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Understanding nutrition labels and menu items can be challenging for anyone looking to make healthier food choices. That’s why we are here to provide an in-depth guide to the Jimmy Johns Nutrition Menu, including helpful information on nutritional values and fresh ingredients so you can confidently navigate your next meal. Whether you are a customer looking for a delicious sandwich combo or a family trying to find a quick but nutritious dinner option, check out the Jimmy Johns nutrition menu options.

Jimmy John’s Menu With Calories

Jimmy John’s offers a selection of flavorsome sandwiches, side dishes, and beverages with the caloric information listed on their menu to assist customers in making informed decisions. Check out the Jimmy John’s Menu Prices to know all the menu items.

Jimmy Johns Nutrition Menu Image
Jimmy Johns Nutrition Menu Image

NEW! Caprese Salami Pesto

Caprese Salami Pesto2120 cal

Jimmy John’s Veggie & Tuna

Item Calories
Caprese Pesto2120
Club Tuna1710
The Veggie1350
Totally Tuna990

Jimmy John’s Red Velvet Cookie

Red Velvet Cookie410 cal
Jimmy Johns Red Velvet Cookie Image

JJ’S Combos!

At Jimmy John’s, JJ’s Combos offer a delectable sandwich paired with your choice of side and drink. The calorie intake for each meal varies based on what you decide to select.

Jimmy John’s Favorites

Beach Club1710 cal
Billy Club1630 cal
Bootlegger Club1370 cal
Club Lulu1370 cal
Club Tuna1710 cal
Country Club1570 cal
Hunter’s Club1650 cal
Italian Night Club1860 cal
Jimmy Cubano1440 cal
Spicy East Coast Italian1700 cal
Ultimate Porker1390 cal

Jimmy John’s Originals

Big John1000 cal
The PEPE1200 cal
Totally Tuna990 cal
Turkey Tom950 cal
The Veggie1350 cal
Vito1150 cal
J.J.B.L.T.1190 cal

Little Johns

Ham & Provolone300
Roast Beef250
Tuna Salad250
Salami, Capocollo & Provolone290
Provolone & Avocado Spread340
B.L.T. (Bacon)300
Jimmy John's Menu With Calories Image

Jimmy John’s Gargantuan

The J.J. Gargantuan2160 cal

Jimmy John’s Plain Slims

Roast Beef880
Ham & Cheese1080
Tuna Salad1200

Jimmy John’s Fresh Bread

Fresh Baked French Bread710 cal

How To Make a Jimmy Johns Order Online?

Check out Jimmy John’s online ordering system for a delicious, made-to-order sandwich delivered to your door. First, go to their website and select the restaurant closest to you. From there, browse the Jimmy Johns Order Online menu of mouthwatering options and note any special dietary restrictions or customizations when choosing your sandwich. Don’t forget the sides too. Finally, head over to checkout, where you’ll enter your payment and delivery info before confirming your order – then sit back as it is prepared fresh for delivery directly from Jimmy Johns. Also, check out other delivery services of Uber Eats, DoorDash, or Grubhub to get your delivery quickly.

Jimmy Johns Popular Menu Categories


Does Jimmy John’s offer a veggie sandwich?

If you’re on the lookout for a veggie option, look no further than jimmy john’s veggie sandwich! It boasts cucumber slices, lettuce, tomato, provolone cheese, avocado and mayo that make it an irresistible choice.

What is Jimmy Johns healthiest sandwich option?

For the most wholesome sandwich from Jimmy John’s, try their “Unwich” – a delightful concoction of veggies that replaces regular bread with lettuce and forgoes mayo. The popular Beach Club Unwich features turkey breast, provolone cheese, avocado slices, cucumber pieces, lettuce leaves, fresh tomato chunks and onion rings for a good taste!

Does Jimmy John’s have an allergy menu?

At Jimmy John’s, your safety is their priority. That’s why they offer jimmy john’s allergy menu on the website that lists all the allergens contained in each dish and accommodate those with dietary restrictions like gluten-free bread for their sandwiches. When placing orders, you can let us know of any food sensitivities or special diets so that we can take extra care when preparing it!


With a variety of sandwich choices from jimmy johns nutrition menu, everyone will surely find something delicious. A few of their unique sandwiches with high amounts of protein, such as the Pepe and Jalapeno Tonic, are perfect for healthier meal choices. With its fast delivery and excellent customer service, Jimmy Johns has become a popular lunchtime choice for many. Moreover, Jimmy Johns offers promotional deals regularly, making eating out an even more enjoyable experience. Just remember that, like most restaurants, certain items on the menu may contain allergens, so it’s best to ask questions before ordering if you have any dietary restriction concerns. Thanks for reading!

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