Discover Taco Bell’s Secret Selections You Won’t Want to Miss!

Taco Bell is known far and wide as an iconic spot for delicious Mexican-inspired cuisine! But you may not know that they have an array of Taco Bell secret menu items available to their customers beyond the usual offerings on their standard menu. These creative concoctions make Taco Bell even more irresistible, providing a unique spin on traditional fast food classics. From spicy chalupas to breakfast burritos served all day long, we’ll take you through the secret treats that await at your local taco shop – so get ready to discover the hidden delights in the store!

Taco Bell Secret Menu Image
Taco Bell Secret Menu Image

Secret Taco Bell Menu

At Taco Bell, the possibilities are endless. Customers can tantalize their taste buds with various innovative flavor combinations with its Secret Menu selections. Get select different flavors from this Taco Bell Menu.

Menu ItemDescription
The CheesaritoThese menu item consists of a tortilla filled with scallions, taco sauce and melted cheese.
The EnchiritoThese menu item combines a burrito with cheese, sour cream and enchilada sauce.
MeximeltExperience a fusion of flavors, like seasoned beef and melty cheese combined in a soft shell.
The Hulk / The Incredible HulkUncover the amazing Power Bowl, where fresh lettuce and guacamole combine with savory beans and rice to create a delectable dish topped off by your favorite protein.
The SupermanThis menu item is know for power Burrito which is filled with guacamole, beans, lettuce and more.
Chili Cheese BurritoIt is a discontinued menu item, which is made up of chilli, beef and more, that are wrapped in a tortilla.
Doritos Shell AnythingCustomize your tacos with a crunchy Doritos shell! Elevate the flavor and texture of traditional tacos by swapping out regular shells for deliciously-crispy chips.
Fresco StyleYou can customize this menu like replacing sauce and cheese to the item lower in calories.
Lava SauceFor those with a taste for adventure, this discontinued sauce was the perfect mix of spicy and cheesy flavor.
Fiesta Potatoes BellgrandeThese fantastic menu item combines crispy potatoes, creamy nacho cheese sauce and refreshing pico de gallo to tantalize your taste buds.
QuesaritoA succulent quesadilla wrap filled to bursting with juicy, seasoned beef and rich gourmet cheese.
Tie Dye FreezeExperience the taste of an exotic tropical fruit in vibrantly colored limited edition flavor!
Nachos Bellgrande DipEnjoy secret Nachos Bellgrande served in an extra-large container with cheese sauce for dipping.
Double Grilled QuesadillaHighlight double grilling option of quesadillas, which produces an extra-crispy exterior.
DIY 7 Layer BurritoYou can create your own burrito masterpiece with 7 layer customizations.
Cloudy Skieslimited-edition freeze flavor fuses together the tartness of blue raspberry with the sweetness of creamy vanilla.
Secret Taco Bell Menu Image

How To Place Taco Bell Order Online?

Visiting the Taco Bell website or downloading their mobile app is all it takes to begin ordering! After selecting your location, you can browse through the menu and add items of your liking directly into your cart. Making sure that everything looks right? Then proceed to checkout and select a payment method for completing your Taco Bell order online. Once done, confirm with one final click – you’ll be able to opt for either pickup or delivery depending on what works best for you. You can also check out third party apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash or GrubHub to place a successful order.

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How to order Taco bell secret menu?

To order Taco bell secret menu, visit any taco bell restaurant and ask the cashier for the item on secret menu.

Is it possible to create items on Taco bell secret menu?

Yes, you can create your Menu items using the various ingredients. But, make sure that the item must be well known.


In conclusion, whether you’re trying something new or sticking to a classic like the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Taco Bell’s secret menu is sure to have something for appetites of all types. Not only are these delicious items full of flavor, they offer variety and change in the otherwise typical restaurant fast food experience. We hope this article has offered some insight into the world of Taco Bell’s secret menu. Thanks for reading and happy exploring!.

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