Explore The Latest Healthy & Tasty Vegan Options At Panera!

As vegan diets become more popular and readily accepted, discovering high-quality Panera vegan options can be tough. For those looking for delicious ways to drive their message home, Panera Bread is the perfect destination! With a wide variety of vegan options on the menu, customers are able to enjoy tasty comfort food with all the benefits of a meatless diet. Whether you’re hosting a family dinner night or searching for fresh inspiration in your weekday menu planning, Panera’s vegan alternatives provide flavor without sacrificing nutrition or performance. Read on to discover why this leading brand has quickly become known as one of the top spots for vegans and health-conscious diners alike!

Panera Vegan Menu

The Panera offers a range of delicious vegan dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds, ranging from delectable soups and salads, to scrumptious sandwiches and bowls. Moreover, Check out the Panera Bread Menu Prices to know all the menu items.

Panera Vegan Options Image
Panera Vegan Options Image

Panera Vegan Options (Breakfast)

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries & Pecans$6.19

Panera Lunch/Dinner

Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli$12.59
Mediterranean Grain Bowl$9.59
Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich$9.09

Panera Sides

Kettle Chips$1.09
French Baguette$1.09
Seasonal Fruit Cup$4.29
Panera Vegan Sides Image

Panera Vegan Breads

Country Rustic Sourdough$8.99
Artisan Ciabatta$4.39
Classic Sourdough$5.19
Sourdough Bread Bowl$2.99
Black Pepper Focaccia$4.29

Panera Bowls

Mediterranean Bowl$10.89
Baja Bowl$10.89

Panera Salads

Greek Salad$8.89
Asian Sesame$11.79
Fuji Apple$11.79
Citrus Asian Crunch Salad$13.69
Panera Vegan Menu Image

Panera Smoothie

Peach and Blueberry Smoothie$6.29
Green Passion Smoothie$6.69

Panera Bread Menu Order Online Process

Ordering from Panera Vegan Options has never been easier! Whether you visit the Panera Bread Website or download the app, choose your closest location and begin browsing through tasty entrees. Add whatever you’d like to the cart, customize it as desired, specify a pickup time and pay online – all with just a few clicks! With this simple process in place for customers convenience, Panera makes sure that ordering is quick and efficient. Moreover, you can also prefer UberEats, DoorDash or GrubHub websites to order online.

Panera Bread Most Popular Menu Items


Does Panera Bread offer vegan breakfast options?

Absolutely! Panera vegan breakfast has an array of options that are both nutritious and scrumptious. Customers can select from delicacies such as the Steel Cut Oatmeal with Strawberries and Pecans, Avocado, Egg White & Spinach sandwich (without egg or cheese), or Mediterranean Egg White Wrap (minus the feta cheese).

What are the vegan options available at Panera Bread?

Panera Bread is the perfect place for vegans to find a delicious meal! There are several vegan-friendly options like salads, soups, sandwiches, and bowls. Examples of these include Modern Greek Salad, Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich, Baja Grain Bowl and Ten Vegetable Soup. Plus you can always customize your order to make it more suitable for vegan diets.


All in all, if you’re looking for vegan options at Panera, there is something for everyone. Panera makes it easy for anyone to satisfy their vegan cravings, from their menu items to their salad dressings and beverages. Not to mention, the ability to customize your order from their ordering platforms is a major plus! So pick out your favorite plant-based meals next time you visit Panera, and don’t forget about all the great vegan options at the cafe. Keep exploring new vegan dishes at Panera and discovering all the different flavors that vary throughout its menu. Thanks for reading!

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