Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu | Find Your Favourite Gluten Free Items!

Are you a foodie searching for the perfect gluten-free meal? Look no further than Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu! Our gluten-free menu features appetite-pleasing dishes such as tender ribs, crispy chicken tenders, flavorful steak fajitas & even classic delicacies like shrimp alfredo and quesadillas! Enjoy your favourite flavours in complete comfort, knowing that our chefs have taken every precaution to ensure you’re served safe and high-quality meals. Let us provide you with an enjoyable dining experience at Applebee’s today!

Applebee’s Gluten Free Options

Applebee’s caters to all diners, including those with gluten-free diets! They offer a delicious selection of salads, steaks, seafood and sides – ensuring that everyone can enjoy their meal without worrying about dietary restrictions. Moreover, you can also check Applebee’s Menu Prices to know all the menu items.

Applebee's Gluten Free Menu Image
Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu Image

Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu


  • Chips & Salsa
  • Double Crunch Bone-In Wings
  • French Fries Basket
  • Neighborhood Nachos X
  • Neighbourhood Nachos (with Chipotle Chicken)
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Taco Topped Queso & Chips X
  • White Queso Dip & Chips

Steak & Ribs

  • 6 oz. USDA Select Sirloin
  • 8 oz. USDA Select Sirloin
  • Applebee’s Riblets Platter
  • Applebee’s Riblets Plate
  • Bourbon Street Steak
  • Double-Glazed Baby Back Ribs, Full & Half
  • Grilled Onions
  • Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms
  • Grilled Shrimp Skewer

Choice of Sides

  • Baked Potato
  • Classic Fries
  • Fired-Grilled Veggies
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Garlicky Green Beans
  • Loaded Baked Potato
  • Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Steamed Broccoli


  • Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp
  • Fiesta Lime Chicken
  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • Cedar Salmon with Maple Mustard Glaze


  • Crispy Chicken Tender Salad
  • Southwestern Steak Salad
  • Southwestern Chicken Salad
Applebee's Kids Menu Image


  • Bacon
  • Burger Patty
  • American Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Fried Egg
  • Classic Fries

Kids Menu

  • Broccoli Trees
  • French Fries
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Mott’s Applesauce Cup
  • Sliced Strawberries with Vanilla Yogurt

Kids Drinks

  • 1% Chocolate Milk
  • 1% Milk
  • Apple Juice
  • Grape Juice
  • Lemonade
  • Orange Tangerine Juice
  • Hot Fudge Sundae Shooter

Kids Shakes

  • Chocolate Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Hot Fudge Sundae
  • Strawberry Sundae
Applebee's Strawberry Shake Image


  • Flavored Lemonades
  • Frozen Lemonades
  • Flavored Iced Teas
  • Fountain Drinks
  • Red Bull Energy Drinks

Lemonade/Iced Tea Quenchers

  • Blackberry Lemonade Quencher
  • Strawberry Lemonade Quencher
  • Blackberry Iced Tea Quencher
  • Peach Iced Tea Quencher
  • Pomegranate Sparkler
  • Winter Dew

Decadent Shakes

  • Chocolate Shake
  • Vanilla Shake
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Iced Tea
  • Hot Tea
  • Coffee

How To Place Applebee’s Order Online?

Applebee’s makes ordering food simple and convenient. Thanks to the Applebee’s Website or mobile app, customers can browse menus with ease, customize items according to their preference, and pick up the order at any local restaurant after a few clicks – all without waiting in line! However, you can also order UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub websites.

Applebee’s Most Popular Menu Categories


Does Applebee’s have a gluten-free menu?

Applebee proudly serves a gluten-free menu as an option for its customers. Many available dishes don’t contain wheat, barley or rye ingredients or can be easily adjusted to accommodate special diets. As it is not possible to guarantee the absence of cross-contamination in the kitchen, please ensure you inform your server about your dietary requirements when ordering from this menu.

Are there any healthy options on Applebee’s menu?

At Applebee’s, there are a variety of nutritious options to choose from. Salads, grilled chicken dishes and seafood selections can be found on the menu. Also, you can further modify several recipes into healthier alternatives by requesting substitutions or leaving off certain ingredients.


In conclusion, Applebee’s Gluten Free Menu offers a variety of gluten-free options that are sure to please everyone. From salads to speciality tacos, Making healthier choices when dining out is an important part of a balanced and nutritious lifestyle, and Applebees Gluten Free Menu made this process easier. So next time you’re craving those favourite appetizers but need a wheat-free option, head to your local Applebee’s for some delicious gluten-free dishes. Thanks for reading!

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