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Jimmy John’s is the answer if you’re looking for an easy and delicious way to cater an event. With a varied menu of fresh-made sandwiches and subs, plus quick delivery times no matter how large the order, Nowadays, more people are choosing reliable catering services like Jimmy John’s, with good reason. In this Jimmy John’s Catering Menu post, we’ll explore all of the great options available on Jimmy John’s Catering Menu so you can quickly determine whether it fits your needs.

Jimmy John's Catering Menu Image
Jimmy John’s Catering Menu Image

Jimmy Johns Catering Prices

When providing your guests with a flavorful and wallet-friendly meal, there’s no better choice than Jimmy John’s Menu. Their catering options, from classic sandwiches to party trays overflowing with goodies, will surely please any crowd. Plus, their prices make it easy to bring deliciousness without breaking the bank. So if you’re searching for affordable eats that won’t skimp on flavour, look no further – check out Jimmy John’s catering prices today.

Jimmy John’s Catering Menu

Party Boxes

Party Boxes (Originals)Price
18 Pieces$43.99
30 Pieces$73.99
Party Boxes (Favorites)Price
18 Pieces$51.99
30 Pieces$85.99

Box Lunches

Beach club (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$13.68
Big John (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$12.48
Billy Club (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$13.68
Club Lulu (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$3.68
Club Tuna (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$13.68
Hunter’s Club (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$13.68
Jimmy Cubano (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$13.68
Spicy East Coast Italian (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$13.68
The PEPE (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$12.48
The Veggie (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$12.48
Totally Tuna (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$12.48
Turkey Tom (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$12.48
Vito (With Jimmy Chips & Cookie)$12.48
Jimmy Johns Catering Prices Image

Mini Jimmys

12 Pack Of Mini Jimmys$51.99

Lil’ Lunches

Lil’ Lunches$10.18

 How To Make a Jimmy Johns Order Online?

Enjoy the convenience of placing Jimmy Johns order online, it’s fast, simple, and easy. Head over to their website or download the app, enter your location details, browse through their menu selection, and easily customise your order. And that’s not all – save those favourite orders for the next time you’re hungry and track delivery or pickup options too. Paying is also available with just one click. Also check out third party apps like Uber Eats, GrubHub or Door Dash to get your order quickly.

Jimmy John’s Popular Menu Categories


What are the ingredients in a mouth-watering Pepe sandwich at Jimmy John’s?

Iconic Pepe Jimmy Johns sandwich is crafted with heavenly slices of turkey, ham, provolone cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato, and creamy mayonnaise on a freshly-baked roll. This classic combination of flavours creates an undeniably delicious treat.

Are Jimmy John’s New Sandwiches available for delivery?

Yes, you can get all Jimmy John’s sandwiches, including the latest additions, delivered directly to your doorstep. With their user-friendly website or app, you can customize your perfect order, which will soon be coming.

How long will be a Jimmy John’s giant sub?

Jimmy John’s giant sub is a 16-inch sandwich perfect for feeding 8 to 10 people, and this delightfully large sub will surely please everyone in attendance.


Jimmy John’s Catering allows for an easy and enjoyable catering experience for any event. Their catering menu offers delicious subs and sides, which are both budget-friendly and satisfying. Furthermore, their delivery service carries your order directly to your door, allowing you to rest without any worries. With their various options, Jimmy John’s will surely make your next party or event a guaranteed success. So if freshness, quality, affordability and convenience are important factors when choosing a caterer – don’t forget the delicious offerings of Jimmy John’s Catering Menu. Why wait? Head to their website now and choose the perfect spread for your next event.

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