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Are you worried about food sensitivities and allergies when eating out with family or friends? At Subway, we take this very seriously – that’s why we provide a full Subway allergen menu to make sure everyone can enjoy their meal. Our aim is to ensure our customers are able to enjoy their favorite dishes without needing to worry about any unlisted ingredients in the dish, so they can focus on enjoying good company and great tasting food. Read on for more information about Subway Allergen Menu!

Subway Allergen List

Subway’s extensive allergen list offers a wealth of knowledge to those with food allergies, allowing them to make wise choices and savor their meals without worry. Moreover, To know all the menu items check out the Subway Menu Prices.

Subway allergen menu Image
Subway allergen menu Image

Subway Allergen Menu

Subway’s allergen menu offers a stress-free approach for those dealing with food allergies or intolerances to enjoy their favorite sandwiches.

Subway Breads & Wraps

Menu ItemAllergens
Italian Herbs and CheeseWheat & Gluten, May contain Soybeans
Artisan Italian (white)Wheat & Gluten, May contain Soybeans
Wrap, Tomato BasilWheat & Gluten, Soybeans
Hearty MultigrainWheat & Gluten, May contain Soybeans
Wrap, SpinachWheat & Gluten, Soybeans
Flatbread, ArtisanWheat & Gluten, May contain Soybeans

Subway Meat, Poultry, Seafood & Eggs

Menu ItemAllergens
Genoa SalamiAdded Nitrites/Nitrates
Spicy Italian Meats (pepperoni, salami)Added Nitrites/Nitrates
Bacon Strips Added Nitrites/Nitrates
Meatballs & MarinaraMilk/Lactose, Wheat & Gluten, Soybeans
Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted May contain Soybeans
Chicken, Grilled Soybeans
Egg Omelet Patty (Regular)Egg, Soybeans
Pepperoni Added Nitrites/Nitrates
Tuna Salad Egg, Fish
Chicken, Grilled (Teriyaki Glazed)Sesame, Wheat & Gluten, Soybeans
Italian BMT Meats (ham, pepperoni, salami)Added Nitrites/Nitrates
SteakMay contain Soybeans
Cold Cut Combo Meats Added Nitrites/Nitrates
Egg White Omelet Patty Egg, May contain Soybeans
Rotisserie-Style ChickenMay contain Soybeans
Ham (Black Forest)Added Nitrites/Nitrates

Subway Cheese

Menu ItemAllergens
American, ProcessedMilk/Lactose, Soybeans
Monterey Cheese Blend, Shredded Milk/Lactose
PepperjackMilk/Lactose, Soybeans
BelGioioso Fresh MozzarellaMilk/Lactose
Subway Vegetable Sandwich Image

Subway Condiments & Dressings

Menu ItemAllergens
Mayonnaise LightEgg, May contain Soybeans
Sweet Onion Teriyaki Sauce (Contains Poppy Seeds)Sesame, Wheat & Gluten, Soybeans
Caesar SauceEgg, Fish, Milk/Lactose, Soybeans
Peppercorn Ranch SauceEgg, Milk/Lactose, May contain Soybeans
Red Wine VinegarWheat & Gluten
Chipotle Southwest Sauce Egg, Milk/Lactose, May contain Soybeans
Mayonnaise, RegularEgg, May contain Soybeans
Ranch SauceEgg, Milk/Lactose, May contain Soybeans

Subway Vegetables

Menu ItemAllergens
Jalapeno Pepper SlicesSulfites
Banana Peppers Sulfites

Subway Soups

Menu ItemAllergens
Broccoli & CheddarMilk/Lactose, May contain Soybeans
Loaded Baked PotatoMilk/Lactose, Wheat & Gluten, May contain Soybeans, Added Nitrites/Nitrates
Beef Chili with BeansWheat & Gluten, Soybeans
Chicken Noodle Egg, Milk/Lactose, Wheat & Gluten
Subway Allergen List Image

Subway Cookies & Desserts

Menu ItemAllergens
Cookie, Oatmeal RaisinEgg, Milk/Lactose, Wheat & Gluten, May contain Peanuts & Tree Nuts
Cookie, White Chip Macadamia NutTree Nuts, Soybeans, Egg, Milk/Lactose, Wheat & Gluten, May contain Peanuts
Cookie, Chocolate ChipSoybeans, Egg, Milk/Lactose, Wheat & Gluten, May contain Peanuts & Tree Nuts
Cookie, Raspberry CheesecakeSoybeans, Egg, Milk/Lactose, Wheat & Gluten, May contain Peanuts & Tree Nuts

Subway Most Popular Menu Categories

How To Order Subway Menu Online?

Enjoy the ease of customizing your Subway sandwich or salad to perfection through online ordering. Select from a variety of scrumptious breads, proteins, veggies, sauces and toppings. First visit Subway website and add food items to your cart with few clicks – and pay using convenient payment methods! Plus, you can track your order in real-time so it arrives exactly when you want it. With such convenience that is fast yet hassle-free at its finest – why wait? Get ready for an enjoyable meal experience right now! Moreover, you can also order subway menu items from DoorDash, GrubHub or UberEats.


Does Subway’s allergen menu include gluten-free options?

Yes, Subway is fully equipped to accommodate customers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance; their allergen menu includes a comprehensive list of safe and delicious gluten-free options.

Are Subway’s allergen menu items more expensive than regular menu items?

Subway’s allergen-friendly menu items are comparably priced to those that do not contain allergens. Although, certain ingredients such as gluten-free bread will have an additional fee attached when ordering.


Subway’s allergen menu is a great resource to keep in mind when considering food options. It has detailed information on allergens as well as nutritional facts and Glycemic Indices. Although you should always double-check with your local store before ordering, By having access to the allergen menu, customers have a better understanding of the ingredients in their food. So the next time you head out for lunch at Subway, remember—there’s an allergen menu available if you need it! Thanks for reading.

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