Pieology Menu Prices

Picking the best Pizza Restaurants in the united states is not an easy task. We will help you to select the right one among them. Pieology is the best and fast casual restaurant in the USA. The Pieology Pizza Prices are low when compared to the other restaurants in America. Roll up this page to know the Pieology Menu Prices.

Pieology Menu

Pieology is a casual pizza restaurant which is specialized in a stone oven fired artisan style pizza. The founder of Pieology Restaurant is Carl Chang. He started this restaurant in 2011 in order to find solutions to the pizza industry. Today there are about 60 locations around 11 states in America. By this, we say that this is currently fast-growing restaurants in America.

Pieology Menu Prices

Pieology prepares unique flavors according to your choice. The Prices of Pieology pizzas are different when compared to other standard pizza food chains. In addition to the Pieology Pizzas, you can also have special items like salads, strips, and sweets, beverages. The waiting time for the ordered food is less when compared to other pizza restaurants in the US.

Pieology Menu Prices

The Pieology Pizza Menu includes Rustic Veggie, Garlic Herb, Mozzarella, Fresh Basil Garnish, Salads, Beverages, Strips, and Sweets etc. Know the Pieology Menu and Prices from the below article.

Pieology Pizza Menu with Prices

The pizzas in Pieology are roasted with Red Peppers, Artichokes, Red Onion, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Garlic Herb, Fresh Basil Garnish. Check out the below table and know the Pieology Pizza Prices.

Classic Margherita$7.35
Easy Cheesy$6.00
Hickory BBQ Chicken$7.35
Mad to Meat You$7.35
Rustic Veggie$7.35
Smokin Buffalo Chicken$7.35
Your Creation$7.35

Pieology Salad Menu and Prices

The Pieology Salad Prices starts from $3.95. You order Salads according to the quantity i.e, Full and Half. The Pieology Salads Menu contains Caesar and Classic.

MenuQuantityPieology Salad Price

Pieology Strips and Sweets Menu

Pieology Restaurant offers varieties of Strips and Sweets for just $2.95. Check the Pieology Menu with Prices from here.

Savory Herb Butter Strips$2.95
Cinnamon Sugar Strips$2.95

Pieology Beverages Menu Prices

In addition to your order diners can also have beverages like Apple Juice, Chocolate Milk and Fountain Drink. The Pieology Beverages costs from $1.60 to $2.10.

Apple Juice$2.10
Bottled Water$1.75
Chocolate Milk$2.10
Fountain Drink$1.60

Pieology Salads Menu

  • Classic Spinach Salad
  • Classic Italian Salad
  • Elevated Caesar Salad
  • Greek Salad

Final Word

Hope you all have found the relevant information regarding the Pieology Menu Prices. If you have any further questions about the Pieology Prices you can visit our site regularly. Bookmark our site to get the fastest info regarding the Pieology Pizzeria Menu and Prices.

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