Wasabi Menu Prices

If you are in a mood to celebrate or planning a romantic evening, then Wasabi is the best place for you to visit. Wasabi Steak & Sushi Restaurant is the best dining location for Japanese Meals. You can find various mouthwatering Japanese and Chinese dishes at Wasabi. Roll up this page to get the information about Wasabi Menu Prices.

Wasabi Menu

Wasabi is one of the famous Japanese Restaurant in the United States. This restaurant is specialized in both Japanese and Chinese cuisines. The Wasabi Steak and Sushi Restaurant is located in 2 places i.e, West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Wasabi Menu Prices

The Wasabi Steak and Sushi Prices are affordable in your budget. People can get the best dining experience in the Wasabi  Restaurant. They prefer high quality and freshly selected ingredients to make Yummy Japanese and dishes. This restaurant is good at making Sushi, Fried Noodles and Soup. So, the Diners who are visiting for the first time must try these items.

Wasabi Menu Prices

The Wasabi Steak and Sushi Restaurant offers different types of Japanese & Chinese dishes. Starting from the Appetizers you can see Salads, Soup, Noodles, Veg Rolls, Sushi, Hibachi Entrees. In addition to that, they have a large collection of Drinks like Beer, Wines, Soft Drinks and Cocktails etc.

Wasabi Appetizers Menu and Prices

They offer Appetizers in different styles such as Age Dashi Tofu, Egg Roll, Salmon Kama, Vegetable Tempura, Yellowtail Kama, Calamari Tempura, Gyoza, Seafood Mix Tempura, Edamame etc.

MenuWasabi Appetizers Prices
Age Dashi Tofu$5.95
Calamari Tempura$4.95
Egg Roll$4.00
Green Mussels$4.25
Salmon Kama$4.50
Soft Shell Crab$6.95
Shrimp Tempura$5.95
Seafood Mix Tempura$5.95
Vegetable Tempura$4.95
Yellowtail Kama$5.95

Wasabi Salads Menu with Prices

The Wasabi Prices ranges from $1.95 to $10.00. They serve the salads in various flavors like House Salad, Sunomono Salad, Sunomono, Seafood Mix Salad, Seaweed, Spicy Tuna Salad and so on.

Menu of Wasabi SaladWasabi Salads Price
House Salad$1.95
Rainbow Wasabi$10.00
Rainbow Salad$9.59
Sunomono Salad$4.99
Spicy Tuna Salad$7.99
Seaweed Salad$5.50
Seafood Mix Salad$9.99
Wasabi Special Salad$9.99

Wasabi Lunch Menu

Diners can have the famous item sushi in Wasabi Japanese and Chinese Restaurant. The Wasabi Lunch Menu consists of Chirashi Sushi, Large Sushi Combo, Tekka Don, Sushi and Sashimi, Wasabi Boat and Nigiri Combo.

Wasabi Sushi MenuWasabi Sushi Prices
3*4 Sashimi$15.95
Chirashi Sushi$16.95
Large Sushi Combo$15.95
Nigiri Combo$13.95
Tekka Don$15.95
Sushi and Sashimi$11.95
Small Sushi Combo$10.95
Wasabi Boat$45.95

Wasabi Noodles Menu

The signature products in Wasabi Japanese and Chinese Restaurant is Noodles. The Wasabi Fried Noodles Menu includes Beef Yakisoba, Seafood Yakisoba, Spicy Yum Yum Noodle, Chicken Yakisoba and Vegetable Yakisoba.

MenuWasabi Noodles Prices
Beef Yakisoba$6.95
Chicken Yakisoba$6.95
Seafood Yakisoba$7.95
Spicy Yum Yum Noodle$8.50
Vegetable Yakisoba$6.95

Wasabi Udon Soup Menu with Prices

You can get the best Udon Soup in Wasabi Restaurant. The Wasabi Soup Price starts from $6.99 to $8.99. Choose the best soup from below and place the order.

