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KFC is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the world. known for their delicious fried chicken, KFC has been serving up meals to hungry customers for over 70 years. While many things have changed at KFC over the years, one thing that remains the same is their prices. In this KFC Bucket Prices post, we’ll take a look at KFC’s bucket prices and see how they’ve changed over the years.

KFC Bucket Prices Image
KFC Bucket Prices Image

KFC Bucket Menu

Craving for some good fried chicken? Look no further than the ever popular KFC Bucket Menu. With a vast selection of meal options, from small to extra-large kfc buckets, you can easily share it with your friends and family. Each bucket includes an array of succulent chicken pieces, sides, and biscuits that will tantalize your taste buds. Check out KFC Menu Prices to have a delicious chicken meal. Here is a list of KFC chicken buckets available now.

KFC Bucket Prices

8Pc. Chicken Bucket$20.89
8 Chickens Bucket Variety$20.89
12Pc. Chickens Bucket$30.69
12Pc. Chickens Bucket Variety$30.69
8 Pieces Bucket Variety$30.29
8 Pieces Buckets Meal$30.29
12 Pieces Bucket Variety$42.89
12 Pieces Buckets Meals$42.89
16 Chickens Bucket$34.99
16 Pieces Buckets Meal$49.89
KFC Bucket Menu Image

How to Place a KFC Online Order?

Making a KFC online order is a piece of cake! Visit the website or download their app to get started. Then pick your favorite menu items, add them to the cart, and proceed with checkout; you can then decide whether you’d like it delivered or if you’re going for pickup at an outlet near you. You can choose other delivery options of GrubHub, Uber Eats, or Door Dash. Don’t forget to select your preferred payment option before confirming – that’s all between now and getting delicious fried chicken on your plate.

KFC Popular Menu Categories


What comes with a KFC Boneless Bucket?

The KFC Boneless Bucket includes twelve succulent, 100% chicken breast Mini Fillets and Popcorn Chicken accompanied by four delicious dips: Kentucky Smoky BBQ sauce, Original Hot Sauce, Garlic Buttermilk Mayo and Sticky Sweet Chilli Sauce

How many wings does KFC Wings Bucket have?

KFC Wings Bucket contains 24 crispy and mouth-watering wings flavoured with hot zinger sauce.

How many types of KFC Go Cups are available?

There are several types of KFC Go Cups and some of the options are Chicken Fries, Spicy Chicken Tenders & Wedges and Nuggets.

How many calories are there in a KFC Bucket Meal?

If you are craving a KFC Bucket Meal, be mindful of its caloric contents. Depending on its size and items chosen, a typical 8-piece bucket meal with sides and biscuits packs an impressive 2,500 calories.


It is clear that KFC offers a great selection of buckets for consumers with many different preferences and budgets. Their prices vary from budget-friendly to more costly depending on the size and offerings. With their range of options, customers can find something that suits their needs without compromising on taste. From the vegan-friendly “Beyond Fried Chicken” to the classic Original Recipe, KFC has something for everyone. What’s more, KFC is continuing to innovate and serve up new recipes in order to meet customer demands and keep things interesting.

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