Sakura Menu Prices

If you are in a mood to have Steak, Seafood then here is the best food chain where you can satisfy your craving. The Sakura Japanese Steak and Seafood is one of the popular sushi restaurants in the United States. Check out the Sakura Menu Prices before you visit the restaurant. By knowing the Sakura Prices, you can save your time and enjoy the meal for a long time.

Sakura Menu

Sakura Japanese Steak and Seafood was founded by Marc Ha. in 1988. He has opened this first restaurant in the small town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Today there are about 21 locations and also ranked 2nd place in Best Asian Restaurant in the United States.

Sakura Menu Prices

The Food prepared in Sakura Japanese Steak and Seafood is fresh, healthy and low in fat. If you are visiting this restaurant for the first then you must taste Hamachi Carpaccio with Shrimp Tempura. It offers a large variety of seafood dishes like Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp Flambe, Shrimp & Lobster. People feel the taste of the meat till your last bite.

Sakura Menu Prices

People can check Sakura Menu for Kids, Lunch and Dinner here. You can get the delicious seafood in Sakura Japanese Steakhouse. The Menu of Sakura changes according to the seasons. So, check the latest Sakura Sushi Menu and Prices from this article.

Sakura Kids Menu with Prices

Sakura Children’s Menu includes Filet Mignon, N.Y Strip Steak, Shrimp Flambe and Teriyaki Chicken. Check out Sakura Japanese Steakhouse Menu along with the prices from the below.

Filet Mignon$12.95
N.Y Strip Steak$10.95
Shrimp Flambe$11.95
Teriyaki Chicken$8.95

Sakura Sushi Menu for Appetizers, Salads & Soup

Sushi Japanese Restaurant Menu is well known for Appetizers. They serve different types of Appetizers, Salads and Soup such as Avocado, Green Mussels, Seaweed Salad, Combination Sunomono, Sushi Appetizer, Spicy Seafood Cocktail, Tuna Tataki and so on.

MenuSakura Sushi Prices
Avocado Salad$7.50
Green Mussels$5.95
Green Island$8.95
Seaweed Salad$5.95
Combination Sunomono$6.50
Sushi Appetizer$7.25
Sashimi Appetizer$8.95
Spicy Seafood Cocktail$9.95
Tempura Appetizer$7.95
Tuna Tataki$8.95
Spicy White Tuna with Caviar$6.95

Sakura Sushi Chef’s Special Roll Menu Prices

2000 Roll$9.95
Bamboo Roll$8.50
Crunch White Tuna Roll$7.95
Dynamite Roll$10.95
Dragon Roll$19.95
Happy Happy Roll$10.95
Mountain Fuji Roll$10.95
Sakura Roll$7.95
Wasabi Roll$9.95
Spring Roll$10.95
Tuna Paradise Roll$10.95
Spicy Alaska Roll$9.95
Twilight Roll$10.95
Sakura Club Sandwich$10.95
Yum Yum Roll$10.95
Volcano Roll$7.95
Crunch White Tuna Roll$7.95
Tiger Roll$9.95

Sakura Roll Sushi Menu with Prices

The Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurant is famous for making Sushi items. They serve Sushi Rolls in distinct flavors like Eel with Cucumber, Futo Maki, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Smoked Salmon Roll, Tekka Roll, California Roll etc.

Baltimore Roll$9.95
Boston Roll$6.50
Crunch Shrimp Roll$5.95
California Roll$4.95
Eel with Cucumber$6.50
Eel with Avocado$6.50
Futo Maki$6.50
Hamachi Roll$5.50
Shrimp Tempura Roll$6.95
Sake Roll$4.50
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.50
Spicy Scallop Roll$7.95
Smoked Salmon Roll$6.50
Spicy Tuna Roll$6.50
Tekka Roll$4.95

Sakura Sushi & Sashimi Entrees Menu with Prices

The Sakura Sushi and Sashimi Entrees Prices starts from $18.95 to $45.75. The Sakura Entrees Menu includes Unagi Donburi, Maguro Donburi, Chirashi, Sakura Combo for Two etc.

Chirashi Sushi$20.95
Maguro Donburi$18.95
Okonomi Set$34.95
Unagi Donburi$18.95
Sushi Regular$18.95
Sashimi Regular$21.95
Sushi Deluxe$20.95
Sashimi Deluxe$24.95
Sakura Deluxe$24.95
Sakura Combo for Two$45.75

Sakura Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi Menu

Ama Ebi$7.50
Hotate Gai$6.50
Smoked Salmon$4.95
Tobiko with Quail Egg$4.95
Ikura with Quail Egg$6.95
Uni with Quail Egg$
White Tuna$5.00

Sakura Vegetable Rolls Menu and Price

Avocado Roll$3.95
Asparagus Roll$4.25
Kampyo Roll$3.95
Kappa Roll$3.95
Oshinko Roll$3.95

Sakura Soup Menu and Prices

MenuSakura Soup Prices
Asaari Soup$4.95
Clear Soup$2.50
Miso Soup$2.95
Nameko Soup$3.95

Sakura Dinner Teppan Menu


People can get Entrees with the choice of Appetizer like Chicken Liver, Sauteed Mushrooms which includes Sakura Salad, Assorted Vegetables Steamed or Fried Rice.

Vegetable Entrees
Sakura Vegetable Dinner$16.95
Tofu Dinner$15.95
Teppan Chicken & Steak Entrees
Filet Mignon$27.95
New York Steak$23.95
Rib Eye Steak$27.95
Teriyaki Chicken$19.95
Seafood Entrees
Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops$37.95
Shrimp Flambe$25.95
Shrimp & Scallops$27.95
Shrimp & Lobster$30.95
Scallops and Lobster$32.95
Combination Entrees
Filet Mignon & Chicken$25.95
Filet Mignon & Shrimp$27.95
Filet Mignon & Scallops$29.95
Filet Mignon, Shrimp, Chicken$31.95
Filet Mignon, Shrimp, Scallops$33.95
Filet Mignon & Lobster$33.95
Filet Mignon, Lobster, Scallops$38.95
Filet Mignon, Lobster, Shrimp$37.95
Rib Eye Steak & Chicken$25.95
Rib Eye Steak & Shrimp$27.95
Shrimp & Chicken$24.95
Teppanyaki Steak & Chicken$23.95
Teppanyaki Steak & Shrimp$25.95
Extra Veggie$5.00
Shrimp Flambe$7.50
Sakura Fried Rice$5.75
Sauteed Mushrooms$5.00
Sakura Chicken Livers$4.95

Sakura Beverage Menu with Prices

House Specials

Apple Saketini$6.95
Green Dragon$6.95
Karate Punch$6.95

Speciality Drinks

Bloody Ninja$8.95
Ex-Girl Friend$8.95
Love Potion$8.95
Mama San$8.95
Mojo San$8.95
The Geisha$8.95

Sakura Desserts Menu

Sakura Restaurant offers Sakura Desserts like Ice Cream, Mochi Ice Cream, Sakura Mochi, Tempura Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce. Check the Sakura Desserts Prices before you select the item.

Ice Cream$3.80
Mochi Ice Cream$2.25
Ogura Ice Cream$3.75
Sakura Mochi$2.75
Tempura Ice Cream$5.50
With Chocolate Sauce$3.75

Final Words

We believe that details prevailed in this article is helpful for you to choose the Sakura Menu. Share your experience in the comment section so that others can know the service of Sakura Japanese Restaurant. Bookmark our All Menu Prices page to get the up to date information about the Sakura Buffet Prices.

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