menu Prices
California Burger $14.59
Rafferty’s Bacon Cheese Burger $14.59
American Cheeseburger $13.89
Backyard BBQ Burger $14.59

Rafferty’s Seafood Menu

You can have the best seafood in Rafferty’s. The Rafferty’s Seafood Price will be in between  $11.99 to $13.49.

Menu Price
Salmon $12.49
Southern Bourbon Glazed Salmon $13.49
Catch of the Day $12.49
Catfish Platter $11.99

Rafferty’s Salad Menu with Prices

The Rafferty’s Salad Price ranges from $9.49 to $14.59. The Menu and Price of Rafferty’s Salads are given below.

Menu Prices
House Salad $9.49
Spinach Salad $13.49
Frisco Salad $14.59
Chicken Finger Salad $14.59
The Chef Salad $14.59
Caesar Salad $12.19

Sides Menu

Add additional flavor to your food by ordering side items. Rafferty’s offer French Fries, Baked Sweet Potato, Fresh Fruit Bowl, Hand-Cut French Fries for reasonable prices i.e, for just $1.99. Go through the Raffertys Menu and Prices of side orders from here.

Menu Price
Baked Potato $1.99
Baked Sweet Potato $1.99
Broccoli $1.99
Creamy Cole Slaw $1.99
Cottage Cheese $1.99
French Fries $1.69
Fresh Fruit Bowl $1.99
Hand-Cut French Fries $1.99
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes $1.99
Rice Pilaf $1.99
Spike’s Mean Beans $1.99

Rafferty’s Hickory-Grilled Steaks & Chops Menu and Prices

Menu Price
Wood-Fired Pork Chop $8.99
Ribeye $16.79
Cowboy Sirloin $13.99
Wood-Fired Pork Chop – Two Chop $12.99

Rafferty’s Pasta Menu with Prices

You can have your favorite Chicken Alfredo and Deep Dish Lasagna Pasta for just $11.99. Check the Menu and its prices before you order.

Menu Price
Chicken Alfredo $8.99 to $11.99
Deep Dish Lasagna $11.99

Rafferty’s Lunch Menu

  • Baked Potato
  • Bowl of Soup (6oz)
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • House Salad
  • 1/2 Club Sandwich

Rafferty’s Party Trays Menu

Rafferty’s Tailgating Platters & Party Trays Menu is listed below. View the table and choose the best item to buy.

  • Club Sandwich Tray
  • Tailgate Finger Platter
  • Tailgate Rib Platter
  • Cheesecake Tray
  • Chicken Salad Tray
  • Tailgate Hot Finger Platter
  • Brookie Tray
  • Chicken Salad Tray
  • House Salad Tray
  • Party Soup Tray

Rafferty’s Soup Menu

Rafferty’s Restaurant is famous for Potato Soup and Cactus Soup. Every day they serve Potato Soup topped with Cheese, Chives and Chopped Bacon.

  • Famous Potato Soup
  • Cactus Chili

Rafferty’s Homemade Chicken Salad Menu

Rafferty’s Homemade Chicken Salad is topped with Candied Pecans scratch soup. And the savory salad is served with fresh honeydew melon, cantaloupe.  Check Rafferty’s Chicken Salad Menu from here.

  • Sunshine Chicken Salad
  • Chicken Salad, Croissants & Soup

The Raffertys Menu and Prices mentioned may change without any notice. Stay tuned to our to get up to date information about Rafferty’s Menu Prices.

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