Seafood Udon$7.99
Tempura Udon$7.99
Vegetable Udon$6.99
Yosenabe Udon$8.99

Wasabi Special Roll Menu

Alaskan Roll$7.99
Asparagus Roll$7.99
Albacore Special Roll$9.99
Beef Roll$7.95
Caterpillar Roll$8.95
Cal. Beach Roll$9.99
Crunchy Roll$8.95
Calamari Roll$9.99
Dragon Roll$9.99
Hot Roll$9.99
Jumbo Volcano Roll$9.99
Kobe Roll$10.99
Mission Bay Roll$9.99
Monkey Ball$6.99
Ninja Roll$7.99
Pink Roll$9.99
P B Roll$10.95
Rainbow Roll$9.99
Red Dragon$9.99
Samurai Roll$10.95
Special Yellowtail Roll$10.99
Spider Roll$8.99
Shrimp Tempura Roll$8.99
Special Spicy Tuna Roll$9.99
Vegas Roll$7.95
Wasabi Albacore Roll$9.99
Yum Yum Special Roll$10.99

Wasabi Nigiri Sushi Menu

Chu Toro$7.00
Flying Fish Egg$4.00
Fresh Water Eel$4.00
Giant Clam$6.00
Japanese Snapper$3.00
O Toro$10.00
Quail Egg$1.00
Salmon Egg$4.00
Sea Eel$4.00
Smelt Egg$4.00
Surf Clam$3.00
Sea Urchin$6.00
Smoked Salmon$4.00
Stuffed Tomato$8.00
Sweet Shrimp$8.00

Wasabi Hibachi Entree Menu

Hibachi Chicken$16
Hibachi Filet Mignon$27
Hibachi Sirloin Steak$19
Hibachi Salmon$19
Hibachi Swordfish$22
Hibachi Scallops$22
Hibachi Vegetable$15

Wasabi Steak and Sushi Menu for Hibachi Combo

Chicken & Shrimp$22
Chicken & Sirloin Steak$21
Chicken & Scallops$22
Shrimp & Scallops$25
Shrimp & Sirloin Steak$24
Scallops & Sirloin Steak$25
Triple Combo$27

Wasabi Imperial Dinner Menu Price

Chicken & Lobster$27
Chicken & Filet Mignon$26
Surf & Turf$32
Shrimp & Filet Mignon$29
Shrimp & Lobster$29
Shogun Steak$26
Seafood Trio$33
Twin Lobster Tails$35
Wasabi Special$38

Wasabi Teppan-Yaki Menu with Prices

MenuWasabi Steak and Sushi Price
BBQ Beef$10.95
BBQ Rib$12.95
New York Steak$13.95
Scallop and Shrimp$12.95
White Fish$12.95

Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse Menu Specials

The Wasabi Steak and Sushi Special Menu contain the delicious dishes like BBQ Rib Teriyaki, Chicken Katsu, Mix Seafood, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Chicken, BBQ Beef Teriyaki, Beef Katsu and so on.

Wasabi Restaurant MenuPrices
BBQ Rib Teriyaki$13.95
BBQ Beef Teriyaki$13.95
Chicken Teriyaki$13.95
Salmon Teriyaki$13.95
Sesame Chicken Teriyaki$13.95
Spicy Chicken$13.95
Chicken Katsu$13.95
Beef Katsu$13.95
Pork Katsu$13.95
Mix Seafood$13.95
8pcs California Roll$13.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll$13.95
8pcs Philadelphia Roll$13.95
8pcs Spicy Tuna Tem. Roll$13.95
Sushi 5pcs Chef’s Choice$13.95
Mix 6 pcs of Sashimi$13.95
Spicy Tuna Roll$13.95

Wasabi Hot Special Menu

MenuWasabi sushi Prices
Green Mussels$5.00
Salmon Kama$4.50
Yellowtail Kama$5.95

Wasabi Cold Special Menu with Prices

Honey Moon Spe$10.00
Uni Shooter$6.00

Wasabi Cut Roll Menu

Wild Wasabi MenuPrice
Crab Roll$5.00
California Roll$5.00
Cucumber Roll$3.00
Eel Roll$6.00
Philadelphia Roll$6.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$5.00
Spicy Yellowtail$5.00
Salmon Skin Roll$5.00
Spicy Salmon Roll$5.00
Tuna Roll$5.00
Vegetable Roll$5.00
Yellowtail Roll$5.00

Wasabi Hand Roll Menu and Prices

Eel Roll$4.00
Spicy Salmon Roll$4.00
Salmon Skin Roll$4.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$4.00
Scallop Roll$4.00
Shrimp Tempura$5.00
Spicy Yellowtail$4.00
Vegetable Roll$4.00

Wasabi Dessert Menu

The must-try item in Wasabi Restaurant is Dessert. Wasabi Desserts Menu comprises of Crazy Carrot Cheese Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Ice Cream, Tiramisu, Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake etc. The Prices of Wasabi Desserts are given below.

Crazy Carrot Cheese Cake$6
Chocolate Mousse Cake$6
Hot Lava Cake$6
Ice Cream$3
Japanese Mochi Ice Cream$5
Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake$6
Tempura Ice Cream$6
Tempura Banana$6

Wasabi Imported Beers Menu

MenuWasabi Beer Prices
Baird Raising Sun$9
Hitachino XH$9
Kirin Light$5
Kirin Ichiban$5
Sapporo 22 oz.$8

Wasabi Menu for Domestic Beers

Wasabi Sushi Bar MenuPrice
Bud Light$4
Coors Light$4
Great Lakes$5
Miller Lite$4
M.G.D 64$4
Samuel Adams$4
Yuengling Lager$4

Wasabi Drinks Menu

Diners can order the drinks for just $3. The Wasabi Drinks Menu consists of Japanese Soda, Juice, Perrier, Fiji Water and Soda.

Wasabi Soft Drinks MenuPrice
Fiji Water$3
Japanese Soda$3

Wasabi Donburi Rice

The Menu of Wasabi Donburi Rice includes Chicken Katsu, Ebi Meshi Yaki, Ton Katsu, Seafood Meshi Yaki. We have enlisted the Wasabi Donburi Rice Prices along with the Menu in the below table.

Chicken Katsu$12
Chicken Meshi Yaki$12
Ebi Meshi Yaki$13
Unagi Donburi$15
Ton Katsu$12
Seafood Meshi Yaki$12

Wasabi Restaurant Sake Menu

Hana Awaka 250 ml$15
Ozeki Karatamba 300 ml$14
Nanbu Bijin 300 ml$28
Gekkeikan Nigori 300 ml$10
Rihaku Nigori 300 ml$25
Ty-Ku Black 375 ml$15

Wasabi Speciality Martinis Menu

  • Asian Pear Tini
  • Butter Finger-Tini
  • Caramel Apple Tini
  • Godiva Chocolate
  • Hazelnut Expresso
  • Lychee Martini
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
  • Pomegranate Martini
  • Raspberry Truffle-Tini

Wasabi Menu for Side Orders

Wasabi Steak and Sushi MenuPrices
Miso Soup$1.00

Wasabi Saketini Menu

  • Caribbean Sake
  • Cucumber Saketini
  • Electric Hypnotic
  • Sake Tsunami
  • Sake Sour
  • Saketini
  • Sake To Me
  • Sake Nirvana
  • Sake Manhattan

Wasabi Cocktails Menu

  • Blue Hawaiian
  • Bangkok Margarita
  • Daiquiri
  • Geisha
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Mai Tai
  • Pina Colada
  • Sea Breeze
  • Tequila Sunrise
  • Zombie

Bento Box Menu

  • Kyoto Box
  • Osaka Box
  • Tokyo Box
  • Sapporo Box

Final Words

We have updated the Wasabi Sushi Menu and Prices according to the latest information. Make use of our www.allmenuprices.com site to get the latest updates regarding the Wasabi Express Menu with Prices.

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